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Assad Muhamm..
( 9 posts )

[14 Replies]
Salam to all people. I have 50 million on my disposal for investment. After tax, return at national savings is about 330000 per month. Main reason to invest in nsc's is secure investment, guaranteed and confirm return and ability to en-cash at any time. Should i invest on property instead? If yes then where and does property offer such incentives? I live in islamabad. I am going to europe for studies for 5 years. I will be visiting pak twice every year. Is it a wise decision to invest in saving certificates? P.S. I consider profits from ns certificates as halal.

Seniors, gurus, please guide me. Many many thanks in advance

    816 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (5 posts)
    Hi Assad,

    In my view, investing in national savings at this time is very wise decision. The profit rates are rising due to increased inflation and you could make your investment more than double in 10 years time, even at the existing rates of Defense Savings Certificate. For example Rs. 100,000 invested now becomes Rs. 238,000 after 10 years. However, it is good to diversify your investments and you could also invest some money in property. In that case, buy plots in such societies which look potentially good and have installments plans.

    As for halal thing is concerned, all government investments are made in NSC. Halal investments is a very tricky debate. No workable Islamic finance system has ever developed in any of the 56 Muslim countries. Islamic Banking is a sham as it also uses the same capitalist system of interest and just gives it fancy terms of Mudaraba.
      815 days ago 

      (51 posts)

      In my humble point of view. Property is always much much better than NSC because the value of rupee is always going down.
        814 days ago 

        Faisal Town
        (53 posts)
        Get one 12 marla commercial plot near new air port in fully develope sector near kashmir highway, contact for more details, 03313564555.
          814 days ago 

          (460 posts)
          Property........ In National savings you get nothing at the end of the day..... You are just spending your money in bits and nothing else....... Go for property blindly as compared to the saving concept......
            749 days ago 

            (23 posts)
            Open a factory, manufacture something, make rozgar for other people
              749 days ago 

              Muazzam Bash..
              (1 post)

              since i am into the business of property you might find my opinion biased but let me assure you something that property will definitely benefit you depending upon where you buy,there are certain approaches to buying property


              2.holding time

              3.developing areas..

              4.cheapest opportunities.

              i believe if u can hold for 5 to 7 years,i can suggest you places where u can double ur investment.

                748 days ago 

                (460 posts)
                There is a pashto saying..... A CAT NEVER CATCHES MOUSE FOR SAKE OF ALLAH......
                  748 days ago 

                  Hamad Raza
                  (22 posts)
                  Make a split porfolio, invest in

                  1. Property

                  2. Gold

                  3. Good Mutual Fund
                    746 days ago 

                    Muhammad Soh..
                    (46 posts)
                    Dear Kindly Read this article on the link below. Found this to be more appropriate and informative.

                      743 days ago 

                      Aftab Khatta..
                      (122 posts)
                      Rupee depreciate with 14% rate, so even if u get 330K, after 5 years, your 50m will be almost 38m.

                      Property is better then saving certificates. Business is much better then both.

                      In current circumstances, i will ask you to buy a kanal plot in DHA with 20M and make a 3 story house with 20M. Invest 10m in DSC.
                        743 days ago 

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