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Sadaqat Huss..
( 10 posts )

[2 Answers]
I have a plan to buy a residential plot to build my home either in G-13 or in I-10, I need following information about these both Sectors of Islamabad.

1. What are the merits & demerits of both these sectors.
2. What is the status of development work including electricity, gas & water.
3. What is the market rate for 111 sq/yd residential plot in G-13 & 139 sq/yd residential plot in I-10

    2766 days ago In General Advice
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    Syed Ibrhaim
    (1436 posts)
    Dear Sadaqat,

    I-10 is an old CDA sector advantage of I-10 is that its very near to RWP public transport is available there markets and markaz is fully developed but disadvantages are that its very rushy area more then 70 percent houses are old normally only CDA created plots are available there most of them are in depression.

    As compared to 1-10 G-13 is a better option as its newly developed very near to main Islamabad and Kashmir highway. In some areas of G-13 there is issue of gas but it will solve very soon. I personally think so that G-13 is better then I-10 but this is my personal reason.

    Prices of 111 sq yrd in G-13 are round about 3.2 million to 4 million depends on location however in I-10 139 sq yards plot start from 4.2 million.
      2765 days ago 

      (9 posts)
      Dear Sadaqat,

      Following are merits and demerits I have seen for G-13

      G-13 Merits

      1. Located on Kashmir Highway so very near Islamabad
      2. Most universities like NUST, FAST , Islamic etc are very near. It is ideal if you are a student in one of those universities
      3. Very much developed
      4. Electricity readily available
      5. Transport system is pretty much available since vans come straight to G-13 after turning from Golra more.

      G-13 Demerits

      1. Few locations such as Aabpara are a little far

      I don't know much about I-10 since I haven't been there. anyway you will definitely will get a better deal in G-13 right now as it is a developing sector while I-10 will cost more since it is an old sector.....
        2765 days ago 

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