PWD Housing Scheme Islamabad is a well-developed and densely populated society
Pakistan Public Works Department is about 9 km away from Khanna Pul and densely populated society of Islamabad 

Pakistan Public Works Department or PWD Housing Scheme Islamabad is a well-developed and densely populated society, which is directly accessible from the Islamabad Highway. It serves the twin cities of Pakistan, Rawalpindi and Islamabad, making it easier for its inhabitants to easily move from one city to another, within a few minutes.

PWD Housing Society is about 9 km away from Khanna Pul and 7 km away from Koral Chowk, via Faisal Ave. This area is surrounded by affluent neighbourhoods like Bahria Town, Soan Garden and Pakistan Town. It falls under the Ministry of Housing and Works and comprises four blocks — from Block A to Block D. PWD Housing Society is dedicated to providing residential accommodation to federal government workers at an affordable price.

Due to the construction of new houses, provision of state-of-the-art amenities and creation of a robust infrastructure, property in PWD Housing Scheme has become popular among investors. Moreover, this housing scheme also has its own schools, banks, food joints, hospitals, parks, mosques, malls and retail outlets.


  • Surrounded by state-of-the-art amenities
  • The project comes under the Federal Government
  • Easily accessible from Islamabad Highway, Khanna Pul and Koral Chowk
  • Offers a variety of residential and commercial units
  • Safe investment opportunity



Public Transport in PWD Housing Scheme Islamabad

As PWD Housing Scheme is located at a prime location in Islamabad, residents can easily find public transport from PWD Bus Stop. Apart from public transport, people can also access taxis, rickshaws, Uber, Careem and other app-based ride-hailing facilities in PWD Society.

Mosques and Imam Bargahs in PWD Housing Scheme Islamabad

Mosque in PWD Housing Scheme
Spacious Jamia Mosque is located in PWD Housing Scheme so that people don't have to commute a lot

There are a number of mosques and imam bargahs in PWD Housing Society so that residents don’t have to travel much to offer prayers. These mosques include, Habib Mosque in Block A, Muhammadi Mosque Ahle-e-Hadith and Masjid Alhuda Ahle Hadith in Block B, Hazrat Bilal Mosque, Jamiah Kanz-ul-Imaan Mosque in Block Camd Markazi Jame Mosque Rab-ul-Aalamin in Block D. However, Mosque and Imam Bargah Ghulaman-E-Masoomeen A.S. and Imam Bargah Zain-Ul-Aabdin are also situated just an 8-minute drive away in Pakistan Town and Soan Garden respectively.

Schools, Colleges and Universities in PWD Housing Scheme Islamabad

There are many schools located in PWD Housing Scheme
PWD Housing Scheme has its own education centres in each block which offer high-quality education along with a well-trained teaching staff

PWD Housing Society has its own education centres in each block like The City School, Dar-e-Arqam School, Explore Ville School and Siddeeq Public School in Block A, Cherub Montessori and School, Air Foundation School System, Islamabad Model School For Girls in Block C, American Lycetuff School, Oyster School system, The Prep School, SAS AMSCARE Montessori School & Daycare and ROOTS Millennium School in Block D.

Some renowned colleges are also located within the society such as Polymathic Education System in Block C and United Chenab College in Block B. Those who want to get a diploma in technical education can consider the Institute of Technical & Professional Education (ITAPE), which is located in Block C. Other nearby colleges are Bahria Foundation College, Noon-Wal-Qalam Science College and Indus College in Police Foundation, National School AND College in Pakistan Town and Model College for Girls in Soan Garden. All these institutions are just a 10 to 15-minute drive away from the community.

PWD Housing Scheme is situated near a number of top-notch universities in Islamabad, such as Riphah International University in Al-Mizan IIMCT Complex, Fatima Jinnah Women University near The Mall, NUST Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies on Tamiz-ud-Din Road, Foundation University Rawalpindi Campus on New Lalazar Road, Foundation University Medical College in DHA Phase 1, Capital University of Science and Technology in Sihala Town, University of Lahore on Japan Road and Beaconhouse Concordia University GT Road Campus. All these universities are about 15 to 30-minute drive away from the society.

Clinics and Hospitals in PWD Housing Scheme Islamabad

There are many reputable hospitals, clinics and pharmacies located within PWD Housing Scheme
In case of an emrgency, the residents of PWD Housing Scheme can visit Chinar International Hospital in Block D

There are some reputable hospitals, clinics and pharmacies located within PWD Housing Scheme, such as Kashaf Family Hospital in Block A, Ahmad hospital, Health Care Clinic & Maternity Home in Block C, Shifa Pharmacy. Lab & Health Care Center, Zainab Medical & Diagnostic Centre, D.Watson and Chinar International Hospital in Block D. Other nearby hospitals are Shaafi International Hospital in Doctor’s Town, Riphah International Hospital in Sihala Town, Maryam Memorial Hospital in Bahria Town Phase 4, Tazeem Medical Complex on main Lehtrar Road and Attock Hospital Ltd (AHL) and Nawaz Memorial Hospital on Morgah Road. All of these nearby hospitals are just a 10 to 25-minute drive away from PWD Society.


Sale Price Trends in PWD Housing Scheme Islamabad

Houses for Sale in PWD Housing Scheme Islamabad 
Houses in PWD Housing Scheme
Street view of the residential area in PWD Housing Scheme

The sale price trend of a 5 marla house in PWD Housing Scheme is usually upwards of PKR 1 crore. Similarly, a 10 marla house in the society, starts from PKR 1.1 crore and it can go as high as PKR 3.25 crore. The range of luxurious 1 kanal houses lies between PKR 1.9 crore and PKR 4 crore. One can also pay these prices in instalments.

Plots for Sale in PWD Housing Scheme Islamabad 

Investors can find a variety of 10 marla and 1 kanal residential and commercial plots for sale, with a convenient instalment plan. The sale price trend of residential plots in PWD Housing Scheme varies, according to the size and location of land. A 10 marla residential plot in this society can cost anywhere between PKR 44 lakh and PKR 90 lakh, while the sale price of 1 kanal plot varies between PKR 1 crore and PKR 2.4 crore.

Flats for Sale in PWD Housing Scheme Islamabad 

Those who are looking for a studio apartment can find it in the range of PKR 17 lakh to PKR 41 lakh. The price of a 1-bed flat starts at PKR 14 lakh, going up to PKR 25 lakh. Similarly, a 2-bed flat in PWD Housing Society can cost buyers PKR 28 lakh to PKR 30 lakh.

Rent Price Trends in PWD Housing Scheme Islamabad

Houses for Rent in PWD Housing Scheme Islamabad 

Since everyone cannot afford to buy a house, people can easily rent property in PWD Islamabad, which offers a number of facilities, including schools, colleges, hospitals and restaurants on the premises. For a 5 marla house, rental prices range from PKR 22 thousand to PKR 42 thousand monthly. However, rent for a 10 marla house ranges from PKR 23 thousand to PKR 1 lakh per month. A 1 kanal house in this society can cost tenants PKR 45 thousand to PKR 1.5 lakh.

Flats for Rent in PWD Housing Scheme Islamabad

The rental price for apartments in PWD housing scheme depends upon their size and number of bedrooms. The monthly rental cost of a studio flat is around PKR 12 thousand to PKR 14 thousand. Similarly, you can rent a 1-bed flat at the cost of PKR 8 thousand to PKR 16 thousand per month while a 2-bed apartment in the society can cost anywhere between PKR 11 thousand and PKR 20 thousand per month.

Commercial Properties

Street view of commercial property in PWD Housing Scheme
Commercial Property is available in PWD Housing Scheme for new business ventures and other investment purposes

People can also buy commercial property in PWD Islamabad for business and investment purposes. The housing scheme is offering plazas for sale in the price range of PKR 3 crore–PKR 18 crore. Similarly, commercial offices in this society can cost up to PKR 1.5 crore, while the cost of 1 kanal commercial plot in the area starts from PKR 8.5 crore, which can go up to PKR 12 crore. In addition, one can also rent commercial units like small shops in PWD Housing Scheme. The rental price range of shops is PKR 10 thousand–PKR 4 lakh, while the rent for offices varies between PKR 4.5 thousand and PKR 1.5 lakh per month.



Malls in PWD Housing Scheme Islamabad

Shops and retail outlets in PWD Housing Scheme
There are a number of shops and retail outlets located on PWD Double Road

On PWD Double Road, there are a number of shops and retail outlets located to cater the shopping needs of the society, where you can find everything from brands’ apparel to shoes, jewellery and other shopping accessories. Some popular clothing brands like Kayseria, Little Giants, Ethnic by Outfitters, Cross Stitch, ChenOne, Diners, Nishat Linen, J. Junaid Jamshed, Khas Store, Levi's Outlet Store, Nimsay, Ideas by Gul Ahmed etc. are placed in PWD Housing Scheme. You can also find Bata Shoes, Borjan Shoes, Service Shoes, Disney Shoes, Hush Puppies, Tippitoes and Miniso within the premises of society.

Malls in PWD Housing Society
Azam Hassan Cloth Mall in PWD Housing Scheme offers a variety of brands and other shopping items

However, some of the malls in PWD Housing Scheme are Modern Shopping Mall, Azam Hassan Cloth Mall and Aqsa Mall in Block A, China City Mall in Block B, Punjab Cash and Carry in Block C and Sadiq Plaza in Block D of PWD Housing Scheme.

Restaurants and Bakeries in PWD Housing Scheme Islamabad

There is an array of restaurants and food joints in PWD Housing Scheme, which always bustle with people, like famous Habibi Restaurant, Baoo Ji Murgh Pulao & Restaurant, Chicken Cottage, OPTP, Al Madina Restaurant and Khyber Shinwari. Foodies can also enjoy spicy Biryani and Nihari at Karachi Biryani, Karachi Biryani & Chinese Cuisine, and Bin Yameen Nihari House.

Rahat Bakery in PWD Housing Scheme
The residents of PWD Housing Scheme can enjoy fresh bakery items and scrumptious cakes from Rahat Bakery

When it comes to cafés, PWD Housing Society has plenty of options. There is a variety of cafes located within the society like Café Upstairs, Quetta Chinnar Café & Restaurant, Pappu Chaiwala, Extreme Gaming, The Roof Snooker, and Social Buzz Café. Some of these places also have gaming zones for young people. Moreover, the residents of PWD Housing Scheme can always have scrumptious desserts such as mouthwatering cakes and bakery items from Shikarpuri Sweets & Bakers, Rahat Bakers, Landon Bakery, Emaan Dhaka Sweets and Gourmet Bakers & Sweets.


Parks in PWD Housing Scheme Islamabad

Parks in PWD Housing Scheme
Recreational area for kids in PWD Housing Scheme

The society has its own parks in almost every block like Block-A Park, PWD Park in Block B, PWD Central Park in Block C, and PWD Park in Block D. These spaces also have jogging tracks, benches, rides, climbing frames and swings for kids.

Salons and Spas in PWD Housing Scheme Islamabad

There are some notable beauty salons located within the area including Beauty Hut, Amber's Beauty Salon and New City Hair Salon in Block D, S&S Beauty Lounge, Streaks Salon and Lilax Beauty salon in Block C. The residents can also visit nearby beauty salons like Perisa's Hair/Beauty Salon & Training Institute and Layal Lash Beauty Salon & Institute in Soan Garden Block B. 

Fitness Centers in PWD Housing Scheme Islamabad

Fitness Centres in PWD Housing Scheme
For fitness conscious people there are several gyms and fitness centres in PWD Housing Scheme

Few gyms and fitness centres are also located in PWD Housing Scheme like Fitness First in Block B and Profile Fitness Gym in Block D.


PWD Housing Society is surrounded by numerous popular attractions where you can enjoy your weekends with your family and friends. Just 15 km away via Airport Road, Jungle World - Ayub National Park is located near Grand Trunk Road. This park offers sprawling green spaces along with boat rides, food stalls, a kids’ play area, a zoo and athletic fields. On the top of  Shakarparian hills, Shakarparian National Park is also situated, just a 25-minute drive away from the society via Faisal Ave. Here you can visit spots like Pakistan Museum of Natural History, Lok Virsa Heritage Museum, Pakistan Monument and Arts & Craft Village. Shakarparian National Park also has Gun and Country Club, Pakistan Sports Complex, Liaquat Gymnasium, Golf Course and Islamabad Club.

Adjacent to Shakarparian National Park, Rawal Lake and Lake View Park is also located at a distance of 24 km. In addition, Faisal Mosque is also just a 30-minute drive away via Islamabad Expressway. Two other major tourist spots, Islamabad Zoo and Daman-e-Koh, are also located around a 40-minute drive away, in the foothills of Margalla Hills.


PWD Housing Scheme is surrounded by almost all essential facilities such as schools and hospitals, but there a few things that one must consider before investing in property here. As of February 2019, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has not officially approved the residential scheme. Therefore, before you invest make sure the property that you choose has been approved by concerned authorities.

Are you looking to rent or buy property in PWD Housing Scheme Islamabad?


Importance of PWD Housing Scheme from major locations nearby

  • Jungle World - Ayub National Park is at a distance of 15 km
  • Shakar Parian National Park is just a 25-minute drive away
  • Faisal Mosque is also located just a 30-minute drive away
  • Rawal Lake and Lake View Park is located at a distance of 24 km

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