Located near the famous Chenab River in Punjab, Sialkot is the second largest foreign exchange earner for Pakistan. The city is known for manufacturing and exporting sports goods, textile goods, leather products, and musical instruments. Not only are these goods exported to other countries of the world, but are also distributed nationwide. Naturally, different commute routes, such as Daska Road in Sialkot, play an essential part in keeping this trade activity going.

Daska Road is a long stretch of road that is home to many commercial markets and residential pockets. The road is also known for hosting various auto shows regularly organised throughout the year. Similar to all other developed roads of the city, Daska Road, Sialkot also features a trail of greenery on both sides, lending it a greener appearance. 

Other significant routes connecting to Daska Road include Sialkot’s Grand Trunk Road, Daska to Wazirabad Road, Sialkot Road, Defence Road, Wazirabad Road, and Sialkot to Wazirabad Road. 


  • Connected to significant arteries
  • Completely developed road
  • Home to commercial zones
  • Home to residential schemes
  • Covered with a trail of trees
  • All necessary amenities available



Public Transport on and near Daska Road Sialkot

Daska Road, Sialkot is a heavily trafficked route, used by both Light Transport Vehicles (LTV) and Heavy Transport Vehicles (HTV) including minivans, traditional taxis and rickshaws, trucks, trailers, cars and bikes, and public buses. The road is already home to prominent commercial and residential properties of the city and is fast becoming a hub of promising real estate projects. 

As far as bus stops situated on Daska Road Sialkot are concerned, they include Kotli Noonan Bus Stop and Malkhanwala Bus Stop on Kotli Noonan; Bhopalwala Bus Stop near Kotli Noonan; and Daewoo Terminal Daska in Nazeerabad. Additionally, more bus stops located on connecting routes include Anwar Pura Bus Stop in Anwar Pura, Jinnah Chowk Bus Stop on Jamke Road, Saddique Chowk Bus Stop on Pasrur Road, Bonkan Road Bus Stop in Pakka Garha, and General Bus Stand Sialkot in Sialkot Cantonment. 

The stops are a little more than 15 to 20 km from Daska Road, and it takes almost 20 to 26 minutes to reach them by road. Also, application-based ride-hailing services are widely and readily available throughout the road.

Also, some railway stations can be accessed in the areas neighbouring the road. These include Sahowala Railway Station on Main Sahowala Road, City Railway Station Sialkot in Karimpura, and Ugoke Railway Station in Model Town, Sialkot. These railway stations are around 13 to 20 km from Daska Road, Sialkot and can be reached in approximately 25 to 30 minutes by road. 

Markets on and near Daska Road Sialkot

If you are thinking about moving to a residential property located on Daska Road, Sialkot, then the availability of commercial markets and shops at almost walking distances is something you won’t have to worry about. The road is home to plenty of commercial establishments and some grocery stores on Daska Road include Al-Fazal Plaza, Al Shareef General Store, AM Super Mart on 8km Daska Road, Arfin General Store in Younusabad, Karim Bibi Market in Fatehgarh, and Al-Fatah Market in Mohalla Moti Masjid. People can easily walk up to these stores to buy daily staples. 

Additionally, vegetable and fruit markets on Daska Road Sialkot include Vegetable Market and Sabzi And Fruit Mandi Daska in Sabzi Mandi Colony. A sports shop, Faraz Sports can also be found in Dakwala, situated near the 7 km mark on Daska Road. 

Some medical stores operational on the road are Chaudhry Medical Store near Doburji Chowk, New Kashmir Medical Store in Fatehgarh, and Waqar Azimm Medical Store in Shaadpura.

As for more choices, you can access Utility Store Ghuinke on Union Council Road, Waqar Karyana Store in Chhabilpur, and Jamil SuperMarket in Nagaur. You can reach these stores in around 10 minutes by road. Moreover, meat shops on connecting routes include Arshad Chicken Stall on Eimanabad Road and Farooq Butt Butcher Shop on Chrend Road. 

These shops are a little over 10 to 12 km from Daska Road, at an estimated commute time of 18 minutes.

Mosques on and near Daska Road Sialkot

People currently living near Daska Road, Sialkot have easy access to several mosques situated in the neighbouring areas, and prospective residents can expect to enjoy the same convenience. A good number of mosques including Masjid Mubarak & Tablighi Markaz in Usmanabad, Jamia Masjid Faizan-e-Nabvi in Sadra Badra, Masjid Ghausia in Fatehgarh, Jamia Masjid Imam Malik in Motra, Jamya Masjid Rehmat-e-Gulzar-e-Madinah in Younusabad, and Masjid Block B in Citi Housing Society, Sialkot can be easily reached from Daska Road Sialkot in a matter of minutes. 

Some more mosques situated nearby are Lehndi Masjid on Kotli Kokian Road, Jamia Masjid Farooq Ahle Hadith, Jamia Masjid Faizan Madina in Ghuinke, and Masjid Pahar Wali Addah Sialkot in Addah. It takes under 15 minutes to reach the mosques by road. 

Schools, Colleges And Universities on and near Daska Road Sialkot

Daska Road is home to some of the best schools, colleges, and universities operating in Sialkot. Owing to this particular aspect, the road is ideal for families with school and college-going kids. As far as government schools are concerned, some of the most prominent ones operational on Daska Road Sialkot are Government Higher Secondary School in Ghuinke, Government Sir Syed High School in Pakki Kotli, and Government Technical Training Centre for Boys in Sambrial. 

The first two schools offer primary and secondary education, starting from primary up to matriculation. The medium of teaching in these co-education institutions is the English Language, while the third school mentioned above is an all-boys technical school that offers post-matric diplomas and professional certifications for electricians, embroidery, heating and air-conditioning services, and plumbers. 

Some private schools up and running on the road include Roots Millennium School in Citi Housing Society and Allied School in Ghuinke. Both schools follow the Cambridge system and offer education, starting from primary to secondary level for girls and boys. Also, The Smart School has a campus in Chenab, near Honda Falcon. The school offers education from kindergarten up to matriculation. Besides, Umer Girls High School on Defence Road can be reached in 20 minutes from Daska Road, Sialkot. The school is segregated and offers education from primary up to matriculation exclusively to girls.

Apart from schools, some well-known colleges and universities situated on Daska Road include Sialkot Medical College in Madharian Wala Kalar, Concordia College Sialkot in Pakki Kotli, Elite College of Commerce and Aspire College Daska near United Sindbad, NIMS College in Younusabad, and the University of Sialkot in Pakki Kotli. 

Sialkot Medical College offers bachelors programmes in biochemistry, diet & nutritional sciences, medical lab technology, microbiology, physiology, and prosthetics & orthotics, and operation-theatre technology. It also offers MBBS in Medicine and diplomas in physical therapy. 

Concordia College, Sialkot offers intermediate and bachelors in commerce, science, and arts, while Elite College of Commerce offers intermediate programmes for commerce, and NIMS College offers bachelors programmes in computer application, business studies, social work, and masters of business studies and masters of Arts in sociology along with other professional training programmes. 

Aspire College Daska offers intermediate, bachelors and masters in pre-medical, pre-engineering and commerce, and the University of Sialkot offers bachelors and masters in computing and information technology, management and administrative sciences, humanities and social sciences, science, allied health science, engineering, architecture, fashion design, and law. Additionally, Superior College Daska on Pasrur Bypass can be reached in around 20 minutes from Daska Road. This is also a mixed-gender institution that offers intermediate programmes in general science and arts disciplines.

Banks on and near Daska Road Sialkot

Quite a few banks can be found on this road. Some of them include Faysal Bank and United Bank Limited in Citi Housing Society, Sialkot, Muslim Commercial Bank in Ghuinke, and Habib Bank Limited on Doburji Chowk. 

Some more banks near Daska Road, located a bit far, are Meezan Bank Limited on Pasrur Road, JS Bank on Shahabpura Road, and Bank Alfalah Limited in Model Town, Sialkot. It takes around 15 to 25 minutes to reach these banks by road. All the banks also offer Automated Teller Machines (ATM) services 24/7. 

Electricity Backup

GEPCO or Gujranwala Electric Power Company supplies power to Daska Road and the properties located near the road. Following the footsteps of current residents, prospective residents of the road can also install generators and UPS for periods of power outages. 

Clinics and Hospitals on and near Daska Road Sialkot

Being a central artery of the city has its perks, and one of them is attracting the presence of clinics and hospitals. That said, there are several clinics and hospitals located near Daska Road, and they include Umair Medical Clinic & Store on Jamke Road, Ladies and Children Clinic near Sialkot Road, Haleema Clinic & Maternity Centre, and Holy Clinic on Ugoki Road. 

Umair Medical Clinic is a general clinic, while Ladies and Children Clinic also treats patients with common ailments, but specialises in women and children’s healthcare. Similarly, Haleema Clinic & Maternity Centre also provides up-to-standards healthcare to expecting mothers and new-borns, while Holy Clinic treats patients suffering from common diseases. 

Furthermore, Aqsa Medical Hall is situated in Aadha, located on Daska Road. Other hospitals located in areas bordering Daska Road are Imran Idrees Teaching Hospital and Children Hospital Sialkot in Muhammadpura. 

Imran Idrees Teaching Hospital provides medical services in neurology, dental, gynaecology, cardiology, gastrology, and paediatrics department. Other services, including lab services, MRI, private room facility, and CT scans are also available here. Moreover, students of Sialkot Medical College regularly attend lectures, demonstrations, and practical in this hospital. 

Children Hospital Sialkot features a team of professional child specialists and paediatricians. The hospital offers a range of medical facilities for infants and children. 

You can easily reach these healthcare centres in a drive of 10 to 25 minutes from Daska Road, Sialkot. 


Sales Price Trends on Daska Road Sialkot

We’ve examined the sales price trends of properties for sale on Daska Road, Sialkot. However, please keep in mind that the prices mentioned below may change over time. 

Plots for Sale on Daska Road Sialkot

Since quite a few development projects are underway on Daska Road, the overwhelming majority of properties up for sale on and near the road are plots of 5 and 10 marla. The asking price of 5 marla plots starts at PKR 20 lakh and goes up to PKR 32.5 lakh, while the price of 10 marla plots is between PKR 52 lakh and PKR 70 lakh. 

 Commercial Properties 

A handful of commercial properties are also up for sale and rent on Daska Road. As more and more, residential units start developing here, the supply of commercial real estate will also increase. For now, a couple of commercial properties are up for sale on Daska Road, while some commercial properties are also available on rent. The properties consist of showrooms, a factory, a mill, an academic building, and a few commercial shops. 



Malls near Daska Road Sialkot

Several plazas and commercial areas full of independent product lines starting from sports accessories to cultural apparel and kitchen products can be found in nearby areas of Daska Road. Some areas, ideal for shopping, in proximity to Daska Road are Bazar Thatiyaran Daska in Mohalla Thathyaran, Lahai Bazar and Sethi Plaza on Railway Road, Muslim Bazar on Circular Road, and Yousaf Plaza on Pasrur Road. 

An estimated commute time of around 20 to 25 minutes is needed to reach these shopping places near Daska Road, Sialkot.

Restaurants and Bakeries on and near Daska Road Sialkot

Sialkot is known for its traditional food. Some hot favourites in Sialkot include Keema Naan, Sarson Ka Saag, and Tandoori Chicken. It doesn’t come as a surprise then that a plethora of restaurants and bakeries can be found on and near Daska Road Sialkot. Eateries situated on Daska Road include Ali Shinwari Restaurant in Bhilo Mahar, China Citi Restaurant, G's Pizza And Burgers and Shahzad Tikka & Barbie Q Shop in Citi Housing Society, Sialkot, Zain Restaurant in Aadha, and New Idrees Khan Restaurant & Pakwan Centre on Doburji Chowk.

Furthermore, some well-known bakeries on Daska Road include Al-Rahat Bakers & Sweets in Motra, Ghumman Bakers & Sweets in Madharian Wala Kalar, Heaven Sweets & Bakers in Fatehgarh, Fresco in Hajipura, and Tahir Bakers in Aadha. 

Restaurants located in the immediate vicinity include Gourmet Bakery in Pakki Kotli Sialkot, Al-Maida Sweets & Bakers on Ugoki Road, and Hot Cake Sweets & Bakers in Allama Iqbal Town, Sialkot. It takes around 12 to 25 minutes to reach these eateries and bakeries by road. 


Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres near Daska Road Sialkot

Similar to other necessary facilities, multiple fitness centres can also be found near Daska Road, Sialkot. Some of them are Citi Fitness on Citi Mart Road, Mirza Imran Baig Gym & Fitness Center in Ghuinke, Taekwondo MCD in Sadra Badra, Life Fitness Gym in Noorabad, and V Shape Gym Sialkot on Circular Road. It takes nearly 10 to 15 minutes to reach these spots by road.

Beyond gyms, sports complexes are also located nearby. Prominent sports arenas located in proximity to Daska Road include Sialkot International Hockey Stadium in Madharian Wala Kalar, Jinnah International Cricket Stadium in Jinnah Park Colony 1 and Saga Sports Cricket Ground, bordering Daska Road. Around 12 to 25 minutes are required to reach these stadiums.

Parks on and near Daska Road Sialkot

Some of the most frequented parks in Sialkot are located near Daska Road. These include Citi Park and Fountain Theme Park in Citi Housing Society and Sports Park International in Ghuinke. Additionally, there are more parks located nearby albeit a bit far away and include Arsi Fan Club Park in Hajipura, Shahabuddeen Jublee Park in Mohalla Marrian, and Abdul Hakeem Ladies Park on Shahab Pura Road. People can quickly drive to any of these parks in around 20 to 25 minutes. 

Salons and Spas near Daska Road Sialkot

A fairly decent number of salons can also be found near Daska Road. Current and future residents of Daska Road fond of personal care can visit Citi Parlour in Citi Housing Commercial Area, bordering Daska Road, Muskan Beauty Salon Addha in Chhabilpur, Yasir Hair Salon in Fatehgarh, Hina Beauty Parlour on Ugoki Road, and Brush & Blush Salon in Allama Iqbal Town, Sialkot. The salons are located at a drive of around 10 to 20 minutes from Daska Road, Sialkot.

Cinemas on and near Daska Road Sialkot

Daska Road is home to The Opera Cinema, located in Citi Housing Society, Sialkot. The cinema boasts a modern construction and offers everything cinema-goers need to enjoy their favourite movies. Apart from this, Rex Cinema, located on Railway Road, Muhammadpura, is also quite famous among entertainment-seekers in Sialkot. Estimated drive time of 24 minutes via Daska Road is required to reach these cinemas. 


A car show, powered by a leading online vehicle marketplace, takes place every year on the 6KM mark on Daska Road. Car enthusiasts from across Pakistan take part in this event, which sees classic and latest vehicles being showcased. 


People don’t just consider a locality for their residence when buying a property; they also take into account the quality of the neighbouring areas. Fortunately, some areas and towns of crucial importance neighbour Daska Road. Areas adjoining the road include Satellite Town, Sialkot, Allama Iqbal Town, Sialkot, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, PGSHF Sialkot, and Hakim Garden Town. Additionally, the historic Sialkot Fort and Sialkot Railway Station are also easily accessible from Daska Road. 


Buying plots on Daska Road is perfect for investors. However, people who are in search of ready-to-live houses or flats will have to wait for now since such properties are under development or in the planning phase on Daska Road. New residential projects have been launched on the road, but their development work has just begun. Additionally, traffic congestion is a significant source of inconvenience for people living on and near Daska Road, Sialkot. 

Are you looking to buy property on Daska Road Sialkot ?


Importance of Daska Road Sialkot from major locations nearby

  • PGSHF Sialkot is located at a drive of about 7 minutes 
  • Allama Iqbal Town, Sialkot and Hakim Garden Town is at a drive of nearly 13 minutes 
  • It takes more or less 18 minutes to reach Satellite Town, Sialkot 
  • It takes about 24 minutes to reach Sialkot Railway Station
  • It takes around 25 minutes to reach Gulshan-e-Iqbal 
  • Sialkot Fort is at a drive of approximately 27 minutes 

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