The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) is a respected national organization that aims to provide the luxuries of high-end gated communities to people across Pakistan. It was originally developed for army officers in the early 90s. However, with time, the security and well-planned features of the society attracted the attention of civilians as well and it soon became a popular housing choice amongst businessmen, overseas Pakistanis, politicians and celebrities. DHA Defence is still governed by top army officials and the ministry of defence.

DHA has incorporated the latest developments related to urban and community management in all its projects. The strategic urban planning and development have added to the value of Lahore’s real estate.

There are certain parameters defined by the DHA authorities to construct residential and commercial properties for creating an aesthetically pleasing as well as environment-friendly society.


DHA Lahore has 7 phases open for possession, however, Phases 8-12 are either being developed or all set to start balloting in the near future. One such phase that is expected to start balloting for plot files is the Phase XI, which is also known as DHA Rahbar. The new locality comprises DHA Rahbar Phase I, Phase II, Phase II Extension and Haloki Gardens. It is ideally located on main Defence Road, right opposite to Valencia Town in Lahore. What makes DHA Rahbar unique and different from all other phases is that it is quite affordable since it features smaller plots.


  • Developed urban communities
  • Modern living standards
  • Sustainable infrastructures
  • Environment-friendly developments
  • Socio-cultural communities
  • Communal worship centres
  • Modern centres of education



Public Transport in DHA Rahbar Lahore

Daewoo Bus Service runs from Lahore’s railway station to Defence Housing Authority (DHA) and touches Haji Camp, Charing Cross, Mozang Chungi, Services Hospital, Zafar Ali Road, Liberty Roundabout, Centre Point, Cavalry Ground, Royal Artillery (RA) Bazaar, Masjid Chowk, Defence Road Chowk, Wateen Chowk and Bedian Road. People also use Uber, Careem, Bykea and other mobile-operated taxi services other than rickshaw rides. There is also a DHA Coaster Shuttle service that operates within Defence Housing Authority. The major stops include the one near Lahore Grammar School in Phase V, Bedian Road, the X-Block Caltex Pump, Walton Road, Y-Block Commercial Market, Ghazi Chowk, H-Block commercial area, Defence National Hospital, Lalik Jan Chowk and Wateen Chowk.

Markets in DHA Rahbar Lahore

commercial plaza in dha 11 rahbar lahore
Shopping Plaza being built in DHA 11 Rahbar, Lahore

Even though DHA 11 Rahbar is still not developed but there are several markets just a few minutes’ drive away such as Valencia D Block Market that is just 9 minutes away. The famous Jinnah Market of Lahore is only a 13-minute drive away. However, the DHA Consumer Market, H Block and Y Block markets are around a half-hour drive from DHA 11 Rahbar, while Liberty Market is nearly 40 minutes away.

Mosques in DHA Rahbar Lahore

mosques in dha 11 rahbar lahore
Grand Jamia Mosque of DHA 11 Rahbar, Lahore

There are a number of mosques for the Muslim community near DHA 11 Rahbar. The closest mosques are Jamia Mosque in Sector-I which is only a 5-minute drive away; Khizra Mosque Valencia is 6 minutes away while you can reach Valencia Town Central Masjid in roughly 8 minutes. There are a few temples and churches in the areas surrounding DHA 11 Rahbar as well. St. Mary’s Church, for example, lies at a distance of around 10 km in Block A of Punjab University Employees Society. A mandir is situated in Model Town at a distance of over 20 km from DHA 11 Rahbar’s Main Boulevard.

Schools, Colleges And Universities in DHA Rahbar Lahore

DHA believes in an educated community and aims to strengthen the future of Pakistan as a nation. DHA 11 Rahbar houses some of the best schools in the city. Learners Nest, Unique High School and Virtual Smart School are roughly 4 minutes away, while DHA Rahbar School lies 5 minutes. One of the top schools of Lahore, Lahore Grammar School, is nearly 25 minutes away and the time to get to Valencia Town Campus of Beaconhouse is about 10 minutes. Just like any other phase of DHA, DHA 11 has a number of primary and secondary schools in its plan to provide the highest quality of education to its residents.

Banks near DHA Rahbar Lahore

Since DHA is such a well-established society, it has branches of almost all major banks in Pakistan. In DHA 11 Rahbar, however, there aren’t any yet as the area is still under development. You can find several banks in the neighbourhood, though. For example, you can drive to Soneri Bank and MCB in 6 minutes and you can reach branches for JS Bank, Faysal Bank, Bank Of Punjab, Habib Metropolitan, Bank Islami, Habib Bank Limited and Askari Bank in around 10 minutes.

Electricity Backup

WAPDA provides electricity to the entire DHA including DHA 11 Rahbar. Unfortunately, when there is a power failure, the residents do face load-shedding but most people have their own backups in the form of generators and UPS devices, which helps regain power supply for that duration.

Clinics and Hospitals in DHA Rahbar Lahore

hospitals in Dha 11 rahbar lahore
Mobile Hospital Services in DHA 11 Rahbar, Lahore

As of January 2019, DHA 11 Rahbar is under development and there aren’t any functional healthcare facilities here. However, there are a few hospitals nearby, such as Mumtaz Bakhtawar Hospital (14 minutes’ drive), Bahria International Hospital (22 minutes’ drive), Citi Hospital (20 minutes’ drive) and many other hospitals that can be reached within 30 minutes including Shaikh Zayed Hospital and Defence National Hospital


Sale Price Trends in DHA Rahbar Lahore

Plots for Sale in DHA Rahbar Lahore

5 marla plot files in DHA Rahbar Phase 2 would cost you between PKR 45 to 50 lakh in Phase 2. Once the balloting starts, the plot prices would range between PKR 43 to 48 lakh. However, a file costs PKR 31.5 lakh excluding the PKR 1 lakh expense that would make a total of PKR 32.5 lakh for an affidavit file. Around PKR 9 lakh are incorporated in the sale price as development charges that will be implemented once the balloting starts. These can be paid in 12 easy instalments. Buyers can expect to gain lucrative returns on the property in a very short span ranging from anywhere between PKR 1.5 to 6.5 lakh on a plot. 10 marla plots in DHA Rahbar cost around PKR 63 lakh, in which PKR 14 lakh are development charges, which can be paid in 12 equal quarterly instalments and PKR 1.5 lakh are the transfer expenses, which would increase a plot price to PKR 78.5 lakh altogether after balloting.

Rent Price Trends in DHA Rahbar Lahore

Houses for Rent in DHA Rahbar Lahore

The rental price trend in DHA 11 Rahbar is very economical, starting from PKR 17 thousand for a 3-bed, 5 marla house. However the rental cost increases from PKR 17 thousand to PKR 20 to 30 thousand for a 2-bed, 5 marla house in DHA 11 Phase 2. The rent for 10 marla, 2-bed house starts from PKR 30 thousand and goes as high as PKR 35 thousand.

Commercial Properties

A 4 marla commercial property in DHA 11 Rahbar is where the big bucks are involved. It costs between PKR 4-5 crores and, just like residential files, the development charges can be paid in 12 equal quarterly instalments, once balloted. However, the profit from investment would depend upon the location of the commercial plot after balloting. These commercial plots will be on main Defence Road.

Most Popular Blocks in DHA Rahbar Lahore

popular phases of DHA Rahbar Lahore
Buying Trends in DHA Rahbar, Lahore

There are more homes and residential properties in DHA 11 Phase 2, compared to Phase 1 and Phase 2 Extension. You can find 5 marla and 10 marla modern homes with both single and double storey units available. However, there are no apartments for sale in DHA Rahbar, for now, just plot files and houses. According to the buying trends in DHA Rahbar, Lahore, it can be seen Phase 2 is way more in demand than Phase 1 and Phase 2 Extension.

Popular Phases of Dha Rahbar lahore
Rental Trends in DHA Rahbar, Lahore

The land of DHA 11 Rahbar is divided into three phases; Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 2 Extension. The Phase 2 Extension is further divided into Sadoki and Halloki. However, the files in Sadoki area are more expensive compared to Halloki. However, as per the rental trends in DHA Rahbar, Lahore, Phase 2 Extension is least popular.



Malls in DHA Rahbar Lahore

Malls will open up in DHA 11 Rahbar once investors start buying commercial properties in the locality and the society starts to flourish, but, for now, there are several places you can visit in nearby areas such as Valencia Plaza (6 minutes’ away), Usmania Tower (15 minutes’ away), Al Karim Cash & Carry (5 minutes’ away) and Jinhar Mart (6 minutes’ away). Also, the famous Emporium Mall by Nishat Group, which is a 24-minute drive away.

Restaurants AND Bakeries in DHA Rahbar Lahore

restaurants in dha 11 rahbar lahore
Eaters Club restaurant in Dha 11 Rahbar, Lahore

There are a number of restaurants within the vicinity of DHA that are near DHA Rahbar such as Domino’s Pizza and Burger Chalet that are just 9 minutes’ away. McDonalds’ is half an hour drive away but there are many local restaurants that serve BBQ, fast food and desi food items near Rahbar.

Who doesn’t love bakery snacks and the convenience of grabbing ready-to-eat items from a nearby bakery, especially when guests show up unannounced? Fortunately, DHA 11 Rahbar is situated near some of the most popular bakeries in the city, Lahore such as Gourmet Bakers & Sweets, Waffle on Bakery, Cakes n Bakes and A-One Bakery that you can reach in less than 10 minutes. Kitchen Cuisine is at 18 minutes away.


parks in dha 11 rahbar lahore
Community park in Dha 11 Rahbar Lahore

DHA 11 Rahbar is just 20 minutes away from Bahria Town Outdoor Sports Area and from The Swimming Pool. Living in DHA 11 means you can enjoy a number of recreational facilities available in Bahria Town society such as its Cine Gold and Raiha Cine Gold Plex cinemas, which are just 20 minutes away. You can also watch movies at Cinepax Lake City. Once Rahbar is fully developed, the area will offer more outdoor activities to its residents.

Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres in DHA Rahbar Lahore

The closest gym to DHA 11 Rahbar is UFC GYM that is just a 4-minute drive away. Other nearby facilities include Workout Fitness, Asif Gym and Fitness Club and Body Chisel Club. You can also reach Fitness Freak Gym and Sole Fitness club in less than 20 minutes from DHA 11 Rahbar.

Salons and Spas in DHA Rahbar Lahore

The famous Depilex Beauty Clinic, owned by Mussarat Misbah, is just 8 minutes away from DHA 11 Rahbar. The salon is popular, not just in Lahore, but across the country for its expert bridal makeovers. There are also a number of other beauty salons within in the vicinity that you can go to such as Sheeze Beauty Salon and H & Guy Beauty Salon.


At Defence Public Library, the management of Defence Housing Authority organizes various events such as festivals for art and literature and Independence Day and many other educational and extra-curricular activities, especially for schools, so that children feel encouraged to participate in debates and science contests.


  • Bahria Town Lahore
  • Valencia Town
  • Lake City


Defence Housing Authority is a trusted name which holds a great reputation in terms of providing a modern living, high security, safe investment and great infrastructure. The balloting of DHA 11 Rahbar is expected to start very soon, as of January 2019, and buyers and investors are all set to book their plot files. Whoever wants to invest, this is the right time because once DHA 11 starts selling properties, like all other phases, the prices will increase dramatically.

Are you looking to rent or buy property in DHA Rahbar Lahore?


Importance of DHA Rahbar Lahore from major locations nearby

  • Bahria Town - 30 minutes’ drive
  • Lake City -  15 minutes’ drive
  • Valencia Town - 8 minutes’ drive

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