Al Raheem City is situated in the north of Okara district. The society boasts several picturesque places, with pretty parks nestled within a stunning, unspoiled countryside. The total population of the city is 223,648, as of 2019.  Regardless of the project’s countryside location, transportation in Okara is generally well-organised, hence the area is well-connected by road and rail to almost all the main hubs as well as the ones further afield. Al Raheem City is a perfect place to live for families and individuals alike. The society occupies an excellent countryside location and also boasts an urban setting, community spirit, accessibility, exemplary quality of life, and some well-renowned schools.

Many recreational spaces are also situated near Al Raheem City, due to which access to transportation is not something to worry about, making the locality particularly appealing for people living in Okara. This particular area is also known for the many desirable properties available here. From houses boasting modern architecture and infrastructure to country estates, flats, commercial properties, and townhouses; the area features a perfect mix of desirable properties.

There is also a railway station located in Okara, Pakistan which is only 9 minutes away from Al Raheem City. The station hosts around 12 trains to different cities of the country. Pakistan Railway manages all these trains. Official train timings, time table, real-time live status, route and train numbers are mentioned on the official website of Pakistan Railways.

History of Development

Okara features countless attractions, a children’s theme park, plus a bowling alley with laser tag, and boating a lake. Gol Market in the middle of the town is perfect for browsing shops and boutiques or sampling the many independent restaurants and cafes.


  • Waste disposal system
  • Community lawn
  • Boundary walls with monitored access for strangers
  • Well-constructed roads and boulevards
  • An abundant supply of water
  • 24/7 surveillance and monitoring through security staff and cameras
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Gas connection
  • Kids play area
  • Peaceful environment
  • Society’s own graveyard
  • Easy instalment plan
  • Parking spaces



Public Transport in and near Al Raheem City, Okara

Residents can get to almost every locality of Okara from Al Rahim City easily. The transport system near Al Raheem City, Okara is well organised and easily accessible. Speaking strictly about bus stops, the nearest one from Al Raheem City is Skyways Bus Terminal, situated on GT Road, around 2 km away. General Bus Stand near Mughal Auto Store, GT Road, is 6 minutes away. Then, there is a Wagon Stand situated between Depalpur Okara Road and Multan Okara Road. You can find quick service for Depalpur, Hujra, and Kasur from there. A well-known bus stop named Purani Katchery is situated near Hafiz Ji Restaurant and BBQ on Faisalabad Road. You can reach there in only 8 minutes.

Markets in and near Al Raheem City, Okara

Residents of Al Raheem City enjoy the benefit of being able to drive for a few miles to pick up daily groceries and other fresh produce. Like, they can reach Muhammad Ramzan Market Okara on Model Town Road, Bari Town, in only 20 minutes. Also, a weekly Thursday Bazaar is held near 3A Street Number 1, X Block, Shafiq Town, which can be reached within a 5-minute walk.

Then there is Madina Market near Iron Fazal Merchant, Tehsil Road. It is only 5 to 6 minutes away from Al Raheem City.  The famous and very old Car Parts Market is also situated near Al Raheem City, and it takes about 10 minutes to reach the market.  As for jewellery and clothing options, resident of Al Raheem City can head towards Gol Market, situated in Block A, Okara-Faisalabad Road. It will take a drive of 10 to 12 minutes to reach there. Moreover, Fawara chowk near Bank Al Habib is a good option for accessories and cosmetics. The market can be reached in 8 to 10 minutes by car. Hafiz Naeem Kiryana & Stationery Store is also reachable in 10 to 15 minutes from the society by car.

Mosques in and near Al Raheem City, Okara

Fortunately, Al Raheem city is blessed with plenty of mosques. Beginning with Ahle Hadees Mosque, situated at Chak 1/4 L, can be reached in 2 minutes by foot. Also, Talha Mosque, located near Link Road, Safdar Ghafoor Town, can be easily reached in 5 minutes, while Baba Fareed Masjid, Hira Masjid, Main Seith Colony Masjid, and Jamia Masjid Hazrat Khawaja Malangi Masjid are situated on Okara Multan Road. You can reach any of these mosques in only 8 to 10 minutes. Additionally, Jamia Masjid Ashiana Siddique, located near Jawad Avenue, is only 6 to 7 minutes away.

Moreover, Baba Fareed Masjid, located in Government Colony, Shafiq Town and Masjid Abu Baqar Siddique on Tehsil Road can both be reached in 5 minutes, while Hira Masjid in Government Colony, Karim Town, is reachable in 6 to 8 minutes.

Usman Jamia Mosque Ahle Hadees near Usman Block Fateh Town and Masjid Husania situated on Colony Road, Faisal Colony No. 2. Furthermore, Darbar Baba Ghulam Rasool Masjid near One 4-L Road, Canal Rest House. All are around 3 to 4 km drive away.

Schools, Colleges And Universities in and near Al Raheem City, Okara

Okara is home to some of the most reputable schools such as BeaconHouse School System as well as several other educational institutions of high repute. Okara District boasts many academic facilities, ranging from primary to secondary schools. Beginning with Govt Girls High School at Chak 1/4 L, near Nisar Shopping Centre; the school is around 4 minutes away. Al Rahim Public School, located on Ghulam Ghous Street, is reachable in 3 minutes, while Punjab Science School Okara near Muhammad Ramzan Market, Lahore Road can be reached in 2 minutes. Furthermore, Govt Vocational Training Institute (W), on Benazir Road, Shafiq Town is only 6 minutes away.

Some well-known private schools surrounding the society include The Educators Al-Aleem Campus on Rao Sikandar Iqbal Road, hardly 2 km away from Al Raheem City. In addition, Falcon Public School Boys Wing, located in Usman Block, Fateh Town, is reachable in 8 to 10 minutes, The Arqam School on 3A Street Number 1, Shafiq Town, Block X, is only 1 km away, while Blooms School System Adeel Campus, located in 1 Government Colony, is only 2 km away.

Some more schools located nearby include The Knowledge School near Benazir Road, Government Colony adjacent to United Mart, is only 6 minutes away, Allied School at 17-Z, Government Colony can be reached in 5 minutes, and Muslim Model Public High School, situated in Government Colony, is 1.5 km away from Al Raheem City, Okara.

The same goes for colleges and universities near the society. The area is also home to many well-reputed colleges and universities. To name a few:

  • Punjab College Okara on Okara Lahore Road is around 3 km away
  • Govt. Technical Training Institute, Okara at No, 55/2-L Road, Chak 55/2 L, Chak 24-2R, is 8 minutes away
  • Quaid-e-Azam College of Management & Commerce standing between Karmanwala Town and Safdar Ghafoor Town is reachable in 6 minutes
  • Government Commerce College Okara, located in Government Colony, is only 4 minutes away
  • Fast Computer College Okara in Government Colony can be reached in 5 to 7 minutes

Other nearby colleges include Educators Group of Colleges Okara Campus in Y Block, Govt Colony, near Golden Gate Park, only 1.6 km away, New Pak College of Commerce beside Link Road Bridge, reachable in 7 to 10 minutes, and Heritage International College Okara on 1 Faisalabad Road, Model Town, only 9 minutes away. Moreover, Government Post Graduate College for Women, situated near 1 Shell Petrol Pump, Tehsil Road can be easily reached in 10 minutes, while Concordia College Okara Campus, located near Okara Bypass, 52/2L, is reachable in around 14 to 15 minutes.

Banks in and near Al Raheem City, Okara

Banks have become an absolute necessity in today’s era, so it is a huge source of convenience to have them nearby, especially when it comes to paying taxes and bills, withdrawing and depositing cash, and keeping track of your financial transactions. Luckily, Al Raheem City is packed with several branches of various banks. For instance, MCB on GT Road, Safdar Ghafoor Town, is only 4 minutes away, the ATM of Habib Bank Limited is located near Talha Mosque near Okara-Lahore Road, while Allied Bank, situated besides Dehli Sweet and Bakers, is only 2.3 km away. Also, Meezan Bank near Dak Khana Khas District is only 3 km away from Al Raheem City, Okara.

Additionally, Habib Bank Limited, situated near Okara Public School, is 2.6 km away, and Bank Islami, United Bank Limited, and The Bank of Punjab are all located on Okara-Lahore Road.

Other nearby banks include; ZTBL Okara, located in Lalazar Colony, near Bridge 27 Samadpura, 5 to 6 minutes away, the National Bank of Pakistan, near 183 Kachehri Bazar, Block-F, 9 minutes away, and Habib Bank Limited in Sector B-II-28/12-D & C, near Al Majeed Hospital, is reachable in 10 minutes. Moreover, Muslim Commercial Bank, JS Bank, Al Habib Bank, Bank Alfalah, and Faysal bank can all be found on Fareed Chowk.

Clinics and Hospitals in and near Al Raheem City, Okara

Residents of Al Raheem City are spoilt for choices when it comes to medical facilities operational near their residence. To begin with, the nearest facility is named Imran Clinic and Maternity Home, present in Al-Kheer City, just 4 minutes away. Furthermore, Dr Khaleequr Ramzan Clinic near Saad General Store, Khan Colony Road can be reached in 9 minutes, Hassan Eye Clinic near Khan Colony, Faisal Town, is only 3 km away, and Manahil Maternity Home and Clinic in Chaudhary Colony is reachable in 9 minutes. More nearby clinics include Dr Tahir Shah Clinic in House# 22 Street# 1, Fateh Town, only 3 km away, Aneela Clinic and Maternity Home, situated in Karim Town, only 2 km away, and Latif Clinic on Tehsil Road, Waris Colony, reachable in 7 minutes.

Additionally, Dr Hammad Raza Clinic near Samadpur is only 7 minutes away, Al Aziz Skin Clinic in Sher Rabani Town, Samadpura can be reached in 6 minutes, while Razzi Clinic and Maternity Home, located in Samadpura Gulshan-e-Fatima can be reached in 8 minutes. Besides, Dr Abdul Majeed Khan Clinic in Block B is only 4 km away, and Sattar Consultant Hospital in Model town is only 3 km away.

As for hospitals, Abdullah General Hospital near Punjab College is reachable in 7 minutes, Ali Trust Eye Hospital, situated on Plot No.1151, can be reached in 8 minutes, and Shareef Surgical Hospital can be reached via Okara-Faisalabad Road in a drive of 8 km from Al Raheem City. In a similar vein, Kalsoom Social Security Hospital is located in Block B of Samadpura Colony. You can reach the hospital in 10 minutes. Furthermore, Okara Patient Welfare Association and DHQ Hospital, situated in Model Town near DHQ New Gate, on Tehsil Road both are only 10 minutes away from Al Raheem City.

Other nearby hospitals include Behtar Zindagi Centre near MZ Mobile Market, 73, New Lalazar Colony, only 3 km away, Rasheed Hospital near Sindhi Mohalla, reachable in 7 minutes, District Headquarter Hospital near Stadium Road, 9 minutes away, and Qari Hospital and Al-Noor Eye Hospital, located on 31 Street of Waris Colony, and Punjab Hospital on Tehsil Road are all only 10 minutes away.

PROPERTIES IN Al Raheem City, Okara

Sales Price Trends in and near Al Raheem City, Okara

Knowing the current sales price trends of any locality benefits buyers, sellers, and investors in making an informed decision. To help you conclude, we have compiled the price trends for Al Raheem City, Okara, and shared them below. Please keep in mind that these trends are subject to change with time.

Houses for Sale in Al Raheem City, Okara

A couple of houses are available in Al Raheem City, Okara. For instance, a 6 marla, double-storey houses are available for sale in Al Raheem City, Okara. The price of these houses varies between PKR 80 lakh and PKR 90 lakh, while 7 marla houses are up on sale in the society have an asking price of PKR 1.15 crore to 1.4 crore. While 11 marla house can cost around PKR 1.45 crore.

Plots for Sale in Al Raheem City, Okara

Different types and sizes of plots are available for sale in Al Raheem City. A 7 marla plot in Al Raheem City can cost you around PKR 49 lakh to PKR 52 lakh, while a 14 marla plot can be bought for PKR 91 lakh to PKR 95 lakh. A 16 marla plot in the society carries a price tag of PKR 96 lakh to PKR 98 lakh, and the starting price of 1 kanal plot can be PKR 1.26 crore to PKR 2.27 crore.



Malls near Al Raheem City, Okara

Shopping is by far one of the most common things for people to do in Okara, with the traditional retail shops offering a fantastic selection of independent, exciting, specialist and vintage collection of stuff. Besides bazaars and shops, some mega shopping malls are also present in Okara, offering quality and luxurious products for sale.

Some shopping centres present nearby include Nisar Shopping Centre, situated on Benazir Road, Shafiq Town, which can be reached in 3 minutes, United Mall, found on Street No. 2, Government Colony, reachable in 6 minutes, HT Store Shopping Mall in Faisal Colony Okara, only 2.5 km away, and Dewaan SuperStore, sited in Seith Colony, Karim Town, reachable in 7 minutes.

Moreover, Al Madina Shopping Centre is situated on Samad Pura Road, Samadpura and is only 6 km away, while Ahmed Cash N Carry in Block D can be reached in 9 minutes. Besides, Tahir Shopping Centre on Gol Chowk, Block C is reachable in 11 minutes, Metro Shoes By Nadeem Younas is located in Block D near MC High School, only 10 minutes away, and Gateway Mall Okara near Gateway Okara Bypass can be reached in 9 to 10 minutes. Also, Anwar Shopping Mall, situated in Block F is only 4 km away, while Ghulam Rasul Plaza & Bata Shop near United Bank Limited are reachable in 8 minutes.

Restaurants near Al Raheem City, Okara

Some famous restaurants in the city include Heritage Restaurant, located in Sheikh Basti Colony, and Dawat Restaurant near Jinnah Park, Mehr Colony. Both are 5 km away from Al Raheem City, Okara. According to tourists’ and customers’ reviews, these places do not only boast a great ambience to enjoy with friends and family but serve a wide variety of delicious food.

Then there’s Punjab Hotel, situated on Okara-Lahore Road, Safdar Ghafoor Town. It is reachable in 4 to 5 minutes. The restaurant has been serving mouth-watering food for decades now.  Crispy Cottage in Shafiq Town can be reached in 5 minutes, Usmania Restaurant on Okara Bypass Road, near CNG and Shell Petrol Pump, can be reached in 7 to 10 minutes, and Roll & Rappers, near Okara Bypass Monument, is reachable in 7 minutes.

Furthermore, there’s NFC Pakistan Fast Food Restaurant situated near GT Road, near chak 26/6, reachable in 10 minutes. Additionally, Khyber Hotel and Restaurant, located on Faisalabad Road, Chak 33/2 R, is only 5 km away, and Hafiz Ji Restaurant & Bar BQ, situated near Faisalabad Road, Model Town Okara, can be reached in 8 minutes.

Moreover, OK Restaurant on GT Road is reachable in 8 to 10 minutes, Niaz Fish Restaurant, located on Depalpur Road, Block B, is only 4 km away, Noshahi Shawarma Point, situated at Goshiya Chowk, Block C can be reached in 9 minutes, while Pizza House opposite Press Club, near CMR High School, D Block is only 8 to 10 minutes away.


Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres near Al Raheem City, Okara

Many people in Okara are fond of playing golf, especially at Okara Golf club, which is located at Chak 16 / 4 L near Malir Cantonment, around 16 km away from Al Raheem City. The club also hosts several international competitions throughout the year.

When it comes to playgrounds, there are several of them situated near Al Raheem City. For instance, Golden Gate Playground in Government Colony is reachable in 5 to 6 minutes, while Campus Ground on Faisalabad Road, Samadpura Ghaziabad, can be reached in 7 minutes. Also, New Campus Cricket Ground, situated near Rehmat Ullah Town, is only 2 km away, Okara Football Academy New Campus Sports Ground located near Faisalabad Road, Chaudhry Colony can be reached in 10 to 15 minutes, and New Okara Stadium, located in District Complex, near new Badminton Court, is only 6 km away. In addition, New Badminton Court Okara, situated near Railway Road, is reachable in 15 to 20 minutes. You might need a membership to enter the complex and avail the facilities available there.

As for the gyms, Smart Shape Ladies Gym, situated in Faisal Colony No. 2, Fateh Town, can be reached in 2 to 5 minutes and District Gymnasium Okara, located at Jinnah Stadium, can be reached in 7 minutes. Moreover, Adeel Gym on Street 2, Samadpura is only 5 km away, and V Shape Gym, situated on Benazir Link Road, near Imran Akram Villas, Meher Colony is reachable in 13 minutes.

Parks near Al Raheem City, Okara

Since Al Raheem City is located in the suburbs of Okara, there is no shortage of green spaces around. Parks near Al Raheem City are well built and organised. Residents of Al Raheem City can head towards the nearest park, which is the Govt Colony Park, situated in Government Colony, Shafiq Town, Block X. It can be reached in 5 minutes. Golden Gate Park, located near Government Colony, is another option which is only 1.4 km away. Furthermore, Tanki Chowk Park near Jamia Masjid Muzammil Ahle Hadith can be reached in 5 to 8 minutes, while, Faisal Colony Park in Rehmat Ullah Town is reachable in around 7 to 8 minutes, Ehsan Park near UBL ATM in Model Colony is reachable in 10 minutes, and Chaman Zar Park, situated near Model Town only, is 10 minutes away.

Moreover, Captain Safder Shaheed Park, situated near Qari Hospital, is only 3 km away and Aamir Colony Park near Tehsil Road, Waris Colony, can be reached in hardly 8 to 10 minutes.

Other nearby parks include Family Park in Garden Town, near Allama Iqbal Road, Samadpura, Dr. Ijaz Imam Rizwi Park, situated near Abdul Shakoor Minhas (late) Road, Model CHS, Jinnah Park, located in Mehar Colony and Muhammad Zaman Public Park located on Rao Sikandar Road. All these parks can be reached in 10 to 15 minutes.

Salons and Spas near Al Raheem City, Okara

Residents of Al Raheem City, Okara can comfortably head to Shades Signature Salon near Faisal Colony No. 2 Fateh Town, which is reachable in only 8 minutes. Also, Bilal Jamal Salon, located in Government Colony, Shafiq Town can be reached in 5 minutes, while Khushboo Beauty Parlour and Training Centre, located in Aziz Yaqoob Town, can be reached in a 7-minute walk.

Moreover, Ixora Beauty Parlour in Rehmat Ullah Town, Care Beauty Point, situated in Umer Din Town, Street #1, Khan Colony, and Nimra Beauty Parlour near Ameer Colony are reachable in 10 to 15 minutes. Rewaj Beauty Salon, situated near Benazir Road, Karim Town, Momal Beauty Parlour at Chak 2/4 L, and Rafiq Hair Salon near Tehsil Road can be easily accessed in 10 to 15 minutes.


Al Raheem City neighbours several popular areas of Okara. To name a few, Green City, Shafiq Town, Govt Colony, Bari Town, and Saad City are all sited near Al Raheem City, Okara.


Almost every amenity and facility is available at the doorsteps of people living in Al Raheem City. Shops, grounds, parks, restaurants, educational and medical facilities; Al Raheem City features a near-perfect mix of everything you could expect from an ideal housing society. Residents of Al Raheem city also have the added benefit of enjoying a beautiful semi-urban location that has a calm and peaceful environment.

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Importance of Al Raheem City, Okara from major locations nearby

  • Mitchell’s Farm and Factory is only 20 minutes’ drive away
  • Fareed-ul-din Water Park is only 8 minutes away from Al Raheem City
  • Okara Golf Club can be reached in 26 minutes via GT Road
  • The nearest airport from Okara is Faisalabad International Airport, 182 km away from the centre of Okara


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