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Taimour hass..
( 1 post )

[7 Answers]
I want to invest in bahria town isb/rwp for shorterm profit. 4-6 months. Which sectors shall i look into for 5 marla and 10 marla plots ? Need an honest advice.

Also if someone has any idea how much would be the approx price for home 40*80 in korang town isb. 6 beds !

    2787 days ago In Investors Advice
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    Prop Guide
    (6959 posts)
    You can have a look at bahria enclave islamabad and also look at phase 7/ 8 of bahria town rawalpindi.

      2787 days ago 

      Haroon Rashe..
      (1 post)
      Bahria town islamabad and lahore may decline anytime soon. Stay away
        2787 days ago 

        (3020 posts)
        Haroon bhai,

        You have provided no reasons for your statement that bahria may decline in islamabad and lahore.

        At the moment, it seems that there are too many investors who are interested in the various bahria projects in lahore, islamabad and pindi.

        What could possibly happen that may result in decline of the huge public interest in these projects???

        - will the excellent standard of development become poor one fine morning???

        - will people stop appreciating good standard of living all of a sudden and try to move all their investments to other areas???

        - will the bahria company (which has huge finances at its disposal) become bankrupt all of a sudden and how???

        Will you kindly shed some light on the information that you may have for the reasons behind bahria's decline in your assessment?

        Many thanks.
          2787 days ago 

          Prop Guide
          (6959 posts)
          Dear haroon,

          Plz support your point of view with logic and facts,

            2786 days ago 

            Gated Commun..
            (78 posts)
            @ihsan and pk1: bahria town does have huge resources at its disposal, but it also has a rs 110 billion tax bill which remains unpaid, and several court cases in litigation. With the pmln coming to power, and no love lost between malik riaz and ch nisar, things are not that rosy anymore. Bahria town bailed dha islamabad out hoping to build on dha's brand and all the hype has not worked either as dha remains a mess. The dha phase 2 extension, the suicide of a retired general, nab investigation and the allegedly disappeared rs. 62 billion that dha transferred to bahria town are all question marks. Bahria town is very smooth on the marketing and presentation, but its a house of cards which can easily fall apart, and it eventually will. Bahria town's growth model is based on starting new projects, using the money they receive to develop and maintain previously developed projects. For how long will this continue?
              2785 days ago 

              Islamabad Pr..
              (156 posts)
              @nadir ee .. Good insight but at the same time bahria town is highly regulated. They smartly keep a check on asap their property prices fall.
                2784 days ago 

                Prop Guide
                (6959 posts)
                Dear nadir,

                We are hearing all these things from so many years, but the things are all going well there in bahria town. In my personal view, until they are developing the area and given possession to people, those areas will not suffer at all, i am not sure about the areas which are being developed. But i would say that bahria town is not all fraud, what people are thinking from far, it has delivered very good projects, being example all over pakistan. We need to keep this in mind as well.

                  2783 days ago 

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