New Jeewan City Sahiwal, popularly known as Jeewan City, is a substantial private property venture of the city. The up-and-coming project consists of five phases, an executive block, while Phase 6 is also being developed. Lush green parks, contemporary houses, carpeted roads, hospitals, and 24/7 security patrolling are among some of the features that distinguish New Jeewan City from other real estate projects of the city. 

Most phases of this master-planned housing society, located on Madhali Road, Sahiwal, include swathes of greenery. Important roads surrounding the project are Arra Tulla Road, College Road, Sahiwal to Faisalabad Road, and Naiki Ratti Tibbi Road. 

Introducing a higher quality lifestyle in Sahiwal, New Jeewan City claims of being the most significant private housing colony of Sahiwal, offering all the necessary amenities such as water, electricity, gas, and proper road infrastructure to its residents. Furthermore, the gated-community features streetlights and road signs on both ends of the main boulevard passing through New Jeewan City. 

The have-it-all housing society is quintessential for buyers in search of livable properties and investors looking for a safe investment avenue in Sahiwal. 


  • Gated community
  • 24/7 security patrolling
  • Wide roads
  • Well-connected
  • Proper infrastructure 
  • Necessary amenities
  • Streetlights
  • Higher ROI predicted 



Public Transport near New Jeewan City Sahiwal

The demand for proper public transport facilities is increasing by the day. Even those who have personal cars or bikes don’t mind taking a bus sometimes to save on fuel expenses. It is a given that having access to public transport is essential for non-car commuters.

Future occupants of New Jeewan City Sahiwal are fortunate in this regard, owing to the many transport options located nearby. Some bus stops in close vicinity to New Jeewan City are Main Sahiwal Bus Stand and Pak Pattan Chowk Bus Stop on Multan Road, City Central Bus Stand near N5, Faisal Movers on Multan Road, and Friends Theater Bus Stop in Mohalla Noor Park Sahiwal. It takes around 13 to 17 minutes to reach these bus stops by road. As witnessed over the development of other societies, bus stops located a bit far off tend to inch closer towards a community as soon it develops and becomes populated. So, the same can be expected to happen with New Jeewan City, Sahiwal.

Additionally, those who want to travel to different cities of Punjab can take Daewoo Buses, famous for offering luxury and comfort to intercity passengers. Travellers can take buses from Daewoo Express Sahiwal Terminal situated on Multan Road, at a drive of approximately 13 minutes from the society.

Moreover, traditional rickshaws and taxis and also available near New Jeewan City, Sahiwal. 

Markets near New Jeewan City Sahiwal

What makes New Jeewan City, Sahiwal genuinely valuable is the availability of markets nearby. Prospective residents can easily buy groceries, shelf items, meat, and other miscellaneous daily staples from these markets. 

Grocery stores operational near New Jeewan City, Sahiwal include Chaudhary General Store in Shadman Town, Ali Grocery Store near DHQ Teaching Hospital, Bin Sadiq in Ganj Shakar Colony, Bismillah Kreana & General Store and 7Days Cash n Carry in Farid Town, and Zee Mart in Arra Tulla Road. 

The stores are almost 1 to 4 km from Jeewan City, and it takes not more than 4 to 10 minutes to reach them by road. Of all the stores, Chaudhary General Store, Ali Grocery Store, and Bin Sadiq are the closest and can be reached on foot easily, in around 20 minutes. 

Additionally, Besto Super Market – a mega superstore – is also located at a walking distance of just about 8 minutes. The store stocks groceries, crockery, makeup products, and various products for kids, among many other things. 

Medical stores nearby include Imran Medical Store in Chak 86/6-R, Amer Medical Store and Ikram Medical Store in Habib Town, Al-Shifa Medical Store and Basharat Medical Store in Farid Town, and Umer Bilal Medical Store in Fateh Sher Colony. The stores are located at an estimated drive of almost 6 to 10 minutes. 

Everyone prefers eating healthy and consuming fresh fruits and vegetables is critical in this regard. As such, having fresh produce available nearby also becomes a huge convenience. As for some fresh food markets near the society, they include Fruit Mandi near Muhammadi Colony, Main Sabzi Mandi in Shadman Town Sahiwal, and Khurram Fruit Shop on Sabzi Mandi Chowk. People can commute to these places in approximately 12 to 14 minutes. 

Furthermore, some meat shops in the vicinity are Arshad Butchery on Arra Tulla Road, Munir Hussain Meat Shop in Kot Khadim Ali Shah, and K&N’s Chicken Store on Civil Line Road. You can reach these shops within 10 minutes by road. 

Mosques and Churches in and near New Jeewan City Sahiwal

Another feature that adds value to any housing society for the general public is the availability of proper places of worships within the community or in the vicinity. Two mosques named Masjid Al Khear and Jamia Masjid Madhali can be found in New Jeewan City, Sahiwal. Residents can easily walk up to these mosques and pray. 

Furthermore, more mosques are scheduled to be developed in the society, and the land served for them has been earmarked.

Additionally, some mosques situated near New Jeewan City, Sahiwal include Al Razzaq Mosque in Razzaq Villas Housing Scheme, Jamia Masjid Zakaria and Salman Farsi Masjid in Shadman Town, Masjid Baba Bakkay Shah on Kot Khadim Ali Road, and Jamia Masjid e Tooba in Pak Avenue, Sahiwal. You can reach any of these mosques in almost 10 to 20 minutes by foot.

Apart from mosques, other places of worships nearby include churches. Prominent churches in the vicinity are Arther Daniel Official Baptist Church in Shadman Town and Gospel Baptist Church Sahiwal on Local Road. One can reach these places in almost 20 minutes by car from New Jeewan City.

Schools, Colleges And Universities in and near New Jeewan City Sahiwal

Another factor that makes a property competitive, especially among families, is the availability of educational institutions. This is a must-have feature for parents. Residents of New Jeewan City, Sahiwal can choose from a good variety of public and private schools located in the vicinity. 

Public schools offering mixed-gender education include Government Comprehensive High School Sahiwal near Farid Town and NA Model High School near Chak 94/6-R. Parents in search of all-girls school can get their daughters admitted in Government Girls Higher Secondary School in Chak 89/6-R. All the schools impart knowledge among students from class one up to matriculation. Parents can drop their children to these schools by road in almost 10 minutes. 

Furthermore, some private schools in the vicinity are The Future School Sahiwal Campus in Shadman Town, The City School Sahiwal on Muhammad Pur Road, Fauji Foundation Model School Sahiwal in Park Avenue Colony, Shadman Town, and The Educators in Farid Town. These co-educational schools follow the Cambridge system of education, and the medium of teaching is the English language. 

Apart from public and private schools, a school run by the forces called Pre-Forces Girls High School Sahiwal is situated in Farid Town. The all-girls school offers primary and secondary education. 

The mentioned schools are a little more than 1 to 3 km from New Jeewan City Housing, at a drive of almost 5 to 10 minutes.

Additionally, colleges and universities offering professional education to youngsters can also be spotted nearby. Some of them are College of Advanced Scientific Techniques Sahiwal Boys Campus on Naiki Midhali Road, Maarifa College Sahiwal and NIMLS College in Shadman Town, Government Elementary College Sahiwal in Pak Avenue Colony Sahiwal, Jinnah Post Graduate College Sahiwal near Girls College Road, and Sahiwal Medical College Sahiwal near Medical College Road.

Meanwhile, prominent universities operational in the adjoining areas are the University of Sahiwal on Farid Town Road and Virtual University, situated on Jail Road. 

College of Advanced Scientific Techniques Sahiwal is a public institute that provides education in the field of engineering and sciences to young students, while Maarifa College Sahiwal is a private institution and offers FSc in biology, chemistry, physics, math, Islamiat, English, Urdu, and Pakistan Studies.

Similarly, NIMLS College offers diplomas and courses in the disciplines of engineering, science, education, and architecture, while Government Elementary College is a public college and students can get themselves enrolled here to pursue intermediate in science, commerce, and arts.

Jinnah Post Graduate College Sahiwal offers bachelors and masters in arts, English, IT, maths and psychology to girls. On the other hand, Sahiwal Medical College follows a mixed-gender education policy. The college provides bachelors in medicine and surgery. 

The Virtual University of Pakistan delivers distant-learning to students who prefer studying online. A variety of educational courses, lectures by teachers, and e-classes are offered online. Students can pursue a bachelors or masters in science, commerce, and arts from this online university.

Banks near New Jeewan City Sahiwal

Plentiful supply of banks surround New Jeewan City, Sahiwal. Among many others, some banks operational in the vicinity include Allied Bank on Arra Tulla Road, JS Bank on Chak 89/6-R, ZTBL Bank, United Bank Limited, and MCB Islamic in Farid Town, Meezan Bank Limited on Jail Road and Sindh Bank near Jail Road. Residents can easily reach these banks by road in less than 10 minutes.

These banks are located at a reasonable driving distance, enabling residents to make banking transactions freely. Moreover, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) have also been installed inside or out of the banks to make withdrawing cash a little easier. Customers can withdraw a specific amount of money from the ATMs, which are operational 24/7 at any hour of the day or night. 

Electricity Backup

Like all other areas of Sahiwal, New Jeewan City receives electricity from MEPCO. Future occupants can use ups systems and generators to overcome times of load shedding and power outages.

Clinics and Hospitals near New Jeewan City Sahiwal

A well-known clinic, Shifa Gynae Clinic & Maternity Hospital is up and running in the executive block of New Jeewan City, Sahiwal. The clinic offers medical services to pregnant women. The hospital also provides various treatments for newborn babies.

Other maternity clinics working in the vicinity are Abbas Ala Moter Clinic and Maternity Home in Chak 89/6-R and Munawa Clinic and Maternity Home on Arra Tulla Road. 

Some more clinics situated nearby include Sahiwal Chest Clinic in Habib Town, Al Rasheed Clinic and Ali Homeopathic Clinic in Shadman Town, Tasneem Arif Clinic, and Family Health Clinic in Farid Town.  Among these, the first three are general clinics, while Ali Homeopathic Clinic and Family Health Clinic are specialised clinics. The former offers treatment for several diseases with the help of homoeopathic medications, while the latter offers diagnosis and treatments to patients who have diabetes, liver ailments, blood pressure issues, tuberculosis, hepatitis, and skin problems.

The area is also well-served by several hospitals. Some of them are Salma Khatoon Hospital in Sahiwal’s Shadman Town, DHQ Teaching Hospital near Pak Avenue Colony, and Rasheed Memorial Hospital in Fateh Sher Colony.

Salma Khatoon Hospital provides diagnosis and medical treatments at a little cost to low-income people and offers free treatment to the underprivileged segments of the society. 

DHQ Teaching Hospital provides medical training to future health officials. The hospital offers a range of medical services, starting from general medicine to surgery, while Rasheed Memorial Hospital is a general hospital. The hospital provides tertiary care for patients with the help of modern facilities and a team of medical professionals. 

The clinics and hospitals near New Jeewan City, Sahiwal are situated at a distance of almost 1 to 4 km, at a drive of approximately 5 to 10 minutes. 


Booking of 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal property units has started in New Jeewan City, Sahiwal. Buyers can pay the total amount for the property of their interest in 50 monthly instalments.



Malls near New Jeewan City Sahiwal

Malls and local bazaars are a go-to destination for shopaholics. Meanwhile, those people who necessarily don’t make purchases can also be seen in these spaces in large numbers, owing to the entertainment provided by modern shopping malls. The general public also visits malls to snack at the food courts situated in these malls, or the food stalls located inside and outside local bazaars. 

Malls near New Jeewan City, Sahiwal include Mirza Heights near Satluj Block Road, Azaan Heights on Ahmed Murad Road, Mall Of Sahiwal in Dhobhi Muhalla, and Rizwan Plaza and Saddar Bazar in Shadman Town, and Anarkali Bazar near High Street Road. These shopping places are located at a drive of approximately 5 to 15 minutes. Residents can buy a wide variety of products starting from apparel to electronic gadgets and much more at these malls and bazaars. 

Restaurants and Bakeries near New Jeewan City Sahiwal

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from near Jeewan City, Sahiwal. Scores of restaurants serving different types of cuisines, starting from Pakistani to Chinese can be found nearby. 

Some famous restaurants situated at a drive of about 5 to 15 minutes are Data Naashta Point & Nan Shop on Main Madhali Road, Desire Lounge in Farid Town, Suffi Mushtaq Restaurant on Arra Tulla Road, Al-Maida Pizza Garden Sahiwal on College Road, Anaya Chinese Restaurant in Canal Colony, Meerab on High Street Road, Azaan Cuisine in Azaan Heights, and Fazal-e-Haq Dera on Stadium Road.

When it comes to confectionaries, some well-known bakeries of the area are Eman Sweets & Bakers in Al Razzaq Royals, Rafique Sweets & Bakery in Shadman Town, Ajwa Sweets & Bakers in Habib Town, Decent Bakers, Cakes & Bakes and New Iqbal Sweet House in Farid Town Ideal Sweets and Bakers on Main Shami Shaheed Road, and New Rehmat Bakers in Pakpattan Bazar. These bakeries are easily accessible by road in almost 3 to 13 minutes. 


Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres near New Jeewan City Sahiwal

People fond of fitness are delighted to have gyms and fitness centres near their residence. As such, few quality gyms can be found in areas nearby, while others are going to be established soon – making the area ideal for fitness buffs. 

Some gyms operational near New Jeewan City, Sahiwal are World Gym situated in Farid Town, Platinum Gym on Arra Tulla Road and Butt Gym near Jhall Road. Moreover, sports complexes nearby are Gym Khana Club Sports Complex in Pak Avenue Housing Scheme and Jinnah Cricket Stadium on Sahiwal Road. These places are situated at a drive of almost 7 to 15 minutes. 

Parks near New Jeewan City Sahiwal 

A considerable area at the entrance of New Jeewan City, Sahiwal has been earmarked for the development of a beautiful park. In the meantime, people can visit the parks located in the vicinity including AlRazzaq Royals Park in AlRazzaq Royals Housing, Pak Avenue Colony Park in Pak Avenue Housing Scheme, D Block Park; Tanki Wala Park and Farid Town Park in Farid Town, and Imtiaz Park in Canal Colony, Sahiwal.

Residents can reach these parks by road with no difficulty in almost 5 to 10 minutes. 

Salons and Spas near New Jeewan City Sahiwal

Parlours offering a variety of beauty treatments starting from haircuts to facials, among many others, can easily be spotted in neighbouring areas of New Jeewan City, Sahiwal. Popular beauty salons operational nearby include Zainab Beauty Parlour, Leeza Beauty Parlour & Training Center, and New Cosmic Beauty Parlour in Farid Town, and Magic Mirror Beauty Salon and Kashish Beauty Parlour & Boutique in Fateh Sher Colony. You can easily reach these salons by road in 7 to 12 minutes. 


Would you rather like to invest in a new project situated far from necessary or amenities or the one located near developed areas? The latter is going to be the apparent answer by anyone interested in buying or investing in properties. Also, you can only survive in a new housing society or a semi-developed housing colony if it is situated among some housing societies inclusive of necessary and luxurious amenities. 

Investing in New Jeewan City is safe in this regard because the society is surrounded by some good areas and societies of Sahiwal. Some commonly frequented places nearby include Shadman Town, Farid Town, Razzaq Villas Housing Scheme, Rafi Gardens, Haseeb Town, Ganj Shakar Colony, Barkat Town, and Gulberg, Sahiwal. Moreover, the Sahiwal Railway station is also in proximity to New Jeewan City, Sahiwal.


No property units are being offered for sale or rent as such in New Jeewan City, Sahiwal at present. Nevertheless, people can book the property units that interest them and buy them as soon as real estate transactions commence in the area.


Importance of New Jeewan City Sahiwal from major locations nearby

  • Located at a drive of just 3 minutes from Razzaq Villas Housing Scheme
  • It takes around 5 minutes to reach Rafi Gardens by road 
  • Ganj Shakar Colony, Sahiwal is situated at a drive of more or less 6 minutes
  • Farid Town and Shadman Town are located at a drive of nearly 9 minutes
  • It takes about 11 minutes to reach Haseeb Town and Barkat Town by road
  • Gulberg Sahiwal is also situated at a drive of approximately 11 minutes
  • It takes almost 12 minutes to reach the Sahiwal Railway Station by road

Please visit Zameen Area Guide section for more information on the various property ventures in Pakistan.

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