Shadman City, Bahawalpur is an up and coming residential project located in front of Civil Hospital, Bahawalpur. It is a gated community, nestled at a prime location of the city and consists of Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3. Shadman City Phase 1 is located at the right side of Jhangi Wala Road, while Phase 2 is on the left, and Phase 3 is situated on the main road facing Civil Hospital. Besides, Jhangi Wala Road and Jail Road cut through the society, providing convenient and swift access to various areas of Bahawalpur and convenient means of transportation for residents of the community.

Shadman City boasts nearly all the amenities and utilities including electricity, gas and water connections, garbage and sewage systems, parking space, internet connectivity, and mobile services coverage. Other necessities such as schools, shopping malls, public transport, hospitals, restaurants, mosques, and parks are readily available near Shadman City. Above everything else, Bahawalpur Airport is located around just 11 km away from Shadman City. The society hosts properties in various sizes and categories, available at reasonable prices.


  • A new, promising housing portfolio
  • Schools, hospitals, mosques, and restaurants situated nearby
  • Amenities for residential needs accessible at walking distances
  • Features all the utilities including water, gas, and electricity
  • Boasts a proper system for sewerage, garbage, and security
  • Potentially lucrative investment opportunity
  • Numerous properties are available at reasonable rates
  • Offers a safe and convenient community lifestyle



Public Transport near Shadman City, Bahawalpur

Having public transport at your disposal is something preferred by every property seeker; therefore, it is quite fortunate that there are almost all modes of public transportation available near Shadman City, Bahawalpur. In addition, various private taxi services, and bus and coach companies are also present near the society.

Firstly, some nearby bus stops include Niazi Bus Stand in Old City Bahawalpur, about 7 minutes away, Kali Puli Bus Stop on Darbar Road in Bahawalpur Cantt, about 8 minutes away, and General Bus Stand on River Road in Azizabad Colony, also around 8 minutes away from Shadman City, Phase 1. You can also catch a bus or other mediums of public transport from Farid Gate Road, located in Bahawalpur Cantt. It is also 7 minutes away. However, it takes some 11 minutes to reach Masjid Aqsa Chowk Bus Stop, located on Main Road 2, Tibba Badar Sher, Chorahi Chowk Bus Stop, located on Qasim Road, Tibba Badar Sher, One Unit Chowk Bus Stop, located on University Road, Satellite Town, and Araen Chowk Bus Stop, sited on Main Road 2, Bader Sher, Mohalla Muhammad Abad, Tibba Badar Sher.

As for private transport, you can hire a bus or coach from Bahawalpur Express, whose stop is present in Old City Bahawalpur, approx.6 minutes away or from Shuja Royal Express Bahawalpur, having its stop in Azizabad Colony, around 8 minutes away. However, you’ll need about 12 minutes to visit the station of Multan Mini Coach Service that provides transport services for various cities including Multan and Rahimyar Khan. It is located on Ahmedpuri Gate Road, Fawara Chowk, Ahmedpuri Bazar, Old City Bahawalpur. Lastly, Bahawalpur Railway station is a 15-minute drive away. It is sited on Railway Road, Basti Faridabad.

Markets near Shadman City, Bahawalpur

We tend to rely heavily on markets to satisfy our day-to-day needs. So, their presence is supremely critical. Regarding Shadman City, residents will easily find several markets and shops since commercial developments are in progress. However, in the meantime, residents can visit a wide array of markets located near Shadman City, Bahawalpur.

Suitable for routine purchases, Sheraz Market in Faisal Colony is only 4 minutes away from Shadman City, Phase 1. You can also visit Uni Tower, located on University Chowk, Gulshan-e-Farid Colony, about 5 minutes away. It stocks a wide variety of electronic gadgets such as cell phones, laptops, and accessories. Model Bazaar in Bahawalpur Cantt can be reached in 7 minutes. It is a place you can consider if you are looking for fundamentals such as eatables, groceries, and other household goods at reasonable prices.

Moreover, Awais Complex is a 9-minute drive away. It is a convenient shopping store located in Goth Muslim Town. Similarly, 99 Super Market, located on Circular Road, Farid Gate, Habibabad, Old City Bahawalpur, and Madina Card Centre Press Market, situated on Zanana Hospital Road, Old City Bahawalpur are both 9 minutes away. The former is a supplier of usual essentials while the latter is a print shop. Al-Noor Auto Service comes in handy when you need any assistance regarding automobiles. It can be found on Yazman Road, Dilawar Colony, Bahawalpur Cantt and is 9 minutes away.

Some more markets nearby include Bhatti Market, located on Main Road 2, Bader Sher, Tibba Badar Sher, about 10 minutes away, Chowk Bazaar in Old City Bahawalpur, approximately 11 minutes away, and Rangers Market in Hamza Town, around 12 minutes away. Chowk Bazaar is one of the oldest markets of Bahawalpur and is linked with other famous bazaars of the city including Shahi Bazar, Fateh Khan Bazar, and Sarafa Bazar. You can find almost everything in these markets without a hitch. Nevertheless, Rangers Market also offers a variety of general products along with a few medicine shops. Some small markets situated near the society include Mehmood market in Model Town C, about 11 minutes away, Bismillah market, a grocery store, in Bahawalpur Cantt, around 12 minutes away, and Al-Qader Market in Muhajir Colony, nearly 13 minutes away.

Chooti Market, however, is around 15 minutes away from Shadman City, Phase 1. It is one of the finest local markets, located in Bahawalpur Cantt and boasts several small general stores, tailoring shops, hair salons and much more. Also, Bahawalpur Cantt is home to several branded outlets such as Al Karam Studio, Ideas by Gul Ahmad, and Nishat Linen. All these can be reached via Jail Road and Girls College Road in 9 minutes from Shadman City. Other stores include Jazba Book Shop, located in Goheer Town, Gulshan-e-Farid Colony, 7 minutes away and Service Shoes in Habibabad, Old City Bahawalpur is reachable in 9 minutes.

Additionally, there is Afzal And Sons Karyana Store on Jail Road, which only a 2-minute drive away, while The Hyper Store in H-116, Disposal Allama Iqbal Town, New Apna Superstore on Girls College Road in Faisal Colony Sharqi, and Abdullah Electric Store on Jail Road in Disposal Allama Iqbal Town – all are around 3 minutes away. You’ll require only a 4-minute drive to reach Hamdani Super Store, sited on Girls College Road, Faisal Colony, and Universal Hardware and Paint Store, located on Girls College Road, Garden Town. Other general stores such as Bismilla Super Store in Tibba Badar Sher, Madina Super Store in Al-Majeed Paradise, and Mashallah General Store in Sajid Awan Town are 9 to 10 minutes away.

Some of the nearest medical stores include Faisal Medical Store on Jail Road, only 2 minutes away and Malik Medical Store on Jail Road in Arif Town, around 4 minutes away from Shadman City, Phase 1. However, it takes 9 minutes to reach the following medical stores:

  • Bukhari Medical Store, located on Baghdad Road, One Unit Chowk, Satellite Town near Goth Muslim Town
  • Zahid Medical Store in Medicine Market, Model Town C
  • Farooq Medical Store, also in Medicine Market, Model Town C
  • Raffique Medical Store on Baghdad Road, One Unit Chowk, Satellite Town

Mosques in and near Shadman City, Bahawalpur

Mosques have a critical significance in our lives, and having them within close range is a need shared by every community. Luckily, there are loads of mosques in and near Shadman City, Bahawalpur. Firstly, Shadman, City Phase 1 is home to Jamia Masjid Bilal (R.A), Jamia Masjid Ayesha, precisely in Plot S 11, Phase 1, and Al Aqsa Masjid near Attock Petroleum Ltd. Residents of all the phases can conveniently visit these mosques within minutes.

Even so, residents also have numerous options to choose from if they wish to visit mosques located outside the society. For instance, it takes hardly 5 minutes to reach Jamia Masjid Al-Rasheed in Disposal Allama Iqbal Town, Jama Masjid Saf Chistiai Wali in Pelican Homes, Zikria Town, Jamia Masjid ul Mahmood in Allama Iqbal Avenue, Shah Shams Masjid in Goth Nur Bakhsh, Basti Kot Noora, and Masjid Al Qasim in Shadman Colony. However, it takes somewhat 8 minutes to reach Bilal Masjid in Al Majeed Paradise, Rehmania Masjid also in Al-Majeed Paradise on Rafi Qamar Road, and Masjid Umm Ul Qura in Basti Salman Khalid Town from Shadman City, Phase 1.

Schools, Colleges And Universities near Shadman City, Bahawalpur

Residents of a community always feel at ease when academic institutions are situated close by. Quite so, the availability of schools, colleges, and universities near Shadman City, Bahawalpur makes the society even more attractive for buyers and investors alike. Some of the nearest schools are discussed below.

It takes only 3 minutes to reach Allied School (Allama Iqbal Campus), located on Girls Collage Road, Pull Dewan, Faisal Colony Sharqi. Being one of the most eminent private schools nationally, Allied School offers a well-rounded, balanced curriculum meeting both local and international standards. Ali Grammar School is another respectable private school, offering classes from Playgroup to Grade 8th. It is located in H 24, Aliabad Town and can be reached in only 4 minutes from Shadman City, Phase 1. In a similar time, you can reach The Smart School (Al Rehman Campus), located on Street No. 1, Garden Town. Two government schools are present on Girls College Road in Anwar Colony – Govt. Comprehensive Girls High School and Government Sadiq Model Girls High School. They are reachable in 4 and 6 minutes respectively. The Pace School in 73-B near Tanki Chowk, Faisal Colony Sharqi is around 5 minutes away.

However, it takes 7 minutes to reach The Programmer School, located on 17 Rafi Qamar Road, Al-Majeed Paradise, and Ahmad Public School sited behind Darbar Mahal, Muslim Town. Moreover, you will need 9 minutes to reach The Central Public High School, located in 5-W Rafi Qamar Road, Satellite Town, Dar-e-Arqam School (a prestigious Islamic school), situated in House No 13 BK, Baghdad Road, Qasim Town, Satellite Town, and Green School System, sited in 54-55, Ehsan Block, Sajid Awan Town Muslim Town. This school provides a comprehensive education based on Islamic ideology from playgroup to university level. It also provides students with the e-learning facility. Further, Satellite Town is home to three well-reputed schools, Apwa Girls High School and Alpina Pre Primary School, about 10 minutes away and Govt. Girls High School is around 12 minutes away. Lastly, Rangers Public School & College, located in Satellite Town Road in Hamza Town, Ahmadpur East is also 12 minutes away.

A noteworthy element of Shadman City is that it is closely located to Govt. Degree College of Special Education, only a minute’s drive away from Phase 1. This highly regarded institution extends a remarkable opportunity for special people to acquire top-quality education from qualified and trained teachers. It offers all the educational amenities along with conveyance facility. Further, there are many other leading colleges in proximity to Shadman City Phase 1. These include Govt. Sadiq Egerton College, located on University Chowk, Bahawalpur Cantt, and Allama Iqbal College (Goheer Campus), located in Goheer Town, Main Road, Gulshan-e-Farid Colony. Both are nearly 7 minutes away. However, SoftVision College of IT (Virtual University Campus) can be reached in 9 minutes. It’s located on Rafi Qamar Road in Satellite Town. Some colleges that can be reached in 10 minutes are listed below:

  • Millat College of Commerce in 29A, University Road, near One Unit Chowk, Satellite Town – apart from intermediate education, it also offers some bachelors and masters programmes
  • Brooks Law College in Satellite Town
  • The Best College in 2-B, Rafi Qamar Road, Satellite Town
  • Apwa College For Women in Satellite Town
  • Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Education Development (QAED), also known as Govt. College for Elementary Teachers is present in Satellite Town – this academy excels in the area of teachers’ training and has been serving for the last 50 years.
  • The Brooks Group of Colleges in Plot H 58, Johar Town,

However, Government College of Technology, located on Hasilpur Road, Satellite Town can be reached in 11 minutes and Reads College, sited on Baghdad Road, Near One Unit Chowk, Shadab Colony is 12 minutes away.

When it comes to choosing award-rewarding institutions and universities, you have plenty of alternatives. Government Sadiq College Women University is the closest university, only around a 4-minute drive away from Shadman City, Phase 1. It stands on Girls College Road in Anwar Colony. Moreover, the leading and most famous university of the city, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur (Gulshan Colony Campus) can be reached in only an 8-minute drive. It is present on University Chowk in Gulshan Colony. The Sublime Institute, however, is 6 minutes away. It is located on Girls College Road, Riaz Colony. It is affiliated with the Islamia University of Bahawalpur and provides various bachelors and masters programmes.

Further, Allama Iqbal College of Commerce in Bahawalpur Cantt is 7 minutes away, Govt. Post Graduate College, located on Farid Gate Road, Bahawalpur Palaces, is reachable in 8 minutes, and Vocational Training Institute (For Boys) in Anwarabad Colony is around 9 minutes away. This is a training institute providing a vast range of technical courses in different professional arenas such as auto electrician, beautician, computer application & MS office, and industrial and mechanical courses of plumbing, refrigeration, and air conditioning.

Besides, National College of Science and Information Technology, located in 4-A, Rafi Qamar Road, Satellite Town is 10 minutes away, the Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, sited on Yazman Road, Islamia Colony is 11 minutes away, and UK Institute of Technology in 26-A, New Satellite Town, is 12 minutes away.

Finally, you’ll need around 15 minutes to reach the following universities:

  • University of Central Punjab Bahawalpur Campus, located on Yazman Road, New Islami Colony
  • Superior University, situated on Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Road, Model Town A
  • The Virtual University of Pakistan, situated near Welcome Chowk, Opposite PANDA Restaurant, 1st Floor of Al-Noor Plaza, Railway Road, Welcome Colony,
  • The National College of Business Administration and Economics (NCBA & E), situated on Sarwar Shaheed Road, Model Town

Banks near Shadman City, Bahawalpur

Residents can easily sort out their banking matters while living in Shadman City as there are many branches of reputable banks in proximity to Shadman City, Phase 1. For example, it takes only 7 minutes to reach MCB, (D.C. Chowk Branch), located on University Road, Bahawalpur Cantt, The Bank of Punjab, situated on Farid Gate Road, Bahawalpur Cantt, HBL Bank, located on Sadiq Egerton College Road, Bahawalpur Cantt, and National Bank of Pakistan (District Courts Branch), sited on Sadiq Egerton College Road, Gulshan Colony. Another branch of MCB is present in Old City Bahawalpur, almost 8 minutes away.

Further, United Bank Limited, located on Stadium Road, Old City Bahawalpur, is also 8 minutes away. Also, UBL has another branch in Satellite Town, about 11 minutes away. NRSP Microfinance Bank is, however, 13 minutes away. It’s located on 9 University Road, Basti Hamaitian Mohajir Colony. Furthermore, following banks near Shadman City, Bahawalpur can be reached in around 9 minutes:

  • Askari Bank on Circular Road, Old City Bahawalpur
  • Bank Of Khyber, also located on Circular Road, Old City Bahawalpur
  • Meezan Bank on University Chowk Road, Satellite Town,
  • First Women Bank Ltd. (FWBL) in Aziz Plaza, Circular Road, Old City Bahawalpur
  • Allied Bank Ltd. (ABL) on University Road, Satellite Town

Clinics and Hospitals near Shadman City, Bahawalpur

Healthcare facilities should always be in close range to a residential society so that residents can address their medical issues quickly and conveniently. This is yet another attractive feature of Shadman City because there are quite many clinics and hospitals present near Shadman City, Bahawalpur. For instance, it takes only 3 minutes to reach Rehman Clinic in Garden Town, 4 minutes to reach Dr Asma Tehseen Clinic in Arif Town, and 6 minutes to go to Al Shifa Polyclinic in Gulshan Colony.

There’s A-Rahim Physical Therapy Centre & Orthopaedic Workshop, located on Sadiq Egerton College Road, Qasim Town Gulshan Colony, about 7 minutes away. This clinical facility provides various preventive care facilities covering many health issues. It treats children suffering from special health diseases such as developmental, neurological, and growth-related ailments. Further, it is also an orthotics and prosthetics manufacturer and supplier, helping people to regain mobility. Also, they provide physiotherapy treatments and optimal care to enhance wellness.

Moreover, Umer Farooq Physiotherapy Centre can also be reached in 7 minutes. It is located in Police Line Market near Model Bazar, Sadiq Egerton College Road, Bahawalpur Cantt. You’ll need around 8 minutes to reach Dr Javed Aslam Clinic, located on Darbar Road, Gulshan E Farid Colony, Dr Irshad Ul Haq, sited in Goheer Town Gulshan E Farid Colony, and Aizaz Clinic, located on Circular Road, Farid Gate, Habibabad, Old City Bahawalpur.

Maqbool Eye Clinic and Dr. Anjum Sabohi Clinic are both located in Satellite Town-C Main Entrance and can be reached in 10 to 11 minutes. Doctor Arshad Manan Childcare Clinic is also found in Satellite Town, about 10 minutes away. However, it takes some 11 minutes to reach the clinic of Dr Abid (Paediatrician), located in 62B Commercial Area, Satellite Town, Dr Atiq Gillani Clinic (Child Specialist), sited in Satellite Town Garden Area, while Shahbaz Homeo Clinic and Zainab Clinic in Shadab Colony and Farrukh Asif Clinic in One Unit Staff Colony are around 12 minutes away. Dental Life Clinic in Hamza Town is, however, a 13-minute drive away.

Another critical point of Shadman City is its proximity to Civil Hospital Bahawalpur, located on Jail Road. It’s only a 2-minute drive away from Phase 1. It’s one of the best and widely known government hospitals in Bahawalpur. In addition, Zubair Hospital, located near Allama Iqbal Town, Jhangi Wala Road, Disposal Allama Iqbal Town, is only 3 minutes away and City Hospital, located near University Chowk Road is around 6 minutes away. Moreover, it will take you 10 minutes to reach Bahawal Victoria Hospital, located on Circular Road, Bahawalpur Cantt. It is a well-equipped, 1,600-bedded hospital that provides treatment for nearly every medical and surgical issues. Further, Doctors Hospital in Model Town C, Zaib Hospital in Satellite Town, and Al Rehman Medical Centre in Model Town C are also 10 minutes away. Shahid Surgical Care, a clinical, surgical facility is located on Kanjo Chowk, near PTCL Exchange, 17 Rafi Qamar Road, Satellite Town, and can be reached in 10 minutes.

Furthermore, Rafi Qamar Hospital in Muslim Town and Khichi Hospital in Old City Bahawalpur are an 11-minute drive away. Other hospitals such as Al-Hayyat Hospital in Satellite Town, Azlan Medicare Hospital in Basti Hamaitian Mohajir Colony, and National Orthopaedic Hospital in Muhajir Colony Kachi, can be reached in anywhere between 12 to 14 minutes.


Sales Price Trends for Shadman City, Bahawalpur

A property decision should be made and reviewed only after acquiring the information about the latest property trends. Having adequate knowledge helps a lot in reaching a sensible investment decision as you’ll be able to envision the current market position of the properties being sold and bought there. Having said that, you can find detailed information on sales price trends for Shadman City, Bahawalpur below:

Houses for Sale in Shadman City, Bahawalpur

There are a multitude of houses available for sale in Shadman City, Bahawalpur. The price of 5 marla houses begins somewhere at PKR 55 lakh, going up to PKR 90 lakh, while you can buy a 10 marla house for PKR 1.3 crore to PKR 2 crore. These houses are well equipped with all the facilities, including lounge, spacious bedrooms, dining rooms, and car porch.

Plots for Sale in Shadman City, Bahawalpur

Quite many plots are up for sale in Shadman City, Bahawalpur. These plots include residential plots, corner plots as well as commercial plots. Firstly, to buy a 5 marla plot, you need to keep a budget of about PKR 23 lakh to PKR 27 lakh in mind. However, the price of 10 marla plots minimally starts at PKR 50 lakh and reaches a maximum of PKR 60 lakh.

Rent Price Trends in Shadman City, Bahawalpur

Rental trends must be equally considered to analyse the rental scenario of a property in a particular area. In this respect, the size of the houses, their exact locations, and amenities accompanying a property need to be taken into account as they influence the monthly rent.

Houses for Rent in Shadman City, Bahawalpur

There are several houses available for rent in Shadman City, Bahawalpur. These primarily include 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 marla houses. A 4 to 5 marla house requires a minimum of PKR 25 thousand and a maximum of PKR 40 thousand per month, while 8 marla houses can be rented for a minimum of PKR 40 thousand.

Commercial Properties

There are several commercial properties available in Shadman City, Bahawalpur for both buying and rental purposes. You can buy a commercial property for anywhere between PKR 70 lakh to PKR 1.12 crore. As for renting, a commercial property can be rented for a minimum monthly sum of PKR 7 thousand.



Malls near Shadman City, Bahawalpur

With many exciting elements and amenities, the malls of Bahawalpur are sure to entertain their visitors in the best possible way. Some of these fantastic malls are, luckily, present quite near Shadman City, Bahawalpur. First comes the Al-Madina Shopping Centre, about 4 minutes away. It is located in Garden Town and is an excellent choice for routine shopping endeavours. Another mall near Shadman City, Bahawalpur is City Mall Bahawalpur, reachable in around 8 minutes. It is situated on Stadium Road, Old City Bahawalpur. The mall is under construction at present but will entertain its visitors admirably before long. Then comes the Haqqi Centre, which is located in Bahawalpur Cantt, and can be reached in only 7 minutes. It hosts an extensive range of branded outlets such as Nishat Linen, Lawrencepur, and many more.

Moreover, Bobby Plaza, located on Circular Road, Old City Bahawalpur, is 9 minutes away. It is among the oldest shopping malls in the city boasting a good number of shops of almost everything, including garments, cosmetics, uniforms, and eateries. You can find some good tailor shops in the plaza too.

If you need to buy a cell phone or any other digital gadget, then you can head to Aziz Plaza. It can be found on Circular Road, Farid Gate Road, Habibabad Old City Bahawalpur and you’ll need only 9 minutes to reach there. Some garment shops and money exchanges are also present in the market. Some more markets to buy mobile phones include Dubai Plaza Mobile Market, located on Circular Road, Derawari Gate, Islampura, Old City Bahawalpur, and Al-Kareem Plaza, also sited in Old City Bahawalpur. Both malls are about 12 minutes away and stock a large variety of mobiles and digital gadgets.

Further, Victoria shopping mall, located on Circular Road, Trust Colony, is an 11-minute drive away. It is an ideal place for a speedy routine shopping. Bahawalpur Trade Centre, located Near Melad Chowk, Gulzar-e-Sadiq, Old City Bahawalpur, is 13 minutes away. It is a mall of wonders offering conventional to designer products for sale. Awan Plaza is also 13 minutes away, located near Ahmedpuri Gate, Mohalla Kumharan, Old City Bahawalpur. A huge parking area, quite many retail shops, branded stores, and other retail outlets selling different products at affordable prices. Some examples of small shopping centres include APNA Superstore and Grace Point Shopping Centre. Both are located in Satellite Town and can be reached in 11 to 12 minutes. They are similar to departmental stores selling a variety of items related to household use. Besides, the latter is also often visited to buy gifts, toys, and cosmetics.

Restaurants and Bakeries near Shadman City, Bahawalpur

It is no wonder that some property seekers prefer a residential site that’s well-surrounded by places of amusement such as restaurants and cafes. If you also favour these features in a housing society, you’ll be happy to know that there are many restaurants and bakeries near Shadman City, Bahawalpur.

Mehboob Hotel, only about 2 minutes away from Phase 1, is one of the finest eateries for enjoying a scrumptious meal of meat, daal, and vegetable curry. It is located on Jhangi Wala Road. You can also opt for Cafe One, situated on Girls College Road in Faisal Colony Sharqi. You can reach there within 3 minutes. Farooq's Kitchen, about 4 minutes away, can be visited if you have a hunger for fast food and pizza. It is present on University Road in Garden Town. Salt'n Pepper, located on N-5, Bahawalpur Cantt is reachable in 7 minutes. You won’t regret trying their steaks and stuffed chicken meals filled with delicious sauces.

Nevertheless, if you are tempted to savour yummy Chinese food, Pakistani dishes, fast food or baked delicacies, City Cafe & Grill is the place to choose. It is located on University Road, Bahawalpur Cantt and can be easily reached in 8 minutes. However, it takes 9 minutes to reach Honchos and Bobby's Restaurant. Honcho’s is operational near Arfat-e-Shereen Shop No. 5, Akbar Colony Commercial Area Satellite Town and is quite good at offering hot wings, burgers, and other fast food, while Bobby's Restaurant is present in Bobby Plaza, Circular Road, Old City Bahawalpur and serves amazing traditional varieties of food.

Further, there are several restaurants in Satellite Town, which are not far from the society than 11 or 12 minutes. Some examples include La Taska Fried Chicken, an excellent fast-food restaurant, Almaida Restaurant, best for pizza lovers, precisely located in Commercial Area, G.O.R. – II, Pratha Night, situated near Fatima Jinnah Park, a place known for its variety of flavoured parathas, and Take and Taste Fast Food Point, another elegant fast food eatery. Besides, Papa's Kitchen in 39-C, Commercial Area and Heritage Cafe and Grill in 50, Block C, Commercial Area are also present in the same town. Likewise, at a similar distance, two more restaurants are present in other societies. One is Almaida Fried Chicken, located on Fawara Chowk, Circular Road in Trust Colony, a recommended place for fried chicken, baked pasta, fish and platter, while the other is Shahjahan Grill Restaurant, located opposite Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Circular Road in Old City Bahawalpur. They serve fresh and delicious traditional foods, plus a variety of Chinese meals and soups.

Residents of Shadman City are also at an advantage in finding some good bakeries close by. New Data Sweets, for example, is only 3 minutes away. It is located in Disposal Allama Iqbal Town. However, it takes some 8 to 9 minutes to reach New Shaheen Sweets & Bakers (located on Farid Gate Road, Model Town C), Haji Rasheed Shon Halwa Bakery 9 (situated in Bahawalpur Cantt), Ideal Sweets & Bakers (situated on Baghdad Road, One Unit Chowk, Satellite Town, Jinnah Super Market) and Al-Fareed Sweets & Bakers (sited on Circular Road, Farid Gate, Habibabad, Old City Bahawalpur). Cake Studio and Data Sweets & Bakers are based in Satellite Town and can be reached in 10 and 11 minutes respectively. But, you’ll need a 14-minute drive to reach Haji Rasheed Sweets & Bakers (Pakora Chowk), Gourmet Bakery and The Bakery By Four Seasons, all of which are present in Model Town.


Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres near Shadman City, Bahawalpur

The presence of sports and fitness amenities in a society makes it more worthwhile in the eyes of residents as well as investors. There are, fortunately, several sports facilities and fitness centres near Shadman City, Bahawalpur, For instance, WAPDA Ground in Riaz Colony is only 6 minutes away. Similarly, the famous Dring Stadium in Bahawalpur Cantt can also be reached in 6 minutes. Also known as Bahawalpur Stadium, it offers multiple advantages and attributes to sports enthusiasts, including various games, separate grounds for different sports, jogging track, and a gym.

Moreover, Mattiullah Hockey Ground in Bahawalpur Cantt is also 6 minutes away. The society also hosts various football grounds such as QAMC Football Ground and cricket grounds such as Pelican Stadium. You will need hardly 12 minutes to reach these sports grounds. Besides, Sajid Awan Town Playground in Sajid Awan Town is 10 minutes away. A playground in Bihari Colony is also 10 minutes away. Tanki Ground in Model Town C can be reached in 11 minutes. Lastly, One Unit Staff Colony is home to a sports ground that can also be reached in 11 minutes.

To fulfil your fitness needs, you can visit Real Steel Gym, only 3 minutes away. It is sited in Disposal Allama Iqbal Town, Jhangi Wali Road. Besides, Ladies Bahawalpur Club is an 8-minute drive away, located on Darbar Road, Bahawalpur Cantt and Khan Gym Land in Old City Bahawalpur is reachable in 9 minutes. There’s a Judo Karate Club in Faisal Colony Sharqi, about only 6 minutes away. Moreover, Satellite Town is home to several gyms and fitness centres such as Bahawal Gym on Rafi Qamar Road, about 10 minutes away, IronHouse Gym & Fitness Club II in 5C Main Entrance, Al-Madina Plaza, 2nd Floor, around 11 minutes away, Cobra Taekwondo Club on 17 Rafi Qamar Road, also about 11 minutes away and Time to Fitness in Building No 54/C, Al Medinah Market Near Arfatysheri, Commercial Area, and Fitness 360 (Commercial Area Branch) in 290-C, both of which are around 12 minutes away. Lastly, Power House Gym in Mushtaq Colony and Khaqan Saleem Fitness House #15, BVH Colony, Bahawalpur Cantt can also be reached in 11 minutes.

Parks near Shadman City, Bahawalpur

A society flourishes more, in terms of both residential convenience and financial value, if it boasts green spaces, especially parks. Shadman City will introduce several parks for residents in no time. However, in the meantime, residents have other great recreational options to choose from.

Jinnah Park and Commercial Area Park in Satellite Town can be visited in 11 minutes. The latter also has a wide jogging track. Satellite Town also hosts Shahyan Park, about 10 minutes away, Al-Shams Park, about 11 minutes away, Millad Park, around 12 minutes away and Awan Park, about 13 minutes away. Furthermore, Rohi Park, located on Ahmedpur Road, Officer Colony is also 12 minutes away, and Shahdara Family Park in 22 Model Town B is 13 minutes away. It’s a newly opened park, which features jogging tracks, a small zoo and a few rides and swings for kids. SSD Lines Park can also be reached in 13 minutes. It is present in Bahawalpur Cantt. However, SS World Family Park in Model Town is a 14-minute drive away. The park is worth visiting since it’s got everything a family could ask for having a fun-filled day.

Salons and Spas near Shadman City, Bahawalpur

The presence of salons and spas is necessary for us to look and feel beautiful. Happily, there are plenty of salons and spas near Shadman City, Bahawalpur. For example, from Phase 1, it will take you only 4 minutes to reach Akram Lovely Hair Dresser, located on Girls College Road, Anwar Colony, 5 minutes to Living Doll Beauty Salon, situated on Girls College Road, Riaz Colony and 7 minutes to Wreesha’s Beauty Parlour, functional in Old City Bahawalpur. However, it takes some 10 to 11 minutes to reach the following salons:

  • Irfan Hair Dresser in Goth Muslim Town
  • Salix Beauty Salon in Anwarabad colony Street No 2, House No. 1939/11, Mushtaq Colony
  • Shakoori Hair Salon on Yazman Road, Anwarabad Colony,
  • Bismillah Hair Dresser in Canal Colony
  • Nayab Beauty Parlour near Dhola Market, New Muslim Town,
  • Mac Makeup Studio & Salon in Sajid Awan Town
  • She's Parlor in Satellite Town

However, it takes nearly 12 minutes to reach Monte Carlo Ladies Beauty Salon in Old City Bahawalpur, Rawaa Beauty Salon in Model Town B, and Lush Looks Parlour and Femina New Look Beauty Clinic in Satellite Town.


Shadman City, Bahawalpur neighbours many modern housing societies such as Ali City Housing Scheme, about 3 minutes away, Aman Society Housing Scheme, about 4 minutes away, Pelican Homes, also about 4 minutes away, and Al-Jannat Housing Scheme and Jinnah Garden Housing Scheme, about 5 minutes away. Other neighbouring societies such as Bankers Colony and Disposal Allama Iqbal Town are around 4 minutes away, Riaz Colony and Faisal Colony Sharqi are reachable in 6 minutes, Anwar Colony can be reached in 7 minutes, while it takes 8 minutes to reach Basti Bhattian and Khalid Town. Lastly, Jafri Town, Gulshan-e-Bahawalpur, and Canal Colony are 9 minutes away, Old City Bahawalpur and Sajid Awan Town, about 10 minutes away, Tibba Badar Sher and Mushtaq Colony, about 11 minutes away and Aliabad Town is a 12-minute drive away precisely from Shadman City, Phase 1.


Shadman City may lack few of the necessary system instalments and utilities currently, which may hinder the lives of residents. However, all these will soon be available. Being connected to significant and busy roads of the city, chances are traffic, and noise-related problems may bother residents. Besides, once the society is completely furnished and ready to occupy, the prices of properties may rise. In short, the community promises a convenient and complete residential experience where no amenity or resource is omitted. Finally, with its budget-friendly properties, Shadman City can be considered a profitable addition to an investor’s portfolio.

Are you looking to rent or buy property in Shadman City, Bahawalpur?


Importance of Shadman City, Bahawalpur from major locations nearby

  • Civil Hospital is hardly a 3-minute drive away from Phase 1
  • Residents of Phase 1 can visit Govt. Degree College of Special Education within a minute
  • Bahawalpur Airport is around 19 to 20 minutes away
  • Government Sadiq College Women University is only 4 minutes away
  • The Islamia University of Bahawalpur (Gulshan Colony) can be reached within 8 minutes

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