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????? ????
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Zameen.Com is good to find properties, but my question is why you don't add "lda permission granted/refused" in every ad. Many properties posted by dealers are illegal and built on government owned land. Heard government will take action against them soon, so peoples are ready to loss their life savings ????

    343 days ago In Buying Process
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    For same reasons like any 'Smoking/Alcohol/Guns' ad will not list itself as 'ultimate reasons 'to Kill/be Sick' - as that doesn't suits their business.

    Same here, whoever can write a bigger cheque to zameen, they will give him best spot and promotion on the page regardless of the developer ... Hard Realities but that is how most of big businesses work in today's world.
      341 days ago 

      Muhammad Soh..
      (46 posts)

      Your question is very much interesting. Do note that i am not a spokes person to but I feel i can explain few things as i have been associated to this platform for almost five years being the customer of

      Do note that once a project is launched in the market, such questions like legality and acquisition of lands are asked by the purchaser directly. Unfortunately the builders or the developers manage to get such documents that prove their project to be legal. Amazingly such documents are provided by the government institutions them selves.

      All that happened infront of government institutions and they had turned the blind eye to all this. So like any individual is dependent on such documents. Plus is just a platform to share the properties. They dont charge you for viewing properties nor they are involved in any of the transactions taking place. Its like a platform like olx. Thousands of things are sold via olx yet does not hold any responsibility for any of the transaction.

      I hope your concern has been clear.
        339 days ago 

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