Bahria Town announces its first ever project for Karachi

September 23, 2013 • General,Housing Schemes,News & Updates,Pakistan Real Estate

Icon Tower Karachi - A project of Bahria TownAfter the Bodha Island City project with Thomas Kramer, which did not work out by the way, Malik Riaz plans another attempt to reap the rewards of Karachi’s real estate market with his latest project of Bahria Town Karachi.

Bahria Town Karachi, which is a much more tangible project as compared to its predecessor of Bodha Island City, is predicted to be another hit in the property market of Pakistan by the property experts of Simply an eyebrow raiser, the plan comes complete with a housing scheme, a residential tower and an iconic tower which is designated to be the tallest building of Pakistan comprising of 62 storeys.

The development is designed to enable Karachi in rubbing shoulders with the international cosmopolitans and in order to realise that dream the Bahria Town management has already started the following three projects in Karachi:

  • Bahria Town Icon (Pakistan’s tallest building comprising of 62 storeys)
  • Bahria Town Tower (near to completion)
  • Bahria Town (master planned residential community)

The pre-booking registrations have already been started by the Bahria Town Karachi and the registration fee of the Bahria Icon Tower is PKR 100,000. The project is located opposite to Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim, Clifton and the property options available to people include serviced apartments, offices and shops.

The Bahria Tower, comprising of 24 storeys is offering shops, offices and serviced apartments at a registration fee of PKR 75,000. The project which is near to its completion is located on Tariq Road, Karachi.

The residential scheme, which is a speciality of Bahria Town, is offering apartments along with residential and commercial plots at a registration fee of PKR 15,000. The location of this project hasn’t been disclosed yet but it is speculated to be within the borders of the metropolitan.

Also to bring to the notice of our kind readers is the caution which states that merely the registration will not confirm your entitlement to the plot. After the project is officially launched the registered members will receive the booking forms and upon submission of the applications there will be a ballot which will allow you to continue with an instalment plan.

The actual price of the project will not be announced at the distribution of the booking forms and it might rocket to the sky by the time you are allowed to start your instalment plan. Also if you don’t like the project or do not trust it to be according to your interest you can always opt for a refund of your registration fee which will be given within a period of 3 months.  Also if your application is not successful during the ballot you can apply for a refund which shall not include processing fee but if your application is successful you will not get any refund at all.


44 Responses to Bahria Town announces its first ever project for Karachi

  1. Sultan says:

    When my application is successful then I am interest in his installment plan and I want to refund my payment. It is possible??

    Thanks And Regards

    Sultan Akbar

  2. Naveed says:

    I want know how many price commercial plot size location and price.

  3. Amjad says:

    How to register for residential apartments/plots? Please share some details.

  4. Syed lari says:

    What is the total cost for 4 bedroom apartment, send me detail, and with total extra per month for car parking, association fees, taxes, etc.
    I am in New Jersey, USA.


  5. Huma Saeed says:

    I need full detail. I am interested to buy a villa scheme if available in Baheria town karachi? I request the concern person to please get back with the necessary detail a.s.a.p.

  6. Farhan says:

    can u send us Exact location Bahria Town karachi plots size for Residential and Commercial sizes and payment Schedule.

    Syed Farhan Ali

  7. Ali says:


    They are not providing cost of any apartment/shop. It should be shared before booking/registration. What about Rs 15,000? This is a new fraud to make money.

    Each and every information should be published in the newspapers or their sites.

    Beware, guys!

  8. Ashfaq Ahmed says:

    I need full information about flats and villas in Karachi.

  9. Kamran Fayyaz says:


    Could you please let me have the exact location of Bahria Town Karachi. Plots size for Residential and Commercial and payment schedule.


    Kind Regards

    Kamran Fayyaz

  10. Irshad says:

    I’m living in Saudi Arabia, how I can register online? And I need complete detail of price and installment of residential 3 bed room flat.

  11. Azeem Anwer says:

    Any guess where the Bahria Town Karachi would be located?

  12. M Akbar says:


    Can you send me exact location Bahria Town Karachi plots size for residential and commercial sizes and payment schedule I am interested buy a villa scheme. Please send me complete detail. Thanks.

    M Akbar

  13. Rizwan says:

    Will this Bahria Icon be good investment in terms of serviced apartments?
    Also please share the payment plan for these serviced apartments.

  14. Abdul Qadir Sario says:


    Can you send us exact location Bahria Town Karachi, plots size for Residential and Commercial sizes and payment Schedule.


  15. Abdul Mateen Shaikh says:

    Assalam-e-Alakum To All Member Of Bahria Town Apportionment. Could you tell me that 2 bedroom apartment, send me detail With All Heading Charges And the Installment Payment at my email address []

  16. Muhammad Adil says:

    Please send me complete information residential apartment i am seriously buyers send me payment schedule.

  17. Habib Khan says:

    What is the full details of 3beds apartments and two room house scheme and total coast of both scheme with extra per month.


    Habib khan

  18. Maqbool says:

    Please advise pricing/price schedule of payment for Bahria Tower in Karachi. Is completion due by mid 2014 as reported?
    We are interested to book a shop and one 2 bedroom apartment.
    Thanks and best regards.


  19. Khawar khan says:

    Kindly tell the project of Bahria Town Defence. How much registration fees. What is the size of plot and payment schedule because we live in Saudia Arabia

  20. Atta says:


    Any guess of maximum price at the time of booking in Bahria Town plots.

  21. Shoaib says:

    Can someone give overseas address in the registration form? Will they send booking form to overseas address?

  22. Abdullah Khan says:

    Dear all,

    Bahria Town Karachi offered its registration.
    Form Submission last date is 04-Oct-2013
    Due to short time there is too much crowd on
    Form purchasing & submitting lines,

    If anyone interested in this project then,

    We are providing same services without any extra
    charges for Saving time of our respectable clients,

    You may Share this to your circles interested peoples too,

    Abdullah Khan
    Corporate Estate & Asset Management

  23. Sonia Ali says:

    Hi,i m interested in buying a villa and a apartment also if available in Bahria Town Karachi. What is the total cost for 4 bedroom apartment, send me detail, and with total extra per month for car parking, association fees, taxes, etc.
    I live in UAE. And my email address is
    Kindly get back to me ASAP.
    Sonia Ali

  24. Mateen says:

    I am in KSA how can make registration with Bahria project announced for Karachi ?

  25. Imran Abro says:

    Kindly tell me the procedure for registration or what’s your booking office address.

  26. Iqtidar says:

    Please let us know when is the ballot date of Bahria Town Karachi…. any idea???

  27. Muhammad Fahad Khan says:

    Please send me link or registration form for new project of Karachi.

  28. Fahad Farooq says:


    why the location and details are remain hidden? this is just for the sake to earn alot money of karachites. This is not good. people are really interested but they have fear to invest. they collect single panies and wait for good investment.

    I believe, if it could be near to noooriabad but in karachi, who will go there to live?
    many people make budget and make plan, how can they plan them selves?
    means, if they charges are higher then we expect, then 15000 will be use less?
    this 15000 is not for a 1 man but multiply it for 50 lac or morepeople from 3 caror population.

  29. Naureen says:

    Guys last 3 days left for registration. Call me on my official number 0335-3901098 for all the information. This is only registration which makes you eligible for booking.

  30. Naureen says:

    We’re running out of forms and this service will be stopped at any given time.

    Naureen Mushtaq
    Corporate Estate & Asset Management

  31. salim says:

    Can you please let me know how to getthe registration/membership form so that i can apply for the Bahria Town Karachi?

    • Shah says:

      I have got two slips and I have to pay tomorrow 7th February last date
      Some reason I can not make it any one wanna buy plz context me.
      0777 2795065

  32. Ali says:

    I want to sell 500 Sq. yards residential plot in BTK with paid booking fees.

    If anyone interested so contact me soon.


  33. Mansoor Hassan says:

    They said bahria tower project will complete mid of 2014, but still no news from them, every time there answer we will contact you back….

  34. Sanwal says:

    bahria tower is almost complete it will launch soon.


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