Another twin of Islamabad in the pipeline

September 12, 2013 • News & Updates,Pakistan Real Estate

isdAs per’s information, CDA is currently working on another mega project near Islamabad, as per which another twin capital city would be built near the Margalla Hills. This “New Islamabad” would be connected with the “Old Islamabad” via a tunnel. This project is said to be built in a way similar to the Sheikh Zaid Avenue project in Dubai. The US $12 billion project would also include the construction of two Ring Roads between Islamabad and Rawalpindi along with a new airport in Rawat. PM Nawaz Sharif is expected to publicly announce the initiation of this project once all details are finalized.

This is yet another mega project on the plate of the CDA, which is already rather busy with the recently announced Economic Zone project. The authority is actively working on acquiring over twenty five thousand acres of land, part of which will also be used for building the new capital city. Expanding Islamabad Highway into an 8-10 lane road with high rise buildings on both the side to replicate the Sheikh Zaid Road of Dubai is also on the cards for the new government.

The new airport planned for Rawat will be connected to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. The government hopes to generate billions of dollars via the sale of the commercial land surrounding the Islamabad Highway, elevating the value to CDA’s Economic Zone has well.

The government is also said to be taking extensive measures to lure overseas Pakistanis to invest in this project. Other than that, the government also feels the residents of both Islamabad and Rawalpindi would greatly benefit from the two Ring Roads planned. As per a rough estimate, the total expense of these projects is estimated to be Rs 70 billion.


17 Responses to Another twin of Islamabad in the pipeline

  1. Asad Khan says:

    Please keep me informed with this new twin city project and economic zone project as well.

    Thanks, Asad

  2. Abdullah says:

    What will be the exact location for new Islamabad?

  3. Mir Khan says:

    Please keep updating on both the twin city and economic zone projects.

    If you have any materials/plan on these projects, please share.



  4. Ghulam Akbar Popalzai. says:

    Dear Shaista,

    Please provide the tentative site of twin Islamabad city along with its exact location. This will be another airport for Islamabad other than Fateh Jang road airport? Please clarify when this project is to be initiated. This will be sponsored by CDA or any other agency? Your early reply will be appreciated? What will happen to the property value of existing sectors of Islamabad like E-11, E-12, D-12, G-12, and B17 etc.


    Ghulam Akbar Popalzai.

    • We will share more information, as we receive it. For the time being, this project is nothing more than a plan that has not even been finalized yet. Please keep checking the blog for further information.

  5. Mahmood says:

    Can I know the expected route of ring road along RWP/ISB?

    Doha, Qatar

  6. Shahzad says:

    CDA has failed to maintain current city of Islamabad, even common roads are full of jumps & bumps within the city area… it look really idealistic that CDA can do this, as per my view this is just to give raise to recently purchased property of Hamza Shahbaz in Rawat area! And that has been achieved!

  7. Irtesam says:

    Please send me more updates and dates about this project.

  8. Gohar Saeed Khan says:

    Kindly keep me informed on the new Islamabad project.



  9. Asma R. Amjad says:

    Keep posted about this project and others as well.

  10. shaheen says:

    The new sectors in the pipeline esp. E sector have been given more hype than necessary. Compare these and E sector with Zone 5 (e.g PTV Colony and other colonies and projects on Simli Dam Road. With the rising cost of electricity and petrol the Plus points of Zone 5 are: cooler area where fans as shut off in mid Sept. Even June and July require minimum fans and hardly any air-conditioning. Access to the Convention Centre by road is 10 mins drive. Murree is 50 mins. drive. The Phulgran Bazar is already improving and the area will soon become as grand as DHA, Lahore, Another plus point is that property here is tax free so posh schools and hospitals have brought their branches here. All it needs is the vision of investors, Islamabad proper is currently too expensive for many.

  11. Mumtaz Ali says:

    CDA cannot complete new Islamabad Airport yet which was started in 1998 (on paper, later on ground), how can they start construction of new Airport near Rawat? It is not CDA business. CDA can’t even renovate Islamabad city. These types of news are nothing but to facilitate land lords so that they can sell their property on highest rate.

  12. Bashir says:

    What will become of the Park Enclave?

  13. Sanaullah khan says:

    Its all rubbish.New Airport is never going to be built in Rawat!! What about the New islamabad international airport near fateh jang.70% complete !!!Its all pre planned game to Shift the trend of the people towards bahria rawat & Dha valley!!! Its never going to happen!!

  14. sheheryar says:

    can any body tell me the Exact Location of NEW Islamabad Airport and when its expected to Open & commonly Operational need perfect Answer

    • Samra Zulfiqar Samra Zulfiqar says:

      It is on Fatehjang Road, Girja Road Link, closer to Lahore Islamabad Motorway. It is likely to complete by 2015.


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