Al Noor Garden Faisalabad is a gated society. In addition to being super close to Canal Road, it is also adjacent to many upmarket societies and towns. Amongst those towns, Madina Town is the nearest one. It is just 2.9 kilometres away by using Imtiaz Shaheed Road. Moreover, Al Noor Garden is easily accessible via Chak 204 Road. This Road is also the main entrance of this society and it is neighbouring to Khayaban Colony in Faisalabad. Some other developed societies near Al Noor Garden are:

  • Eden Garden is 2.0 kilometres away via Abdul Wahab Street
  • Officers Colony is at the driving distance of 7-minutes by Chak 204 Road
  • Ali Garden is easily reachable by driving for 5 minutes via Abdul Rehman Road  
  • Kohinoor City is 16-minutes away

Furthermore, this Society is also well-connected to Commercial Market Road and Satiana Road. The commute time to these roads is 7-minutes and 26-minutes, respectively. The roads inside the society are carpeted. Many necessities and facilities like mosque, restaurant and marts are available on the premises of the society.

Residential plots in Al Noor Garden can be found in the area of 2 Marla, 5 Marla, 7 Marla and 10 Marla. Despite having plots, this society has ready-to-move-in houses as well for renting or buying both.

Since, Al Noor Garden Faisalabad is a gated society so there is a team of security guards at the entrance to keep an eye on the whereabouts of the society. Strangers are not granted access easily. Firstly, they have to verify their identity through CNIC to get access and secondly, they also have to show some relativity with the residents of the society to enter its premises.


  • Gated Society
  • Secured Boundaries
  • Close to Commercial Road
  • Neighbouring to Madina Town
  • Close to Faisalabad International Airport




According to a news report in the year 2017, Faisalabad will have its own metro bus services and the routes for these buses have been finalized as well. While the project is in the process of development, residents can rely on app-based commuting services like Uber and Careem. These services are making it possible for the citizens to travel through Faisalabad and the residents can advance to work or anywhere they want without any delay or worry. Whether it is late at night or early in the morning, these services are easily accessible.

Besides these app-based cabs, there are several other modes of public transport near Al Noor Garden Faisalabad within the city as well. Residents can easily get minivans/wagons to shuttle through the city, in very economical fare. The residents of Al Noor Garden Faisalabad can also opt for Rickshaws or regular taxis to travel anywhere they want.

Additionally, Faisalabad City Railway Station is also easy to get to for the residents of Al Noor Garden. The commuting time from the area to the station is just a drive of 18-minutes. Residents can use this railway to travel outside the city.


The value of property mainly depends on the commercial markets near the residence. Luckily, the residents of Al Noor Garden will not have to worry about it since Makka Commercial Market is in Eden Valley. This market is placed just 7 minutes away from the society. You can find a number of restaurants for casual eating in this market, along with a pharmacy named Al-Shifa Pharmacy.

In addition to that, a branch of Allied Bank is also functioning in this market.

Residents can also buy dairy products from Hun Farm Pure Fresh Milk. It is located at a walkable distance of 2-minutes from Makka Commercial Market.

Some other markets inside the vicinity of Al-Noor Garden are:

  • U.S Mart is on the main road of Al-Noor Garden. It is at a walkable distance of 3 minutes from the entrance.
  • Royal Fashion Faisalabad is located 1-minute away from U.S Mart
  • TechSpot Mobiles is 150 metres away from U.S Mart. Residents visit this market for mobile accessories.
  • S.N. Technologies is easily reachable from Royal Fashion Faisalabad. It is located at the driving distance of 1-minute.  


The existence of mosque inside the boundaries of the society is a great advantage for the residents, it also becomes a plus for the value of the property. Fortunately, on the premises of the society, there’s a mosque named Al-Noor Garden Mosque Ahl-e-Hadees. The residents will not have to stay concerned for their prayers because it is easily accessible via Abdul Rehman Road and Nazir Road.

Alternative mosques near Al Noor Garden Faisalabad within the distance of 500 metres to 3 kilometres are,

  • Jamia Masjid Al-Mustafa is in Khayaban Colony. Residents can take a walk of 6-minutes to reach there. They can go to this mosque for regular prayers as well as Jummah Prayers.
  • Touheed Masjid is situated at the distance of 600 metres. It is also in Khayaban Colony.
  • Quba Mosque is at a drive of 6-minutes. Residents can use Abdul Rehman Road to reach there.

Schools, Colleges And Universities NEAR AL NOOR GARDEN FAISALABAD 

Many private and public institutions are easily reachable from Al Noor Garden Faisalabad. A campus of The Smart School is operating in Madina Town. It is built with the sponsorship of the City School. The commute time to this campus is just a drive of 8-minutes. Residents can drive through Abid Shaheed Road to reach there. The mission of this school is to create a society of well-groomed learners. Moreover, this school also thrives to end all kinds of discrimination in the educational system. Academic programs offered in this school start from ECCE and lead up to Matriculation.

The school uses a centralized approach for curriculum and lessons. All the lessons are prepared by experts in the head office. These lesson are then issued to the schools for teaching. Just like the name suggests, The Smart School uses ‘blended learning method’. It allows the students to explore through digital word and web portals.

Apart from academic learning, the school also has clubs for different purposes. These clubs include, Young Orator’s Club, Environmental Society, Social Service Club, Literary Societies and Karate Club to name a few.   

Residents can also opt for The Educators School as one of its campus is in Block Y of Madina Town. It takes a drive of 10-minutes by Abid Shaheed Road to reach there. Since, this school is working in association with Beaconhouse so in addition to providing top-class education, the aim of this school is to work on the capacity building of their teachers as well. There are currently 900+ branches of this school. These branches are operating in over 225 cities of Pakistan benefiting 200K+ students.

Some other alternative school near Al Noor Garden Faisalabad in the proximity of 2 kilometres to 5 kilometres are,

  • Allied School is a project of Punjab group of colleges. It is 1.7 kilometres away from the society. Residents can travel through Chak 204 to get there.
  • Noor Model High School is located at Babar Chowk. The commute distance from society is 2.2 kilometres by using Abid Shaheed Road.

For High School programs, residents can get registered in Shiblee College. It is in Madina Town. This college offers College Education Programs in Commerce, Arts and Science (FSc, F.A. and I.Com). Residents can access this college by using Susan Road. It only takes a driving distance of 16-minutes to reach there.

Residents can also go for some other colleges near Al Noor Garden Faisalabad which include:

  • Government College of Commerce that is 4.8 kilometres away.
  • Superior College Faisalabad at 14-minutes’ drive
  • Punjab College for Women at the driving distance of 15-minutes from Al-Noor Garden.

All of these colleges exist on the walkable distance of 1-minute from each other and easily reachable via Susan Road.


Government College Women University, Faisalabad (GCWU) is one of the leading universities of Faisalabad for women who are interested in higher studies. It is only 3.1 kilometres away via Abid Shaeed Road. The university started as college in the year 1934, way before the independence of Pakistan. But later in the year 1944, it was promoted as a degree awarding institute.

Along with graduate and undergraduate programs, the university offers M.Phil and doctorate too. Subjects offered at the university are:

  • Science and Technology
  • Arts and Social Sciences
  • Management and Administration Sciences
  • Islamic and Oriental Learning

For Medical Sciences, residents can go for Faisalabad Medical University. It is 11.0 kilometres away from Al Noor Garden and easily accessible via Susan Road.

The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in medical sciences.

On the other hand, residents can also go for another university near Al Noor Garden Faisalabad, namely,  NFC Institute of Engineering and Fertilizer Research. It is placed at the driving distance of 16-minutes. It is easily accessible by Susan Road. Engineering programs offered in the university are in the field of Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Apart from that, the university also offers degree programs in Business Administration and Computer Sciences.


A branch of Meezan Bank Limited is functioning in Madina Town. It is only 3.8 kilometres away from Al-Noor Garden. This bank serves from Monday to Friday (9:00 AM-5:00 PM) as well as on Saturday. Although the service hours differ on Saturday (9:00 AM-2:00 PM). While The Bank of Punjab is 500 metres away from Meezan Bank.

Some other banks near Al Noor Garden Faisalabad are situated on Susan Road. These banks are at a walkable distance of 3 minutes from Meezan Bank that can meet the banking needs of the residents and visitors. The list comprises of:

  • Habib Metropolitan Bank
  • Bank Islami
  • Askari Bank

Summit Bank, Bank of Khyber, Standard Chartered Bank are also situated on Susan Road.  1.3 kilometres away from Al Noor Garden.


Ideally, Clinics and Hospitals should be near to the residential place. It saves a person from any hassle and it is easy to get prompt attention when there is an emergency. Residents of Al-Noor Garden will not have to worry about it because Mujahid Hospital is easy to get to via Abid Shaheed Road and Greenbelt Road. It takes a drive of 10 minutes to reach there.

Mujahid Hospital is said to be one of the best hospitals in the city. This hospital caters 24 hours emergency services and handles regular clinical services as well. Residents can also take advantage of free medical camps organized by this hospital for Eye check-up and general check-up. These camps are usually organized on a weekly basis.  

Other options for hospitals near Al Noor Garden include Prime Care Hospital near Saeed Colony.  It is just 2.0 kilometres away. Although it is a hospital without emergency services but you can benefit from other clinical services like:

  • Specialist doctors
  • Medical Laboratory
  • Pharmacy

Furthermore, Faisalabad’s most visited Hospital, Shifa International Hospital is easily reachable via 209 Akalgarh Road. This hospital is accredited with JCI (Joint Commission International) so residents can rely on their medical experts and specialist doctors for any type of health-related concerns. Gynae, Cardiology, Paediatrics, ENT and General Surgeries are some of the outpatient services offered by this hospital.

Besides offering outpatient services, the hospital also provides imaging services of radiology like:

  • Angiography
  • CT Scan
  • MRI
  • Mammography

The hospital uses digital X-Ray Machines for plain and contrast X-Rays. While one can get Colour Doppler Ultrasound from the hospital’s laboratory as well.

Add on to the list is that Shifa International Hospital Faisalabad is virtually working in an association with the main hospital facility in Islamabad. These two hospitals are connected through an online linkage. So, all the radiology images are assessed by experts in the medical facility of Islamabad.



Mostly, property buyers are concerned about sale price trends of the area because these price trends signals for a subsequent market value of the property and they assist the buyer in making an efficient deal. Following is a detailed outline of sale price trends in Al-Noor Garden, Faisalabad.


There’s a variety of deals available for buying houses in Al-Noor Garden, Faisalabad. You need the price range of 70 lakh to 1 crore to buy a house of 5 Marla in this area. These houses are usually situated on prime locations and come with a porch for parking your car. These houses are fully facilitated with attached baths and other amenities.

Other housing options for housing properties are 10 Marla houses in Al-Noor Garden. The price range can lie anywhere between 1.5 crores to 1.35 crores.  


You can find several plots for sale in Al-Noor Garden, Faisalabad. The area of these plots can lie anywhere between 2 Marla to 10 Marla. The price range for 2 Marla plots can lie between anywhere between 17 lakh to 22 lakh. You can also opt for 5 Marla plots in the price starting from 37 lakh and going up to 40 lakh. While plots of 10 Marla can be purchased within 90 lakh to 1 crore.


Rent price trends in AL-Noor Garden Faisalabad are usually decided upon after looking into the number of rooms including bedrooms and living rooms and facilities available near the area.


Rental properties are usually available in the area of 2 Marla, 5 Marla and 10 Marla in Al-Noor Garden, Faisalabad. You can go for rental houses of 2 Marla in the price ranging from PKR 20 thousand to PKR 25 thousand. Furthermore, the houses of 5 Marla can be easily rented out in the price starting from PKR 22 thousand to PKR 40 thousand.

Moreover, houses of 10 Marla are available for rent in this area as well. The rent prices usually start from PKR 50 thousand to PKR 58 thousand for these plots.

Commercial Properties 

Commercial properties in Al-Noor Garden can be found in the price range of 13 lakh to 4.5 crore. These properties can be used for a variety of purpose. You can either use these properties to build a general shop or a whole shopping centre.



Malls near al noor garden Faisalabad

Al Noor Garden is surrounded by a number of shopping malls and residents can visit these malls to get done with occasional shopping. One of the nearest mall is Mall of Faisalabad. Although the mall is under construction but you can always take advantage of the services it is currently offering, such as gaming zone, food court and outlets of many clothing and cosmetics’ brands. Residents can use Chak 204 Road and Chak 208 Road to get to this mall. It will take them a drive of 9-minutes from the area to reach there.

The mall is in the process of getting entirely developed. In the meantime, residents can visit Boulevard Mall in Saeed Colony. It is 2.7 kilometres away from the area. Which means that the residents can easily reach after a drive of 10-minutes via Imtiaz Shaheed Road. The mall starts functioning from 11:00 AM and shuts down at 12:00 AM. These timings stay constant throughout the week, while the timings for shops inside the mall might differ.

Moreover, residents can always travel to Kohinoor City for a variety of shopping centres and plazas. It is 16-minutes away from Al Noor Garden. It will be justified to call it the bank of Shopping Malls and some of the most visited malls near Al Noor Garden Faisalabad are:

  • Do Burj Plaza
  • iLAB Shopping Mall
  • Al-Fateh Departmental Store

On top of it, residents can also find separate shopping centres for brands like Khaadi and Zubaida’s in Kohinoor City.

Restaurants And Bakeries near al noor garden Faisalabad

Residents of Al-Noor Garden will benefit from Mian Gee Café that happens to be located inside the vicinity. For casual coffee and snacks, Mian Gee Café is serving on Abdul Wahab Street. It is at a walkable distance of 1-minute from the entrance. The café stays open throughout the week from 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM, except on Friday (It remains closed on Friday).

Whereas, for health-conscious residents, Noors Kitchen is a good option for organic and home-made food. It is situated at a walkable distance of 12-minutes in Eden Garden. The functional timings remain the same for the whole week (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM).  

Furthermore, other options for restaurants near Al Noor Garden Faisalabad include Kohinoor City. Residents can take advantage of being close to Kohinoor city. Since it is a home for many fancy and casual restaurants. Whether it is about a bite on the way or a full three-course meal, you can select from many restaurants that best match your food-cravings. Residents can easily locate these restaurants by driving via Susan Road for 16-minutes from Al-Noor Garden. Some prominent restaurants in this area are,

  • Silver Spoon Continental
  • Nando’s
  • Forks N Knives-Pizza Kitchen
  • Subway

The list doesn’t end here, you can find a dozen other options at a walkable distance from these restaurants. Those options consist of, Burger, Fries and Co, Chai Wala Café, God Father, La Cucina Foodies and Portobello Restaurants to name a few.  

Additionally, for fancy dining, residents can pick The Lounge By Attraction, Golden Flame Restaurant and Salt N Pepper in the Kohinoor City.


Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres in Wapda City Faisalabad

Living in Al Noor Garden means that the Hockey Stadium will be 3.7 kilometres away only. Residents can access this ground for practicing hockey which will benefit them in maintaining their physical health. Regardless of being used for sports’ purposes, this place is also used for many institutional events and concerts.

Moreover, residents who do not wish to play hockey can go for an alternative sports facility near Al Noor Garden Faisalabad, like Al Fahd Spa and Fitness Club. It is 15 minutes away and easily accessible using Susan Road. The gym becomes operational every day at 7 AM and closes around 11 PM, except for Sunday (operational timings for Sunday are from 5 PM to 9 PM).

Parks and Clubs in Wapda City Faisalabad

The availability of nearby parks and other recreational facilities ensure that society is meeting the living standards of its residents. There is a cove of parks near Al Noor Garden Faisalabad, located within 2 km to 5 km,

  • Saddiquia Park Muhammadi Park and Quba Park are in Block X of Madina Town. These three parks are at a distance of 7-minutes, 8-minutes, and 10 minutes, respectively.
  • While Madni Park is in Block Y of Madina Town. Residents can drive via Abid Shaheed Road for 9-minutes to reach there.

There are several other parks in different blocks of Eden Garden including Ghalib City Park is in Executive Block of Eden Garden and a Park Block D. Both of these parks are at a walkable distance of 13-minutes from Al- Noor Garden.

Salons and Spas in Wapda City Faisalabad

Fortunately, the residents will have access to a number of salons and spas near Al-Noor Garden. All of them are in the proximity of 4 km to 5 km. Make-up studio by Ijaz is in Kohinoor Town. It is 3.9 kilometres away and easy to get to by using Susan Road. Despite being a salon, it is also an academy for beauty training. Lady residents of Al-Noor Garden can rely on the experts of this salon for their beauty needs. Some other salons and spas near Al Noor Garden Faisalabad are:

  • Hollywood Hair Salon and Parlour - easily accessible by travelling for 17-minutes using Abid Shaheed Road. Those who visit here, appreciate this salon for haircuts and reasonable prices.
  • La Mood Beauty Salon is located at Azeemi Street. It takes a commute time of 19-minutes to reach to Salon.

Furthermore, Ali Baba Man’s Salon is serving in Eden Valley to meet all the grooming needs of Male residents of Al-Noor Garden. It is located 6-minutes away. Residents can travel through Abdul Rehman Road to reach there.


Madina Town is a neighbouring area of Al-Noor Garden, it takes a drive of 12-minutes to access this town. On the other hand, Ali Garden and Eden Garden are just 1 and 2 kilometres away, respectively.  

Moreover, Kohinoor Town is at the distance of 13 minutes by travelling through Susan Road.  Faisalabad International Airport is 44 minutes and this distance is calculated via Jhang Road.


Al-Noor Garden is a home for all the high-market facilities of the city. Residents will not have to spend much time in travelling for their routine tasks. Additionally, it is situated 2.9 kilometres away from the Central Road (Canal Road) of the city.

Are you looking to rent or buy property in Al Noor Garden Faisalabad?


Importance of Al noor garden faisalabad from major locations nearby

  • Canal Road is accessible in just 12 minutes by using Imtiaz Shaheed Road
  • Faisalabad Railway Station is situated at the distance of 7.0 kilometres
  • Allama Iqbal Library is 21-minutes away

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