New City Homes, Peshawar is among the well-developed residential areas of the city, located near Abdul Khel and Nasirpur, and the most significant, Peshawar Road. Peshawar-Rawalpindi Road and National Highway 5 also pass through the neighbourhood, making it extremely convenient for residents to access other areas and societies of Peshawar.

Offering a range of affordably priced properties, New City Homes is an attractive property option for both investment and residential purposes. The society houses nearly all the necessary utilities while also being surrounded by closely located facilities including markets, mosques, schools, restaurants, and parks.


  • One of the well-developed neighbourhoods of Peshawar
  • Located near Peshawar road and other significant arteries of the city
  • Surrounded by basic amenities and necessities of life
  • Various markets, schools, filling stations, and restaurants are nearby
  • Safe, secure, and a vibrant community life



Public Transport near New City Homes, Peshawar 

Since Peshawar Road is situated at a drive of only 8 minutes from the community, almost every mode of public transportation can be conveniently used near New City Homes. Apart from their personal transport or ride-sharing app services, it will never be difficult for residents to find public transport near New City Homes, Peshawar. Public buses, taxis, and rickshaws are readily available near the society. As for bus stops, Jhagra Stop is the nearest station, reachable in only 6 minutes, while Nishterabad Bus Stop, located on City Circular Road, Sikandarpūra Gulbahar, is around 15 minutes away.

Residents can use Daewoo Bus for traveling to other nearby cities such as Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Daewoo Bus Stand is located near BRT Bus Stop, opposite KPK Food Authority, Grand Trunk Road, Sikander Town Gulbahar, Chughal Pura. Residents can reach the stop in under 15 minutes. Besides, Niazi Express Peshawar can also be used for travelling to nearly all the major cities of Pakistan. It is a private bus terminal, located in Albadar Town, and can be reached in 14 minutes. Lastly, Peshawar Bus Terminal, located in Sikander Town Gulbahar is one of the biggest bus stations of the city from where you can find all sorts of public transport for inter and intra-city commute.

A good number of filling stations are also available near the community. Some examples include Shell Petrol Station on GT Road, Chamkani, Al-Rehman CNG Station in Hidayat Abad, Chamkani, and Nasirpur Filling Station in Nasirpur. Also, Marwat Filling Station, HK Chamkani CNG Filling Station, Zeerak CNG, and PSO Station are present quite close to New City Homes. All of these are reachable in anywhere between 4 to 8 minutes.

Markets in and near New City Homes, Peshawar

Residents of New City Homes will have no trouble in carrying out their everyday purchases since there are loads of markets in and near New City Homes, Peshawar. For instance, Honey Market is located in the society, precisely near N5, Chamkani. As the name implies, this market is popular for selling original and pure honey, extracted from a wide variety of flowers. People from different areas of the city visit the market for buying high-quality honey. Another market near New City Homes is Alnoor Market, located near F-G Block Road in Budai Village. It is more of a grocery store selling everyday goods. Similarly, Say Superstore is located in Block F, Street 5, Grand Trunk Road, Budai Village. From snacks and beverages to groceries and other eatables, this small market stocks it all.

A supermarket named Malik Ghulam Nabi Market is located at a distance of only 5 minutes from New City Homes, in Abdul Khel. It also stocks a gamut of ordinary products for daily use and some custom goods. Next comes Fayyaz Market, located on GT Road, Chamkani, Abdul Khel. It is an auto market where you can find auto/vehicle parts. It can be reached within 7 minutes from the society. Animal Market in Kala Mandi is a good place to buy or sell animals. People also visit this market to purchase a colourful variety of birds. It is around 8 minutes away from the society. Residents looking for ladies apparels, fancy clothes, and fashion accessories can head to Shafi Market, located on Ring Road, Shaheenabad, City Amusement Park. This cloth market is usually crowded since a lot of people frequently visit the market to shop for dresses and other fashion accessories. Moreover, Pigeon Market, a supermarket, is located in Sardargarhi, at a 10-minute drive away from New City.

Shinwari Market on 4, Gulberg Road, Gulbahar comprises several small shops. It can be reached within 17 minutes. Al Hassan Market in Doran Pur is 14 minutes away, while Madina Market in City Amusement Park is 13 minutes away. Ghazi Baba Market is a grocery store, located in Phandu Payan, Chamkani, about 16 minutes away. On the other hand, it takes around 22 minutes to reach Bilal Market, situated on Andar Shehr Mohallah Baqir Shah. The market hosts shops that sell general items, artificial jewellery, and semi-precious stones at reasonable prices. You can also visit Adil Medicose in Taru Jabba, Nowshera or Zeb pharmacy, located on Main Dilazak Road, Pakha Ghulam Pull, or MedicinePlus pharmacy in Overseas Pakistan Foundation Colony to buy medicines. They are 12 to 14 minutes away from New City Homes.

Mosques in and near New City Homes, Peshawar

The presence of mosques in and near a residential setting is of massive advantage to residents in terms of convenience and investors in terms of higher returns. Quite luckily, there are scores of mosques located in and near New City Homes, Peshawar. For instance, Masjid Al-Salam and Masjid-e-Mustafa are located right in the community, making it quite easier for residents to reach there within a few minutes’ walk.

Besides, Masjid-e-Taqwa and Bilal Mosque are located in Budia Village and can be reached in only 3 and 5 minutes respectively from the residential area. Other nearby mosques include Motorway Toll Plaza Mosque, situated on Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway, Yaseen Abad, about an 8-minute drive away; Masjid Sadeeq-e-Akbar in Jhagra, about a 9-minute drive away; and Masjid Abu Bakkar on Peshawar Sabzi Mandi Road, Chamkani, about a 10-minute drive away.

Schools, Colleges And Universities in and near New City Homes, Peshawar

Safety of kids, saving on commute expenses and added peace of mind are among the most significant factors that motivate parents to search for a residence that’s near schools and colleges. This is why societies having schools and colleges nearby are preferred by families with kids. This goes in favour of New City Homes because the neighbourhood houses quite many schools while there are also many colleges and universities situated near New City Homes, Peshawar.

Three prominent private schools are already functional in the society. These include Greenwich Grammar School & College, Crescent Model School, and The Smart School. The first one delivers outstanding educational services for primary, secondary, and higher secondary classes, while the second one offers junior, senior, and Cambridge sections to impart quality education in a flexible learning environment. Lastly, The Smart School has designed its curricula based on the UK Curriculum.

However, residents can also select schools located outside the community, which are also reachable within a few minutes. To begin with, Muslim Hands School in Budai Village is only 5 minutes away, while Allied School (Chamkani Campus) and ICMS School System (Chamkani Branch) are 7 minutes away. Besides, Madina International School, located on Rano Gari Road, Abdul Khel is 8 minutes away and The Knowledge School (Chamkani Campus), located on Peshawar Sabzi Mandi Road, Chamkani is around 9 minutes away. It; however, takes 10 minutes to reach Government Higher Secondary School GHSS (For Boys), located near Masheen Chowk, Chamkani. Some more nearby schools include Government Girls High School, Malogo Boys Primary School, and Shaheen Model School – all of which are located in Jhagra, while Hira High School is located on Peshawar Sabzi Mandi Road, Chamkani. They all are reachable within 10 to 11 minutes.

Likewise, many well-reputed colleges and institutes are present near New City Homes. Apart from Greenwich Grammar School & College in the society, residents have some options outside the society for intermediate education as well as for some technical and graduate programmes.

Government Polytechnic Institute is located on Rano Gari Road, Wadpagga and can be reached within 10 minutes. Students are taught various technical, professional, and engineering courses in this institute.

Peshawar Model Degree College Boys offers excellent intermediate education. It is located on Dalazak Road, Abdul-Raheema and can be reached within 16 minutes. Also, Jinnah Medical College Peshawar in Wadpagga is only 11 minutes away. Peshawar College of Engineering on Dilazak Road, Gisako Colony and Premier Institute of Health and Management Sciences on Dilazak Road, Pakha Ghulam all require a 14-minute drive to reach. However, it takes 17 minutes to reach the following colleges:

  • Muhammad College of Medicine, located on Yaseen Abad Budhni Road, Yaseen Abad,
  • PIMS College System, present on Gulbahar Road, Gulbahar,
  • Government City Girls College, situated on Dorani Road, Gulbahar Colony

Many prestigious universities are also located within a close range of the society. For instance, it only requires 15 minutes to reach Abasyn University, situated on Ring Road, Charsadda Link, near Patang Chowk, Ashrafia Colony, and only 13 minutes to reach Institute of Paramedical Science KMU, based in Overseas Pakistan Foundation Colony.

City University of Science and Information Technology is situated on Dilazak Road, Pakha Ghulam and is reachable in 17 minutes, and Frontier College For Women & University, standing on Naz Cinema Road, Hashtnagri, is around 20 minutes away. You can also choose one of the most respected universities of Peshawar, Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology for higher studies. Located in Landi Akhun Ahmad, Hayatabad, Link Peshawar Ring Road, Garhi Sikandar Khan, this university takes about a 25-minute drive to be reached. Other universities such as Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, Bacha Khan University Charsadda, and the University of Technology, Nowshera are around 30 to 40 minutes away from the neighbourhood.

Banks near New City Homes, Peshawar

Managing financial and banking matters becomes that much easier for residents if banks are located near their residence or place of business. As far as New City Homes, Peshawar is concerned, Bank of Khyber in Chamkani is only 4 minutes away from the locality, and it takes 9 minutes to reach Zarai Taraqiati Bank (ZTBL Zonal Office), situated in Sardargarhi.

However, other widely known banks are located a bit far away. These include National Bank of Pakistan, situated at a drive of about 12 minutes in Dalazak, Peshawar Ring Road, Kamboh, and Bank Alfalah can be reached in 14 minutes, located in Albadar Town. Additionally, residents can reach the following banks within 16 to 17 minutes:

  • Faysal Bank Ltd, located on Dilazak Road, Iqbal Colony Gisako Colony
  • MCB Limited, present in Chamkani, Phandu Payan
  • Bank Al Islami, based in Rafiq Town
  • Askari Bank, situated opposite Tailu Mandi, Murad Khan Plaza, Dilazak Road, Rafiq Town

Clinics and Hospitals near New City Homes, Peshawar

There are many benefits to living in an area where medical facilities are aplenty. Therefore, the availability of quite many clinics and hospitals near New City Homes, Peshawar makes this neighbourhood immensely advantageous for residents and investors alike. One of the neighbouring societies of New City Homes, Abdul Khel, houses a multitude of clinics. To give you a few examples, Dr. Inam Clinic is only 5 minutes away, and Haseeb Health Clinic can be reached in only 6 minutes.

Similarly, Nasirpur is home to Aizaz's Clinic, which can be reached within 9 minutes. Chamkani houses Khalil Health Clinic, about 10 minutes away, and Mahnoor Health Clinic, located on Peshawar Sabzi Mandi Road, reachable in 12 minutes. Moreover, Rokhan Shah Clinic in Sardārgarhi and Dr Laila Clinic in Gulbahar are both about 13 minutes away. All of these clinics provide excellent preventive care for common to severe diseases. Residents can also reach Al Shifa Health Clinic and Maternity Home in around 17 minutes. It’s present in Sethi Town, Shaheen Muslim Town.

Concerning hospitals, there are many located at reasonable distances. MMC General Hospital, for instance, is only a 15-minute drive away, situated in Shinwari Town, Peshawar Ring Road, Pakha Ghulam. Besides, Moulvi Ameer Shah Hospital in Shahi Bagh and Al Khidmat Hospital in Nishtarabad, Saeed Abad Gulbahar are 18 minutes away. Moreover, it takes more or less 21 minutes to reach Lady Reading Hospital, located on Soekarno Road, PTCL Colony, and Irfan General Hospital, located near Eidgah, Charsadda Road, Rashidabad. Lady Reading is one of the most prestigious post-graduate medical institutes in Pakistan and the biggest hospital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The hospital was established in 1927 and is named after Lady Reading, the wife of the Viceroy of India. With its highly experienced doctors and staff, the hospital provides excellent medical and tertiary care facilities, addressing nearly every health-related issues. The hospital serves thousands of patients every day.

Also, Abaseen Hospital in Dabgari Gardens is 26 minutes away, Cantonment General Hospital, sited on Sunehri Masjid Road, Peshawar Cantonment is 28 minutes away, and Aman Hospital, located on Kohat Road, Civil Quarters can be reached within half an hour from New City Homes.


Sales Price Trends in New City Homes, Peshawar

Investors or buyers can benefit and make the right property decisions if they have the technical know-how of the current sales price trends of the area where they intend to invest or buy a property. That said, the sales price trends of New City Homes, Peshawar are shared below to help catch up with the most recent property trends of the area:

Houses for Sale in New City Homes, Peshawar

There are several houses available for sale in New City Homes, Peshawar. The sizes of these houses include 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal. The price of 5 marla houses starts roughly at PKR 58 lakh, going up to PKR 85 lakh, while a 10 marla house requires a minimum of PKR 1 crore. Besides, the starting price of 1 kanal houses is somewhere around PKR 1 crore, going up to around PKR 3 crore.

Plots for Sale in Sale in new City Homes, Peshawar

There are dozens of plots up for sale in New City, Peshawar. Plots in different sizes are available. However, 5 marla and 10 marla are more in number. A 5 marla plot can be purchased at somewhere around PKR 22 lakh, while a 10 marla plot requires a minimum of PKR 50 lakh to change hands.



Malls near New City Homes, Peshawar

When it comes to visiting malls, be it for shopping or entertainment, residents of New City Homes have multiple options to choose from. There are quite a few malls situated near New City Homes, Peshawar, most of which can be reached within minutes. For instance, Great Wall Shopping Mall in Rafiq Town is only a 20-minute drive away. It’s a wonderful mall featuring an extensive range of shopping accessories. However, there are also some small malls near the area such as Hassan Plaza and Haji Ali Said Plaza. Both are approximately 11 minutes away. The former is located on Peshawar Ring Road, Sardargarhi, while the latter is situated on Peshawar Ring Road in Gulbahar.

Hilal Cosmetics And Artificial Jewellery is a well-furnished shopping store where a good range of beauty products, jewellery, and fancy accessories are available. It is located in Sarbiland Pora, about a 17-minute drive away. Moreover, Miniso has opened an outlet in Peshawar Cantonment, reachable in about 29 minutes. However, some of the city’s most popular malls, including Deans Shopping Mall is about 25 minutes away. It is also known as Deans Trade Centre, located on Saddar Road, Peshawar Cantonment. It hosts many retail shops and has a vast car parking capacity. Lastly, The Mall Tower, located on Mall Road, Peshawar Cantonment, is around 28 minutes away while Liberty Mall is half an hour away, located in Tahkal.

Restaurants and Bakeries in and near New City Homes, Peshawar

People head to restaurants, cafes, and bakeries whenever they want to enjoy a variety of cuisines and have fun-filled get-togethers with friends and families. Thus, having eateries near your place of residence is a huge convenience. Fortunately, there are quite many restaurants and bakeries located in and near New City Homes, Peshawar. Jan Said Kabab House is located right in the society and offers delectable Pakistani food, especially kababs. Other nearby restaurants located outside the community are discussed below.

It will take you hardly 9 minutes to reach Al-Khyber Hotel & Restaurant by car, situated on GT Road, Chughar Pura, Sardargarhi. Delicious traditional dishes are served here at reasonable prices. Pak Madina Hotel, located near Peshawar Fruit Market, Grand Trunk Road, Tarnab, and Musafir Fish Point, situated on Peshawar Ring Road, Pakha Ghulam are around 13 minutes away. The latter is a popular restaurant among locals who often visit it to savour fish and mutton dishes. However, it takes 17 minutes to reach Jalil Kabab House, located on Gulbahar Road, Gulbahar. Peshawar’s most-liked and popular dish, Chapli Kabab are served in this restaurant. The restaurant presents a typical traditional style reflecting the city’s culture.

Furthermore, pizza and fast food enthusiasts also have many options available nearby, such as King Pizza and Italian Pizza. Both restaurants are located at a drive of about 16 minutes. One is present on Dilazak Road, Rafiq Town, while the latter has a branch on 2 Gulbahar Road, Hussain Abad Colony.

Residents looking for meat items as well as other varieties of kababs can head to Taru Jabba Mashoor Chapli Kabab Restaurant. It is also 16 minutes away, located on Grand Trunk Road, Taru Jabba, Nowshera. Tarraskun Restaurant is also a good choice for enjoying traditional food. Situated on GT Road in Zaryab Colony, the restaurant can be reached within 20 minutes. Other restaurants such as New Food Inn, located near Arbab Niaz Cricket Stadium, Shahi Bagh and Nisar Charsi Tikka Shish Mahel, located on Namak Mandi Road, Shah Qabool Colony are about 21 and 26 minutes away respectively. However, McDonald's has an outlet on Sher Khan Road, Bashirabad, reachable in 25 minutes from New City Homes.

Residents can buy sweets and baked delicacies from Alback Bakery as it is the nearest one at only 11 minutes of driving distance. It’s located in Taru Jabba. However, residents can also reach Khanpur Sweets and Bakers, located on Dilazak Road, Gisako Colony, and New Khanpur Bakery of Abdul Khel in 14 minutes. There’s BAKERY in Afridi Kalay Gisako Colony which can be reached at the same distance. Whereas, Salman Bakers in Gisako Colony is around 16 minutes away from the neighbourhood.


Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres near New City Homes, Peshawar

Residents can easily find and visit several sports facilities and fitness centres near New City Homes, Peshawar. This is because many neighbouring societies house several playgrounds and sports grounds. For instance, Abdul Khel has a playground which hardly takes 8 minutes to reach. Chamkani houses Umar Abad Cricket Ground and Mumtaz Cricket Stadium, which require around 18 minutes to reach by car. Other sports grounds including Arbab Niaz Cricket Stadium in Shahi Bagh is 21 minutes away, while Rashid Khan Sports Ground on Peshawar Ring Road, Tahkal Payan can be reached in 23 minutes.

As for fitness centres, residents would need around 16 minutes to reach Tiger Fitness Gym, located in Pakha Ghulam, and 23 minutes to reach Gold’s Gym, based in Usman Abad Pabbi, Nowshera, and Life Fitness Gym, located on Beroon Yakatoot Khan Mast Colony Road, Bilor Town. However, Ultimate Fitness Gym on Arbab Road, Peshawar Cantonment is around half an hour away from the community.

Parks near New City Homes, Peshawar

Parks and green spaces play a vital role in enhancing our mental well-being. Fortunately, New City Homes hosts a park named City Home Park inside the society. The park is located on Street 7, Block D, and residents can walk to the park anytime they want. However, if they like to visit parks located outside the community, they have multiple options for this too.

Walking Park, located in Kambo Kamboh, is a good place for running, strolling, jogging, and sports. It is only a 14-minute drive away. However, it takes roughly 18 minutes to reach Shuhda APS Park, located on 5 Qamar Abbas Shaheed Road, Gulbahar, and Insaaf Park, sited on Ejazabad Road, Gulbahar. The famous Shalimar Garden or Shahi Bagh on Shahi Bagh Road is around 21 minutes away, and it might take you 24 minutes to reach Jinnah Park, located on Grand Trunk Road. Also, Peshawar Golf Club and Chacha Younas Park are located opposite Govt High School, Shahi Bagh. Boasting several rides, swings and many entertainment options, Chacha Younas Park is ideal for kids and families.

Salons and Spas near New City Homes, Peshawar

Salons and spas are an essential facility needed for everyday skincare to special occasions that call for a complete makeover or a dazzling makeup job. Luckily, there are quite a few salons and spas situated near New City Homes, Peshawar. For instance, Allure Beauty Salon in Jogian is around 13 minutes away, while a small salon named Yousaf Barber in Jhagra is only 11 minutes away from the society. However, there are other salons, but they are located a little far away. This includes Orbal-Z, located on Ishrat Cinema Road, Gulbahar, which is around a 16-minute drive away. Moreover, it takes 17 minutes to reach Singhar Beauty Salon & Studio, located in Gulbahar No.1 House no 24, Embellish Beauty Salon, situated in Ground Basement, Janan Plaza Opposite Gulbahar Road, and Fresh Hair Club, based in Gulbahar Colony.


Many populated neighbourhoods and prominent areas are situated near New City Homes, Peshawar. For instance, Budai Village is a 5-minute drive away, Abdul Khel, Chamkani is an 8-minute drive away, Kalukhle is 7 minutes away, and Nasirpur is 10 minutes away from the society. However, many recent housing projects are also located nearby including Peshawar Garden, 9 minutes away, City Amusement Park, 12 minutes away, and Overseas Pakistanis Foundation Colony, around 14 minutes away.


The presence of significant arteries, several markets, academic institutions, and health centres near New City Homes, Peshawar may cause some problems for residents in terms of traffic congestion and ongoing construction. However, this can also be thought of as a benefit for the community since it boasts all the necessities of life in proximity. Above everything else, the properties available in the society are incredibly reasonable, making the neighbourhood more lucrative for property seekers.

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Importance of New City Homes, Peshawar from major locations nearby

  • Chamkani Police Station in only 6 minutes away
  • Maulana Hassan Jan Shaheed Shrine is located at a drive of only 10 minutes
  • Coca Cola Beverages Sales Centre is situated about 6 minutes away
  • Agricultural Research Institute Tarnab is only a 12-minute drive away
  • Pabbi Railway Station can be reached within 18 minutes

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