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Vasilis Anas..
( 3 posts )

[4 Replies]
Hello to you all.

I am a greek realtor and me and my office specialize in the golden visa.

My question is it possible to post my listings somewhere?

Thank you!

EDIT: I will gladly answer any questions you might have.

    60 days ago In Property Listings
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    Anis-ud-din ..
    (36 posts)
    It is more viable to advertise such services through regular mediums such as Print, Billboards, Radio, TV and social media i have seen similar visa consultancy ads alot on facebook so it is a good medium
      59 days ago 

      Vasilis Anas..
      (3 posts)
      Thank you for your reply friend!

      We have digital marketing going on but the thing is we prefer human interaction you know? People who want to buy a property have questions and need someone that they can trust. That's why we prefer human interaction.

      Thank you for time.
        59 days ago 

        Mansoor Saee..
        (23 posts)
        What's the minimum investment required for a golden visa?
          59 days ago 

          Vasilis Anas..
          (3 posts)
          Dear Mansoor,

          the minimum investment required is 250K but please note that there are some fees involved that they don't say in the begining.

          Simply put, in order to get everything in order, an investor with his / her spouse and 1 child will need about 280K in total.

          Please note that this price is to give you a general idea about a the whole process cost Alpha to Omega and of course it always depends on the property.

          Thank you.
            59 days ago 

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