The housing project of Kohsar Housing Scheme, launched in Hyderabad and Rawalpindi, has been a major success in both cities. The development of Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Kohsar Housing Scheme received tremendous success in Hyderabad, which motivated its developers to launch Kohsar Extension. Hyderabad Development Authority (HAD), has allotted 200 acres to Kohsar Extension out of the 5,000 acres received from the Sindh Government for development purposes. Kohsar Extension comprises Block A, Block B, and Block C, and is only 16 minutes’ drive away from Hyderabad Domestic Airport.


  • Paved roads
  • Sui gas connection 
  • Electricity connection
  • Close to other housing schemes 
  • Affordable property prices 
  • 15 minutes away from the domestic airport
  • Modern sewage system




Public transit reduces traffic congestion and creates a pollution-free community, and this is why governments keep investing in public transport. The government of Pakistan has also been taking similar measures to increase options of public transportation to reduce traffic congestion and bottlenecks. 

Thankfully, Kohsar Extension is surrounded by quite a few bus stops, some of which are:

  • Bus Stop for Bus 10, located in Latifabad unit 11, approachable within an 18-minute drive. 
  • Bus Stop located near the airport, is 16 minutes’ drive away. 
  • Ponay 11 Bus Stop, situated in Latifabad unit 11, is around 10 km away. 
  • Hazrat Bilal Chowk, located in Latifabad unit 9, is 20 minutes’ drive away. 
  • MUET Point Bus Stop, 21 minutes’ drive away, is sited in Latifabad unit 11. 

Daewoo is a well-trusted name in Pakistan boasting one of the largest transportation networks in the country. Daewoo Bus Stop, located in Latifabad unit 7, is the nearest branch to Kohsar Extension, at a drive of 25 minutes. Being the first transport service provider following international standards, Daewoo has catered unlimited customers who are offered quality services at an economical price point. Daewoo features an online platform where customers can easily book a ticket and choose a seat of their choice. 

Trains, frequently used for travelling to other cities, are the main network for commuting, as the Hyderabad airport is not fully functional yet. Kohsar Extension is only 34 minutes’ drive away from Hyderabad Railway Station, Cantonment. Several local rickshaws and taxis are available on every road, and app-based cab-hailing services are also a click away. 


There are several markets situated near Kohsar Extension, which sell everything from groceries to home appliances. To begin with, Al Madina Mart, located in Kohsar Housing Scheme, is a grocery shop, which is 13 minutes’ drive away, while Wood Craft, situated in Latifabad unit 7, is reachable in 24 minutes. Moreover, Brumano, a clothing store is located on Indus Road and is around 27 minutes away, Qureshi Jewellers, sited in Latifabad unit 11, is 19 minutes away, and  Walk Eaze, a famous shoe brand, is 23 minutes away on Autobahn Road. 

Mentioned below are some of the famous markets where people prefer going to shop for big events like weddings and Eids, among others: 

Resham Bazaar, located on Thandi Sarak near Foujdari Road, is one of the oldest markets in Hyderabad. Named after silk, the market is a hub for a variety of clothes for women. Situated only 33 minutes’ drive away from Kohsar Extension, you can find everything here from clothes to crockery at an economical price. The market is located on a hill, so it is a steep walk up to the shops. The market is famous for traditional Sindhi 'Kundan' jewellery and Hyderabadi bangles. 

Shahi Bazaar, around 16 km away from Kohsar Extension, is one of the longest bazaars (2 km) in Hyderabad. Located near Phuleli Road, the bazaar is dotted with shops and vendors selling some unique goods such as Sindhi Ajraks, Sindhi caps, art pieces, crafts, embroidery, and Sindhi furniture. It is an old bazaar, tracing its roots to the era of Ghulam Shah Kalhoro. 


Hyderabad, be that of India or Pakistan, is unique because of its sophisticated Urdu and rich Muslim culture. The city in Pakistan boasts local mosques built in almost every community, and the same goes true for Kohsar Extension as well. Some mosques situated in and near Kohsar Extension include: 

  • Muhammadi Jameh Mosque, located in Latifabad, is 4 minutes’ drive away. 
  • Masjid CATI, situated on Sarmast Road, is around 8 km away. 
  • Masjid Amar Bil Mahroof of Kohsar Housing Society is 12 minutes’ drive away. 
  • Masjid. E. Muhammad of Judicial Society is approachable in 15 minutes. 
  • Faizan e Zakaria Masjid, sited on Airport Road, is a 15-minute drive away. 

St Philip's Church, located in the town of Hirabad, is a Protestant church of Hyderabad. Named after Saint Phillip, one of the twelve apostles of Christ, the church is 17 km away from Kohsar Extension. It has a capacity of approximately 200 people for congregations. A small church is also located near Kohsar Extension such as Saint Joseph Church, located in Latifabad Unit 10, which is around 21 minutes’ drive away. 

Several Hindu temples are present near Kohsar Extension, which probably date back to the subcontinent. Durga Shiv Mandir, located in GOR Colony, is the closest temple to Kohsar Extension. Only 29 minutes away, it is a small place where some Hindu religious symbols are on display. 


In a world that evolves with every second and discoveries are rampant, education becomes not only a tool to remain up-to-date but also a utensil to reach new heights of success. Educational institutions are found in abundance in any country that wants to prosper and progress, and having them in a community reflects the positive mindset of not only the developer but also the people living there. 

Fortunately, Kohsar Extension is located near some of the most popular academic institutions in Hyderabad, the most prominent of which are: 

The City School is one of the oldest school networks, which started in 1978, and today has 166 schools in 49 cities. The City School’s Liaquat Campus, located on Airport Road, Phase V, Kohsar Housing Scheme, is the nearest branch, just 12 minutes’ drive away. It is a grand building, which offers education till matric level. It is one of the oldest campuses with a well-furnished building, competent faculty, reliable management, and a top-of-the-line security system. The campus carries out many activities for the growth of the students such as international chess competition, Your World Competition, initiated by the British Council, spelling bee, and theatre plays. 

Allied School, a well-known academic institution, has many campuses in Hyderabad. It is a privately owned, co-education school that offers education from grade 4 to matric. The school aims to challenge students academically and simultaneously pay attention to their physical and mental health. The following are the Allied School campuses located near Kohsar Extension:

  • Allied School Latif Campus, located in Latifabad unit 5, is 22 minutes’ drive away. 
  • Allied School Indus Campus, situated in Latifabad unit 3, is approachable within 27 minutes’ drive. 
  • Allied School Hyderabad Campus, sited on Citizen Road, Qasimabad is around 19 km away. 

Beaconhouse School System, known to provide education of international standards, offers quality teaching, learning, and management, which reaps the best results for students. Beaconhouse is an overseas school, which has more than 308,000 students in eight countries and is probably one of the largest educational networks in Pakistan. Beaconhouse Secondary Branch, located on Autobahn Road, offers education till secondary level only. The branch is 22 minutes’ drive away from Kohsar Extension. Also, a primary campus of Beaconhouse School in Latifabad unit 2 is situated only 26 minutes away from Kohsar Extension. 

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is a non-profit organisation, only 4 minutes' drive away from Kohsar Extension. It started in 1995 as a small school but today has become one of the largest non-profit school networks. Even though it is a low-cost school, it provides the best, efficient and modern technology and other resources to its students. They also have alumni programmes where they try to help their students qualify for the top-ranked universities of Pakistan. It is a privately owned, co-education school, which is mostly for that stratum of society that does not have the resources to go to an expensive school. 

Not just primary to secondary schools, but there are also several colleges and universities operational near Kohsar Extension. 

For instance, Superior Group of Colleges, registered under the Government of Punjab has not only made a name for itself in Punjab but has extended its operations to Sindh too. Superior College of Science, located in GOR Colony, has received great appreciation on Google reviews. According to reviewers, the college is one of the best for medicine and provides the best quality education in Hyderabad. Situated 30 minutes’ drive away from Kohsar Extension, it has an affordable tuition fee with many facilities such as a library, society board, welfare society, conference hall, counselling cell, residential and medical facilities. 

Some law colleges in Hyderabad are situated near Kohsar Extension such as Indus College of Law, which is 30 minutes’ drive away. Located in Latifabad Unit No 4, it is one of the rare law colleges in Pakistan. Government Sindh Law College, situated on Risala Road, Saddar is 32 minutes’ drive away from Kohsar Extension. The most famous law university is the Sindh Mehran Institute of Law, Jamshoro, which is 50 minutes’ drive away. It is a bit far from Kohsar Extension, so many people prefer renting residential units near the university or living in hostels. As the institution is located in the University Employee Cooperative Society, it enjoys the benefit of an efficient security system. 

Anees Hussain, which has become a household name for tuitions, also has a college in Hyderabad, which is located on Autobahn Road. It is only 26 minutes’ drive away and is famous for having qualified and trained teachers. 

Hyderabad Institute of Arts, Science, and Technology, located on Autobahn Road, is an acclaimed university in Hyderabad. It is 25 minutes’ drive away from Kohsar Extension and offers graduate and undergraduate programmes. 


There are several banks located near Kohsar Extension, such as:

  • Allied Bank, situated in Latifabad unit 10, is 20 minutes’ drive away. 
  • Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB), sited in Latifabad unit 8, is around 12 km away. 
  • United Bank Limited (UBL), situated in Latifabad unit 9, is approachable within 22 minutes. 
  • Faysal Bank, Latifabad unit 8 Branch, is at a distance of around 13 km. 
  • Soneri Bank in Latifabad unit 7 is 25 minutes away. 

Many ATMs such as Soneri Bank ATM and HBL ATM, located in Latifabad unit 11, are 21-25 minutes’ drive away. 


It is always good to have some clinics and hospitals nearby to ensure immediate medical attention in times of an emergency. Luckily, there are several clinics and hospitals near Kohsar Extension in Latifabad, including: 

  • Al Shifa Clinic, located in Latifabad unit 9, is 19 minutes’ drive away.
  • Dental Consultants, situated in Latifabad unit 7, is reachable within 25 minutes’ drive. 
  • MKS The Cardiology Clinic, located on Latifabad Road, is at a distance of 26 minutes. 
  • Animal Health Care Center, sited in Latifabad unit 2, is approachable within 24 minutes. 
  • Laser Eye Clinic, located on Airport Road, is around 13 km away. 

Services Hospital Hyderabad, located in Latifabad Unit 10, is a government hospital and is only 20 minutes’ drive away from Kohsar Extension. The hospital is known to offer medical services at lower prices. 

MaaJee Hospital, sited in Latifabad Unit 7, is a famous general hospital of Hyderabad. It is only 24 minutes' drive away and boasts high Google ratings. According to Google reviews, it is best for maternity cases and has a great staff and satisfactory facilities. 

Saint Elizabeth Catholic Hospital, 27 minutes’ drive away, provides a special care unit for cancer patients. Established in 1958, it serves 40,000 patients every year. Located in Latifabad unit 7, it offers medical services at very low prices. It ensures that those who cannot afford to pay receive special care and treatment by skilled doctors. 



Kohsar Extension is a posh area and an ideal location for living since every necessary facility is comfortably accessible. Given the success of the previous projects, and the builder’s reputation, the properties in Kohsar Extension rank highly on the list of buyers and investors. As such, it becomes more important to have a complete overview of the sales price trend of Kohsar Extension, so buyers and investors can strike a good deal. The following sales price trends are meant to help you make an informed decision; however, please keep in mind that these trends are subject to change with time and the prevailing market conditions.


As of now, there are only 300 sqyd houses up for sale in Kohsar Extension, for 2 crores. The houses feature 2 bedrooms with attached washrooms, one kitchen, servant quarters, dining room, drawing room, storeroom, sitting room, and a lawn. Fully furnished, the houses also feature waste disposal and electricity backup systems.


Fortunately, there are several plots for sale in Kohsar Extension. The plot files of 80 and 120 sqyd plots in Kohsar extension can cost around PKR 1.7 lakh to PKR 3.5 lakh, while a 300 sqyd plot can cost around PKR 1.3 crore.




Being the second biggest city in Sindh, Hyderabad hosts several shopping malls, with every mall boasting a unique structure. Also, some of the best malls in Hyderabad are located in proximity to Kohsar Extension. 

Metro Mall, for instance, is located in Latifabad Unit 3 and is one of the most frequented malls in Hyderabad. Luckily, it is only 25 minutes' drive away from Kohsar Extension. Built by CM Builders and Developers, it is a 4-storey mall with an underground shopping area too. It is an air-conditioned mall, which features showrooms, shops, an exhibition hall, children's play area, capsule lifts, a food court, and an open-air movie theatre.

Hero Tower, located in the poshest area of Autobahn Road, is a project by H.G Builders and Developers. It is a 3-storey building, which is 26 minutes’ drive away from Kohsar Extension and features luxurious showrooms, executive rooms, and international brands.

Boulevard Mall, only 27 minutes’ drive away from Kohsar Extension, is a project by Formerly Hero Construction Limited. Located on Autobahn Road, it is a 3-storey building and features a cinema, supermarket, food court, underground parking, and more than 100 outlets of national and international brands. 

Magnum Mall, located in Civil Lines, was built by Aziz Memon Enterprises. Only 28 minutes’ drive away, the mall features huge shops, spacious showrooms, luxurious apartments, an attractive play area, and a modern food court. Magnum Mall is beautiful and elegant in its structure, which only has 3 floors, but horizontally it covers a lot of ground. It hosts top-notch national and international brands and an apartment complex above the mall. 


There are some famous fast-food chains present in proximity to Kohsar Extension, including: 

  • Domino’s, sited in Latifabad Unit 2, is a 25-minute drive away. 
  • Pizza Hut, located on Muhammadi Chowk, is 25 minutes’ away.
  • McDonald's, situated on Main Autobahn Road, Latifabad is approachable within 27 minutes. 

Lal Qila Restaurant, located in Plot #B-1 Autobahn Road, is a restaurant that tries to capture the essence of the Red Fort in Delhi. Only 26 minutes’ drive from Kohsar Extension, the restaurant is like a magnificent fort of Mughal era, and has the staff dressed as soldiers, with fake swords in their hands. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes, including barbeque, Continental, seafood, Pakistani, Chinese, Mughlai, and different desserts. The restaurant is open Monday to Sunday from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM. 

Royal Taj Restaurant, 26 minutes’ drive from Kohsar Extension, is a famous restaurant with outlets in major cities of Sindh such as Karachi and Hyderabad. It is located on Autobahn Road and serves several specialties such as a lunch buffet, and also features a bakery and a bar. It serves a plethora of Chinese, Pakistani, Continental, seafood, and barbeque dishes. The restaurant also offers other facilities such as a party hall, conference hall, family hall, and a VIP dining room. 

Piatto- A Perfect Plate, located in Latifabad Unit 2, is a popular fast-food restaurant in Hyderabad. It is a 23-minute drive away from Kohsar Extension. The restaurant commenced its operations in early 2016 and is currently one of the fastest-growing restaurants. The interior, created artistically, has an aura of elegance and comfort. It has a capacity of up to 150 guests, with professional chefs that serve some great dishes such as honey mustard chicken, grilled salmon, turkey, shrimp dinner, steak, and chicken pot pie. 

Ajrak Restaurant, located on Wadhu Wah Road, Qasimabad is a restaurant rich in Sindhi culture. From the food to the decoration, the restaurant tries to capture as much of the Sindhi culture as possible. Most of the decorations and table cloths, made from red and black Ajrak colours create a vibrant environment in the restaurant. Situated only 33 minutes away, it specialises in chicken paratha, chicken karahi, and burgers. 

Bombay Bakery, located on 56 Liaqat Road, Civil Lines is a famous place of Hyderabad. At a distance of 30 minutes’ drive from Kohsar Extension, Bombay Bakery is located in a red masonry bungalow. It is has been in business for more than 100 years and still receives immense praise. People have to stand in queues for hours to buy their delicious macaroon and coffee cakes. 

There are also several small bakeries in the vicinity such as:

  • My New Bakery, located on Autobahn Road, Latifabad Unit 2, is 26 minutes’ drive away. 
  • New York Bakers, situated in Latifabad unit 3, is 26 minutes away. 
  • Hobnob Bakery, located on Autobahn Road, Latifabad unit 3, is approachable with 27 minutes’ drive. 
  • Pie in the Sky, around 13 km away, is sited on the ground floor of Autobahn Towers. 



There are some gyms and fitness centres located near Kohsar Extension such as: 

  • Muscle Mania Gym, situated in Latifabad unit 9, 21 minutes’ drive away. 
  • Pakistan Physical Health Club, located in Latifabad unit 2, reachable within 25 minutes. 
  • Gold Muscles Gym, sited on Kacha Qila Road, 28 minutes away. 

Kohsar Extension is near many lush green grounds, and that’s a delight for sports enthusiasts. The cricket ground in Civil Aviation Training Institute is only 15 minutes away, and it features well-maintained grounds for cricket, football, volleyball, and a jogging track. Kohsar Housing Scheme also has a cricket ground, which is 14 minutes away from Kohsar Extension. There is Hawks Cricket Academy in Gulshan-e-Hayat Colony for anyone who wants to master cricket. Only 30 minutes’ drive away; it is a fine place for cricket matches. The famous Pakistan Cricket Board, located on Thandi Sarak, Qasimabad is around 16 km away. 

There are also some swimming pools nearby such as the swimming pool of Sarmast Colony, which is only 16 minutes’ drive away. There are also two swimming pools on Latifabad Road, at a distance of 27-18 minutes’ drive from Kohsar Extension. 


Many community parks are located near Kohsar Extension. Some of them are:

  • Kohsar Housing Society has a park, which is 13 minutes’ drive away. 
  • Kashif Waheed Park, located in Latifabad unit 10, can be reached in a drive of 18 minutes. 
  • Mir Fazal Town Park, Latifabad unit 9, is around 10 km away. 
  • Arfa Kareem Family Park, sited in Gulshan Colony, is 22 minutes away. 
  • Nursery Family Park, located in Latifabad unit 6, is 24 minutes away. 

Rani Bagh, located in the Old Wahdat Colony, is a nineteenth-century recreational park. At a drive of 32 minutes from Kohsar Extension, Rani Bagh has gone through many construction plans since the day it was built. Today, divided into four sections, it comprises a zoo, a drama theatre, Funland, and PAF monument. Spread over 52 acres, the garden was named after Queen Victoria. The zoo features a botanical garden of 3,177 trees, a fishing pond, and 277 species of exotic animals including horses, birds, lions, and zebras. 

Built-in the time of the British era, Gymkhana is an old club, which is only 27 minutes away from Kohsar Extension. Located on Thandi Sarak, Defence it covers about 4.7 acres. It features events like concerts and marriages and has sections allotted to a gym and cricket ground. 

Hyderabad Club, situated on Stadium Road, Qasimabad is one of the high-quality and posh clubs of Hyderabad. Only 33 minutes away from Kohsar Extension, it features great food and sports facilities. 


Sometimes, all we need is a day at a spa or a fresh makeover to lighten up our day. As the world changes and the importance of mental health is highlighted further, the need for self-care treatments like spas and salons are growing. Hyderabad has beauty parlours or spas at almost every corner but listed below are the ones closest to Kohsar Extension: 

  • Moina's Salon, located in Latifabad unit 7, is 25 minutes’ drive away. 
  • HS Salon & Spa, situated on main Wadhu Wah Road, Qasimabad is around 17 km away. 
  • Kasa Bella Hair Salon & Spa, located on main Qasimabad Road, is approachable within a 32-minute drive. 
  • Fame Beauty Salon, located in Latifabad unit 6, is 25 minutes’ drive away. 

Depilex, located at a drive of 26 minutes, is one of the best salons in Pakistan. Sited on Autobahn Road, the salon has a large network of branches in the country. Owned by famous Masarrat Misbah, the salon has its brand of makeup products. It offers services such as hairdressing, facial treatments, and body therapy. 


Kohsar Extension has some posh and established societies nearby such as Gulistan-e-Sarmast, which is 8 minutes away and Kohsar Housing Scheme, which is 12 minutes away. It is beneficial to have such societies close by because then a lot of shops, parks, and hospitals based in these societies will become easily accessible for the residents of Kohsar Extension. 

Sindh Museum, located on National Highway 5, Qasimabad is one of the oldest museums in the city. Only 30 minutes' drive away from Kohsar Extension, the museum showcases many aspects of Sindhi culture, including Sindhi history, culture, music, art, and heritage. It is more like a research-oriented centre for learning featuring age-old artefacts and relics. The museum has three galleries comprising archaeological displays, Sindhi embroidery, and village life. Small huts made as a replica of Sindh village culture are a sight to see, including rooms with wax figures of people. 

Navalrai Market, located on Market Road, Hirabad is a typical eastern bazaar with all kinds of products for sale. It dates back to the British era, to the year 1914; hence most of the buildings or Havelis inside the market exemplify Mughal architecture. The famous Navalrai Clock Tower is at the end of Shahi Bazaar and the entrance of Pakka Fort. Also known as ‘Ghanta Ghar', it is a place for getting souvenirs, traditional Sindhi products, and clothes at economical prices. 


The extension of Kohsar Housing Project proves the demand and success of this project. It is a little far from the main road, but a lot of local rickshaws and taxis are available near the society. Transportation problems might take a little bit of convenience away; however, Kohsar Extension is still a great place to live because of the number of facilities available near it. 

Are you looking to buy property in Kohsar Extension, Hyderabad ?



  • Gulistan-e-Sarmast is reachable within 8 minutes. 
  • Airport Road is 15 minutes away. 
  • Kohsar Housing Scheme, located in Latifabad, is 15 minutes’ drive away. 
  • Kotri, Jamshoro is 21 km away.

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