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[11 Answers]
Dear all,

Need urgent input regarding these 2 areas.

I was initially interested in G-15/4 30*60 plot which I would keep for investment for a period of 1-1.5 years.

Due to the Imam Bargah Issue I planned to move to G-15/1.

Now F-15/1 has also joined my list.

I visited F-15/1 and talked to a few dealers about it.

I am confused regarding where to invest.

Many say the juice in g-15/1 is little left as almost most of the houses are constructed in g-15/1.

I have now increased my budget to look for a 40*80 plot instead.

F-15/1 has a lot of juice, it is what i am being told.

Reasons are f-15/1 is still not 100% possession available and still there are areas where possession is due in few months while fresh possession is given near to markaz areas.

(i plan to go for areas where fresh possession is given)

These areas have no construction or very few houses so there is juice when construction movement starts here.

Also a 110 ft road is planned to connect to f-15/1 via gt road and this will then have its own access which will resolve the issue or first crossing g-15 and then entering gt road.

This 110 ft road will hopefully be completed by mid 2015 (or maybe earlier) as work has started there and is in progress.

Then the F name also contributes to it being posh that many may consider for their investment given it is much smaller than G-15 in area wise and majority plots are larger while i think 30*60 would be the least in number here.

And finally the main markaz of F-15/1 is still under development and once completed it will add more value to this sector. Currently just 2 plazas have been constructed so far.

Price wise a 40*80 in g-15/1 costs between 80-90 and in f-15/1 costs 75-85 so on avg a price gap of 10 lac exists i think (Kindly confirm).

Being that said if i invest in G-15/1 for 1-1.5 years I may fetch approx. A profit of 5 lac while in F-15/1 I can land on something like 15 lac or maybe more (figures are just estimations while it can be + or -).

Also as prices are on the rise in g-13 and g-14 so this affect would most likely affect F-15/1 in terms of price appreciation than it would G-15 on the whole.

Well this is all i HEARD and not sure of how authentic it is.

Pls is F-15/1 just as safe as G-15/1 is?

Regarding possession areas can i visit JKCHS office and get details from their town planning dept. Which areas have being given recent possession so i dont land up in non possession areas?

If anyone having solid information about this kindly inform me as my decision will be based on your opinions and knowledge.

Or if i opt to stay with g*15/1 then what should i target for?

Many thx

    1924 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Yousafzai 00..
    (124 posts)
    I think your decision is rite go for F-15/1 with fresh possession area near markaz as it have got more potential for financial/ economical growth (as per data provided by you)...

    But remember go for area with possession don't get trapped in sweet talks of dealers....
      1924 days ago 

      (3020 posts)
      Yes F-15/1 possession area is excellent for investment and excellent for living as whole of JKCHS is closest to Zone 1. And location is equally convenient for people working in Islamabad and people working in Pindi. It is at cross roads between, Islamabad, Pindi, Zone 2, Motorway, Airport and Fateh Jang Road societies.

      This area is known as the new Zero Point of Islamabad and this label is justified.

      It will get a major boost when it gets direct access on Kashmir Highway which has already been approved but is pending due to Kashmir highway expansion project.

      Between G and F, I will advise F as it has better landscaping.
        1924 days ago 

        (69 posts)
        Thanks for the input.

        can anyone update regarding the access for F-15/1 through GT Road against a 110 ft road.

        Is it in development stage or near completion or not yet started and when will it materialize any idea?

        Has anyone physically visited F-15/1 and may shed some light over its development and current status.

        My analysis is based on word of mouth as i have not visited this sector.


        Sir will access to KH via motorway positively impact on F-15/1.

        It would on G-15 esp. G-15/1 as it is in close proximity but F-15/1 is a bit too far.

        So that being said i think F-15/1 relies more on access route to GT Road.

        While G-15/1 to access route to KH.

        If you were me what would you have opted for and Why?

        any input will be highly appreciated from others.
          1924 days ago 

          Yousafzai 00..
          (124 posts)
          I agree with Pk 1... F-15 though away but will have a boosting impact of getting access to kashmir highway... Because then u won't have to use GT road for going to isb...

          i m not sure regarding f-15 direct access to GT road but i think they still have to start work on it... If some on ground can give us updates on it

            1924 days ago 

            Baber Rabban..
            (1628 posts)
            I have a plot in possession area of F-15. It's a good place to invest especially for bigger plots. Some houses are also constructed. Development is ok. The best thing is that it has very open look. Main roads are very very wide. 75x120 plots on main roads give it such an open look. One drawback , though it might not be connected with your original question is, that houses constructed do not give an impression of islamabad sectors. Very bad designs. Seems to be Chaudhry Sahiban designs frankly. But it can be my own impression. Might not be connected with investment potential.

            Area is also barren. No feel of Islamabad at all.

            JKCHS people are not good. When I was getting possession, they said that 1 feet is less on site in length. It meant 75 feet less in total plot. Somehow the issue was resolved after some pressure. But it happened for the first time with me.

            I have heard, sewerage system is bad. One of my friend started constructing house in G-15 and a semi-main gas pipeline was passing through middle of his plot. Surprisingly, JKCHS doesn't as to connect rainwater with separate pipes and sewerage with separate. Though it's in CDA bye laws.

            Despite that, I have invested and retaining it. I think it has a lot of juice. Just wanted to paint realistic picture.

            When population grows up in these twin sectors, G tag will matter as negative. Right now I don't think it matters. Percentage Increase of price in my plot and same size plot of my friend in G-15 was same. But I think at some stage G will stop appreciating and F will continue.

            I think F-15 is a go. But never ever, repeat ever, go for even near possession area. Only possession area. They are really strange people. I don't know how they did urban planning for such a big area. Still, the best thing is the huge and vast looking urban planning which attract investors.

            My limited opinion. All humans has biases and limitation.
              1924 days ago 

              (69 posts)
              @ B.R.Malik

              Thank you for the reply. Sir i contacted 2 dealers for plot in G-15/1 30*60 and they recommended a 40*80 plot in F-15/1 possession area. Well actually i just want to make sure the plot they show is in possession area.

              I spoke to JKCHS to mark out areas for me where they have given possession pls give me a copy of the map.

              They are not entertaining and asking to go to dealers for such thing.

              Just want to ask how do i confirm a plot which i like whether it is in possession area?

              what metrics should i use kindly help?

              sorry i ask this as i never bought a property or plot before so i don't know much.

              also as PK1 said the landscaping is much better but what about the terrain. Are mostly plots level here.
                1923 days ago 

                (3020 posts)
                Check status on the ground for possession. Is the road carpeted? Is electricity cabinet installed in the street?

                Finally check with society and ask them if they will issue site map for that plot number and whether it is ready for construction. You will need to ask them what if any are the possession fee.
                  1923 days ago 

                  (610 posts)
                  For F-15/1 find something in streets # 1,2,3 you will find (35x70) plots street #4 (40x80). Before F-15 Markaz and to be more focused find something facing Zone-1.

                  The experienced dealers can give you better idea of POSSESSION plot and NON-POSSESSION.
                    1923 days ago 

                    (69 posts)
                    Thx Pk1.

                    @ ISBase

                    Sir i am getting a plot in G-15/1 30*60 Zone 1 Facing Double corner 40ft road each and close to Main Markaz for 57. Its in st. 29, Plot 1114.

                    What is your say about it or shall i consider F-15. Obviously i want returns as i do not want to construct a house rather keep it for say 1-2 years.

                    PK1 has guided me a lot over G-15 as it has good room for growth and return in the coming years.

                    Now i do not have a good dealer network and do not really know of any experienced dealers.

                    What you recommend. Is G-15/1 best for me.

                    As B.R.Malik said rise in plot prices for G-15 or F-15 is the same.

                    If F-15/1 is far superior in terms of returns, than can you give me any experienced dealer's number who can make a good deal for me.

                    I would be more than happy if you would do it for me but unfortunately i think you mainly deal in CDECHS.
                      1923 days ago 

                      (610 posts)
                      Sir the thing is future forecast is really a difficult thing for anyone. I think you have taken the opinion from many over the forum and had done your own homework extensively.

                      Fortunately i had good network of people dealing in G-15/F-15 as well.

                      Currently i don't have the map in front of me but the way you visualized the location gives me a feeling that it should be a good deal.

                      Rest you are more than welcome and can guide you to experienced personal in JKCHS.

                      Best of Luck
                        1923 days ago 

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