The famous MM Alam Road is a major road in Lahore, Punjab, which was named in honour of Pakistan Air Force flying ace, Commodore Muhammad Mahmood Alam (MM Alam), who received The Star of Courage for fighting bravely during the Indo-Pak war of 1965. He shot down five Indian aircraft within a minute and established a world record.

MM Alam Road Lahore round about
A number of commercial properties around MM Alam Road roundabout

Initially, the locality around MM Alam Road was all residential, but it soon became a commercial hub with the opening of a number of private schools, fashion boutiques, décor stores and many local and international food outlets. The road connects the Main Market in Gulberg to Firdous Market, which is also in Gulberg. It also serves as an alternate route for Gulberg Boulevard as it runs right parallel to it. In 2011, a budget of PKR 250 million was set to widen and renovate the MM Alam Road to cope with the heavy traffic in the area. The rehabilitation work was completed in almost two years. The Government of Punjab reopened MM Alam Road for traffic in early 2013.


  • Emerging business district
  • Food street with local and international restaurants
  • Wide and smooth roads
  • Home to the some of the best educational institutes, fashion studios and shopping malls



Public Transport on MM Alam Road Lahore

Bus stop on MM Alam Road Lahore
Colourful bus top on MM Alam Road

The Gaddafi Stadium Metro Station on Ferozpur Road is only 12 minutes away from MM Alam Road. Also, there are a number of local taxi stands other than Careem and Uber services to drive people to and from MM Alam Road. The Lahore Transport Company via its B5 route also takes people to the Mini Market and Firdous Market on MM Alam Road.

Markets on MM Alam Road Lahore

MM Alam Road is famous for its Ghalib Market, Fortress Market, Tollinton Bird Market, however, there are plenty of markets that are nearby such as Liberty Market and Meena Bazar, which is only 7 minutes away.

Mosques on MM Alam Road Lahore

Jamia Hanfiyah Masjid is a famous mosque on MM Alam Road which hardly takes 4 minutes to reach if you live nearby. However, Jamia Muhammadi Masjid on Hali Road is a 6-minute drive away. The time to reach Gaddafi Stadium Mosque is 9 minutes, if you’re driving, while the Sarkar E Madina mosque is just 8 minutes away. Jamia Masjid Chugtian on Ferozpur Road is right opposite to the Gaddafi Stadium and it takes about 10 minutes to reach there from MM Alam Road.

Schools, Colleges and Universities on MM Alam Road Lahore

There are a number of schools on MM Alam Road, including both government and private institutes. The closest educational Institutes are Scholastic Islamiah, which is the best Islamic school in Lahore. It is situated at a distance of 1.2 km. It takes 3 minutes to get to Lahore Cambridge School by car. St. Mary’s High School, National Grammar School and Government Central Model High School for Girls are only 4 minutes away. It takes around 8 minutes to reach Beanconhouse School System, Roots School System and Lahore Grammar School if you’re driving. There are also a few universities nearby such as Al-Khair University, which is situated at a distance of 3 km, Quaid-e-Azam Law College is about 8 km away, the distance to reach Institute of Management Sciences is about 2 km. The University of Lahore (City Campus) is at least a kilometre away while Lahore City University is 3 to 4 km away.

Banks on MM Alam Road Lahore

It doesn’t matter which bank holds your account, chances are you will find its branch on or near MM Alam Road. You can easily find banking centres, as well as ATM machines, for Habib Bank Limited, JS Bank, Bank of Khyber and Al Baraka Bank. On the adjacent Ghalid Road, you can find SME Bank, First Women Bank Ltd, Bank of Punjab and another branch of JS Bank. MCB Bank and Summit Bank are at a distance of 6 to 7 minutes from MM Alam Road near Liberty Market.

Electricity Backup

The electricity in all the commercial and residential sectors of MM Alam Road, Lahore, is supplied by WAPDA only. However, the residents do own generators and UPS devices to generate electricity, in case of a power breakdown.

Clinics and Hospitals on MM Alam Road Lahore

Al Razi healthcare hospital in Lahore MM Alam Road
State of the art medical facility available in healthcare centers on MM Alam Road Lahore

The closest hospital is Hijaz Hospital on Sir Syed Road which is only a 5-minute drive from MM Alam Road. Other nearby hospitals are Masood Hospital and Hameed Latif Hospital on Ferozpur Road and Ammar Medical Complex and OMC Hospital near Canal Bank Road, which can be reached within 10 minutes from MM Alam Road.


Sale Price Trends on MM Alam Road Lahore

Houses for Sale on MM Alam Road Lahore

If you are interested in buying a residential property on MM Alam Road then you have a variety of options to choose from, when it comes to houses. However, there are very few options available for flats and plots. The smallest size available in this locality, when buying a house, is 1 kanal. However, you can find even bigger houses of 2 kanal with 3 bedrooms and even a bungalow of 12 kanal on MM Alam Road. The prices for houses on MM Alam Road are very high, for example, a 1 kanal house of 5 bedrooms will cost around PKR 7 crore and a 4 kanal bungalow starts from PKR 60 crore.

Rent Price Trends on MM Alam Road Lahore

Houses for Rent on MM Alam Road Lahore

Since MM Alam Road has become more like a commercial centre than a residential area, the rental cost for houses is very high. For example, a 2 kanal house of 5 bedrooms has a rent of PKR 5.25 lakh.  However, a 14 marla house can be rented for a monthly payment of PKR 2.5 lakh. Comparatively, 1 marla commercial properties have a much more affordable rental price range, i.e. usually between PKR 20 thousand to PKR 30 thousand.

Commercial Properties

You can find commercial properties of all sizes on MM Alam Road, starting from 0.5 marla to 5 marla, to start your business in the bustling area. You can find road-facing shops or buy one in the shopping arcades on MM Alam Road like Square One and Ali Trade Centre. Sale prices for commercial properties on MM Alam Road are usually very high since this is one of the busiest commercial hubs of Lahore. With PKR 85.6 lakh for a 0.4 Marla ground floor shop in Square One, it is enough to get an idea of how popular this location is. An office in Ali Tower is comparatively cheaper with a price tag of around PKR 50 lakh.



Malls on MM Alam Road Lahore

shopping outlets on MM Alam Road Lahore
International Shopping outlets on MM Alam Road Lahore

People from around the city come to shop at the malls on MM Alam Road. The most popular shopping mall in the vicinity is Vogue Towers that has its own cineplex and a big food court. Ali Tower is famous for its fashion studios, boutiques. The 9-Arches Shopping Arcade has a large number of national and international brand outlets, including Amir Adnan and Giordano.

Restaurants and Bakeries on MM Alam Road Lahore

Subway on MM Alam Road Lahore
MM Alam Road has numerous restaurants for all the foodies

MM Alam Road has one of the biggest food streets in the city and is often referred to as the Times Square of Lahore. Spice Bazaar, Qabail, TABAQ Restaurant, Salt’ n Pepper Village, KFC, Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant, Subway, Domino's Pizza, Hardee's, McDonald's, Nando's, One Potato Two Potato (OPTP), Pizza Hut, Olive Grill, Fat Burger, Los Angeles Cafe & Lounge, P.F. Chang’s and Turkish Restaurant are some of the most-visited eateries in the area.

MM Alam Road is home to many bakeries and cafés where people enjoy their favorite baked items and/or coffee. Antique Café, Café Aylanto, Café de Viola, Café Zouk, Cinnabon, Coffee, Tea and Company, Dunkin' Donuts, Espresso, Forest Café, Freddy's Café, Gloria Jean's, Jammin' Java Café, Malee Café, TCBY (The Country's Best Yoghurt) and Butlers Chocolate Café are the most popular cafés on this belt.


Outdoor activties on MM Alam Road
Park for outdoor activities on MM Alam Road Lahore

Model Town Whites Cage Cricket Club is only a 15-minute drive from MM Alam Road and Punjab International Swimming Complex is about 3 km away. Big Master and Enjoy Mehal Snooker Club are the two snooker clubs that can be reached within 7 minutes from MM Alam Road.

Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres on MM Alam Road Lahore

The most famous and nearest fitness centres from MM Alam Road are Khan Gym (6 minutes), Eleven Gym (7 minutes), Lahore International Club (7 minutes). Meanwhile, BodyZone Gym near Liberty Market is roughly 8 minutes away. There is also a taekwondo training centre, which also happens to be a fitness studio, called Urban Athlete Taekwondo, just 7 minutes away from MM Alam Road.

Salons and Spas on MM Alam Road Lahore

SAMS, a place that specializes in skin health analysis and beauty, spa and gym services, is only 5 minutes away from MM Alam Road. Dior Beauty Salon and Spa, Rukash Salon, Mariam Khawaja Makeup Studio, Samiar Umer Salon, Shumaila’s Beauty London, Athar Shahzad Salon and Studio, Nail Lounge by Pinky, Khawar Riaz Salon and NS Glam Salon + Spa are a few of the highest rated salons in and around the area.


MM Alam Road is often referred to as the Times Square of Lahore because of its nightlife and digital billboards. However, since it is not a gated community, there aren’t any society events organized in the area, as such. That said, you may come across discounts and deals available throughout all restaurants and fashion outlets on special occasions like Independence Day.


  • Liberty Market
  • Al Fatah Market
  • Ghalib Market
  • Firdous Market
  • Gulberg Main Market


If you are thinking to move into a house on MM Alam Road, you must know that despite being near fashion houses, makeup studios, educational institutes, and what is arguably the best food street in Lahore, you might face issues with traffic, especially during the rush house, because it’s a really busy commercial area.


A resident shares his family's experience on living on MM Alam Road:

"My family has settled here since the inception of the society of Gulberg back in the late fifties. Till the late nineties is was mostly a residential area and was famous for its calmness and serenity with opulent greenery. Later it has started to develop into a commercial hub which compromised the attributes it was famous for. Today it has all kinds of amenities of the most urban developments of the 21st century to cater to all civic needs of the people. On the downside with increased commercial activity and population, it has problems of wayward traffic, lack of governance, deteriorating sewerage system and poor garbage disposal system."

Are you looking to rent or buy property on MM Alam Road Lahore?


Importance of MM Alam Road Lahore from major locations nearby

  • Liberty Market (6 minutes)
  • Al Fatah Exclusive Mall (3 minutes)
  • Ghalib Market (7 minutes)
  • Firdous Market (8 minutes)
  • Gulberg Mall of Cloth (9 minutes)

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