Trust Colony, Bahawalpur is a remarkably built, well-developed housing society, located in the heart of the city. Some of the most significant roads of Bahawalpur, such as the Circular Road and Noor Mahal Road, pass through the colony. Also, the society is connected to Prince Road. The link with these major arteries makes the colony quite a lucrative property option as residents can conveniently travel to and from the settlement while staying connected to other significant areas of Bahawalpur.

Another reason why this community enjoys a desirable geographical location is its proximity to the city’s many historical marvels such as Bahawalpur Museum, Noor Mahal, Rohi Park, and Bahawalpur Stadium. Moreover, the society abounds in almost all the amenities of life considered vital for residents, including schools, mosques, markets, shops, clinics, banks, and much more. Several marriage halls, hostel, and guest houses are also located near the society.


  • One of the most well-developed neighbourhoods in Bahawalpur
  • All amenities and necessities of everyday life are readily available
  • Houses several markets, clinics, mosques, banks, and educational institutions
  • A prime and attractive location due to the presence of many historical sites
  • Offers properties at competitive rates
  • Provides a complete, self-sustained community life



Public Transport in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur

Residents have easy access to every mode of public transportation while living in Trust Colony. The convenience of having public transport in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur facilitates them quite much. Firstly, Daewoo FastEX, a bus service, has an office in the colony. Residents can travel to various places in and outside the city via this bus service. As for bus stations, Islamia University Bus Stop is only 3 minutes away, located in Officer Colony, while another Islamia University bus stop is located on Circular Road in Model Town B, which is only 5 minutes away from the society. Kali Puli Bus Stop, located on Darbar Road, Bahawalpur Cantt, and Niazi Bus Stand in Old City Bahawalpur are around 9 minutes away. However, it will take you 10 minutes to reach General Bus Stand, located on River Road, Azizabad Colony.

Additionally, several private bus and coach companies are operating near the community. For example, Multan Mini Coach Service (Bahawalpur-Multan-Rahimyar Khan) is a bus and coach company, a stop of which is located on Ahmedpuri Gate Road Fawara Chowk, Old City Bahawalpur and can also be reached within 3 minutes. There’s also Ali Transport Service, a bus tour agency, located on General Transport Service Road, Old City Bahawalpur, and can be reached within 9 minutes. Shuja Royal Express Bahawalpur is also a bus and coach company, located in Azizabad Colony and reachable in 10 minutes. Moreover, Bahawalpur Express is around 9 minutes away, located in Old City Bahawalpur and City Bus Terminal is 10 minutes away. It’s situated in Azizabad Colony. A Mini Bus Service can be utilized to travel to other cities such as Multan. It’s located on Fawara Chowk, Ahmedpuri Gate, Old City Bahawalpur and is only a 3-minute drive away.

Markets in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur

Markets and shops are the bedrock of a society’s existence. Having said that, there are fortunately loads of markets in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur. Let’s explore the markets located inside the colony first.

A vegetable wholesale shop is present in the society, popularly known as Munchi Sabzi Wala from where residents can purchase fresh vegetables at economical prices. A roti tandoor shop is operational next to this stall.  Besides, there’s a small electronics store in the community named New Pak Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Works. It provides a variety of technical and repair services. There’s also a utility store in the colony where you can find an array of groceries and products of general use.

Moreover, the settlement also houses a tile store named Al- Fareed Tiles. It sells local and imported tiles, and toilet and washroom accessories. K&N's Chicken Store is located in Shop No. 253, B-8, Main Circular Road, Trust Colony. Also, Trust Colony is home to Abdullah Carpet & Parda Cloth, Olympia Carpet Centre, Al-Saudia Jewel Collection, and Rayyan Electronics. All of these are located on Circular Road and can be reached in a few minutes by road.

As far as markets located outside are concerned, there are tons of them within short distances. You can easily reach several markets, stores, and small shops operating near the colony. For instance, 99 Super Market, a grocery store, is only 5 minutes away. It is situated on Circular Road, Farid Gate, Habibabad, Old City Bahawalpur. One of the prominent and most-visited markets of the city, Chowk Bazaar is also located in Old City Bahawalpur and can be reached in only 6 minutes. It is basically a junction of a couple of famous bazaars specifically Shahi Bazaar, Fateh Khan Bazar, and Sarafa Bazar. These vibrant bazaars offer a huge variety of almost everything from colourful dresses, gorgeous handbags, classic ajraks to jewellery, cosmetics, and much more.

Further, Ishtiaq Traders Market, located on Zanana Hospital Road, Old City Bahawalpur, can be reached in 6 minutes. It stocks an extensive collection of general and grocery commodities, eatables, dry fruits, snacks, detergents, and baked goodies, among others. Madina Card Center Press Market, a print shop, is also located on Zanana Hospital Road, Old City Bahawalpur and is around 6 minutes away. There’s one small market in Bahawalpur Cantt., which is known as Chooti Market. It can be reached within 7 minutes. This market hosts multiple general stores, hair salons, and tailor shops. Moreover, you can find many stores and shops on Circular Road, Old City Bahawalpur, and they all can be reached within 3 minutes from the community. These include Servis Shoe Store, Gulshan Electric Store, Crockery Store, Zahid Crockery, Zahid Electronics, Book City, and Diamond Supreme Foam.

Some more markets present nearby include Auto Part Market on Ahmedpur Road, Sadiq Colony, just 5 minutes away, the famous Liberty Market, located on Circular Road, Derawari Gate, Islampura, Old City Bahawalpur, only 3 minutes away, Mehmood market in Model Town C, 6 minutes away, and Model Bazaar in Bahawalpur Cantt., an 8-minute drive away. Craft Bazaar in Ladies Handicraft Display Centre, in Model Town C, is reachable in 7 minutes. This place offers a collection of unique and creative handicrafts, representing the city’s culture. It also hosts several art exhibitions, innovative artists, and painters. Lastly, Nomi Market, a supermarket in Model Town B is 7 minutes away, and Uni Tower, where several mobile and computer shops are present, can be reached in 8 minutes. It is located on University Chowk, Gulshan-e-Farid Colony,

Concerning pharmacies and medical stores, they are abundant near Trust Colony. Firstly, Old City Bahawalpur is home to a plethora of pharmacies. Some of these include Apnna Medical Store, Bahawalpur Pharmacy, Arfa Pharmacy, Al-Khair Pharmacy & Medical Store, Asif Medical Store, Shan Medical Store, and Hassan Brothers Medical Store. You can visit any of these stores anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes. Additionally, Model Town B is home to Hafiz Pharmacy and Bahawalpur Cantt, hosts Al Badar Pharmacy. These are around 7 to 8 minutes away from the society.

Mosques in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur

Mosques are a necessity of community living, and their importance can’t be overlooked while making a property decision, be it for rent or purchase. Thankfully, there are quite a few mosques located in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur. Firstly, mosques located in Trust Colony are mainly three, which are Jama-e-Masjid, Jamia Masjid Mohammadia, and a small mosque in the community.

However, there are many mosques located in other societies, which are within a close range from Trust Colony. To share a few examples, Jamia Al-Majeed in Muhammadi Colony is only 2 minutes away, Bilal Masjid in Mohalla Chah Fateh Khan, Old City Bahawalpur is 4 minutes away, while Makki Masjid and Masjid Alfirdaus (Ghora) are both located on Zanana Hospital Road, Old City Bahawalpur and can be reached within 6 minutes.

Also, Old City Bahawalpur houses many other mosques such as Masjid Molvi Akhtar Ali, Jamia Masjid Bilal, Jamia Masjid Al-Sadiq and Jamia Muhammadiya Ahlehadis (Markazi Masjid Ahlehadis). All of these are reachable within 5 to 7 minutes from the colony. Moreover, Model Town B has Haji Ashraf Masjid (6 minutes away), and Bahawalpur Cantt is home to Masjid-e-Rizwan (7 minutes away).

Schools, Colleges And Universities in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur

It is always a smart decision to live in a society which abounds in academic institutions. Opportunely, there is a multitude of schools, colleges, and universities in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur. Schools located inside the colony include F.G. Boys High School, Allied Schools (Usmania Campus), New Western Public High School and Iqra School. Regarding their curricula and quality of educational services, all of these schools are considered centres of academic excellence.

Similarly, some renowned schools in the city are located outside the community at short distances. For instance, The City School Nursery Branch is present in Sadiq Colony, only 3 minutes away, Army Public School (APS), also in Sadiq Colony, Mumtaz Public School near Derawari Gate, Old City Bahawalpur, and Fauji Foundation Model School, located in House No 3, Adil Town Dubai, Noor Mahal Road, Sadiq Colony. All these schools can be reached in around 4 minutes. Another branch of APS, Army Junior Public School is present in Bahawalpur Cantt, which can be approached within 6 minutes.

However, it takes 8 minutes to reach Sadiq Public School and Beaconhouse School System in Model Town, Alpina School (Boys Branch) in Model Town A, Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Road, Foundation Montessori School on Sawar Mohammad Hussain Shaheed Road Model Town A, and Sadiq Dane High School, located near Farid Gate in Bahawalpur Cantt. Government Technical High School is also located on Farid Gate Road, Bahawalpur Cantt and is reachable in 8 minutes. This institute offers technical education from class 6 to 10. With its splendid Victorian styled architecture, large playground, and up-to-par educational standards, this school is considered one of the most prestigious high schools of Bahawalpur.

As for colleges, the most reputable, APS College (Noor Mahal Campus) is the nearest. About only a 4-minute drive away, it is located on Noor Mahal Road in Sadiq Colony. Punjab College is situated on 35 Ghaznavi Road, Model Town, about 6 minutes away from Trust Colony. The college offers several programmes including Fsc Pre Engineering, Fsc Pre Medical, Intermediate Computer Science and Commerce. Likewise, Degree College for Women (Dubai Mahal Road) in Sadiq Colony and Leaders College and Academy, a private college in Model Town, can also be reached within 6 minutes.

You will need around 7 minutes to reach the Govt Sadiq Egerton College by car. It is sited on University Chowk, Bahawalpur Cantt. However, it will take you 9 and 10 minutes respectively to reach Jinnah College, located in A-16, Main Road, Model Town C, and Allama Iqbal College (Goheer Campus) in Goheer Town Main Road, Gulshan-e-Farid Colony.

There are scores of universities and degree-awarding institutions near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur. Agile Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences is the closest institute with only 2 minutes of driving distance. It stands on Noor Mahal Road, Muhammadi Colony. This institute is credited with pioneering unique courses of study, such as Doctor of Physical Therapy, a 5-year degree programme to develop expertise in the scientific field of physical therapy. Besides, one of the oldest universities of Bahawalpur, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, is located on Railway Road, Model Town and is only 5 minutes away from the society. Another branch of the same university is present on University Chowk, Gulshan Colony, which is located at a drive of 10 minutes. This institution was historically named ‘Jamia Abbasia’, where scholars from across the world used to come for studies. However, it was renamed in 1975 and was awarded the status of a university.

Moreover, National College of Business Administration & Economics (NCBA&E – Bahawalpur Campus) is located on Sarwar Shaheed Road, Model Town, and reachable in 6 minutes. Bahawalpur Law College in Model Town and RMGTC, a government vocational training institute for women, situated on Stadium Road in Old City Bahawalpur, are also 6 minutes away. Superior University (Bahawalpur Campus) is located on Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Road, Model Town A, about 7 minutes away.

Besides, CMH Institute of Medical Sciences in Bahawalpur Cantt is 8 minutes away. However, it will require some 10 minutes to reach Government Sadiq College Women University, located on Girls College Road, Anwar Colony and Quaid e Azam Medical College, based in Bahawalpur Cantt, while Millat College of Commerce is around 12 minutes away. It is situated in 29A, University Road, Satellite Town. Other nearby universities and institutions include the Virtual University of Pakistan (8 minutes away), UK College of Technology (7 minutes away), College of Tourism & Hotel Management - COTHM (8 minutes away), Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (10 minutes away) and Govt. Post Graduate College (also 10 minutes away).

Banks in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur

The benefits of having banks in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur are endless for both residents and investors. Not only can residents perform their daily transactions quite conveniently but also the property value of the area escalates due to the presence of such facilities, yielding higher returns for investors.

Trust Colony has a branch of Bank Islami in Block No 915, Circular Road. Also, there are branches of Bank Al Habib and MCB Limited in the community both are located on Circular Road, Near Chowk Fawara, and are only 2 minutes away from the residential area. However, banks located outside the society in proximity are also quite high in number. For instance, Faysal Bank and Askari Bank are located in Officer Colony and are only 3 minutes away.

Besides, Circular Road in Old City Bahawalpur is home to many banks, reachable between 3 to 5 minutes. These include Soneri Bank, Bank Islami Ltd, Bank Alfalah, Bank Of Khyber, Meezan Bank Limited, Silkbank, and First Women Bank Ltd. (FWBL).

As for ATMs, Al Baraka Bank has an ATM booth in Officer Colony that can be reached in only 3 minutes, and Allied Bank Ltd. has its regional office and ATM on Ahmedpur Road, Model Town, reachable in 7 minutes. Lastly, JS Bank Limited, present on Captain Salman Farooq Lodhi Shaheed Road, Model Town B, is around a 6-minute drive away from Trust Colony.

Clinics and Hospitals in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur

Having medical facilities nearby is yet another added advantage that translates into residents’ convenience as well as investors’ profits. People interested in Trust Colony are in luck as there are plenty of clinics and hospitals in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur. Among many clinics operational in the society, some are Dr M. Shahid Iqbal Baig Clinic, Dr Umer Farooq, Child Care Clinic (Dr Tanveer Ahmed Bajwa), and Tahir Dental Clinic (located on Circular Road).

Some of the clinics located outside the society include Sardar Alam Polyclinic, located on Maluk Shah Road Fawara Chowk. It is quite near Trust Colony and can be reached in only 2 minutes. Nahid Fatima's Clinic is a healthcare centre operational in Shahbaz Town, only about a 3-minute drive away. Besides, Old City Bahawalpur is home to many clinics. Some are Dr Naveed Shareef Clinic, Dr Mubarak Ahmed Chaudhry Clinic, Usman Ghani Clinic, and Dr Hafeez Al-Rehman Clinic. These are around 4 to 5 minutes away from the society.

In terms of specifics, you can head to Dr Muhammad Khalid (Dermatologist) clinic, located in Bahawalpur Cant, reachable in 10 minutes, to get help for skincare problems. Another Skincare Clinic is in Main Haroon Town near Dubai Chowk, Sadiq Colony. It can be reached in 7 minutes.

Nevertheless, Maryam Clinic, supervised by Dr Javed Iqbal, a respectable chest specialist, is located in 6 BVH Colony, Bahawalpur Cantt and is also reachable in 10 minutes. Similarly, Bahawalpur Cantt also houses many clinics such as Dr M. Fayyaz Clinic, Dr Khalid Khan Clinic, Dr Jameel Ahmed Shaheen Skincare Clinic, and Dr Umair Ahmed Clinic. They can be reached anywhere between 10 to 13 minutes from Trust Colony.

Moving on to hospitals near Trust Colony, they are also impressively higher in number. The most popular, Bahawal Victoria Hospital, is only 9 minutes away. It is located on Circular Road, Bahawalpur Cantt. The hospital has been providing exceptional healthcare facilities since 1876 and is now a 1600-bedded, advanced, and fully equipped hospital. It has a nexus with Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, School of Nursing, Jubilee Female Hospital, and Civil Hospital.

Moreover, it takes only 2 minutes to reach Alnoor General Hospital and Shakoor Mind Care Institute (SMI), a hospital and institute of psychiatry, clinical psychology, and speech therapy, and 3 minutes to reach Iqbal Hospital. All of these are located on Noor Mahal Road in Muhammadi Colony.

This colony also hosts Sheikh Asif Hospital/Ajwa Hospital, about 5 minutes away. Al-Shifa Eye Hospital, located near Noor Mahal Road in Sadiq Colony is also only 2 minutes away, while Sohail Infertility Treatment Center (SITC) Hospital, a fertility clinic, is located in 85-A, Noor Mahal Road, Muhammadi Colony, about 4 minutes away.

However, you may require 6 minutes to reach Fatima Hospital, located in Faiz Colony Model Town and Qasim Clinical Laboratory, located on Circular Road, Old City Bahawalpur. City Hospital in Bahawalpur Cantt, on the other hand, is 8 minutes away, while Doctors Hospital in Model Town C is 9 minutes away. Also, Aga Khan University Hospital Laboratory is 9 minutes away, located on Circular Road, Shop No. 1 & 2, Fida Plaza. Lastly, it takes 10 minutes to reach Kidney Centre BVH, located on Circular Road, Bahawalpur Cantt, and National Orthopaedic Hospital, situated near Railway Station in Muhajir Colony Kachi.


Sales Price Trends in Trust Colony, Bahawalpur

Looking over the current sales price trends of a particular area before confirming a deal is always worth the time and money. These trends tremendously help in making a prudent investment decision. Having said that, you can analyse the current property situation of Trust Colony, Bahawalpur by reviewing the following price trends of the area:

Houses for Sale in Trust Colony, Bahawalpur

There are a few houses available for sale in Trust Colony, Bahawalpur. These mainly include 10, 11, and 12 marla houses. Generally, their prices start somewhere around PKR 1.2 crore, reaching up to PKR 1.6 crore.



Malls in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur

Along with various urban developments in the city, Bahawalpur is also competing with megacities such as Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad in terms of delighting its citizens with ultra-modern, exquisitely furnished malls. Malls in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur include both small and large, luxurious malls. For instance, Victoria Shopping Mall is a small mall, best for quick and casual shopping. It is located on Circular Road and is only 2 minutes away from the residential area.

Furthermore, Bahawalpur Trade Centre, located near Melad Chowk, Gulzar-e-Sadiq, Old City Bahawalpur, is only 5 minutes away. One of the main attraction points and largest shopping malls of Bahawalpur, this mall attracts tourists and visitors from far and wide.

Similarly, Bobby Plaza is also 5 minutes away. It is located on Circular Road in Old City Bahawalpur and is one of the oldest shopping plazas of the city with outlets of everything including apparels, uniforms, cosmetics, tailor shops, various food outlets, and fashion products.

Besides, Awan Plaza is also reachable in 5 minutes, located in Ahmedpuri Gate, Old City Bahawalpur. Al-Kareem Plaza, Dubai Plaza Mobile Market, and Welcome Mobil Zone are functional in Old City Bahawalpur and are just about 4 minutes away. These shopping centres host several shops of mobile and electronic accessories.

Moreover, Avenue Mall Dubai Chowk, located on Ahmedpur Road, Sadiq Colony can also be reached in 4 minutes. It is home to many prominent brands and restaurants. Some examples include Sapphire, Greenland Premium Hypermarket, and Café Home. Also, The Master Mall is just 3 minutes away, located on Matyaar Link Road, Old City Bahawalpur. These malls feature a wide range of products at competitive prices.

Boom Fashion on Circular Road, Old City Bahawalpur is the place to go shopping for shoes and jeans. Residents can reach there in 4 minutes. Makkah Shopping Mall in Old City Bahawalpur famously houses Fashion Ghar, which is a huge clothes shop. You can find a variety of stitched, unstitched, printed, and embroidered designer clothes for women along with bridal dresses at reasonable prices. It is reachable in 6 minutes. However, it takes 7 minutes to reach City Mall Bahawalpur, located on Stadium Road in Old City Bahawalpur. It is awaiting completion, but will soon delight its visitors with its extraordinary architecture and product offerings. Lastly, Al Noor Shopping Mall on Railway Road, Welcome Colony is also 7 minutes away, and Wanjara, a small shopping cum departmental store in Model Town is 8 minutes away from Trust Colony.

Restaurants and Bakeries in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur

Fun and entertainment are not wholly possible without having restaurants and eateries near a locality. What makes the location of this society ideal is the plethora of restaurants and bakeries in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur. Some of the restaurants located inside the society include Food Palace Restaurant, Food Street Hotel that offers delicious traditional foods, Lazeezo Restaurant located near Noor Mahal Road, and Almaida Fried Chicken, located on Fawara Chowk Circular Road. This restaurant is famous for its fast food, pizza, baked pasta, fish, and mixed platters.

Moving to restaurants located outside the colony. The nearby societies such as Old City Bahawalpur and Bahawalpur Cantt house too many restaurants to keep track of. For instance, Shahjahan Grill Restaurant is only 3 minutes away from Trust Colony. It can be found opposite Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Circular Road, Old City Bahawalpur. Be it their soups, vegetable fried rice, or any BBQ deal; they are excellent at everything they serve. Zanzibar Food Club, located opposite QAMC, Circular Road, Old City Bahawalpur is also 3 minutes away. It is regarded as one of the finest fast-food chains of Bahawalpur. Tea Tok is also a good restaurant, located on Noor Mahal Road in Officer Colony, at about 3 minutes away, and Hot Plate on Circular Road near Trust Colony is reachable in just 2 minutes.

Further, Al Farooq Food Café (AFFC) is located at a drive of 4 minutes, precisely on Circular Road in Old City Bahawalpur. They serve everything from pizza to burgers to fish and many more delicacies, which are much loved by locals. Similarly, Café Home in Sadiq Colony, Dar-ul-Kabab in Old City Bahawalpur, Pizza Town in SS Tower, Noor Mahal Road, Sadiq Colony, and Happy Restaurant (a pizza restaurant) on Circular Road, Derawari Gate, Mohallah Islampura, are also 4 minutes away from the community.

Other nearby restaurants include Lataska Restaurant, Shaigan Restaurant & Fast Food, Salt'n Pepper, Chicken Cottage, Kebabish Grill, Four Seasons Restaurant and City Café & Grill. They all can be reached in around 5 to 8 minutes.

Takbeer Sweets & Bakers is the closest bakery, only 2 minutes away from Trust Colony. It’s located in Medical Colony, Fawara Chowk Bahawalpur, Circular Road. Also, Data Sweets and Bakers and Hafiz Sweets & Bakers are both located in Old City Bahawalpur, Ahmedpuri Gate and can be reached within 4 minutes.

Similarly, Al-Madina Bakers is also 4 minutes away. It is located in Falak Market, Circular Road, Derawari Gate, Islampura, Old City Bahawalpur. Bahawalpur Bakery in Model Town B, Main Road is 5 minutes away. However, it takes 6 minutes to reach Al-Fareed Sweets & Bakers, located on Circular Road, Farid Gate, Habibabad, Old City Bahawalpur, and The Bakery By Four Seasons, operational in Model Town. Other famous bakeries such as Gourmet Bakery, Haji Rasheed Sweets & Bakers (Pakora Chowk), and Crumbs by Dim are 7 minutes away. All of these bakeries are frequently visited by locals to enjoy their delectable sweets and baked goodies.


Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur

When it comes to having sports facilities and fitness centres nearby, residents of Trust Colony, Bahawalpur have an abundance of options. There are many sports grounds and playgrounds located at a drive of only about 10 minutes from Trust Colony, most of which are present in Bahawalpur Cantt. These include Pelican Stadium, QAMC Football Ground, Mattiullah Hockey Ground, and CIMS BWP Ground. Similarly, Tanki Ground in Model Town C and Wapda Ground in Riaz Colony are both 10 minutes away from the society.

Dring Stadium, also famously known as Bahawalpur Stadium, is only a 9-minute drive away from Trust Colony. It’s a multi-purpose stadium that hosts a variety of sports such as cricket, football, and hockey, to name a few. Besides, there’s a tennis court, jogging track, and a gym in the stadium. Taekwondo classes are also offered there. It even hosts a library for readers. This stadium is located on Stadium Road in Bahawalpur Cantt.

A good number of fitness centres are also available near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur. For instance, Crossfit Gym in Old City Bahawalpur is only 5 minutes away and Shapes Gym, located on 35 Ghaznavi Road, Model Town can be reached within 6 minutes. However, it takes 7 minutes to reach Fitness 360 Male Section, located on Gulberg Road, Model Town, Tribe IronHouse Gym & Fitness Club, located in Ghalla Mandi, Street # 6, Model Town B, and New Fitness Studio & Gym, situated in A-14 D, Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Road, Model Town. Lastly, Fitness 360 Female Section on Gulberg Road in Habib Colony is around 8 minutes away from the community.

Parks in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur

Since Bahawalpur is the city of palaces and offers a bit of everything to everyone, living in Trust Colony also guarantees you a myriad of entertainment and recreational options present nearby. Many attractions and tourist sites, popular parks, and historical places are present near the colony. For instance, Noor Mahal and Bahawalpur Museum are only 8 minutes away.

Above all, Trust Colony hosts its a private park named Trust Colony Park where residents can enjoy the lush greenery and natural landscapes. In addition to having various parks in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur, residents are also fortunate to have waterparks and picnic spots near the colony. For example, Rohi Park is located on Ahmedpur Road, Officer Colony, and only 3 minutes away from the society. Moreover, Gulzar-e-Sadiq has a charming park, which is also home to Bahawalpur Water Lake. It can be reached within 5 minutes. SS World Family Park in Model Town is also reachable at the same distance. It is a fantastic amusement park, featuring swings, rides, and entertainment options.  An entry ticket is required to enter the park.

Other nearby parks include Eid Gah Family Park in Model Town B, at about 5 minutes away, Shahdara Family Park on 22 Model Town B Road, around 9 minutes away, and Rose Garden QAMC in Bahawalpur Cantt, approximately 10 minutes away from the neighbourhood.

Salons and Spas in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur

Whether you need beauty treatments, or a relaxing massage, or any other skincare services, you can get it all quickly while living in Trust Colony because there are many salons and spas in and near Trust Colony, Bahawalpur. To begin with, Nomi’s Hair Salon is present in the society and is easily reachable. Plus, the neighbouring communities also house quite a several salons, parlours, and spas. For instance, Muhammadia Colony houses Aveda Beauty Salon in 16-A, near Noor Mahal Road, and Curl and Pearl Beauty Stop in 191-B, near Bahawalpur Road. They are around 3 to 4 minutes away from Trust Colony.

Further, Monte Carlo Ladies Beauty Salon can also be reached within 3 minutes. It’s located on Circular Road, Derawari Gate, Islampura, Old City Bahawalpur, while Belleza Salon in Sadiq Colony and Nisa's Beauty Studio Mohala, Band Road, Islampura are located at a drive of 4 minutes. However, it takes 7 minutes to reach Depilex, Sana Beauty Salon, and Rebecca’s Signature Salon. All are located in Model Town.


Trust Colony, Bahawalpur is encompassed by many neighbourhoods, colonies, and towns. For instance, it neighbours Officer Colony at the west, located at a drive of only 3 minutes. Similarly, Muhammadia Colony is situated in the south of Trust Colony, about a 4-minute drive away. Other nearby areas include Gulzar-e-Sadiq, also 3 minutes away, Faiz Colony, 6 minutes away, while Sadiq Colony, Bahawalpur Cantt, and Model Town are all around 8 minutes away from Trust Colony. However, it takes 9 minutes to reach Old City Bahawalpur that also houses Mohallah Islampura, Mohallah Kajal Pura, and Kucha Ganj. Also, Medical Colony can be reached within 10 minutes.


Trust Colony is a bustling society encircled by significant roads of the city and other vibrant communities. On top of that, many tourist sites, palaces, family parks, and playgrounds are present near the society. This also means disruption, traffic mayhem, and boisterous activities near the colony. People from different parts of the country arrive in Bahawalpur to explore beautiful and historical places of the city neighbouring Trust Colony. Overall, Trust Colony is a reliable property option with its affordable property offerings and readily available supply of every necessity of life demanded by residents for comfortable and well-off community life.

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Importance of Trust Colony, Bahawalpur from major locations nearby

  • Lahore High Court, Bahawalpur Bench is located at a distance of 3 minutes
  • Rohi Park is also only a 3-minute drive away
  • Nadra Executive Office, Bahawalpur is reachable in only 2 minutes away by road
  • Noor Mahal is only an 8-minute drive away
  • Bahawalpur Museum is also located at a drive of only 8 minutes
  • Bahawalpur Stadium is only a 9-minute drive away
  • Residents can reach Bahawal Victoria Hospital within 9 minutes

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