Qasimabad is one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Hyderabad, located in the west of the city. Qasimabad was developed as an extension of Hyderabad due to the increasing population. Some of the major roads of the city including Hyderabad Bypass, Jamshoro Road, National Highway 5, and Thandi Sarak are well-linked to the neighbourhood. However, Main Qasimabad Road, Qasimabad-Bypass Road, Wadhu Wah Road, Nasim Nagar Road, and many others also move and cut through the society. Besides, the town is home to some of the most popular places in Hyderabad, such as Rani Bagh and Sindh Museum, precisely located near National Highway 5.

Qasimabad, Hyderabad is a densely populated residential area and comprises a large number of housing societies. Among many colonies and residential precincts of Qasimabad, some of the communities or areas offering developed and reasonably priced properties are:

  • Qasimabad Phase-I
  • Qasimabad Phase-II
  • Wadhu Wah Road
  • Citizen Colony
  • Heaven Apartment
  • Naseem Nagar Road
  • Happy Homes Road

However, there are many other well-developed communities in Qasimabad. The prominent ones include Main Qasimabad, Prince Town, Al-Mustafa Town, Hyderabad Town, Abdullah Town, London Town, Gul-e-Latif Housing Scheme, Anwar Villas, Faraz Villas, Waqar Town, Wahdat Colony, Almadar Chowk, Momin Nagar, Marvi Town, Abdullah Valley, Gulistan-e-Sajjad, and Gulshan-e-Sehr.


  • One of the densely populated and well-developed neighbourhoods of Hyderabad
  • Every amenity is widely and readily available in the community
  • Well-surrounded by markets, banks, clinics, schools, and all other necessities
  • Offers safe, sound and a vibrant community life
  • Best for both investment and residential purposes



Public Transport in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad

Wide availability of public transport
Public transport is easily available in the town

Any mode of public transportation can be easily and readily used while living in Qasimabad. Different societies of Qasimabad town host various bus stations, while the areas surrounding the town also host quite many bus stations and stops of private coach companies. So, finding public transport in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad is a breeze.

Firstly, the area has a main bus stop named Qasimabad Bus Stop, located on main Qasimabad Road, Block I, Phase 1. Then, there is Pakora Bus Stop, a very famous place among locals, situated on Pakora Chowk, again in Block I of Phase 1. Plus, Haider Chowk Bus Stop is also found in Phase 1, precisely on N-5, Block II. Besides, Bhittai Town is home to Alfalah Bus Stop and Ali Palace Bus Stop is located on Nasim Nagar Road. This road also houses Nasim Nagar Bus Stop. Another bus stop also named Qasimabad-Haider Chowk Bus Stop is present on N-5 near Rani Bagh. Lastly, Happy Homes Road is home to Chandia Goth Bus Stop.

Some of the famous and easily accessible bus stops located outside the society include A1 Bus Stop on Auto Bahn Road, City Gate Badin Bus Stop in Heerabad, and Kotri/Latifabad bus stop on N-5, Hussainabad. Latifabad, a neighbouring society of Qasimabad, is also home to many bus stations such as Ponay 7 Bus Stop in Unit 7. Daewoo Bus Stop is also based in Latifabad Unit 7. All of these bus stations can be reached in 8 minutes from the society. However, a bus stop on Thandi Sarak, Bangali Colony, is only 6 minutes away and Qasim Chowk Bus Stop in Cantonment is somewhat 13 minutes away. A large number of public buses, autos, and taxis pass through these stations and areas. Moreover, residents can hire a private cab via various ride-hailing apps.

AKC Express Latifabad Terminal is a bus/coach company, providing transport services with their buses and vans, covering Karachi-Hyderabad route. Its stop is located on Auto Bahn Road and can be reached in 10 minutes. Al-Zaib Transport is present next to this terminal, which also provides mini-coach services from Hyderabad to Karachi. Mithi-Islamkot Bus Terminal is also 10 minutes away, located on Badin Stop, Cantonment, from where residents can hire the services of a bus or coach to travel to different cities.

Hosh Mohammad Shidi Flyover is in Qasimabad, Hyderabad
The flyover in Qasimabad eases transportation for residents

Markets in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad

Markets are central when it comes to keeping society functional and attracting buyers and investors. That being said, markets are abundant in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad. You can find a market at every turn in the town because the society is replete with general stores, grocery shops, and mini-markets.

Let’s quickly get through the markets located in Qasimabad first. Delton Super Market in GECH Society near Nasim Nagar Road sells anything to everything at economical prices. A market, which can be called a mixed market, since it sells a variety of products from snacks and beverages to groceries and fruits and vegetables, is located on Nasim Nagar Road, Phase 1 Qasimabad. Next comes A-ONE Market, which is based in Phase II Qasimabad, just a minute away from mix market. It also sells a wide array of general products. Royal Fabrics, a good clothes market, can be found on Main Qasimabad Road, Phase 1. Mudasir Cement Depot, a minute away from Qasimabad-Bypass Road sells building materials. The Rising Motors & Co is located on Wadhu Wah Road that deals in new and used cars.

Additionally, the town is home to countless stores. Some of these include KHAADI Fabric Store in Phase 1 London Town, Junaid General Store or Saad’s Shop in Phase 1 Qasimabad, Laghari General Store in Phase 1 Qasimabad, Al Asif Super Store in Nasim Nagar and Shop N Save, a grocery store, located on Main Qasimabad Road, Block - I Phase 1. For stationary and books purchases, residents can head to 3 Star Book Store & Stationers, located on Happy Homes Road, Gulistan-e-Sajjad. There’s also a pet clinic named Dr. Kachiwal Pet Clinic, located in Shop No.8, Habib City Plaza near Pakora Stop-Wadhu Wah Road.

Similarly, there are too many medical stores to count in Qasimabad. To give you a few examples, The Best Medical Store in Bhittai Town, Pak Medical Store in Ali Heights, near Naseem Nagar Road, Block C, Qasimabad, Phase 2, Faisal Medical Store on Naseem Nagar Road in GMB Colony, Yaseen Medical Store near Happy Homes Road, Sheikh Medical Store in Old Wahdat Colony, Jai Latif Medical Store near Nasim Nagar Road, Ghausia Medical Store on Wadhu Wah Road and New Sindh Medical Store and Citizen Medical Store in Citizen Colony.

When it comes to visiting markets located outside the town, residents of Qasimabad have endless options because the town is surrounded by many markets. Max Bachat Super Market, located on Thandi Sarak, Bangali Colony, is only 6 minutes away. It is a one-stop market where you can shop for everything from groceries, vegetables to household goods. If you are looking to purchase mobile or digital gadgets, SRTC Mobile Market in Chandni Saddar is the go-to place. It can be reached in 8 minutes. Fresh Sea Foods is a well-furnished Seafood market, known to offer top-quality, fresh, and healthy seafood is located on Auto Bahn Road in Latifabad Unit 7 Pathan Goth. You can reach the store in 8 minutes. Naya Pull Landa Market, situated on Kacha Qila Road in Railway Colony, is around 9 minutes away. Whether you are looking for shoes, crockery, bags, or electronic items, this market has got it all. Fazal-e-Rabbi Market on Thandi Sarak in Defence is also 9 minutes away. Products for day-to-day use are available in large quantity and variety. Dawood Super Market on Auto Bahn Road, near Latifabad Unit 7 is a 10-minute drive away. This all-in-one market sells a whole lot of general and specific products, including garments, perfumes, fancy accessories, cosmetics, frozen foods, and much more.

One of the oldest markets of Hyderabad, Resham Bazar can be reached in 11 minutes. It’s located in Resham Gali, Shahi Bazar. Bridal dresses, apparels, and jewelleries can be purchased here at reasonable rates. Similarly, Subhanallah Store in Raja Bazar, located in Jinnah Colony, Latifabad Unit 12, and Hussain Traders, located in Doctors Lane, Doctors Colony are also 11 minutes away. The former sells fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices while the latter is a building materials market. However, it takes 13 to 14 minutes to reach National Super Market, located on National Highway 5, a giant superstore selling everything, and Naval Rai Market on Market Road. This market is one of the oldest markets, popular since the British Raj. It also offers an extensive range of products, including groceries, fruits and vegetables, dry fruits, homewares, meat, chicken, fish, and medicines.

Moreover, there are many stores on Auto Bahn Road such as ECS, Servis Shoes, Borjan Shoes, and Levi's Outlet Store, all about 8 minutes away. Friends Book Point in Defence Housing Society is, however, only 5 minutes away from Qasimabad, Hyderabad.

Mosques in Qasimabad, Hyderabad

Residents of Qasimabad are truly blessed with good luck as there are many mosques in Qasimabad, Hyderabad, located at walkable distances. Virtually, every society in the town is home to lots of mosques. For instance, Gulistan-e-Sajjad houses Faizan e Bilqees Masjid, Al Raheem Villas Masjid, and Farooqi Jamia Mosque. Similarly, Citizen Colony is home to Muhammadi Masjid, Bhittai Town has Al Mustafa Masjid, Marvi Townhouses Muhammad Mosque, Abdullah Valley hosts Masjid Al-Aqsa, and Block I Phase 1 Qasimabad is home to Khalid Bin Walid Mosque and Masjid Al Habib.

Some more mosques include Jamia Makki Masjid, located in D4, Nasim Nagar, Abdul Gaffar Solangi Mosque, located near Nasim Nagar Road, Madina Masjid, situated near Qasimabad - Bypass Road in Phase 2 Qasimabad, Chandia Goth Masjid, sited near Happy Homes Road, Jamia Masjid Quba, present in Gulshan-e-Mehran near Railway Line Colony, and Al Rahman Bungalow And Cottages Mosque, located on Rajputana Hospital Road, near Gulistan-e-Sajjad.

Schools, Colleges And Universities in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad

The presence of academic institutions near a residential society increases convenience for residents and financial significance for investors. Having said that, there are, fortunately, plenty of schools, colleges, and universities located in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad.

More interestingly, Qasimabad is home to three most well-known and biggest schools in the city. These are The City School, Beaconhouse School System, and St Bonaventure's High School. They all are operational in Phase 2, Qasimabad. A blend of UK Curriculum and national context is featured by The City School, an international level of education is offered by Beaconhouse, which is also one of the biggest private school networks globally, and an administration of Roman Catholic Diocese of Hyderabad is featured in St Bonaventure's High School, which also earned the status of college in 2007 after Aga Khan University extended an offer for affiliation to the institution.

There are many other popular schools running successfully in the society. These include The Smart School - Ibnesachal Campus (it follows UK curriculum), Allied School, located on F-180 Citizen Road, Citizen Colony (it utilizes modern education techniques to provide a well-rounded curriculum), and The City Nursery (Qasimabad Campus), located on Main Qasimabad Road, Phase 1 Qasimabad which has another branch in London Town near Jinnah Campus Sehrish Nagar, Phase 1 Qasimabad (it provides Cambridge level education).

Moreover, Qasimabad, Phase 1 houses so many schools that it’s nearly impossible to count or list them all. Some examples are Govt. Girls High School and Agha Taj High School, one of the oldest schools in Qasimabad. Similarly, Qasimabad, Phase 2 is home to several schools including Sindh Academy High School and Sindh Grammar School. Also, Nasim Nagar Road is home to various schools such as City Cambridge Education System, Mehleej Grammar School, and Eden Grammar High School. Some other schools include Agha Taj Muhammad High School, located on Wadhu Wah Road in Abdullah Town, Blue Birds High School in New Citizen Town, Citizen Colony and Bright Future High School in Saman Abad, Shahbaz Town. Apart from these, Qasimabad has other schools following international standards such as Hyderabad International School, Oxford Public High School, St Mary's Convent School, and Anna English School.

City Cambridge Education System in Qasimabad
City Cambridge Education System is one of the leading institutions in the city

Some excellent schools located outside, close to the town include The Educators and Government Model School in GOR Colony, County Cambridge School in Defence and Rockford Cambridge School in Latifabad Unit 3. The first three schools can be reached within only 7 minutes while the last one is around 12 minutes away from Qasimabad.

A multitude of colleges are also present inside the neighbourhood. Government Boys Degree College is located near Wadhu Wah Road, Govt. Girls Degree College is situated on MU Diplai Road, Alamdar Chowk, Citizen Colony, The Smart College (Qasimabad Campus) is located near Main Qasimabad Road, Government College of Technology Hyderabad – STEVTA is operational near Wahdat Colony, National Highway, Phase 1 Qasimabad (it imparts technical skills in students to prepare them for professional careers), Blue Sea High School and College is located near Main Qasimabad Road, The Spark School & College (Jinnah Campus) is based in Gulshan-e-Habib, near Pakro Stop-Wadhu Wah Road, and Bahria Foundation College is also located in Gulistan-e-Sajjad.

There are some widely known colleges located outside but near the society. For instance, it takes only 5 minutes to reach Superior College of Science and Preston College For Boys & Girls. Both are located in GOR Colony. County Girls College is 7 minutes away, located near Thandi Sarak. County Cambridge System (both school and college) is among the top institutes of Hyderabad. Nonetheless, Army Public School and College in Cantt, TABS College of Science Campus-II (Boys) on Auto Bahn Road, and Bright Future College in Shahbaz Town are all around a 12-minute drive away.

As for universities located inside the town, Everest Law College in Phase 1 Qasimabad, Mehran College of Law and Teachers' Science College, located near Nasim Nagar Road are some prominent institutions for higher education.

Additionally, many prestigious universities are located in proximity to Qasimabad in different areas. SZABIST, for example, is located in State Life Building, Ground 3rd, and 4th, Thandi Sarak, Bangali Colony, about 6 minutes away. Allama Iqbal Open University and Institute of Modern Science & Arts (IMSA) are both reachable in 7 minutes. The former is present in House # 26/2, Street No.142/41, Defence Housing Society, while the latter is situated on Mezzanine Floor, Gul Centre, Near Gymkhana Club, Thandi Sarak, Saddar. It will take you 10 to 11 minutes to reach Hyderabad Institute of Arts Science and Technology (HIAST), located on Auto Bhan Road, University of East, sited in Latifabad Unit 2, and Zeeshan Institute of Science & Technology (ZIST), situated near Auto Bahn Road. ZIST offers a 3-year diploma in civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering.

Further, Preston University in Latifabad Unit 2 and Virtual University on Auto Bahn Road are 13 minutes away. However, Isra University, located on New Hala-Mirpur Khas Road Link can be reached in 15 minutes, and Mehran University of Engineering and Technology in 18 minutes.

Banks in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad

Having banks at short distance positively impacts a society’s property value. Luckily, a myriad of banks are working in different colonies and communities of Qasimabad. The banks in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad covers almost all the banking services, be it personal, corporate, Islamic, or ATM.

Some of the banks in the neighbourhood include United Bank Limited and First Women Bank on Main Qasimabad Road, Dubai Islamic Bank on Wadhu Wah Road, JS Bank (Citizen Colony Branch), on Citizen Road, Askari Bank in Haroon Chambers, HAD Scheme # 1, Main Qasimabad Road, Sindh Bank in Plot No.11, 274/1, Faraz Villas, and Bank Alfalah on Main Qasimabad Road, Block - I Phase 1.

Besides, Bank Al Habib has two branches in Qasimabad. One is in Citizen Colony and the other in Block I, Phase 1, Qasimabad. Likewise, MCB has two branches too. The first one is located near Nasim Nagar Road, while the second is operational in Nadeem Complex, Shop No.5-8, Ground Floor, Main Qasimabad Road. Soneri Bank is situated in Plot No: B-32/2, Ground Floor, Govt. Employees Co-operative Housing Society.

Banks located outside in proximity to the society include Bank Alfalah, Summit Bank Ltd, and JS Bank. All are situated in Defence Housing Society and are only 5 minutes away. However, MCB Islamic Branch (Thandi Sarak Branch) is located in River View Apartments, Bangali Colony, about a 6-minute drive away.

Clinics and Hospitals in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad

No one likes to live in the area devoid of medical facilities as they are the cornerstone of a society’s survival. Thus, having clinics and hospitals in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad is no less than a good fortune. Nearly all the housing societies of Qasimabad house various clinics. For instance, Phase 1, Qasimabad is home to Faraz Clinic, Rimsha Clinic, and Haji M Waris Clinic. Marvi Townhouses Alshifa Clinic and Gulistan-e-Sajjad houses Mehran Clinic. Residents of Bhittai Town can either visit Bhitae Clinic or Ainee Clinic for regular to specific check-ups, while Awais Ultrasound Clinic (in BG#259) can be visited for laboratory tests.

For dental help, residents can head to Dental Care Clinic, located on Main Qasimabad Road. Moreover, Asim Clinic is also located on Main Qasimabad Road in Block I, Phase 1. There’s a professional health consultant clinic named Ceragem in Penta Gon Centre, Shop# 3, 4 Rehman Residency near Sheedi Goth Phase 1, Qasimabad. The clinic offers expert advice for health tracking and management. Another Consultant Clinic is present in Abdullah Town. Some more clinics in Qasimabad include Najaf Clinic, located near Gulshan-e-Sahar Road, Sachal Clinic, situated on Citizen Road in Citizen Colony Sachalabad, Hayat Clinic, functional in House No C, 477 Street 3, PHASE-I Qasimabad, and Rayan Clinic And Maternity Home, based in Railway Line Colony, Phase 1 Qasimabad. Additionally, Dr. Aslam Memon Clinic, a child-specialist clinic, is located outside Qasimabad in Defence Housing Society, about 5 minutes away.

Similar to clinics, Qasimabad is home to many hospitals. Some of the well-reputed and most visited hospitals include M K Hospital, located opposite AKUH in Citizen Colony, Shafay Hospital, standing on Nasim Nagar Road, and Mother & Child Healthcare Centre, present in Marvi Garden. This hospital is maintained by People’s Primary Healthcare Initiative (PPHI). Moreover, there’s a diagnostic lab functional nearby that provides a medical diagnostic facility for significant diseases. It is located near Jamshoro Road. Lastly, Jeejal Maa Hospital, situated near Wadhu Wah Road, can also be visited for common to emergency cases.

There are scores of hospitals located outside the locality. We have discussed only those hospitals which are close to Qasimabad. Beginning with St. Elizabeth Hospital in Latifabad Unit 7, which is only 8 minutes away, while it takes 9 to 10 minutes to reach Cantt General Hospital, located on Salah-ud-Din Road in Cantt Area, and City Care Hospital, based in Latifabad Unit 6. However, you will need an 11-minute drive to reach MaaJee Hospital in Latifabad Unit 7, Surgi Care Hospital in Latifabad Unit 6, and Wali Bhai Rajputana Hospital on Rajputana Hospital Road. This hospital is reputed to provide competent medical services at reasonable charges.

Residents can visit Aga Khan Maternal & Child Care Centre, located in Plot #4/2, Jamshoro Road, in 12 minutes. At the similar time, they can also reach Red Crescent General Hospital (also referred to as Hilal-e-Ahmer) and Sehat Medical and Trauma Centre, a well-developed hospital. Both are operational in Latifabad Unit 6.

Furthermore, it will take you some 13 to 14 minutes to reach Hajiani Hospital, located on Dadan Shah Road, Sadder Police Lines, Dadan Shah, Bin Tayyab Medical Complex, also located in Dadan Shah (this hospital provides free-of-cost medical treatment to their members or cardholders), Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Hyderabad (This hospital is supervised by the Pakistan Army and offers various medical tests too), and Liaquat University Hospital.


Well-developed societies of Qasimabad
Qasimabad hosts several well-developed societies

Sales Price Trends in Qasimabad, Hyderabad

Before making any conclusion, it is necessary to thoroughly analyse the latest property trends of an area where you intend to purchase or invest in a property. This will help you make a sound decision and mitigate your investment risks in the future. Read the following information to get awareness about the current sales price trends of Qasimabad, Hyderabad. Besides, it is essential to note there are many societies in Qasimabad such as Citizen Colony, Qasimabad Phase 1, and Phase 2, and many others which offer a large number of houses and flats for purchase.

Houses for Sale in Qasimabad, Hyderabad

A considerable number of houses are available for sale in Qasimabad, Hyderabad. The sales price of 120 sqyd houses begins somewhere at PKR 25 lakh and can go as high as PKR 1.5 crore. You can also buy a 240 sqyd house for about PKR 1.5 crore to PKR 3 crore. Similarly, a 300 sqyd house can be purchased for PKR 2.5 crore to PKR 3.5 crore. However, a 400 sqyd house requires a minimum of around PKR 2.6 crore and a maximum of approx. PKR 4.5 crore.

Flats for Sale in Qasimabad, Hyderabad

There are several flats up for sale in Qasimabad, Hyderabad. Prices of these flats vary as per the number of bedrooms available in an apartment. The asking price of studio apartments starts at PKR 13 lakh, reaching the highest point of PKR 1.1 crore. However, the price of 2-bed units minimally begins at PKR 20 lakh, going as high as PKR 1.07 crore. Also, you can buy a 3-bed unit for PKR 30 lakh to PKR 1.2 crore.

Please be mindful that some 3-bed flats come in greater sqyds than that of 4 bed-units. Thus, the price of 4-bed units ranges between PKR 32 lakh and PKR 85 lakh.

Plots for Sale in Qasimabad, Hyderabad

A multitude of plots are up for sale in Qasimabad, Hyderabad. Property buyers interested in buying 120 sqyd plots should keep a budget of PKR 10 lakh to PKR 90 lakh in mind, while the price of 240 sqyd plots is somewhere around PKR 40 lakh, reaching a maximum of PKR 1.35 crore. However, the prices of the plots can increase further as per their locations and amenities.

Rent Price Trends in Qasimabad, Hyderabad

Similar to sales price trends, rental price trends of Qasimabad, Hyderabad should also be considered before finalizing a rental property in the area. You can find the said information below. However, it is mandatory to bear in mind that their rental prices significantly depend upon three main factors, including the size of a property, its accurate location, and the facilities accompanying the house or apartment.

Houses for Rent in Qasimabad, Hyderabad

As for houses for rent in Qasimabad, Hyderabad, you can rent a 120 sqyd house at a monthly cost of PKR 35 thousand to PKR 75 thousand.

Flats for Rent in Qasimabad, Hyderabad

There are some flats available for rent in Qasimabad, Hyderabad. These mainly include 2-bed and 3-bed flats. A 2-bed unit can be rented for PKR 12 thousand to PKR 15 thousand per month, while the rent of a 3-bed unit can be approximately PKR 17 thousand. A 5-bed unit, on the other hand, can be rented for a monthly sum of PKR 20 thousand and above.

Commercial Properties

Quite many commercial properties are available for sale in Qasimabad, Hyderabad, particularly shops. Generally, their prices start somewhere around PKR 20 lakh and can go as high as PKR 5.6 crore.



Malls in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad

It goes without saying that malls are now an integral part of community life – not solely a luxury. Thankfully, there are loads of shopping centres and malls in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad. Some of them are fully functional, while some are going through the construction process with new societies coming into existence.

Qasimabad provides its residents with a broad range of opportunities for satisfying their shopping needs. Naseem Shopping Mall, for example, is sited on Naseem Nagar Road. From garments to beauty products and electronic items to photography equipment, everything can be purchased here. Signature Towers and Mall is under construction at present in Gulistan-e-Sajjad, opposite Rajputana Hospital. A would-be classical mall, it will feature apparels, shoes, accessories, and everything else imaginable. Residents can also visit Mehran Shopping Centre, situated on Main Qasimabad Road, Block I, Phase 1, Qasimabad. Shoppers, mainly female shoppers, are well served here because the mall hosts numerous shops of clothes, dry cleaners, tailors and more at quite reasonable rates.

There are also quite many small shopping centres in the neighbourhood. Some good examples include Ghazi 1-Stop Shop, a fine, all-inclusive mini superstore, located on Main Qasimabad Road, Taha Centre, standing on Nasim Nagar Road, and Al-Noor Shopping Centre in Bhittai Town, where several garments shops, auto shops, and other shops for general accessories can be found. Ayesha's Collection sells fashion accessories and Salwa Mart in Gulistan-e-Sajjad is a complete store to shop for basic to custom-made products.

Malls located outside the town include Niazi Shopping Mall in Cantonment, about 9 minutes away. Magnum Mall, around 7 minutes away, located in the heart of Hyderabad, in Plot No 6, Civil Lines, is going through its final stages. It will soon delight shoppers with its amazing architecture and extensive offerings. Moreover, Orient Mall & Residency, located on Main Auto Brand Road, can be reached in 11 minutes. It’s a newly launched mall and comprises local and international branded outlets. Metro Shopping Mall is also 11 minutes away. It is located in Latifabad Unit # 3 Machi Kot. The mall features several brands of clothes for men, women, and kids. Another delightful mall, Boulevard Mall Hyderabad, is operational on A/14, Auto Bahn Road, reachable in 13 minutes. With a food court, elevators, and a multitude of brand outlets for everything, the mall entertains its visitors superbly. Lastly, Auto Bhan Towers and Shopping Mall is reachable in 13 minutes, located in Latifabad Unit # 3. You can find some excellent retail outlets and eateries in the mall.

Restaurants in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad

Restaurants, eateries, and cafes are some fundamental sources of fun and amusement. They allow us to gather with our friends and families and create some wonderful memories. Happily, there are some of the fantastic restaurants and bakeries in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad. As a matter of fact, every society in Qasimabad is home to a large number of restaurants and bakeries.

For instance, London Town Phase 1 houses Popeye Restaurant, a trendy fast-food restaurant among locals, and Qasimabad, Phase 1 is home to Cafe Arsalan. Also, there are quite many restaurants operational on and near Wadhu Wah Road. These include Al Fajr Foods, which serves mouth-watering biryani, Sindh Soomra Restaurant that excels at offering delicious tea and some traditional delicacies, Ajrak Restaurant, whose crispy burger and barbecue are worth-trying, Mama's Kitchen Restaurant that is known to serve quality food, and Roopa Maari Restaurant, which brilliantly satisfies the palate of its visitors with its luscious fish and traditional foods.

Moreover, Qasimabad has two pizza restaurants – Pizza Host N Spicy and Pizzeria Pizza & Restaurant. The former is located on Pakora Stop, Near Al Khair Agency, Main Road, Block I, Phase 1, Qasimabad, while the latter is situated in Plot no A-21, Shop 3, GMB Colony, Nasim Nagar Road. Both serve a variety of scrumptious pizzas. Lastly, Sindbad Restaurant is another fabulous barbecue restaurant, located near Nasim Nagar Road.

Concerning restaurants located outside Qasimabad, they are aplenty, reachable within a few minutes. Pizza Hut has its branch in Plot # 45, Near Hotel Indus, Thandi Sarak, GOR Colony, about only 5 minutes away. Similarly, KFC is functional on Thandi Sarak, SRTC Colony, about 6 minutes away. Both restaurants need no introduction. A-One Snacks & Br BQ is also around 5 minutes away from the community. It is located on Thandi Sarak, Block 1, Defence Housing Society. Whether it’s about their chicken rolls or barbecue, all boast incredibly delicious tastes. For fish-lovers, Breeze Fish Point is the best. Around 7 minutes away, this restaurant stands on Giddu Chowk, Main Auto Bahn Road. Although it is famous for its ‘palla fish’, but locals love their fried and barbecue items too.

While living in Hyderabad, who doesn’t love to enjoy doodh patti chai? To savour our traditional tea, Chaaye Shishtam must be visited as this tea shop stands out among other restaurants when it comes to tea. It is located on Auto Bahn Road and can be reached within 8 minutes. This restaurant also offers delicious sandwiches and rolls. Further, Royal Taj Restaurant, also located on Auto Bahn Road, is 11 minutes away. PIATTO Restaurant is 12 minutes away. It can also be found on Auto Bahn Road in Latifabad Unit 2. They are fabulous at making Chicken Shawarma pizza, club sandwich, burgers, and pasta. Likewise, Hyderabad Darbar is also 12 minutes away. It is located in Plot # A-13 Main Autobahn.

Royal Taj Restaurant, a fantastic eatery in the town.
Royal Taj Restaurant in Qasimabad serves scrumptious Pakistani dishes

Some of the bakeries located inside Qasimabad include Black & Brown Bakers, situated on Main Qasimabad Road in Shop No 8, 9, Saim Luxury Apartment, Near Phase 1 Qasimabad. Next comes The Larkana Bakery, operating in Shop 1, Square town, near Main Qasimabad Road. The road is also home to My New Bakery, precisely in Indus Gas Colony. Al Mustafa Town Phase 2 Qasimabad, houses the famous, Blue Ribbon Bakers. Some more bakeries in Qasimabad include Nimco's, Shaheen Dairy Sweets and Bakers, and Kings Sweets & Bakers.

Coming to the bakeries located outside the neighbourhood, the nearest ones are listed below:

  • The Bombay Bakery, located on 56 Liaqat Road, Civil Lines, Saddar, about 9 minutes away
  • Garrison Bakery in Cantonment is also 9 minutes away
  • New York Bakers in Plot 23-1/A, Latifabad Unit # 3 can be reached in 10 minutes
  • Burhani Bakery on Risala Road near Doctors Colony is reachable in 11 minutes


Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad

Lack of physical activities can create many problems for your health. Hence, keeping yourself busy and active is good for your physical health as well as mental well-being. This is why residents won’t be wrong to consider themselves lucky as there are many sports facilities and fitness centres in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad.

Discussing the facilities inside the community at first, Niaz Stadium, precisely located on Thandi Sarak near Rani Bagh, is one of the best places in Qasimabad for playing different sports. Then, residents can also head to Wapda Ground which is sited on Stadium Road.

Sports grounds located outside the society are also not that far from it and can be reached within minutes. For example, you’ll need only 7 minutes to reach GCD Ground, located next to Hyderabad Gymkhana, precisely on 8 Latifabad Road, Defence. However, Akbari Ground and Bagh-e-Mustafa Ground are around 12 to 13 minutes away. They are present in Latifabad Unit No. 8.

The societies in Qaismabad also house several fitness centres and gyms. For instance, Naqash Villas is home to Naqqash Villas Phase II Gym, based on Street 2, while Qasimabad Phase 1 houses The Fit & Furious Fitness Studio (For Ladies & Kids), precisely in Evergreen Residency Shop# 03, Nasim Nagar Road. Another fitness centre, New Muscle Mania Fitness Club, is located near Main Qasimabad Road.

Residents looking to visit fitness centres located outside Qasimabad can head to Body Factory Gym, reachable in only 5 minutes. It is functional in H.D.A Bungalows, Phase II, Momin Nagar, and Gold Muscles Gym sited on Kacha Qila Road. However, Muscle Mania Gym in Doctors Colony, Office Citizen Road can be reached in 10 minutes from the vicinity.

Parks and clubs in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad

Residents can head to several nearby parks and clubs to relax and enjoy the pleasant weather. Fortunately, there are a multitude of parks and clubs in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad. Firstly, the most popular Rani Bagh is inside the community, which also hosts Rani Bagh Zoo and Rani Bagh Funland. It is located on Wadhu Wah Road. City Zoo is also present near Rani Bagh Road, and New Ghulam Ali Mirani Park is also situated near Rani Bagh.

In addition, almost every society in Qasimabad hosts a park. For example, Bhittai Townhouses Samanabad Community Park, Gulshan-e-Sahar is home to Society Park 1, while Akhtar Cottages has Society Park 2. Naqash Villas Phase 1 also hosts a park, and there’s a Soomro Park in Phase 2 Qasimabad. Residents can also visit Askari Public Park, which is located near Qasim Chowk. As for clubs, there are mainly two in the community. The first one is located on Stadium Road near Rani Bagh while the second is based on Thandi Sarak, Road E, Rani Bagh Saddar. They provide a fantastic opportunity to play games, exercise, dine and have fun with friends and family. The clubs require membership to avail the facilities.

Residents looking for parks located outside the society can head to Defence Park, which is only 5 minutes away. It is situated in Block-A, Defence Plaza Thandi Sarak, Defence Housing Society. Sidra Park in GOR Colony is, however, 7 minutes away. Besides, it takes around 9 minutes to reach Cantt Park in Saddar. However, Arfa Kareem Family Park in Latifabad is around an 11-minute drive away and Shaheed e Millat Park on Auto Bahn Road is 13 minutes away.

Salons and Spas in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad

It is necessary to take out some time from your hectic schedules and give attention to your care. This need is brilliantly fulfilled by beauty parlours. Hence, the presence of salons and spas in and near Qasimabad, Hyderabad is highly beneficial.

Firstly, the society itself hosts many beauty salons and spas. Some of these include Venus Beauty Salon on Wadhu Wah Road, HS Salon & Spa in Al Abbas Heights, Main Wadhu Wah Road, SanaZ Beauty Salon in Abdullah Palace, Wadhu Wah Road, Main Qasimabad, White Rose Beauty Parlour in Faraz Centre-2, Wadhu Wah Road, Faces Hair Saloon on Main Qasimabad Road, Block - I Phase 1, Qasimabad, KASA BELLA Hair Salon & SPA on Main Qasimabad Road, The Cutting EDGE Salon in Faris Complex, Naseem Nagar Road, Phase - II Block B, and Sam's Beauty Salon, which is located near Wadhu Wah Road.

Other salons and spas in the society are Ayesha Beauty Parlour, Saja Studios, Heaven Beauty Salon, New Roop Singhar Beauty Parlour, The Mascara salon and Kapper Cuts Saloon.

However, residents can also visit salons and spas located outside Qasimabad but can be reached within minutes. For example, the following salons are just around 6 minutes away from the society:

  • Zainab M. Beauty Salon in Defence Housing Society
  • MenzImpression in A, Defence Plaza Thandi Sarak, Defence Housing Society
  • Real Image Beauty Chamber on Thandi Sarak, Block 1, Defence Housing Society
  • The Beauty Bar 6 minutes on 26/62 Liaqat Road, Civil Lines, Defence Housing Society

Another option is Prince Hair Dresser, which is based in Defence Housing Society, about a 6-minute drive away. In addition, it takes about 7 minutes to reach Depilex Beauty Clinic, located in House no B18, Royal Taj, 38 Auto Bahn Road.


Qasimabad, Hyderabad is encircled by many populated neighbourhoods and towns of the city. It takes only 11 minutes to reach Shora Goth, while Islamiya Colony and Sharif Square are both 12 minutes away. Abdullah Garden can be reached in 13 minutes and Pathan Colony in 14 minutes. You will need around 16 minutes to reach Gulshan e Fatima and Goth Karan Khan Shoro, while Muhajir Colony is a 19-minute drive away.


Since many political parties have their head offices in Qasimabad City, you can expect some degree of commotion and traffic gridlocks near the area, especially during special occasions. However, the community offers an ultimate residential experience as nearly all the facilities, and essential requirements are within hailing distance. Besides, the availability of numerous properties, reasonable price margins, and an excellent location make this residential pocket an incredibly lucrative property opportunity for property seekers.

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Importance of Qasimabad, Hyderabad from major locations nearby

  • Indus River View is only 9 minutes away
  • Tomb of Mian Ghulam Nabi Kalhoro is around 11 minutes away
  • Monument of General Hosh Muhammad Sheedi can be reached in 16 minutes
  • Hyderabad Railway Station is a 17-minute drive away
  • Well-connected to Hyderabad Bypass, Jamshoro Road, National Highway 5, and Thandi Sarak


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