Northern Bypass, Peshawar is a dual carriageway, facilitating commute for trucks, trailers, and heavy vehicles shipping containers to and from the southern side of Pakistan. Both sides of the carriageway feature two lanes for traffic and one emergency lane. The bypass connects N-55 Indus Highway, Jamrud area of Khyber Agency, and Mohmand Agency to Peshawar-Islamabad M-1 Motorway. The bypass also makes it easier for traffic to transit towards Afghanistan via Peshawar Ring Road. 

The primary purpose behind developing the Northern Bypass was to reduce the load of heavy traffic and congestion in the city and also to provide a smooth trade route to Afghanistan. An initial budget of PKR 21.34 billion was approved for the construction of the bypass by The National Highway Authority (NHA) Executive Board. 

The bypass is stretched across 32 km and divided into three sections. Section 1 was inaugurated in 2015, from N-5 to Charsadda Road. The 7.6-km long section features a flyover on Dilazak Road and a bridge over Budhni Nullah. Furthermore, Section 2 starts from Charsadda Road and will end on Warsak Road when completed, covering a distance of 11.9 km. Section 3, on the other hand, is about 13 km long and will start from Warsak Road, ending at N-5. Section 3 will feature interchanges on Nasir Bagh Road and N-5 along with flyovers on Sufaid Sang Road and Palosai Road. The section will also boast four bridges to make way for seasonal and irrigation canals.

Apart from significant route connections, the bypass neighbours affluent societies including Gulbahar, Khushal Town, Gulshan Colony, Shaheen Muslim Town, Gisako Colony, and Sethi Town. The communities and colonies offer a lucrative mix of residential plots and houses at affordable prices.


People living near Northern Bypass can access almost every necessary amenity including:

  • Petrol Pumps and CNG Stations
  • Educational institutions and healthcare facilities
  • Parks and recreational areas
  • Historical sites and bazaars
  • Banks and commercial zones 
  • Bus stops for intercity and intra-city commute via Ring Road and Northern Bypass



Public Transport on Northern Bypass, Peshawar

Northern Bypass is a trade route designed for the smooth flow of heavy carriers. However, people living near the bypass can easily access public transport from several bus stands serving nearby. Also, several public transportation options such as rickshaws, traditional taxis, wagons, and chingchis are readily available, making the commute easier. Also, the provision of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service will introduce a much more convenient way to travel via buses and feeder buses from nearby bus stops. The service comprises three phases, and Phase 1 of BRT will have 31 stations and 255 buses. The buses will depart from Chamkani, which you can reach in only 10 minutes by heading north on Peshawar Northern Bypass and crossing N-5/AH. 

You can also catch A6 Bus, which used Ring Road to cover several connected areas including Charsadda, Shami Road, Khyber Road, University Road, and Hayatabad. Moreover, HIACE service is also available from Chamkani to Kambwa Ada, Gulbahar, Firdous, up to Karkhano Market. 

As for other modes of public transportation near Northern Bypass, Peshawar, you can stop by Niazi Express Peshawar, which is reachable within 4 minutes by heading north on Peshawar Northern Bypass and turning left onto N-5/AH1. Daewoo Bus Terminal in Sikander Town, Gulbahar is also 5 minutes away via GT Road. Other bus stands situated near Daewoo Bus Terminal are Peshawar Bus Terminal and Canal Town Bus Stop in Sikandar Town, Gulbahar, Peshawar. 

Apart from buses and wagons, you can also easily reach Peshawar City Railway Station in Zaryab Colony within 5 minutes. If you are at the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Dilazak Road to reach the train station. 

Markets on and near Northern Bypass, Peshawar

Proximity to commercial areas and markets is an essential factor that people consider before buying a property. Thankfully, Northern Bypass, Peshawar is home to several general stores, marts, and markets (Bazaars) including Saddar Khan Baba Market and Shafi Market in Shaheenabad, Northern Bypass. The markets are famous for selling clothing and groceries at affordable prices. 

You can also buy beautiful handmade Afghan Carpets from Shuba Bazaar, which is just 10 minutes away via Kohat Road. It is one of the best places in Peshawar to buy imported handmade silk carpets and copies of Iranian rugs. Further, you can also reach Namak Mandi by covering a distance of about 3 km by heading east on Peshawar Northern Bypass towards Government Superior Science College Road. It is one of the largest markets for semi-precious stones such as Emeralds, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, and Lapiz Lazuli. 

Also, Tarnab Farm International Honey Market and Trade Centre on Peshawar-Rawalpindi Road is only 12 minutes away. Just head north on Peshawar Northern Bypass and take the ramp to Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway. The farm is among the largest producers of organic honey, while Jehangir Pura market near Qisa Khwani Bazaar is famous for the traditional Peshawari footwear, Peshawari Chappal. The market is only 14 minutes away via Hazar Khwani Road and Circular Road. 

There are also several automobile workshops on Northern Bypass Peshawar, for instance, Peshawar Motors, Sahib Autos Khattak Brothers, Shorem Solar Auto, and Javed Autos. 

Mosques on and near Northern Bypass, Peshawar

The presence of mosques in residential as well as commercial areas is a great source of convenience for the people living or having business operations in that particular area. Also, the presence of mosques makes a society worth living and positively impacts the resale value of that society. As such, Northern Bypass, Peshawar is home to several mosques including Masjid Hamza and Bilal Mosques in Khushal Town, Jamia Masjid Malak Abdul Aziz on Outer Circular Road, and Essa Khel Mosque in Sohail Abad. The mosques are only 5 minutes away and are located in the societies near Khushal Town, Northern Bypass, Peshawar. 

Moreover, you will also find quite a few more mosques situated near Northern Bypass, for instance, Shahi Masjid is about 5 minutes away on Outer Circular Road, while Jamia Masjid Al Noor in City Amusement Park is adjacent to Northern Bypass, Peshawar. Masjid Hazrat Bilal, Momen Town is also directly accessible within 3 km, while Madina Mosque and Masjid-e-Usman can be reached in Sethi Town, near Northern Bypass, Peshawar.

Schools, Colleges and Universities on and near Northern Bypass, Peshawar

Knowing that your kids are close to home not only becomes a source of peace of mind for parents, but it also provides a sense of security to the kids.  Fortunately, Northern Bypass, Peshawar is home to an abundance of private and public schools. For instance, Allied School in Khushal Town is only 13 minutes away from Northern Bypass. The school offers admissions from playgroup to the secondary level and aims to maximize the learning capacity of children by providing the best academic environment. 

Peshawar Model School for Boys, also on Northern Bypass, Sohail Abad, is dedicated to providing quality education at affordable fees. Moreover, there is also a branch of The Educators on Peshawar Ring Road. The school follows a standardized curriculum and offers training to its teachers under the Professional Development Programme. Also, Discovery Schools System in Gulbahar, Peshawar takes only 9 minutes to reach. Just head southwest on Northern Bypass and cross Jameel Chowk to get there. 

More schooling options on and near Northern Bypass include:

  • Islamic International Public High School on Dora Road in Khushal Town, near Northern Bypass, Peshawar
  • Sir Syed Public School in Rasheed Town, Gulbahar is also around 5 minutes away via the bypass
  • Islamia Public High School and College on Northern Bypass, in Pakha Ghulam, Peshawar
  • Frontier Public High School on Dora Road is about 1 km away, near Outer Circular Road 
  • Al-Syed Hajveri Public High School in City Town is a few minutes away on Dilazak Road

People living in the area will also not face any difficulty in finding suitable colleges and universities nearby. Beginning with Govt. College of Technology, it is only 6 minutes away if you take the Kohat Road route, while Government Superior Science College is reachable within 5 minutes by heading east on Peshawar Northern Bypass/Peshawar Ring Road going towards Government Superior Science College Road. 

College-going students living near Northern Bypass can also enrol in Edwardes College Peshawar, located on Mall Road. The college offers an intermediate programme, degree programmes, and A-levels. It is just 13 minutes away, at a distance of about 5 km via Kohat Road and Ajab Khan Afridi Road. 

As far as universities are concerned, Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology is only 6 minutes’ drive away by heading east on Peshawar Northern Bypass, while Gandhara University is reachable within 20 minutes by driving alongside Peshawar Ring Road and moving on to Canal Road. The university is chartered by the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and offers specialized courses in health and sciences. Some other reputable universities near Northern Bypass, Peshawar are:

  • Frontier College for Women & University in Hashtnagri, only 11 minutes away by heading north on Peshawar Northern Bypass and turning left on N-5/AH1 
  • Abasyn University on Ring Road, near Charsadda Link, is only 8 minutes away from Northern Bypass, Peshawar
  • City University of Science and Information Technology is reachable within 13 minutes by driving along AH1 and heading northwest towards N-5/AH1
  • The University of Peshawar on Old Jamrud Road is situated at a distance of about 25 minutes. The quickest route to get to the university is by heading northeast on Peshawar Northern Bypass 

Banks on and near Northern Bypass, Peshawar

The presence of banks near our home not only makes it easier for us to remain safe while making transactions, they, at times, become our saviour, especially their ATMs. That being said, you can find several banks on and near Northern Bypass, Peshawar including Allied Bank Limited in Akbar Colony and two branches of the Bank of Khyber in Khushal Town near Northern Bypass. Also, there is a branch of e-Sahulat in Garhi Qamar Din society ready to serve your needs. The banks also have ATMs, facilitating after-hours basic banking needs. 

Further, few other banks are also operational near Northern Bypass on Kohat Road. United Bank Limited, Meezan Bank, Muslim Commercial Bank, and ABL Bank are some names in this regard. The banks are located at a 10-minute drive away via Northern Bypass, Peshawar. Moreover, it takes around 4 km to reach Bank Al Habib and Soneri Bank on Saddar Road, while JS Bank, Sindh Bank, and Dubai Islamic Bank are situated on Fakhar-e-Alam Road at more or less the same distance.

Clinics and Hospitals near Northern Bypass, Peshawar

Having healthcare amenities near your place of residence or business is genuinely a blessing, and many investors and buyers consider this a must before buying a home or investing in a property. Fortunately, Northern Bypass, Peshawar hosts several hospitals and clinics in its vicinity including Cantonment General Hospital, which takes only 15-minutes to reach via Northern Bypass and Umar Gul Road. It is a small hospital where you can easily find Gynaecologists, Child Specialists, and Dental Surgeons. The hospital offers the following facilities:

  • Medical OPD & Ward
  • Gynae & Obs OPD & Ward
  • Paediatrics OPD & Ward
  • Dental OPD
  • Vaccination Centre
  • Operation Theatre
  • Ambulance
  • Laboratory
  • Ultrasound

Also, Lady Reading Hospital takes around 7 km or barely 15 minutes to reach via Peshawar Northern Bypass and Hazar Khwani Road. It is one of the most reputable hospitals in Peshawar providing round-the-clock emergency services including CT scan, blood sampling, and surgeries in its Trauma Centre. The hospital comprises Medical Department, Surgical Department, and Clinical Department along with 1,750 beds. 

Nasir Mohmand Surgical Hospital & Maternity Home in Gulbahar Peshawar is also reachable within 10 minutes by heading northeast on Northern Bypass, Peshawar. It is a 100-bed hospital, featuring well-equipped laboratories, X-ray unit, and qualified doctors. The hospital is famous for providing medical and surgical treatments for paediatric, gynaecological, and obstetrics. 

As for clinics, Northern Bypass, Peshawar does not lag. Quite many clinics are providing medical facilities in the area including Fazal Rabbi Clinic, near Durrani Graveyard, Medical and Gynae Clinic in Fida Abad Colony, and Hamdan Welfare Maternity Home on Multan Baba Road. All these clinics are roughly 10 minutes away via Northern Bypass, Peshawar. Following are other clinics and hospitals near Northern Bypass, Peshawar:

  • Fakhre Zara Memorial Clinic in Shaheen Muslim Town is about a km away via Northern Bypass, near Sohail Abab
  • Dr. Naseer Clinic and Muqadis Clinic in Shaheen Muslim Town are reachable within 3 km
  • Abaseen Hospital in Dabgari Gardens is about 10 minutes’ drive away via Northern Bypass, Peshawar
  • Combined Military Hospital on Mall Road is directly accessible by covering a distance of 5 km
  • Al Khidmat Hospital Peshawar is just 10 minutes away by heading south on Peshawar Northern Bypass towards Lucky Dhayre


Sales Price Trends on Northern Bypass, Peshawar

Despite located at a prime location of Peshawar, prospective buyers and investors will be delighted to know that the property prices on Northern Bypass at still affordable. However, before you seal a deal, please check the following sales price trend of property and plots available on Northern Bypass, Peshawar to make an informed decision.

Houses for Sale on Northern Bypass, Peshawar

A good number of 3 marla houses are up for sale in Northern Bypass, Peshawar. The houses feature 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, tiled flooring, and a kitchen. A 3 marla house can cost a buyer around 45 lakh. Payment for newer and developing properties can also be made in instalments to make matters easier. 

Plots for Sale on Northern Bypass, Peshawar

Prospective buyers have a broad choice when it comes to buying plots on Northern Bypass, Peshawar, and enjoying a high return on their investment. The plots are classified as residential or commercial and you can find a 5 marla plot on Northern Bypass Peshawar for PKR 25 lakh to PKR 30 lakh, while 7 marla plots can cost anywhere between PKR 18 lakh to 35 lakh. The price seems a bit odd because the prices are much dependent on location, size, and accessibility of nearby amenities. Further, the asking price of 10 marla plots in the society starts at PKR 15 lakh, going as high as PKR 84 lakh. 

Also, you can buy a high-end 1-kanal residential plot to construct your dream house. The price of 1 kanal plots on Northern Bypass Peshawar is PKR 1.1 crore to PKR 1.2 crore, while 3 kanal residential plots can cost around PKR 1.75 crore. Besides residential plots, the sales price trend of commercial plots on Northern Bypass ranges between PKR 84 lakh to PKR 6.3 crore. Businesses can use these plots to build commercial shops, offices, and factories.



Malls near Northern Bypass, Peshawar 

The commercial area near Northern Bypass hosts several malls, general stores, and marts where residents can find a huge variety of goods, including shoes, uniforms, garments, cosmetics, and other accessories. Great Wall Shopping Mall in Rafiq Town Peshawar takes only 10 minutes to reach by car. The mall is famous for branded shoes and sandals. It operates from 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M., and features outlets of Bata and Servis Shoes. Furthermore, Gora Bazar on Saddar Road is reachable within 20 minutes by covering a distance of 9 km. It is one of the historical markets of Peshawar that offers a wide range of products including, fashion apparel, unstitched fabric, bags, and jewellery at economical rates. 

Also, other malls near Northern Bypass, Peshawar include The Mall Tower on Mall Road, which is about 10 km away via GT Road. The mall features a good number of general stores, pharmacies, beauty parlours, and food stalls. You can also shop for toys, gift items, and ladies clothing from Liberty Mall, located in Tahkal Peshawar. The mall is surrounded by popular eateries and retail outlets such as Levi's, while other shoe brands like Shoe Box, Bata, Borjan, Hush Puppies, and Mocciani Shoes are operating on University Road, Peshawar.

Restaurants on and near Northern Bypass, Peshawar

People living near Northern Bypass can explore several nearby restaurants including Musafir Fish Point on Peshawar Ring Road, about a 3-minute drive away. The fish point serves juicy fried fish, Mutton Karahi, salads, and dips. Additionally, Mashallah Zam Zam Restaurant in Pakha Ghulam is about a km away. This is an open-air restaurant where you can comfortably sit and enjoy delicious meals, for instance, Mutton Namkeen Karahi, Kabuli Pulao, fish BBQ, Kebabs, Dampukht, juices, and ice-creams. 

Other popular eateries dotting the road are Al-Hafiz Restaurant near Motorway Entrance, Al-Khyber Hotel & Restaurant on GT Road, Lahori Murgh Cholay in Shaheen Muslim Town, and Mian Sahib Restaurant in Kambo Sardargarhi, near Northern Bypass, Peshawar. Motorists can also stop by Abaseen Daryai Fish, Madina Tikka Corner and Fish Point, Albarka Broast, and Hakim Khan Tikka Hotel near Northern Bypass, Peshawar. 

Moreover, it takes around 10 minutes to reach the famous Jalil Kabab House in Shahi Bagh, while Nasir Charsi Tikka Shish Mahal is only 8 km away on Namak Mandi Road. The restaurant serves authentic Peshawari Charsi Tikka along with a variety of delicacies. Besides, Sadaf Restaurant in Mohallah Shali Koban on Namak Mandi Road is only a 15-minute drive away while heading east on Peshawar Northern Bypass. 

McDonald's, one of the most popular food chains, is also reachable within 20 minutes on Sher Khan Road, Bashirabad, while KFC Peshawar is about 9 km away from Northern Bypass on Kafla Road, Defence Officers Colony, Peshawar. 

Moreover, Khanpur Sweets and Bakers on Dilazak Road serves scrumptious cakes, desserts, biscuits, and meethais, while Bakes & Cakes Alflah Twin Tower in Lala Rukh Colony, Ronaq Sweets, and Bakers in Shaheen Muslim Town, Peshawar Sweets and Bakers in Dehri Bagh, and Salman Sweets in Quaidabad Qissa Khawani are about 10 to 15 minutes away via Kohat Road and Peshawar Northern Bypass. 


Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres near Northern Bypass, Peshawar 

If you are living in any of the societies and colonies located on and near Northern Bypass, staying fit and accessing sports facilities will not be an issue. Residents of Khushal Town near Northern Bypass can work out in Sher Gym, while Life Fitness Gym in Bilor Town is also near the bypass. 

Similarly, it takes around 10 minutes by car to reach Smart Techno Gym in Rasheed Town. It is a well-equipped gym where you can get fitness training by professional trainers. Some other gyms and fitness centres in the vicinity of Northern Bypass include Power Gym in Sethi Town, Shapes Gym in Sarbiland Pora, and Eagle Gym in Gisako Colony, roughly 5 to 10 minutes away from Northern Bypass, Peshawar. 

Some other sports facilities and fitness centres situated near Northern Bypass include Civil Quarters Football Ground, around 4 km away from Garhi Qamar Din, near Northern Bypass, Peshawar. Also, a Snooker Club in Gulbahar and M Salman Gym on 2 Gulbahar Road are also easy to reach from Northern Bypass, Peshawar. 

Parks near Northern Bypass, Peshawar 

Parks are considered the best to enjoy a refreshing morning walk or spend quality time with family and friends. Easy access to parks and recreational areas is also vital for improving the health and wellness of a community. Luckily, people living on and near the Northern Bypass can visit several parks with their families and friends. Wazir Bagh takes only 10 minutes to reach from Khushal Town, near Northern Bypass. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful gardens in Peshawar. The garden has four enclosures, two mesmerizing lawns, and a mosque. Here you can also enjoy a football game in Wazir Bagh’s Football Ground. 

Moreover, City Amusement Park is also near Northern Bypass, while Insaaf Park in Gulbahar is also located in proximity to the bypass. Other parks near Northern Bypass, Peshawar include Jinnah Park, which is located at a 9-minute drive from Madina Town, Northern Bypass. You only need to head east on Grand Trunk Road and National Highway 5/AH1/AH2 towards Malik Saad Saheed Flyover. The park is well-maintained along with neatly trimmed grass, walking tracks, seasonal flowers, and dotted with fountains and benches. Similarly, Gulbahar No.2 Park and Shuhda APS Park on Shaheed Qamar Abbas Road, and Shalimar Garden in Shahi Bagh are reachable in 10 to 12 minutes via Northern Bypass, Peshawar.

Salons and Spas near Northern Bypass, Peshawar 

Just like fitness centres, it is important to have beauty salons and spas at reasonable distances. Depilex Beauty Salon, Gulbahar is a prominent name in this regard and requires around 3 km to reach from Shaheen Muslim Town on Northern Bypass. It is one of the most popular salons in Pakistan offering high-end beauty services, including body therapy, facial treatments, and expert makeover. Further, Embellish Beauty Salon in Janan Plaza on Gulbahar Road is merely 10 minutes away from Northern Bypass by taking Arbab Sikandar Khan Khalil Flyover and then the service road to Gulbahar Road. 

A few other beauty salons and spas near Northern Bypass are:

  • Maham's Beauty Parlour, Gul Bahar, Peshawar
  • Laraib’s Salon in Gulbahar No. 3
  • Awan’s Beauty Zone on Ishrat Cinema Road
  • Tehzeeb Beauty Salon on Afghan Colony Road


Northern Bypass, Peshawar provides a smooth passage to frequent travellers and traders. The road is surrounded by several colonies and societies that offer a convenient lifestyle at affordable rates. Residents of the area have ready access to some of the most popular attractions and heritage sites of Peshawar. For instance, Gunj Gate on Circular Road is about 5 km away and takes only 15 minutes to reach by car from Khushal Town, Peshawar. From here, you can access several markets, famous bazaars, eateries, and parks. 

Also, Sir Cunningham Clock Tower on Sarafa Bazar Road is at a distance of 7 km via Peshawar Ring Road and Northern Bypass, Peshawar. It is a must-visit place for anyone travelling via Northern Bypass. Besides, Masjid Muhabat Khan is only 10 minutes away via Peshawar Ring Road and Charsadda Road to Andar Sheher Bazar. The mosque is a magnificent reminder of the glory days of the Mughal era. Tourists can visit the mosque anytime. However, visitors are not allowed during prayer time. 

Another prominent attraction near the bypass is Qissa Khawani Bazaar in Mohallah Baqir Shah, Peshawar. The bazaar is reachable at a distance of approximately 7 km while driving along Northern Bypass and Charsadda Road. Besides, it only takes 20 minutes to reach Peshawar International Airport by heading southwest on Peshawar Northern Bypass/Peshawar Ring Road, while Peshawar Railway Station is only 8 km away by following Peshawar Northern Bypass/Peshawar Ring Road to Kohat Road. 


Properties on Northern Bypass, Peshawar hold great significance in the real estate market of Peshawar. Residents of nearby localities have easy access to every necessary amenities needed for a comfortable life. However, with these pros, there are few things that you might need to consider before buying or investing in properties on Northern Bypass. Since the bypass is still under construction, people living in the area might face extended traffic congestion and noise and air pollution. The traffic congestion of the city will immediately reduce after the completion of the project, which will then translate into higher returns on investment.

Are you looking to buy property on Northern Bypass Peshawar ?


Importance of Northern Bypass, Peshawar from major locations nearby

  • Peshawar Motorway Toll Plaza is 11 km away by head southwest on Peshawar Northern Bypass 
  • Hayatabad Peshawar is only 20 minutes away from Northern Bypass
  • Gulbahar Peshawar is also located on Northern Bypass
  • It takes only 8 km to reach Peshawar Museum. Just head southwest towards Saddar Road 
  • You can easily reach Kapoor Haveli within 15 minutes by following Peshawar Northern Bypass and AH1 to Cinema Road
  • The University of Agriculture, Peshawar in Professors Colony, is only 18 km away by heading northeast on Northern Bypass and taking N Canal Road to University Road and Road No. 2

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