Satiana Road Faisalabad holds immense importance in the real estate market and is also among the top five most demanded areas to buy real estate in the city. Owing to its ideal location, several developers are coming up with innovative real estate projects on the available sites near or adjacent the road. This is one reason why the developers of many prominent housing societies such as Tech Town, Citi Housing, Sitara Diamond City, Blossom Avenue, and Sitara Gold City choose Satiana Road as their project’s address.

Satiana is one of the longest roads in Faisalabad and is home to several new and old housing societies. The road is also a hub of necessary amenities, which makes living here extremely convenient. Satiana Road is also one of the most heavily trafficked roads in Faisalabad, and it also connects to several other famous destinations and arteries of the city.


  • Ideal location for residential and commercial purposes
  • Variety of local and international restaurants
  • Every necessary amenity available
  • Hub of most renowned societies, educational institutions, eateries, and shopping malls
  • Convenient commute with the availability of almost every mode of public transportation



Public Transport on Satiana Road Faisalabad

There are two ways to enter Satiana Road Faisalabad, from the south or west. The nearest bus station from Satiana Road from the south or via Chak 33 Road is Gates Bus Station and its just 13 minutes away. People entering Satiana Road near Faisalabad from the west side can reach Baber Chowk Bus Stop and Nalka Stop, both of which are only 15 minutes away. Travel only 2 minutes more, and you will reach Muhammadi Chowk Bus Stop. These bus stations are closest when driving from the north and entering Satiana Road via Jhal Khanuwala Flyover. Moreover, Satiana Road also connects to Faisalabad Railway Station via some connecting roads. The railway station on Railway Link road is just 21 minutes away from main Satiana Road.

Markets on Satiana Road Faisalabad

Having markets and malls nearby is a much-needed convenience given the increasing traffic congestion. Thankfully, Satiana Road Faisalabad, is home to numerous markets where you can shop for everyday products and enjoy a shopping spree at the many shopping malls located nearby.

The markets near Satiana Road are:

  • Chase Up on Maqbool road can be reached within 15 minutes
  • D Ground Market on D Ground road is 17 minutes’ drive away
  • Jalvi Market on Jaranwala road is 17 minutes’ drive away
  • Al Fatah Store on Jaranwala road can be reached in 16 to 19 minutes by car
  • Moon Market near Rex City road is 22 minutes away
  • Pakistan Cloth Market on Chinnoti Bazar road is 23 minutes’ drive away
  • Timber Market Faisalabad (Lakar Mandi) is 26 minutes away

Mosques on Satiana Road Faisalabad

Having mosques nearby is a convenience that should not be overlooked when you are looking for a new place to reside. As far as Satiana Road Faisalabad is concerned, there are numerous mosques located nearby such as:

  • Jamia Masjid on D Ground road is 15 minutes away
  • Kohinoor Town Masjid near Jaranwala road is 19 minutes’ drive away
  • Masjid Bahar Madina on Azeemi Street is 20 minutes’ drive away
  • Zainab Masjid on Zainab road is 19 minutes’ drive away
  • Masjid Chenab Club on Club road is 20 minutes away

Schools, Colleges And Universities on and near Satiana Road Faisalabad

Satiana Road Faisalabad is home to several housing societies, commercial areas, markets and everything else in between. As such, Satiana Road near Faisalabad is also a hub of educational institutions. Many private and government schools are operating near Satiana Road and can be conveniently reached.

Some of the most renowned private schools operating near Satiana Road Faisalabad are:

  • The Smart School Al Noor Campus located 26 minutes’ drive away on Khawaja Islam Road
  • Enamour School at a distance of approximately 17 minutes near Dr Iffat Street
  • The City School at a drive of 13 minutes on Khawaja Islam Road
  • Beaconhouse Premier Primary Campus located 15 minutes’ drive away on the service road of Jaranwala Khuranwala Bypass
  • Beaconhouse KG Campus is located 17 minutes’ drive away adjacent Nizami street

Likewise, there are also government schools offering education on Satiana Road near Faisalabad, including Government Boys High School Agro-Technical on Outer Road which is also connected to Chak 225 RB Road. The school is reachable in 6 minutes from main Satiana Road. Moreover, Government Boys High Secondary School for Hearing Impaired and Government Public High School both on Jaranwala road are only 13 minutes’ drive away from main Satiana Road.

The areas lining Satiana Road in Faisalabad are home to several private and government colleges as well. Some of them offer a co-education system, while others are segregated based on gender. Some private colleges near Satiana Road, Faisalabad are:

  • Punjab College of Commerce on Main Boulevard at 13 minutes’ drive
  • Faisalabad Institute of Science and Technology on Jaranwala road, 14 minutes’ drive away
  • Superior College for Girls on Shahra-e-Faisal at 14 minutes’ drive
  • Chenab College on Jaranwala road, 16 minutes’ drive away
  • Punjab Group of Colleges on main Jaranwala road and near Tezab Mill road at 16 minutes’ drive
  • Abdul Salam College for Science and Commerce on Lyall road, 16 minutes’ drive away

Some government colleges operating on Satiana Road are:

  • Government College of Technology for Women on Imam Hussain road at 16 minutes’ drive
  • Government College of Commerce on Sitara DR road at 17 minutes’ drive
  • Government College for Boys on Muhammadi road at 18 minutes’ drive
  • Government Millat Degree College on Haji Ismail road and can be reached within 37 minutes when driving from main Satiana Road
  • Government Cooperative Training College on Sargodha road at 44 minutes’ drive from Satiana Road

The nearby areas of Satiana Road are home to several private and public universities. Some private universities nearest to Satiana Road are Ripah International University on main Satiana Road (4 minutes), Virtual University Campus on main Satiana Road (15 minutes away), The University of Martial Arts on Susan road (23 minutes), Jamia Al Hasanain on Double road (39 minutes), and University of Faisalabad on Sargodha road (40 minutes).

As for public universities in Faisalabad near Satiana Road are concerned, the following universities are located nearby:

  • NFC University on Jaranwala road (19 minutes)
  • Government College Women University Faisalabad on Arfa Kareem road (19 minutes)
  • The GC University Faisalabad on Kotwali road (30 minutes)
  • The University of Agriculture Faisalabad on Abdul Aziz road (33 minutes)
  • Faisalabad Medical University on Punjab Medical College road (33 minutes)
  • National Textile University on Lahore-Sheikhupura-Faisalabad road (35 minutes)

Banks on and near Satiana Road Faisalabad

Banks are now a basic necessity of life, especially when it comes to paying bills, taxes, and challans, or withdrawing and depositing cash. Since cash is involved in almost every activity concerning banks, it becomes a source of peace to have them near your residence or business. Fortunately, there are several banks on Satiana Road Faisalabad, which can be easily reached.

The United Bank Limited (UBL) on Rachna Town road is just 10 minutes away from main Satiana Road, while Sindh Bank (Shahra-e-Faisal Road) and First Women Bank (Hakeem Sultan Ahmad Dawoodi Road) can be reached in approximate 14 minutes. Just 3 minutes away from Hakeem Sultan Ahmad Dawoodi Road, you can find Askari Bank Islamic Branch on Jaranwala Road. The banks can be reached in around 17 minutes. The State Bank of Pakistan near MA Jinnah Road can be reached in 19 minutes, while Bank of Khyber near Circular Road can be reached in 22 minutes.

Other nearby banks are:

  • Habib Bank Limited (HBL) on Faisalabad-Sahianwala Expressway can be reached in 25 minutes from main Satiana Road
  • Faysal Bank on Susan road can be reached within 14 minutes
  • Standard Chartered Bank on Main Boulevard can be reached in 19 minutes

The banks offer personal, corporate, Islamic, and ATM services to their customers.

Clinics and Hospitals on Satiana Road Faisalabad

Clinics and Hospitals are essential to sustain and maintain a healthy life. Ideally, they should be near your place of residence or business so you can get immediate medical attention in case of an emergency.

Satiana Road Faisalabad is home to several clinics, some of which are:

  • Tahir Physiotherapy Clinic on Samanabad road takes 24 minutes to reach
  • Dr Muhammad Ilyas Clinic on Nishtar road is at a drive of 25 minutes
  • Nizami Eye Clinic on Kotwali road is 25 minutes away
  • Iqbal Dental Clinic on Bakar Mandi Link is 26 minutes’ drive away

There is also a veterinary clinic located on D Ground road named Pet Care Clinic. It takes around 17 minutes to reach the clinic.

Hospitals featuring the latest equipment and qualified staff can also be easily reached from Satiana Road. Some renowned government hospitals located nearby are:

  • Government General Hospital on Gol Masjid road is 36 minutes’ drive away
  • Government General Hospital Samanabad on Hospital road is 25 minutes away
  • Children Hospital and Institute of Child Health Faisalabad near Jhang road takes 36 minutes to reach
  • Kardar Specialist Hospital on Jaranwala road is 19 minutes’ drive away
  • MNCH Hospital on Jaranwala road is 19 minutes away

As for private hospitals, some located near Satiana Road include Fatima Maternity Hospital on Rex City road (14 minutes), Mujahid Hospital Medical Complex on Green Belt road (21 minutes), and United Hospital on Chak 208 road (29 minutes).


Satiana Road Faisalabad is considered a top location by almost every real estate developer, and this is primarily why the road already hosts a plethora of top-notch property projects. The properties on Satiana Road near Faisalabad are best for residential and commercial purposes because of their location and their proximity to connecting roads and availability of necessary amenities.

Sales Price Trends for Satiana Road Faisalabad

Houses for Sale on Satiana Road Faisalabad

You can buy houses on Satiana Road Faisalabad according to your area requirements. Several modern societies are present on main Satiana Road. Almost every society features 5 marla, 10 marla and 1 kanal houses for sale on cash or easy instalments. The amount needed to purchase a 5 marla house on Satiana Road is around PKR 85 lakh to PKR 1.25 crore and if you are looking for a 10 marla house to buy, then keep a budget of PKR 1.65 crore to PKR 2 crore in mind. People looking to buy a 1 kanal house on Satiana Road will need a budget of PKR 2.25 crore to PKR 4 crore to get their dream home.

Plots for Sale on Satiana Road Faisalabad

As for 5 marla plots on Satiana Road Faisalabad, prices fluctuate between PKR 23.75 lakh to PKR 40 lakh. And if you are looking forward to buying a plot of 1 Kanal, then the price for this area size starts at PKR 1.1 crore, going up to PKR 1.6 crore.

Rent Price Trends for Satiana Road Faisalabad

Houses for Rent on Satiana Road Faisalabad

If you are looking to rent a house of 5 marla near Satiana Road Faisalabad, then keep a monthly rent of PKR 25 thousand to PKR 35 thousand in mind. The rent price for a 10 marla house near Satiana Road starts at PKR 50 thousand and goes up to PKR 60 thousand. Furthermore, if you want to rent a 1 kanal house, then the rent for such area sizes starts at PKR 80 thousand.

Commercial Properties

You can find commercial properties, including shops and offices for sale on Satiana Road. The area features quite a few 5 marla and 10 marla commercial properties on ownership and rent. The price of 5 marla commercial property on Satiana Road starts at PKR 2 crore, going as high as PKR 2.75 crore, while the rental price for 5 marla starts at PKR 1 lakh to PKR 3.5 lakh. If you are looking for commercial property of 10 marla on Satiana Road Faisalabad, starts at PKR 2 lakh.

Most Popular Areas on Satiana Road Faisalabad

Satiana Road Faisalabad areas to buy property
Three popular areas to buy property on Satiana road Faisalabad

Almost all the famous projects of the city are on or near Satiana Road Faisalabad. However, the most popular areas to buy property on Satiana Road Faisalabad are

  • TECH Town (TNT Colony) on Tech Town Main road is 4 minutes’ drive away and 24.5% of the people prefer buying property here
  • Sitara Gold City near Lower Canal road is 7 minutes’ drive away and 18.5%  of the citizens are found to be purchasing property in this area
  • Model City 2 on main Satiana road is 14 minutes’ drive away and 10.9% of the citizens pick this area in order to buy property.
Satiana Road Faisalabad areas to rent property
Three popular areas to rent property on Satiana road Faisalabad

According to zameen.com, the rental trends of the most popular areas property on Satiana Road Faisalabad are:

  • TECH Town (TNT Colony) where  67% of the property is on rent
  • Sitara Gold City comes next with 14.3% of the property is on rent
  • Model City 2 where 4.5% of the property is on rent



Malls on and near Satiana Road Faisalabad

As for shopping malls, the nearest to Satiana Road Faisalabad in terms of driving distances are Galaxy Mall on Main Boulevard road (16 minutes), City Mall on Chen One road (14 minutes), The Grand Atrium Shopping Mall on West Canal road (25 minutes), Dua Shopping Mall on Kotwali road (22 minutes), and Boulevard Mall on Imtiaz Shaheed road (21 minutes).

Restaurants And Bakeries on Satiana Road Faisalabad

Dining out is an activity we enjoy as a nation, and Faisalabad is no different. Talking about Satiana Road Faisalabad, in particular, a plethora of eateries and bakeries are located nearby including:

  • Chuck N Cheese on main Satiana Road can be reached in 11 to 14 minutes
  • McDonald's on main Satiana Road is 14 minutes’ drive away
  • Sam’s Fried Chicken and Burger on D Ground road is 15 minutes away
  • Baba Tikka Shop on Niazi street is 13 minutes’ drive away
  • Quilim Marquee and Chinese Restaurant on Sitara Dr road is 13 minutes away
  • Stone Ove Pizza Valley on Gulberg Thana road is at a drive of 30 minutes

Another essential convenience that makes a locality favourable in the eyes of buyers and investors is the presence of bakeries. Satiana Road is home to quite a few bakeries including:

  • Gourmet Bakers and Sweets on Narwala road is 24 minutes’ drive away
  • Super Ideal Sweets and Bakers on Gulberg Thana road is 24 minutes away
  • The Cakery by Butter Cakes on Ch M Sarwar Road is 21 minutes away
  • Halwai’s Sweets and Bakers on Susan road can be reached within 20 to 22 minutes
  • Badar Bakery on Rajbah road is 30 minutes away


Zoos on Satiana Road Faisalabad

Wildlife Breeding Centre is a great place to visit on Satiana Road Faisalabad with family and friends. It’s a mini zoo home to beautiful and rare wildlife. Children are sure to have a great time at Wildlife Breeding Centre.

Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres on and near Satiana Road Faisalabad

People are now conscious of their health and fitness than ever before. Increasing awareness has resulted in more and more people joining fitness centres and gyms and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Thankfully, there are many gyms and fitness centres located near Satiana Road Faisalabad such as Smarts Health and Fitness Club on Main Boulevard road can be reached within 12 minutes, Gold’s Gym on D Ground road is 13 minutes’ drive away, Al Fahd Spa and Fitness Club on Jaranwala road is approximately 16 minutes away, Lions Gold Gym and Fitness Centre on Susan road is 18 minutes’ drive away, and Ladies Gym on Sargodha road is 24 minutes away.

Cinemas on Satiana Road Faisalabad

Life cannot be considered complete without a touch of entertainment, and movie-watching is an excellent way to hang out with family and friends and spend some time together. Satiana Road is home to many famous cinemas in Faisalabad, including:

  • Cinepax Hotel One Faisalabad on Khawaja Islami road is 14 minutes’ drive away
  • Cineone 3D Cinema on Jaranwala road is 15 minutes away
  • Minerva Cinema Complex on Rajbah road can be reached in 25 minutes by car
  • Taj Mahal Multiplex on Railway road is at a drive of 16 minutes

Parks on and near Satiana Road Faisalabad

Satiana Road Faisalabad is home to several beautiful parks, which are frequented by both children and adults. Some of the nearest parks include:

  • Ghazali Park on Main Boulevard road, 11 minutes’ drive away
  • 7 Up Park on Main Boulevard road near Ayyoub Street is 12 minutes away
  • Kashmir Park on Askari road is 25 minutes’ drive away
  • D Ground Park near Gola Road is 19 minutes away
  • Jinnah Gardens on Club road is 24 minutes’ drive away

Salons and Spas on Satiana Road Faisalabad

Salons are an excellent way to address your need to look good. Some famous men salons on Satiana Road, Faisalabad are:

  • Depilex Men Salon on Jaranwala road near small D ground, 17 minutes’ drive away
  • Men’s Cutt Saloon on Hakeem Sultan Ahmad Dawoodi Road is 17 minutes’ drive away
  • Hollywood Hair Salon and Parlour on Kohinoor City road can be reached in 20 minutes

As for beauty parlours and salons for women, Satiana Road is home to Nusrat Salon on Main Boulevard road (11 minutes), Urbanity Beauty Salon on Khawaja Islam road (12 minutes), Signature by Eram on Jaranwala road (18 minutes), Alle’nora Annie’s Signature Salon Faisalabad on Imam Hussain road (14 minutes),  Sola Singhar Beauty Parlour on Jaranwala road (16 minutes), and Belleza Bridal Studio on Liaqat Avenue can be reached in 30 to 35 minutes.

Nearby Areas

The nearby areas of Satiana Road Faisalabad include real estate projects, such as Rehman Villas, Madina Garden and Kareem Garden. The Bhawana Interchange is also near to Satiana road and Allama Iqbal Library can be reached within 38 minutes. Moreover, a drive of 43 minutes makes you reach Faisalabad International Airport.


Satiana Road in Faisalabad is a popular area of the city, one which connects the entire city. The road is already home to various mega projects, shopping malls, and parks, and more projects are under construction. Given its location and its potential, the road is ideal for residential, commercial, and investment purposes.

Are you looking to rent or buy property on Satiana Road Faisalabad?


Importance of Satiana Road Faisalabad from major locations nearby

  • Faisalabad International Airport is just 22 km away and can be reached in 43 minutes by car
  • Bhawana Interchange is 47 minutes’ drive away
  • Allama Iqbal Library can be reached in approximately 38 minutes by car

To get more information on other localities and housing schemes in various cities of Pakistan visit the Zameen Area Guides.

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