Muhafiz Town, Gujranwala is located on GT Road, just 20 minutes away from Gujranwala Industrial Zone. It is divided into different blocks comprising 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal plots. Muhafiz Town’s property includes residential and commercial establishments such as plots, houses, shops, schools, parks, hospitals, clinics, cinemas, and a cemetery. Muhafiz Town has been a successful project in Punjab, particularly for the citizens of Gujranwala. Properties available in the society are rapidly gaining popularity and financial growth due to their location and proximity to some of the most famous landmarks of the city.

The management of Muhafiz Town facilitates the procurement process for buyers and investors. Whether you want a new home, an apartment, or a plot, you can buy it at Muhafiz Town at an amazingly lower price as compared to neighbouring societies.

Investment or buying properties in a new society is beneficial when it comes to getting houses and apartments with state-of-the-art planning and amenities at a lower price. The plots and homes up for sale in Muhafiz Town, Gujranwala are affordable and ideal for buyers and investors looking for a quick, and somewhat guaranteed profit.

Property procurement is high in the town because middle-income people are finding the properties quite affordable. Some people are buying property to live here, while others are investing in the town in search of profit. While Muhafiz Town is a new project, it is cheaper and better located than other stable areas, which makes it attractive for buyers across the country. Also, the town is close to the main road and commercial district. Prices of the property vary according to the size and type of unit, so the sales price trend of Muhafiz fluctuates consistently. The project is equipped with all the necessary utilities such as water, gas, electricity, sewerage system, carpeted roads, and wide streets.

Many investors believe that Muhafiz Town is among the best real estate investments in Gujranwala. The town is considered a safe place to live because of its location. Most residents of the town like to rent their properties to get a decent monthly income. There are other buildings in the town for public and recreational facilities. There are also various parks and playgrounds available in Muhafiz Town, where children can participate in constructive, physical activities and play.


  • Affordable housing project
  • Availability of sweet water
  • Availability of gas and electricity connections
  • Lavish town planning
  • Popular with buyers and investors
  • Closely located to Gujranwala Highway
  • Connects Gujranwala Industrial Zone




Muhafiz Town is located at an ideal location of Gujranwala. If you plan to live in the society, there’ll be plenty of transportation options available for you to utilize for your everyday commute. The closest bus stop to the project is Wapda Town Bus Stop, which is reachable in around 22 minutes of drive, situated in block 2, Wapda Town. You can also use Khiyali Bus Stop, which is about 3 km away from the location in Qaiser Colony. Attawa Bus Stop is another option for a smooth commute to and from the town since it is situated near National Highway, Gujranwala.

Furthermore, there are other public transport facilities available near Muhafiz Town, which can be used to travel including Gap Chowk Bus Stop, located on Parao Road, Sheikhupura Mor Bus Stop, situated in Islampura, and Eminabad Bus Stop, present in Eminabad. These bus routes are located at some distance, approximately 5 to 6 km away from the project. You can also hire a rickshaw, taxi, or use app-based ride-sharing services as they are conveniently available for residents of Muhafiz Town, Gujranwala.


Markets are an essential part of our society. Not only do they make shopping convenient, but their presence near a residential area adds some much-needed convenience to the life of residents. Plus, they are also a positive indicator for the future growth, financial and otherwise, of a society.

As such, Muhafiz Town, Gujranwala is a well-planned residential project with dedicated commercial zones to facilitate your daily shopping requirements. There’s a commercial zone in the society named Muhafiz Town Market that you can easily visit. It is located at around 5 to 10 minutes away from the main entrance of the community. The market is home to shops stocked with all types of groceries, vegetables, fruits, confectionery, and bakery products.

Moreover, you can also visit other markets located near Muhafiz Town including Main Market Wapda Town, Gujranwala, which is just 17 minutes away from the project. C2 Mini Market is another shopping destination that you can conveniently visit in Wapda Town, Gujranwala, around 2 km away. Moreover, Imtiaz Super Market, situated in Judicial Housing Colony, can be reached in about 13 minutes’ drive.  Imtiaz is a one-of-a-kind departmental retail store offering a wide range of quality products at wholesale prices.

Furthermore, residents of Muhafiz Town can also visit some more nearby markets as well including Niazi Market, located in Industrial Estate 2, Ismail Market, situated in Qazi Town, Madina Ceramics Market in Muhammadi Town, Fish Market, found in Old Town, and Main Market in Model Town. All these markets can be reached by covering a distance of approximately 1 to 9 km.


Buying property in Muhafiz Town is an ideal option because of its strategic location and the amenities offered. As a resident of the project, you’ll experience convenience and flexibility of choice regarding your religious obligations, thanks to the presence of quite a few nearby mosques. For instance, C-1 Mosque, Abu-Bakar Masjid, C-2 Mosque, Masjid Dera Haji Riaz, Jamia Masjid Taif, Masjid Taqwa, Jamia Masjid Saleh, Masjid Umer Farooq Hanfi Bralvi, and Jamia Mosque are all situated in Wapda Town, which is located close to the project, just 15 to 20 minutes away.

Some more mosques are located near Muhafiz Town, albeit a bit farther away. For instance, Jamia Masjid Tariq Garden, situated in Shadman Town, takes approximately 25 minutes’ drive to reach, while Usman-e-Ghani Masjid, about 1 km away from the town, can be reached in Muhammdi Town. Furthermore, you can also conveniently visit Masjid O Imam Bargah Musafira Shaam, situated in Muhammadi Town, roughly 30 minutes away.


Access to education lays the foundation of a society and also helps the economic, social, political growth, and development of a nation. Schools play a vital role in shaping the future of a community via the development of future leaders. Therefore, it is nothing less than a blessing to live in an area that gives you ready access to top-notch schools for your children. Fortunately, Muhafiz Town, Gujranwala is home to various well-reputed schools in the city. As a resident, you can admit your children in Allied School, which is located within the society at around 7 minutes’ drive away from the main entrance.

Moreover, you can enroll your child in The Educators School, which is located near Gujranwala Bypass, around 30 minutes away from the town. It is an affordable schooling system that operates across Pakistan. The Educators is a project of Beaconhouse Schooling System, which is known for the quality education of international standards.

Talking about Beaconhouse, the school is situated in Wapda Town, approximately 15 minutes’ drive away from the project. Beaconhouse School System (BSS) is an affiliate of an international chain of schools with the same name. The school has branches in 30 cities of Pakistan.

There are more noteworthy schools available near Muhafiz Town that you can consider in your search-list, such as Lyceum Campus School and The Spirit School, located in Wapda Town, at about 1 km drive away from Muhafiz Town.  Dar E Arqam School is another good choice for you. It is situated in Shadman Town, which is roughly 6 km away from the project.

Besides, as a resident of Muhafiz Town, you can also reach various prominent colleges and universities nearby, including Federal Science College, which is situated in Wapda Town, approximately 19 minutes away from the town. Federal Science College is a Government-owned educational institution famous for its high-quality education and offers some of the most modern facilities for students.

Govt. Postgraduate College for Women is the best choice for girls seeking quality education. It is located in Satellite Town, which is hardly 8 kilometres away from society.

For pharmacy students, Gujranwala College of Pharmacy Technician is the best option. It is one of the top colleges in Gujranwala that offers a variety of academic programmes. The college is situated in Shadman Town, which is just 27 minutes’ drive away from the project.

If the list mentioned above doesn’t meet your requirements and expectations, then you can go for the Punjab Group of Colleges. It is a well-known academic institution in Gujranwala owned by the Government. Hadaf Group of Colleges is a hallmark project by Punjab Group of Colleges (The largest educational network in Pakistan) that has established its first branch in the city of flowers “Peshawar” to deliver quality education.


Muhafiz Town, Gujranwala is home to various banks and financial institutions. Hence, as a resident, you won’t face any difficulties in finding a bank for your transactional needs. You can visit the Bank of Punjab on the commercial lane of the society at around 7 minutes away from the main entrance.

For further branches of different banks, you can go to Allied Bank Limited, situated in Wapda Town, around 17 minutes away. Furthermore, you can also go to Askari Bank Branch, Faysal Barkat Islamic Bank, Bank Al Habib, and Meezan Bank Limited in Wapda Town.

In addition, Jalil Town and Markaz Avenue, Canal View are located at a drive of around 30 to 40 minutes from Muhafiz Town. Here, you can find branches of MCB and Bank Alfalah.

The banks offer personal, corporate, and Islamic banking, along with ATM services.


Many families take into consideration the distance to hospitals and healthcare facilities when considering a place for residence. In fact, recent researches have suggested that this is one of the most common concerns of families looking to buy a property. In this matter, the project of Muhafiz Town, Gujranwala has the edge. It has various medical institutions available within such as Waqar Clinic and Ultrasound Center, which is just 5 minutes away from the main entrance.

You can also visit various other clinics and hospitals near Muhafiz Town, including Hamdard Dental & Skin Clinic, situated in Wapda Town, which is just 9 minutes away. There are more medical facilities available in Wapda Town that you can visit in around 10 to 30 minutes of drive, for instance, Dr Sami Ullah Physiotherapist Clinic, Azan Clinic, Winner Health Care, and Elaj Medical Clinic.

Furthermore, you can reach a few more healthcare centres in neighbouring areas, such as Talha Med Care & Research Centre, situated in Kashmir Colony no 2. It is located at a distance of around 2 kilometres. Also, Judicial Housing Colony, which is about 15 minutes’ drive away, is home to Sikandar Medical Complex, Hepfree Kymacare Hospital, and Molana Zafar Ali Khan Trust Hospital.

You can also take note of a few distantly located medical centres like Al-Habib Hospital, situated in Green Town, Doctor Nasir Clinic in Jalil Town, and Rathor Eye Hospital, located in Kashmir Colony no 1. You can reach these medical facilities in a drive of approximately 30 to 50 minutes.



Since Muhafiz Town, Gujranwala is a newly launched housing scheme, there is considerable fluctuation in sales price trends of the properties. If you want to secure a reasonable deal in Muhafiz Town; then take a look at the below-mentioned pricing information, it’ll give you a broader idea about what to expect when making a deal.


There are not many houses for sale available in Muhafiz Town, Gujranwala. A few houses of 10 marla are open for sale in the price range of PKR 45 lakh to PKR 80 lakh depending on the location and type of the house.


You can find various plots up for sale in Muhafiz Town, Gujranwala. The price range of 5 marla plots is PKR 18 lakh to PKR 40 lakh, while the 10 marla plots for sale can cost anywhere around PKR 30 lakh to PKR 45 lakh. You can also choose to buy 1 kanal plots for sale that are priced between PKR 45 Lakh to 60 Lakh.

You can expect more houses, plots, flats, and commercial properties becoming available for sale with the development progress of the town.




Muhafiz Town, Gujranwala is home to various shopping malls including Al-Marjan Shopping Center, Pehchan Playland, College Shopping Centre, Abdullah Shopping Centre, SD Plaza, and Rehman Plaza, which are located in Wapda Town at around 10 minutes of drive. You can find a mobile mall named Awais Mobile Plaza, which is available inside the project at about 9 minutes away from the main entrance.

Kings Mall, Miniso, and Diners Shop are located in Judicial Housing Colony, which is just 17 minutes away from Muhafiz Town. These malls offer branded and unbranded products along with some entertainment options for visitors.

Moreover, you can also visit Nazir Center, situated in Jalil Town, which is approximately 2 kilometres away. If we talk about famous malls in the city, Mall of Gujranwala comes at the top. It is located in Qazi Town, which is about 3 km away from the project. With state-of-the-art amenities, Mall of Gujranwala features luxurious shopping and entertainment options, unlike any other shopping mall in Gujranwala. These are some of the malls near Muhafiz Town, Gujranwala.


Gujranwala is a city of wrestlers, and if we don’t talk about food, it’ll be a little unjustified! The city is famous for its food, and people living in Gujranwala take pride in the food culture of the city. So, it's not surprising to know that Muhafiz Town puts you close to some of the best eateries in the city. The project itself is home to Al Meraj Fish and Chicken and The BBQ Quest, which are located on the commercial lane at around 10 minutes’ drive away from the main entrance.

For eateries available outside the project, you can check out Cherry Restaurant, located in Shadman Town, roughly 14 minutes away from society. If you are fond of pizzas, there is a pizza house called Pizza & Pasta Co, which is available in Judicial Housing Colony at around 1 km away. It is a specialized food chain that offers a variety of pizzas and pasta that are quite famous in Gujranwala.

Also, a branch of Naanlecious is situated in Kings Mall, opposite Imtiaz Supermarket. It is one of the best restaurants serving desi cuisine in Gujranwala. You can easily reach it in around 9 minutes of drive from the project.

Moreover, you can also find Malee's Cafe & Bakers, which is situated in Wapda Town, at a distance of 1 kilometre. This is a family restaurant offering a wide range of desi dishes and a tasty variety of continental food.

Besides, the all-time famous - Pizza Hut is available on GT Road at around 13 minutes’ drive away. Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain and international franchise which was founded in 1958 by Dan and Frank Carney. The restaurant is known for its Italian-American menu, including pizza and pasta, as well as side dishes and desserts. These are some of the restaurants near Muhafiz Town, Gujranwala.



There are various sporting facilities and fitness centres available near Muhafiz Town, Gujranwala including Shahbaz Shareef Sports Gymnasium, Sports Complex, Rustam E Pakistan Wrestling Complex, Sports Arena Grw, Bao Jee Sports Club, Citi Fitness Center, and World Health & Fitness Centre.


Muhafiz Town, Gujranwala is a well-planned community designed to deliver all the modern facilities that buyers and investors look for. The project’s masterplan includes a lush green park for residents, situated approximately 3 minutes away from the main gate. The park is popular among families and children since it provides plenty of opportunities for jogging and relaxation.

Moreover, if you would like to visit some other parks outside the society, then you can visit C-2 Park and B4 Park in Wapda Tow. It’ll take around 14 minutes of drive to reach these destinations.

Furthermore, you’ll be excited to see PHA Children Park, available in Kashmir Colony 2, which is about 2 kilometres away from the project. Jinnah Park, situated in Sarfraz Colony, is another source of good entertainment that you can reach at a distance of approximately 3 km. These are some of the best parks available near Muhafiz Town, Gujranwala.


You’ll find a huge variety of salons around Muhafiz Town, Gujranwala. Starting with Wapda Town, which is a neighbouring area of the project and located at around 15 minutes of drive. You can find various salons here including Crazy Guys Hair Saloon, Town Beauty Salon, Face-On Beauty Parlour for women, Naini'Z Beauty Salon & Spa, The Beauty Lounge, and Set Wet Hair Salon.

Moreover, you can get beauty assistance at H.I's beauty salon, situated in Jalil Town, which is roughly 2 km away from the town. Heaven Choice Beauty Salon, located in Canal View, is another good choice that you can visit in about 40 minutes of drive.


Muhafiz Town, Gujranwala neighbours various well-known areas of the city, including Wapda Town, Jalil Town, Qazi Town, Judicial Housing Colony, Kashmir Colony 2, and Canal View.


Muhafiz Town is a hot location in Gujranwala. Currently, property prices are very affordable in the society. So, this is the best time for you to secure a deal as a buyer or investor in Muhafiz Town.

Are you looking to buy property in Muhafiz Town Gujranwala?



  • Just 9 minutes away from GT Road, Gujranwala
  • Industrial Estate 2 is only 22 minutes’ drive away
  • 13 kilometres away from National Highway, Gujranwala
  • Trade Centre Gujranwala is 9 km away from Muhafiz Town

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