Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur is located approximately 2 km away from Fareed Gate Road at the east, and about 5 km away from Bahawalpur Road at the west. It is a well-designed, safe, and secure housing society nestled at a prime location. The colony also boasts proximity to a well-connected network of roads, leading to different areas of Bahawalpur. It comprises all the primary residential and commercial facilities for residents and neighbours several populated areas where there’s no lack of amenities, be it markets, banks, schools, or hospitals.

Shadab Colony is also located close to several historical landmarks of the city such as Farid Gate, Gulzar Palace, Farrukh Mahal, Nishat Mahal, Derawar Canon, and Darbar Mahal. It’s a remunerative investment opportunity for property seekers since the properties here enjoy an excellent location and are available at affordable rates.


  • Well-located housing society
  • Houses nearly all the essentials of community life
  • Public transport is readily available
  • Schools, markets, banks, clinics, and other necessities are within close range
  • Promises a secure and convenient lifestyle



Public Transport near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur

Public transport has immense significance for every society as it eases the commute for residents. Luckily, finding public transport near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur is no big deal. Since the neighbourhood enjoys proximity to Fareed Gate Road and Bahawalpur Road, residents can access all types of public transportation from the society. For instance, One Unit Chowk Bus Stop on University Road, Satellite Town can be reached in only 5 minutes. Kali Puli Bus Stop, located on Darbar Road in Bahawalpur Cantt, is around 8 minutes away. However, it takes some 13 minutes to reach Islamia University Bus Stop, located on Circular Road, Model Town, and Niazi Bus Stand, located in Old City Bahawalpur. General Bus Stand, sited on River Road, Azizabad Colony is reachable in 15 minutes. Residents can also catch a bus from City Bus Terminal, based in Azizabad Colony. It is 15 minutes away too.

Apart from these stations, there are various private transport services present near the colony. For example, you can hire a mini coach from Multan Mini Coach Service, a bus/coach company, providing transport to various cities, including Multan. Its stop is located on Ahmedpuri Gate Road, Fawara Chowk, Old City Bahawalpur. They also offer a minibus service and have a separate stop of Mini Bus Service nearby. These are reachable in around 13 to 14 minutes from Shadab Colony.

Similarly, Bahawalpur Express and Ali Transport Service in Old City Bahawalpur also provide bus and coach services. They are also 13 minutes away. Shuja Royal Express Bahawalpur in Azizabad Colony is located at a drive of 14 minutes from the colony.

Markets in and near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur

Having a myriad of markets near the area of residence is nothing short of good luck for residents. Quite so, there are fortunately a high number of markets in and near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur. It is packed with so many grocery shops and general stores that residents don’t need to travel far for routine shopping. These include Mujahid General Store, Rahim Imam General Store, Lasani Superstore (Khursheed Town Bwp), Hamza Superstore, Asif General Store, Amir Bhai Shop on Wasi Lane, and Darul Ashya on Arain Chowk. All these stores are well-stocked with an extensive range of everyday goods and groceries for daily use. Shadab Colony is also home to several electronic stores and mobile shops. One such example is Al-Haseeb Mobiles & Computers Shop, which sells a variety of digital gadgets and mobile covers. It also provides easy load services.

Likewise, many shops and superstores are available in other nearby colonies of Shadab Colony. For instance, Green Townhouses Malik Ahsan Garar Supermarket, a useful grocery store for casual purchases. Moreover, you can visit Al Hafiz Superstore, located in Yasrab Town, Farid Gate Road, Ghousa Colony and Welcome Store, a one-stop general store, sited in Ghousa Colony near One Unit Colony. They both are around 3 minutes away from the locality. Al Makkah Department Store & Shopping Mart is, however, a 6-minute drive away. It’s located on Baghdad Road, One Unit Chowk, Satellite Town, Goth Muslim Town. You can visit the outlet of Service Shoes in Habibabad, Old City Bahawalpur for purchasing fancy and casual shoes. It can be reached within 11 minutes.

There’s Rangers Market in Hamza Town, reachable in 9 minutes, where general goods and medicines can be purchased. Uni Tower on University Chowk in Gulshan-e-Farid Colony and Al-Noor Auto Service on Yazman Road in Dilawar Colony, Bahawalpur Cantt are also around 9 minutes away. However, it takes only 6 minutes to reach Awais Complex in Goth Muslim Town. Another complete shop for general and custom shopping is 99 SuperMarket, which you can reach in 11 minutes. It is found on Circular Road, Farid Gate, Habibabad, Old City Bahawalpur. You can also head to Model Bazaar in Bahawalpur Cantt at the same distance. It is the go-to place for shopping essential to custom products, including household accessories, groceries, and edibles at economical prices.

Moreover, Chooti Market in Bahawalpur Cantt and Chowk Bazaar in Old City Bahawalpur are both 14 minutes away. The former comprises several general stores, hair salons, tailor shops, and grocery shops, while the latter is a famous bazaar of Bahawalpur well-linked with other exciting bazaars such as Shahi Bazaar, Sarafa Bazar, and Fateh Khan Bazar. Visitors always take delight in exploring a fantastic variety of clothes, ajraks, shoes, handbags, jewellery, and much more available in these markets.

Residents looking to purchase new mobiles or digital accessories can visit the all-in-one Dubai Plaza Mobile Market. It is home to nearly every well-known mobile brand and can be reached within 13 minutes. You can find the market on Circular Road, Derawari Gate, Islampura in Old City Bahawalpur. Further, Ishtiaq Traders, located on Zanana Hospital Road in Old City Bahawalpur, can be visited for shopping everyday products including groceries, eatables, detergents, dry fruits, and baked delicacies. It is around a 14-minute drive away.

Also, there’s Jinnah Supper Market in Satellite Town which is also home to Mushtaq Pharmacy. With regards to medical stores, the town also houses Well Plus Pharmacy, Bukhari Medical Store, United Medical Hall & Pharmacy, Madina Pharmacy, and Dawood Medical Store. These can be reached anywhere between 6 to 9 minutes. In addition, Fakhir Medical Store in Green Town is 7 minutes away, while Hafiz Plus Pharmacy, located on University Road, Hamza Town is around 9 minutes’ drive away.

Mosques in and near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur

Mosques are the most frequented place after home and workplace in a Muslim society. So, their presence near residential pockets is undeniably essential. Luckily, there are a large number of mosques in and near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur where residents can easily and quickly reach to take care of their religious obligations. Some of the mosques located inside the community include Masjid Haji Muhammad Anwar, Masjid Madinah-e-Sadiq, Masjid Quba (Jamia Mahmoodiya), Masjid Nimra, Noor Masjid, Jamia Masjid (on Faizabad Street 2), and a small mosque on Wasi Lane.

However, there are also numerous mosques outside the society, located at walkable distances. For instance, Al-Rehman Mosque in Green Town is only a 4-minute walk away, while the walk to Gulzaar Masjid on Street Number 2, Hamza Town takes 6 minutes. Moreover, Masjid Noor-e-Mustafa and Ghousia Masjid both are located in Ghousa Colony, Hassib Colony, and are about an 8-minute walk away. Hamza Masjid (Ahle Hadess) is also present in Ghousa Colony, which is a 7-minute walk away.

Schools, Colleges And Universities in and near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur

The presence of educational institutions near a residential setting is something preferred by investors or buyers seeking to own a property. That being said, the fact that there are many schools, colleges, and universities in and near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur makes this society even more worthwhile. Among many small schools operational in the community, some are Al-Deen Public High School, Learners School System, and EFA School System (Sir Sadiq Campus).

However, there are scores of schools operational in other nearby colonies too. To begin with, Allied School (Oasis Campus) is present in One Unit Colony and can be reached in only 4 minutes. This is one of the best secondary schools in Pakistan, offering a well-rounded academic programme with modern approaches while maintaining a balance between national and international standards. Moreover, the respectable Islamic school, Dar-e-Arqam School is located in House No 13 BK, Baghdad Road, Qasim Town, Satellite Town, about a 6-minute drive away. Alpina Pre Primary School in Satellite Town and The Knowledge School, located in 24- A, Farid Gate Road, Satellite Town are around 7 minutes away. Besides, it will take you some 9 minutes to reach Rangers Public School & College, located on Satellite Town Road, Hamza Town, Ahmadpur East, and Govt. Girls High School in Satellite Town. The Smart School, functional in Satellite Town, is another prestigious school that follows the UK Curriculum. You will require 10 minutes to reach the school.

Other nearby schools include The Central Public High School, Bloomfield Hall Junior School, The Country School, and Apwa Girls High School. These all are reachable within 6 to 9 minutes.

Some of the well-known colleges are also present near Shadab Colony. For instance, Reads College is only 4 minutes away. It is sited on Baghdad Road near One Unit Chowk. Apart from rendering intermediate education, the institute also offers several bachelors and masters degree programmes. Besides, Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Education Development is located at a drive of only 7 minutes in Satellite Town. It is one-of-its-kind and one of the oldest institutes providing excellent services in the area of teachers’ training over the last 50 years. Another popular and one of the oldest colleges, Millat College of Commerce, is also reachable in 7 minutes, located in 29A, University Road, Near One Unit Chowk, Satellite Town. It takes pride in providing meritorious educational services in the field of accounting and commerce.

Satellite Town also hosts many other prestigious colleges. These include Elementary College for Women, The Best College on 2-B Rafi Qamar Road, Government College of Technology on Hasilpur Road, Brooks Law College, and Apwa College for Women. All these institutions are reachable in anywhere between 7 to 9 minutes. Finally, two more famous colleges, Allama Iqbal College (Goheer Campus), located on University Chowk, Gulshan-e-Farid Colony, and Punjab Group of Colleges, situated on Marot-Yazman-BWP Road, New Islami Colony can be reached within 11 minutes from Shadab Colony.

Just like schools and colleges, universities are also in abundance near Shadab Colony. One of the widely known universities, National College of Science And Information Technology, is located in 4-A, Rafi Qamar Road, Satellite Town, at a drive of only 6 minutes from the society. Also, Govt. Post Graduate College on Farid Gate Road, Bahawalpur Palaces is 7 minutes away, and the Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences on Yazman Road in Islamia Colony is 8 minutes away. However, it takes 9 minutes to reach SoftVision College of IT (Virtual University Campus), located on Rafi Qamar Road, Satellite Town, and Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Institute of Medical Sciences, sited on CMH Avenue in Bahawalpur Cantt. The latter was only a hospital initially, however, later started its MBBS degree programme in 2016. This semi-private medical college runs under the supervision of Pakistan Army.

Moreover, a branch of The Islamia University on University Road, Maqbool Colony, Gulberg Colony can be reached in 10 minutes. However, you will need around 11 minutes to reach Government Sadiq College Women University, located on Girls College Road, Anwar Colony, and University of Central Punjab (Bahawalpur Campus), located on Yazman Road, New Islami Colony. Other famous universities including Allama Iqbal Open University Bahawalpur is 14 minutes away, while it takes somewhat 17 minutes to reach Superior University, University College of Engineering and Technology, and National College of Business Management and Economics (NCBA & E).

Banks near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur

Banks are one of the most vital necessities of society without which we can’t adequately take care of our financial matters. Thus, the wide availability of banks near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur is a plus point for both residents and investors. Residents have many options to choose from as the neighbouring societies are home to quite many banks. For instance, Satellite Townhouses various branches of widely known banks such as Meezan Bank and Allied Bank Ltd., located on University Road, are only 6 minutes away, while MCB in Commercial Area and Habib Bank Limited (Satellite Town Branch) on Fawara Chowk are around 9 minutes away. However, the branch of UBL is 10 minutes away.

Similarly, Bahawalpur Cantt also houses several banks including the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and The Bank of Punjab on Farid Gate Road. These are reachable within 9 minutes. MCB has branches in Old City Bahawalpur and Bahawalpur Cantt too. Both are about a 10-minute drive away. At the same distance, you can also reach the Bank of Khyber and Askari Bank. Both are located on Circular Road, Old City Bahawalpur. Lastly, NRSP Microfinance Bank & ATM is sited on 9 University Road, Basti Hamaitian Mohajir Colony and can also be reached in 10 minutes from Shadab Colony.

Clinics and Hospitals in and near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur

There are many benefits of having clinics and hospitals near your place of residence – lower costs, quick treatment, and increased preventive care, to name a few. Hence, a property gains an immense financial significance when it is surrounded by healthcare facilities. Shadab Colony is counted among the most significant societies in Bahawalpur because there are numerous clinics and hospitals in and near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur. Some of the clinics operational in the community include Hakim Clinic, Zainab Clinic on Main Road, and Shahbaz Homeo Clinic.

Further, a considerable number of clinics are also present outside the community. For instance, Farrukh Asif Clinic, situated in One Unit Staff Colony, One Unit Colony is only 4 minutes away, while it takes 8 minutes to reach Dr Atiq Gillani Clinic (a respectable child specialist), located in Satellite Town, Garden Area, and Dr Javed Aslam Clinic, sited on Darbar Road, Gulshan-e-Farid Colony. Additionally, Satellite Town is also home to Maqbool Eye Clinic in C-Block Main Entrance and Clinic of Dr Abid (a trusted paediatrician) in 62B Commercial Area. They both are around a 9-minute drive away. However, you will need around 10 minutes to approach Dental Life Clinic in Hamza Town, Dr Hafiz Mohammad Anwar Children-care Clinic, situated on Baghdad Road Awami Colony, Basti Hamaitian Mohajir Colony, and Aizaz Clinic, located on Circular Road, Farid Gate, Habibabad, Old City Bahawalpur.

Other nearby clinics are Samina Clinic, Healthcare Homoeo Clinic, Doctor Siddique Children's Clinic, Dr Serwar Clinic, Hafiz Muhammad Anwaar Ul Haque Clinic, and Anwar Neonatologist clinic. All of these can be reached somewhere between 8 to 10 minutes.

A sizeable number of hospitals are also located near the community. Beginning with Rafi Qamar Hospital in Muslim Town, which is only 8 minutes away, and Naz Hospital in Bahawalpur Cantt takes around 9 minutes to reach.

Moreover, it will hardly take 10 minutes to reach one of the most renowned hospitals in Bahawalpur, City Hospital, functioning in Bahawalpur Cantt, and Laser Eye Hospital, located on main Airport Road in Islamia Colony. Combined Military Hospital (CMH) is also 9 to 10 minutes away. It is affiliated with CMH Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS). It is a 500-bedded hospital, delivering state-of-the-art medical facilities to patients. Apart from having a burn unit and rehabilitation department, the hospital also provides CT Scans and other lab testing services. Lastly, a 1600-bedded, one of the oldest and technologically advanced hospitals, Bahawal Victoria Hospital, is also located in Bahawalpur Cantt on Circular Road, while Zubair Hospital is present near Allama Iqbal Town on Jhangi Wala Road. Both hospitals can be reached in 12 minutes from the neighbourhood.


Sales Price Trends in Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur

Having comprehensive knowledge about the latest property trends of an area helps investors and buyers make an informed property decision. If you intend to buy or invest in the properties of Shadab Colony, analysing its current prices trends is quite essential. The information presented below can serve as a guideline for anyone interested in the properties available for purchase in Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur:

Houses for Sale in Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur

There are numerous houses available for sale in Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur. From 3 marla to 7 marla size, you can find a variety of houses in the colony. The lowest price of 5 marla house is around PKR 45 lakh, and the highest price is PKR 70 lakh. These include both single-storey and double-storey houses and are settled on excellent locations.

Plots for Sale in Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur

A large number of plots are up for sale in Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur. Property seekers have the option of choosing between buying a residential or commercial plot. There are many 1 marla plots available in the colony which can cost you around PKR 12 lakh, while the price of 5 marla plots ranges between PKR 11.25 lakh to PKR 21.5 lakh. Moreover, you can also buy 10 marla plots at an amount ranging from PKR 22 lakh to PKR 45 lakh.

Rent Price Trends in Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur

Shadab Colony provides many rental options to people looking to settle in a rental property. However, three factors affecting the rental costs should be taken into account. These are the size of houses, their exact location, and the amenities offered by the property owner.

Houses for Rent in Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur

There are quite many houses available for rent in Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur. These houses are available in different sizes and have different price ranges. 4 marla houses can be rented for a monthly sum of PKR 15 thousand to PKR 25 thousand, while the monthly rent of 5 marla house starts somewhere at PKR 15 thousand, going up to PKR 30 thousand. A 7 marla house can be rented for PKR 18 thousand and PKR 25 thousand per month. You can also rent a 10 marla house, but it will a bit more, around PKR 28 thousand to PKR 50 thousand per month.

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties in Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur can be purchased at around PKR 65 lakh. Also, you can rent commercial property for anywhere between PKR 3 thousand to PKR 5 thousand monthly.



Malls in and near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur 

Families and friends often make their visits to malls for both entertainment and shopping pursuits. This is why a society located near malls and shopping centres is considered more exciting and valuable. Luckily, there are some clothing stores and malls in and near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur. For instance, the community houses Fancy Jeans, a fine clothing store where apparels of high quality are sold. Matchless Fashion is also a clothing store present in the society. It sells well-crafted and quality outfits, particularly for women.

Additionally, many popular malls of the city can be reached within minutes from Shadab Colony. For instance, Bobby Plaza, standing on Circular Road, Old City Bahawalpur is only 10 minutes away. Being one of the oldest shopping centres of Bahawalpur, this mall hosts many garments, uniforms, and cosmetics shops, while several tailor shops and bakeries are also delighting customers in this shopping precinct. You need not worry about parking as there is ample parking space outside the mall. Then, Khan Baba Shopping Mall is also 10 minutes away, located in House No 14-A, Street No. 2, Baghdad Town, Basti Hamaitian, Mohajir Colony. Locals frequent it for their routine shopping. An under-construction mall, City Mall Bahawalpur, is located on Stadium Road, Old City Bahawalpur, about 10 minutes away. Once completed, it will be a haven for shopaholics and entertainment seekers.

Furthermore, many small shopping outlets are also present nearby such as Combo Plaza in Satellite Town, only 9 minutes away, while Fashion Hub Garments on Hussaini Chowk, Hamza Town is 10 minutes away. Wanjara, a small shopping and departmental store in Model Town, can be reached at the same distance. Welcome Mobile Zone is a useful place for purchasing mobiles and digital accessories. It’s located in Old City Bahawalpur and can be reached in 13 minutes.

Additionally, Boom Fashion, located on Circular Road, Old City Bahawalpur, and Fashion Ghar in Old City Bahawalpur are around a 14-minute drive away from the locality. These apparel retail outlets offer wonderful and top-quality garments, along with other fashion accessories. The Master Mall also sells an extensive variety of clothes, uniforms, cosmetics and much more. It is located on Matyaar Link Road, Old City Bahawalpur and can be reached in 13 minutes.

One of the largest and well-furnished malls of the city, Bahawalpur Trade Centre is only a 15-minute drive away. It is functional near Melad Chowk, Gulzar-e-Sadiq, Old City Bahawalpur. Considered a prime attraction in Bahawalpur, this mall hosts shops of clothes, handbags and jewellery stores to toys, computer, and printing businesses. Lastly, Bahawalpur Pace Centre in Model Town, which comprises multiple brands and restaurants, can be reached in 16 minutes.

Restaurants in and near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur

Having restaurants and bakeries near your residence makes the community life more delightful. That said, there are a significant number of restaurants and bakeries in and near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur. For example, Food Book – Shakes and Juices is located inside the colony. Its cholistani chicken karhai is highly recommended by its regular patrons. Besides, they also offer a tasty variety of seasonal shakes, fresh juices, and ice cream shakes.

A large number of restaurants are located outside the society as well. Some of the highlights are explored here. City Cafe & Grill, located at a drive of 8 minutes on University Road in Bahawalpur Cantt, serves delicious cuisines including Pakistani, Chinese, and Italian. Also, their fast food and baked goodies are much-liked by people.

La Taska Fried Chicken in Satellite Town, Papa's Kitchen in 39-C, Commercial Area, Satellite Town and Paratha Night near Fatima Jinnah Park, Satellite Town are all 9 minutes away. The first one is popular with fast-food lovers, the second is visited by people looking to treat themselves with traditional and BBQ items, and the third restaurant delights foodies by serving a variety of parathas, chicken delicacies, and rolls.

Salt'n Pepper, located in N-5, Bahawalpur Cantt, is worth visiting to enjoy a variety of cuisines, especially their steaks and stuffed chicken with sauces. Bobby's Restaurant on Circular Road, Old City Bahawalpur serves scrumptious Pakistani dishes. Tasty Foods in Hamza Town also serves traditional foods and Almaida in Commercial Area, Satellite Town, pleases its visitor greatly with their delicious fast food and pizzas. All these restaurants are only a 10-minute drive away from Shadab Colony.

However, Almaida Fried Chicken, located on Fawara Chowk, Circular Road, Trust Colony can be reached in 12 minutes. Trying out any of their offerings – baked pasta, fish, platter, pizza, or fast food – is always a pleasant experience. Other restaurants such as Shahjahan Grill Restaurant, Desert Grill Tandoori, Café Home, Shaigan Restaurant & Fast Food, and Zanzibar Food Club are around 15 minutes away.

Bakeries are also present in proximity to the society. It will take you hardly 5 minutes to reach Imran Sweets in Mushtaq Colony. Plus, you will need only 6 minutes to reach Ideal Sweets & Bakers, located on Baghdad Road, One Unit Chowk, Satellite Town, and Data Sweets & Bakers, operational on One Unit Chowk Bus Stop, University Road, Satellite Town.

Moreover, Cake Studio, which offers much more than cakes, is located in House # 24, Satellite Town and is around 7 minutes away. Shan Sweet Baker, sited on Farid Gate Road, Hamza Town, and Bismillah Sweets & Bakers, situated on CMH Chowk, Yazman Road, Islami Colony, Bahawalpur Cantt are reachable in 8 minutes. Haji Sweets And Bakers, on the other hand, is somewhat 10 minutes away from the society. It is located on University Road, Maqbool Colony near Hamza Town.


Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur

The presence of sports and fitness facilities near their locality is of vital importance to residents. Fortunately, there are various sports facilities and fitness centres near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur.

Take One Unit Staff Colony, for instance. It has a sports ground that can be reached in only 6 minutes. A Basket Ball Ground is also present near Bahawalpur Palaces, located at a drive of 8 minutes. Besides, there’s also a playground in Sajid Awan Town, Muslim Town, about 10 minutes away. Pelican Stadium in Bahawalpur Cantt and RPS&C Playground in Hamza Town are also 10 minutes away. Residents interested in visiting Tanki Wala Ground need around an 11-minute drive as it is located in 4/C Block A Mohajir Colony University Road, Basti Hamaitian. Similarly, Wapda Ground in Riaz Colony is also 11 minutes away.

The popular, Bahawalpur Stadium in Bahawalpur Cantt, can be reached in 13 minutes from the society. Also known as Dring Stadium, it is an all-in-one stadium hosting different sports grounds, an indoor tennis court, a jogging track, a gym and much more.

Among many fitness centres operational near Shadab Colony, some nearest ones are listed below with their distance and location:

  • Power House Gym in Mushtaq Colony is around 6 minutes away
  • Ladies Bahawalpur Club, a good health club, being functional on Darbar Road, Bahawalpur Cantt is reachable in 7 minutes
  • IronHouse Gym & Fitness Club II, located in Satellite Town 5C Main Entrance, Al-Madina Plaza, 2nd Floor can be reached in 9 minutes
  • Time to Fitness, operational in Building no 54/C, Al Medinah Market, Satellite Town is also 9 minutes away
  • Fitness 360 is also located in Satellite Town and is 9 minutes away

Parks near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur

Some like to visit parks for picnic and entertainment purposes while others view parks as a way of boosting mental and physical health. Whatever the reason, parks are beneficial for everyone. Luckily, there are several parks near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur. What’s more, its neighbouring society, Satellite Town is home to many parks and entertainment spots.

The neighbouring society is home to Shahyan Park, which is 7 minutes away, and Alshams Park is 8 minutes away, while Aziz-ur-Rehman Park and Commercial Area Park (which also has a wide jogging track) can be reached in 9 minutes. However, it takes 10 minutes to reach Awan Park and Jinnah Park.

Family Park in Mustafa Town can also be visited in 8 minutes, but Rohi Park in Officers Colony is 13 minutes away, while Bahawalpur Water Lake in Gulzar-e-Sadiq is a 15-minute drive away.

Salons near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur

To get beauty treatments and hair services, you have several options to choose from as there are many salons near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur. For instance, it takes only 7 minutes to reach Irfan Hair Dresser, sited in Goth Muslim Town and Salix Beauty Salon, located in Anwarabad Colony, Street No 2, House No 1939/11. Shakoori Hair Salon, however, is around 8 minutes away, being located on Yazman Road in Anwarabad Colony.

You can also head to She's Parlour in Satellite Town or Femina New Look Beauty Clinic, situated in House No. 23 B, Sattelite Town. Both can be reached in 9 minutes. Other beauty salons such as Lush Looks Parlour in Satellite Town, Mac Makeup Studio & Salon in Sajid Awan Town Colony, and Decent Hairdressers in Hamza Town are around 10 minutes away from Shadab Colony.


Some of the densely populated neighbourhoods and communities exist near Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur. It will take you hardly 3 minutes to reach Haseeb Town and 4 minutes to reach Green Town and Al-Hafeez Town from Shadab Colony. Also, Jillani Colony and Ghousa Colony are around 5 minutes away. Hassib Colony is a 6-minute drive away while it takes 7 minutes to reach One Unit Colony and Mushtaq Colony. However, Garden Area, Satellite Town, and Goheer Town are around 8 minutes away from Shadab Colony.


There’s no doubt that residents of Shadab Colony enjoy a vibrant and active life because of close links the society shares with well-known roads and areas of Bahawalpur. However, this will also create a few cons, including chaos and commotion in the area. The 24/7 busy roads with traffic can also result in air and noise pollution for residents. However, Shadab Colony comes as a very worthwhile investment option for people looking to invest in well-developed and well-located societies that offer reasonably priced properties in a secure, comfortable, and active area of the city.

Are you looking to rent or buy property in Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur?


Importance of Shadab Colony, Bahawalpur from major locations nearby

  • Millat College of Commerce is only a 6-minute drive away
  • Gulzar Palace is reachable in only 9 minutes
  • Darbar Mahal is only 10 minutes away
  • Residents can visit Bahawalpur Museum in only 10 minutes
  • Jinnah Park is located at a drive of only 10 minutes
  • Central Library can be reached in an 11-minute drive

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