Multan Public School Road is one of the oldest and most significant roads of Multan, connecting many prime areas, neighbourhoods, and up-and-coming housing societies of the city. This long road intersects with Bosan Road at one end and Mattital Road at the other. One of the oldest and largest schools of Southern Punjab, Multan Public School is located quite near, right at the north of Multan Public School Road, which is why the road was named as such. Quite many societies and colonies are located on and near the road, some of which are under construction at a rapid pace. However, some of the most popular and nearest societies are mentioned below for your convenience:

  • Royal Orchard
  • Green Town
  • Sahar Villas
  • Nova Homes
  • Teachers Colony
  • Green Fort Housing Scheme
  • BZU Employers Colony 2
  • Sunshine Housing
  • Model Town A
  • Agrics Town


  • One of the oldest and longest roads of Multan, housing several societies nearby
  • Comprises all the necessary facilities
  • A busy and active road linking to several other major roads of the city
  • Several modes of public transport are widely available
  • Surrounded by well-known schools, universities, markets, mosques, and malls



Public Transport on and near Multan Public School Road

Being a road itself, Multan Public School Road is home to almost all the modes of public transportation for residents living in nearby societies. Be it public buses, rickshaws/autos or taxis; people can easily find every public mode of transport on and near Multan Public School Road. For example, Mehmood Kot, a nearby area, has a bus station as well as a Metro station, both of which can be reached within 8 to 9 minutes. Similarly, Northern Bypass, located in Basti Mehmood Kot contains a bus and metro stations, which are reachable within 6 to 7 minutes.

Moreover, there’s a bus station in Shalimar Colony, around 8 minutes away, and the bus station of Bahadurpur is approximately 10 minutes away. Faiz-e-Aam Chowk in North Gulgasht Colony is also 10 minutes away. However, the bus stop in Sabzazar Colony and BZU Metro Station are around an 11-minute drive away. Also, Purani Tehsil Metro Bus Station on Education Avenue, Gulgasht Colony, is 16 minutes away. A large number of public buses and metro buses move through these stations taking passengers to and from the nearby areas of Multan Public School Road.

Besides, there’s also Daewoo Inter-City Bus Terminal, located opposite to TTC, Qaddafi Chowk LMQ Road, Ismail Colony. It can be reached in 13 minutes. Moreover, Shah Rukn-e-Alam Town is home to New Multan City Railway Station, which can be reached within 18 minutes. Lastly, residents can also reach Multan Cantt. Railway Station, located on Cant. Railway Station Crossing, Railway Colony, in around 30 minutes via Multan Public School Road from their housing society.

Markets on and near Multan Public School Road

Multan Public School Road houses not only a considerable number of housing societies, but the road is also quite close to a plethora of markets, shops, bazaars, and pharmacies. Some of the famous and nearest markets located on and near Multan Public School Road are discussed below.

Kabeer Super Market is only a minute away, located at the east of the road. It’s a popular store serving the basic as well as select commercial needs of residents. Then, there is Qureshi Super Store and Market, located right on Multan Public School Road (at the west) in Block A, Model Town, only a 3-minute drive away. It also sells a broad range of necessary, everyday products. Furthermore, Allied Building Material is located at the west side of the road, precisely on Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) road in BZU Employers Colony 1, Northern Bypass. It is famous for supplying quality building materials. If you head west on Multan Public School Road, then you will come across Green Huts Market, precisely on Labour Road, Bahadurpur that is around a 10-minute drive away. Groceries and common goods are sold here at economical prices.

MDA Officers Cooperative Housing Society has a Civic Commercial Area where small stores and food outlets are present. The society is only 7 minutes away from Multan Public School Road. Besides, Gardezi Market in Gulgasht Ave, Block C, is around 14 minutes away, while New Gardezi Market, located on Mattital Road, Green Fort Plus Housing Scheme is only about 7 minutes away from the road. Both of these are popular markets of the city, hosting a vast variety of shops selling various goods, clothes, and other accessories. Residents can also visit Abdullah Vegetable and Fruit Shop for buying fresh fruits and vegetables. It is located on 13a Chughtai St, New Shalimar Colony, and is only a 9-minute drive away. Also, they can visit another vegetable & fruits market, located on Bypass Road, Block E Shah Rukn-e-Alam Housing Scheme, in around a 15-minute drive. It is a huge market selling quality fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices.

A small market comprising several stores is located in Block R, where everyday groceries, eatables, and other household items are sold. It is around 14 minutes away. Besides, Khokhar Market in Liaquat Market, New Multan Road, Block U, Hussain Agahi Market in Qila Kuhna Qasim Bagh, and Alfalah Market in V Block New Multan Colony, are 12 minutes away. Hussaini Agahi Market is a historic and famous market of Multan that sells stylish wedding dresses, fancy garments, electronic items, and much more at comparatively reasonable prices. Additionally, Alfalah Market is also an excellent place to buy typical products and medicines. Muhammadi Associates Gulshan Market on Gulshan Market Road, Block Y, New Multan Colony, is around 14 minutes away. It hosts a mobile store and several food outlets.

There are many other markets located nearby, including Mubeen Market in Block C, D Market in Block D, Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony, and Gulshan Market in Block Y, New Multan Colony. These are around 15 to 16 minutes away from Multan Public School Road. Several small stores, shops, and chemists are also easy to find on and near the road. Mux Computers near Bilal Park, Block A Multan, is only 7 minutes away. It’s a computer store, best for purchasing digital accessories and software. It also provides computer repair services. Awan Super Store in Block A is also 7 minutes away. My Choice Convenience Store is 11 minutes away and can be reached via Northern Bypass.  Their grocery and meat items are quite excellent. Hasnain General Store is also 11 minutes away, located on Chah Tali Wala, Moza Nandla near Nazeer Chok, Northern Bypass. Lastly, Imran Departmental Store, one of the best grocery shops in town, located in Block M, can be reached within 13 minutes.

Some of the nearest medical stores include Bakht Pharmacy in Model Town Block A, reachable in 5 minutes. Similarly, Ahsan Medicine & Departmental Store on Model Town Chowk, Northern Bypass, Block A and Kashif Medical Store near Qasoori Chowk, M.A Jinnah Road, MDA Officers Cooperative Housing Society are also 5 minutes away. However, it takes 8 minutes to reach Faiz Medical Store on Shalimar Colony Road. Other nearby chemists include Gulzar Pharmacy, Hamza Pharmacy, and Kamil Medicines Pharmacy.

Mosques on and near Multan Public School Road

People residing in nearby societies of Multan Public School Road are rich in terms of having access to a significant number of mosques located nearby. Among the many mosques present on and near Multan Public School Road, the most easily reachable is Multan Public School Mosque. Situated at the north side of the road, this mosque is just a minute or two away from various neighbouring colonies on the road. Next comes the Jamia Masjid of Sahar Villas, which is located on Multan Bypass, Sahara Homes and is only a 2-minute drive away. Jame Masjid Noor on Matital road, Sunshine Housing is also 2 minutes away.

Moreover, there are two mosques in Wapda Town on Northern Bypass. One in Block A, while the other in Block C, which are reachable in 6 to 7 minutes. Besides, Jamia Masjid TAQWA in BZU Employers Colony 1 is 5 minutes away. Other nearby mosques include Jamia Masjid MDA, located near MDA Officers Cooperative Housing Society (reachable in 6 minutes), Masjid Al Ghaffar in Basti Sunar Wala (4 minutes away), and Model Town B Mosque (6 minutes away).

Schools, Colleges And Universities on and near Multan Public School Road

The presence of one of the most popular and oldest schools of Multan, Multan Public School, and College, further highlights the importance of this road. The school is situated at the north side of the road and only about a minute away from various neighbourhoods on and near Multan Public School Road. The school is English Medium and has been providing high-quality education for years. It accepts admissions for junior, primary, secondary and higher secondary classes.

Nevertheless, there are many other government schools also located nearby. For instance, Dua Public School, located on the west side of the road, is also only 1 minute away. Govt. Primary School Haji Pur is functional in Gulshan-e-Wahid 1 and can be reached within 2 minutes while it takes 8 minutes to reach Zakariya Public School, located on N Gulgasht Blvd, Basti Mehmood Kot.

Furthermore, many well-known and prestigious private schools are also present close by. Firstly, Bloomfield Hall School, an O/A levels school, following Cambridge international curriculum, is located at the west side of the road, behind Sahar Villas, Al Rehman Street, M. A. Jinnah Road, and can be reached in 4 minutes.

Another reputed school, The City School, is located on Link Road and is also 4 minutes away. The school pursues a combination of the UK-based Curriculum and national system of education to educate children. Next is Beaconhouse School (Bosan Road Campus), located on Metro Bus Station, Bosan Road. It is 10 minutes away and aims to provide a holistic education for both local and global communities. Some other renowned private schools include Emirates School, which has been recently built in Shalimar Colony, reachable in around 9 minutes, Peace International School, located on Bosan Road, Shalimar Colony, Neel Kot, is also 9 minutes away, and Roots International School and College, located in No.7A, New Shalimar Road, is a 10-minute drive away.

Moreover, it takes 7 minutes to reach Concept School, present on Northern Bypass Multan, Mati Tal Cross, New Shalimar Colony, and 12 minutes to reach Dar-e-Arqam School (Shafi'ee Campus), located on Bosan Road, North Gulgasht Colony.

When it comes to nearby colleges, Multan Public School and College again comes up as the most respected as well as the nearest one. The institute also provides intermediate classes for medical, engineering and arts education. Another renowned college is Aspire College Multan, located on Main Syedan Wala Chowk, Northern Bypass, New Shalimar Colony, and can be reached in 7 minutes. It offers excellent intermediate and some Bachelors and Masters programmes. City College of Science and Commerce can be found on 18-A, Bosan Road in Officers Colony, and is reachable in 11 minutes. It also provides intermediate education along with several Bachelors and Masters Degree programmes.

However, it takes only 9 minutes to reach Superior College, located in Neel Kot Shah Badr Road Multan, Bosan Road, Nasheman Colony and 12 minutes to reach SAKIMS College (Boys Campus), located on Bahadurpur Near B.Z University, Bosan Road. Govt. Emerson College, based on Bosan Road, Al Atta Colony, is 13 minutes away. In addition to intermediate classes, the college also offers a large range of Bachelors and Masters programmes. Other colleges such as KIPS College, Britain International College Network, and Govt. Alamdar Hussain College are roughly 15 to 20 minutes away from the area.

Multan Public School Road holds another point of significance because of the presence of Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) near the road. It is located on Bosan Road and can be reached in a 6-minute drive by heading west on Multan Public School Road towards M. A Jinnah road. One of the oldest and top ranking Pakistan’s universities, BZU provides top-notch higher education, hostels for boys and girls, beautiful playgrounds, and spacious parks. Multan College of Arts and University College of Engineering & Technology are the interlinking departments of BZU, both of which are located near the university.

Then, there is another well-reputed university, Multan Institute of Management Sciences (MIMS), which is also located on Multan Public School Road, Sunarewala Khu, and is reachable in 4 minutes. Bakhtawar Amin Medical and Dental College is a famous university for medical education. It is located on Northern Bypass and can be reached in 7 minutes. Moreover, Virtual University City Campus is present on 41E Street 8, Block E, Shah Rukn E Alam Housing Scheme, and a 12-minute drive away. Another noteworthy name to mention is ICMA Pakistan, which offers certified management accountancy courses. It is located on Bosan Road, Shalimar Colony and is only 8 minutes away. Other well-known universities located near the road are mentioned below:

  • The Women University Multan (Mattital Campus) on Mattital Road is 9 minutes away.
  • University of Education Lahore (Multan Campus) on Bosan Road, Sadaat Colony, is around 14 minutes.
  • NFC Institute of Engineering and Technology is located on Khanewal Road PO Opposite Pak Arab Fertilizers, Basti Allah Bakhsh, and a 15-minute drive away.
  • Allama Iqbal Open University, located on CF-7, Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony, Near Thana Stop, Block C can be reached in 17 minutes.

Banks on and near Multan Public School Road

Everyday banking matters of residents can be quickly dealt with by reaching out to various branches of popular banks located on and near Multan Public School Road. For instance, it takes only 5 minutes to reach Bank Islami (Model Town Branch), located on Model Town Blvd, Block A.

Moreover, Soneri Bank in Wapda Town, Chenab Boulevard, Block A, MCB Limited, located in Plot No C-1/A, Model Town, Block A, Northern Bypass and United Bank Limited, situated on Education Avenue, New Shalimar Colony are 6 minutes away. However, it takes about 7 minutes to reach Bank Al Habib on Northern Bypass Road, Multan, PK No.120 Chowk, Model Town Block B, and 8 minutes to reach HBL (BZU Branch), located on Bahauddin Zakariya University Entrance Road.

Clinics and Hospitals on and near Multan Public School Road

The presence of clinics and hospitals near your place of residence is a quick and convenient solution to many health-related problems. That being said, quite many clinics and hospitals are situated on and near Multan Public School Road. For instance, CGO Clinic, located in New Shalimar Colony, specializes in bone and joint surgery while also providing ultrasound and X-ray facility. It can be reached in only 9 minutes from the residential areas on Multan Public School Road.

Spring Clinic, located on New Multan Service Road, U Block, Madni Chowk is among the trusted psychiatric hospitals in the locality. Reachable in around 11 minutes, this clinic hosts some of the most highly qualified and professional psychiatrists of the city and also provides psychiatric treatment for substance abuse. However, it takes only 5 minutes to reach Siddiqui Neuropsychiatric Centre, which is located on Northern Bypass, Gulshan-e-Rehman. It is another prestigious medical centre for the treatment of mental and neurological disorders. Moreover, Javed Children Care Clinic is located on 61 Main Road, Shalimar Colony, and reachable in 8 minutes, while Laser Lounge is situated on Multan Bypass, New Shalimar Colony, and can be reached in 7 minutes. It’s a reputable hair transplantation clinic.

Other nearby clinics and medical centres such as Multan Skin & Hair Revival Clinic, Dr Shazia Zubair, Qudsia Clinic, and Asif Clinic and Maternity Home are reachable within anywhere between 12 to 16 minutes.

Likewise, there are a good number of hospitals located on and near the road. The nearest one is Bakhtawar Amin Memorial Hospital, found on Multan Bypass. It can be reached within 9 minutes. Besides, Razia Iqbal Medical Centre, located on 9, Lane 2 Bosan Road, Shalimar Colony, can also be reached within 8 to 9 minutes. Moreover, it takes 11 minutes to reach Punjab Hospital, located on New Multan Service Road, Block X, New Multan Colony. Residents of nearby colonies can also visit Ibn e Sina Hospital in 13 minutes. It is based in Shah Rukn-e-Alam Town. There’s also Shaukat Khanum Collection Centre in Wapda Town near Northern Bypass, Shalimar Colony, which can be reached in only 6 minutes. It provides quality laboratory testing services.

Other well-known hospitals of the city such as City Hospital, Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Nishtar Hospital, Medicare Hospital, and Azeem Hospital can be reached anywhere between 18 to 25 minutes.


Sales Price Trends For Multan Public School Road

It is necessary to keep yourself updated with the latest property trends to make accurate plans and decisions while investing in or buying a property in an area. That said, people looking for properties on Multan Public School Road must have a clear understanding of sales price trends of various societies on this location. Following information and property details can help you make an informed decision:

Houses for Sale on Multan Public School Road 

A large number of houses are up for sale on Multan Public School Road in different societies. They vary in sizes and available facilities. The price of 5 marla houses begins at around PKR 40 lakh and can reach a maximum of PKR 1 crore. Whereas, the price of 10 marla houses lies somewhere between PKR 1.1 crore to PKR 1.8 crore. Moreover, the cost of 1 kanal houses ranges between PKR 2 crore to PKR 3.13 crore.

Plots for Sale on Multan Public School Road 

There are several plots available for sale on Multan Public School Road. These include quite many residential plots, commercial plots, and a few plot files. The lowest price of 5 marla plots can be around PKR 15.5 lakh, while the highest price can reach around PKR 32 lakh. However, the price of 10 marla plots starts somewhere at PKR 37.5 lakh and can go as high as PKR 2 crore. Besides, the cost of 1 kanal plots begin at a minimum of PKR 80 lakh and reach a maximum of PKR 1.4 crore.

Rent Price Trends For Multan Public School Road

Buyers have many options to choose from when it comes to renting a house on Multan Public School Road. However, it is important to note that rental prices vary as per the size of houses, their exact location, and the facilities accompanied by the property. Please review the following rent price trends for the properties on Multan Public School Road:

Houses for Rent on Multan Public School Road

There are tons of houses available for rent on Multan Public School Road. The rent of 5 marla houses starts at PKR 24 thousand to PKR 45 thousand.

On the other hand, a 10 marla house can be rented for PKR 40 thousand and PKR 53 thousand. You can also rent 1 kanal houses for a minimum rent of PKR 80 thousand and a maximum rent of PKR 1.15 lakh per month. An upper portion can also be rented on Multan Public School Road. Their monthly rent ranges between PKR 35 thousand and PKR 51 thousand, while a lower portion can be rented at around PKR 35 thousand.

Commercial Properties on Multan Public School Road

Some commercial properties including shops and offices are also available for rent on Multan Public School Road. Generally, you need around PKR 25 thousand to rent a commercial property in the area.

Most Popular Areas on Multan Public School Road

Buying trends for properties on Multan Public School Road
Royal Orchard is the most popular area to buy properties on Multan Public School Road.

Zameen’s statistical data shows that Royal Orchard is the most popular housing when it comes to the most searched areas for buying properties on Multan Public School Road. It’s a unique, splendidly built latest housing scheme that promises residents a luxurious and super-convenient lifestyle in a green, peaceful environment.  A large number of properties with almost all the basic and modern amenities are available in Royal Orchard.

Rental trends for properties on Multan Public School Road
In terms of rental trends, Royal Orchard again is the most popular area to rent properties on Multan Public School Road

As far as rental trends for properties on Multan Public School Road are concerned, Royal Orchard comes up on the top again with 53.6% of total online searches, followed by properties in Sahar Villas. These housing societies feature all the facilities and are best for people seeking properties on rent.



Malls on and near Multan Public School Road

Malls now come with so many attractions such as food court, cineplexes, and play area that people do not visit them only for shopping but also to enjoy and have fun with their friends and family. Since Multan is rapidly growing and becoming an urban centre of the country, large air-conditioned malls are now a must-have since they’re highly demanded by the citizens. Therefore, several big malls like Mall of Multan, Crystal Mall, and United Mall are either operational or about to start their operations.

In terms of distance, it takes only 9 minutes to reach Mall of Multan from Multan Public School Road. It is located on Bosan Road, Shalimar Colony. Hosting many retail shops, supermarket, Gold Standard, CineStar, food court, and restaurants, and a playland, Mall of Multan is more than just a mall. Similarly, Crystal Mall, located on Bosan Road, Usmanabad Colony is soon to be another fascinating, well-equipped and modern mall in the heart of Multan. It features splendid rooftop restaurants, 4D Cinema, numerous brands, and much more. Residents can reach the mall in 14 minutes from Multan Public School Road.

Moreover, United Mall, Gulgasht Multan is located on Pir Khursheed Colony Road, Peer Khurshid Colony Chah Usman Wala, about 16 minutes away but is under construction at present. However, residents can reach The United Mall, located on Abdali Road, Bukhari Colony in 22 minutes, which is now fully functional. Huge parking area, a large number of branded outlets, food court, and a kids’ play area are some of the most prominent features of this mall.

Another notable mention is Pace & Pace Shopping Mall, which is located on Bosan Road North Gulgasht Colony and can be reached within 11 minutes. It is one of the most visited malls in Multan and delivers a complete shopping solution to visitors. You can also shop at Chase Up Mall, standing on Bosan Road, Education Avenue, North Gulgasht Colony, just 11 minutes away. It sells a large variety of products at wholesale rates. Rehman Plaza, a small mall located on Bosan Road, Neel Kot, Shalimar Colony, can be reached in 9 minutes. The Grand shopping mall on Noor Blvd, Buch Villas, is another exquisite mall in Multan. Rehmat Plaza, located on Hazoori Bagh Road, Kashmir Chowk, Mohalla Muhammadi, is a hotspot for mobiles and digital accessories. Both of these malls are reachable in 16 minutes. However, it takes 17 minutes to reach ACE Galleria, located in 95/A, Goal Bagh Road, A Block Gulgasht Colony. This mall houses numerous national and international fashion brands.

Restaurants and Bakeries on and near Multan Public School Road

To enjoy the authentic taste and unique cuisines of Multan, residents of different societies based on Multan Public School Road can head to lots of restaurants and eateries. For example, Shalimar Colony, Wapda Town, and Model Town are home to quite a many restaurants and bakeries.

Ronaq Restaurant, famous for its traditional Pakistani dishes such as Makhani, Kastoori Booti and also its special cardamom tea, is only 6 minutes away from the road. It is located in 8-D, Market Wapda Town, Main Northern Bypass, Shalimar Colony. Similarly, Food Choice Restaurant, located in 94 Model Town Blvd, Block A can be reached in 6 minutes too. Their scrumptious Pakistani dishes have made them quite popular, and they are also quite good at serving original Chinese food. Food Reborn and Workshop Eatery are also around 6 minutes away. The former is located in Wapda Town, A Block, Main Market, Phase 1, Northern Bypass, Bosan Road, while the latter operates in Model Town, Block A. Both are fast food restaurants and have their unique taste and offerings.

The famous sandwiches- and salads-making restaurant, Subway is located just about a 5-minute drive away, on Plot no 25, Block A, Northern Bypass, Wapda Town 1. The outlet offers a spacious parking area to accommodate a large number of visitors. Likewise, Veneto Grill & Café, located in 106 A, Model Town Block A is also 5 minutes away. Their full course menu would be an excellent choice to treat yourself adequately with their delicious starters, dishes, desserts, and drinks, but if you don’t go for it, the steaks are a must-try.

Besides, it takes 7 minutes to reach Perfect Pizza & Fried Chicken, located in Al Madev Commercial Centre, Block A, Deewan, located in 32-A, Block A Wapda Town Phase 1, and Gup Shup, situated in Northern Bypass, New Shalimar Colony. The first one is famous for its Cheese Pizzas with extra toppings, while the second offers an out-of-the-ordinary taste of traditional foods while, the last one is a cool, welcoming place for friends and families to enjoy sundry chicken curries and barbeque.

Residents also have multiple options for savouring sweets and bakery delicacies. Bake & Beyond, located in MDA Officers Cooperative Housing Society, and La' Bollaria', situated on Multan Bypass, Mattital Cross, Northern Bypass, Model Town, Block A are around 6 minutes away. While it takes 7 minutes to reach Le Café in New Shalimar Colony and Bake N Flake, located on Southern Bypass Chowk, Bosan Road, New Shalimar Colony, you can also reach Souk Sweets & Bakers, located on Education Avenue, New Sabzazar Colony and Diamond Bakers & Store, based on Bosan Road, Neel Kot, New Sabzazar Colony in about a 10-minute drive.


Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres on and near Multan Public School Road

The secret to a healthy and stable community lies in the availability and effective use of sports and fitness activities. People living in different societies on Multan Public School Road can also lead a very active and nourishing life as there are several sports grounds and fitness centres on and near Multan Public School Road. The nearest ones are mentioned below.

People can reach Sir Syed Grounds, located in A Block, Gulgasht Colony in around 14 minutes, while PFL Football Ground in Pak Arab Fertilizer Housing Colony and Al-Biruni Sports Ground in Chah Wains Wala are about 15 and 16 minutes away from the road. Residents can also visit one of Pakistan’s popular and largest international stadiums, Multan International Cricket Stadium in a 23-minute drive. It’s situated in Gulshan-e-Yousaf, off Vehari Road.

There are many fitness centres on Multan Public School Road that are easily and quickly reachable by residents of any of the nearby residential societies. For instance, Model Town Block A houses Arena Fitness Club, and Muscle Factory - Gym, both are only a 6-minute drive away from the road. Similarly, Concept Fitness Gym (For ladies), located in Plot 70, Wapda Town, Block E, and Ali's Gym and Fitness Centre in Shalimar Colony are reachable in 8 minutes. However, it takes 14 minutes to reach Multan Gold Gym, based in Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony, Block G and 15 minutes to reach Endurance Fitness Centre & Gym, located on MCB Road, Goal Bagh, Block C, Gulgasht Colony.

Parks on and near Multan Public School Road

Visiting parks not only brighten our moods but it is good for our health too. That being said, there are several parks located on and near Multan Public School Road. Residents living in any of the societies near Multan Public School Road have easy access to various parks present in different neighbouring colonies. For instance, it takes only 6 minutes to reach Royal Orchard Park, located in Musa Wala and Model town B Block Park, located in Plot 184 A, Model Town Block B. Moreover, MOCHS Park in MDA Officers Cooperative Housing Society is only 7 minutes away.

However, it requires 13 minutes to reach Central Park in Mujahid Green Valley and 15 minutes to reach Jinnah Park in Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony. All of these parks are spacious, beautiful, and full of lush greenery.

Salons and Spas on and near Multan Public School Road

Salons and spas help people take care of their skin and look beautiful. Hence, their presence near a residential area is more than essential. Since Multan Public School Road is home to several nearby housing societies and colonies, finding a salon or spa on and near Multan Public School Road is never a struggle. Almost every society houses a few salons and spas. For example, Be Stylish Bridal Salon is located in Sahar Villas (Sahara Homes) and about a 2-minute drive away from the road.

Similarly, Shades, located in 79-A, Model Town Block A, Scissors & Blades Mens Saloon, located behind Workshop Eatery, 198 A Northern Bypass, Model Town Block A, and Deep Lavish Beauty Salon, situated in Asad St, Model Town Block B are around 6 minutes away. However, it takes 8 minutes to reach Fairies Beauty Salon, located in the MDA Officers Cooperative Housing Society.  Other nearby salons are Blushers Beauty Parlour in Satellite Town, Anmol Beauty Parlour in Shalimar Colony, and The Shape Saloon in Zakariya Town.


Many societies are near each other on and near Multan Public School Road. Sahar Villas, Sunshine Housing, and Gulshan-e-Wahid 1 are just a 2-minute drive away. Royal Orchard and Nova Homes are a 6-minute drive away, while Green Town is a 4-minute drive away, BZU Employers Colony 2 is minutes away, and BZU Employers Colony 1 is 5 minutes away. Agrics Town is 3, and Model Town Block A is 4 minutes away. Other nearby areas include Wapda Town, Bahadurbad, and PSIC Employees Housing Scheme.

Moreover, since the city is famous for housing many shrines and mausoleums of well-known saints and Sufis, residents can also visit many of them from their societies via the road. Some famous ones include Darbar of Hazrat Shah Rukn-E-Alam and Darbar Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya Multani, both are located on Qilla Kohna Qasim Bagh Road, and reachable in 19-20 minutes, Shrine Of Hazrat Shah Shams Sabzwari on Baba Safra Road, a 21-minute drive away, and Shrine Hazrat Pir Syed Wali Muhammad Shah in Hassan Parwana Colony is 25 minutes away from Multan Public School Road. Besides, the famous Lohari Gate on Hussain Agahi Road is 18 minutes away while Delhi Gate in Inner city, and Fort Kohna Qasim Garden on Hussain Agahi Road, Qila Kuhna Qasim Bagh are some more historical places reachable in 20-22 minutes by car.


As this road links to several other roads and routes of the city, traffic congestion, continual commotion, and noise pollution are some of the problems faced by people residing in nearby societies of the road. Besides, a rise in occupancy is further expected since many new housing societies and commercial areas are being developed. However, the area surrounding Multan Public School Road is well-supplied with every facility and convenience demanded by residents.

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Importance of Multan Public School Road from major locations nearby

  • Bahauddin Zakariya University is only a 6-minute drive away
  • Multan Institute of Health Sciences is also a 6-minute drive away
  • Well-connected to Jinnah Road, Bosan Road, Mattital Road, and Northern Bypass
  • DHA Multan Office is around 5 to 7 minutes away
  • Bakhtawar Amin Memorial Hospital is reachable in about 8 minutes
  • New Gardezi Market is approximately 7 minutes away
  • Royal Orchard Park can be reached within 6 minutes

If you are looking for information about other real estate projects in Multan, you can visit Multan Area Guides on Zameen Page.

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