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Zeeshan Khan
( 5 posts )

[26 Replies]

I would like to know the current property price in
Al-mehran cooperative housing society
Khawaja mohammad hasan town
Sector 53-a, kda scheme-33, karachi.

Its next to malir cantt dha and on malir link superhighway and also very close to hakim villas.

What is the 120 sq. Yards land price their? And what is the prospect of buying their?


    2739 days ago In Property Evaluation
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    (13 posts)
    Thanks @FooBar for letting me know :) but why would you call it a bad place when compared to Maymaar or Ahsanabad, you don't need to go through the worst to reach Gulshan-e-Mehran, so in my humble opinion at current prices this place holds a lot of charm if we look at the prices of Karachi all over.

    I mean a 100 square yard Residential plot of DHA at 105 lacs having no security ? Is it worth it if so then I'd say a 400 yard plot at 10 lacs is a steal, compare it to Taiser Town's official price of 12 Lacs for a 400 yard one, people stood in lines for those and only 1 out of 10 got it and they felt like they have won a lottery or something.

    The time has come for this area, I am all in for it, lets see what future holds.
      2693 days ago 

      (13 posts)
      Gulshan-e-Mehran Sector 1 and 2, Al-Mehran are not on Super Highway they are on Jinnah Avenue.
        2693 days ago 

        (55 posts)
        @A Before this link road between National Highway and Super highway, people used Malir Cantt gate number 2 and gate number 5 or 6 to cross over to and from super to national and converse. Few of my friends while studying in Baqai Medical used to temporarily stay at my home near and during their exams as their houses were on the other side of the city and they had to daily travel a lot to reach their college. To keep the long story short the link road is really awesome thing which happened to the whole city of Karachi, but also keep in mind that whole of the city is divided on sectarian basis(political parties basis), just visit the part of the university road which links the NIPA chowrangi and safora goth and, this is the future of that link road too, lets hope I'm really really wrong.

          2693 days ago 

          Zeeshan Khan
          (5 posts)
          @A and others... The lease of Al-Mehran society had been started 1 year ago and some of my relatives who have the plots over there have got the lease. Obviously i was a bit confused because the prices got reduced recently as @FooBar mentioned that its around 200,000 for 120sq yards plot but obviously any one who bought it 5 years ago for 720K + another 90K for obtaining lease will not sell it for such price.

          @A: I know some one who is selling at Al-Mehran society 2 plots 120sq yards each but he was waiting for some good price quote. According to FooBar it its 200K each plot then he will obviously will not sell it.

          I do believe that due to its close proximity with Jinnah Terminal and just next to Malir Cantt DOHS phase 5 its prices should goes up. Also, the recent political situation in Karachi where rangers and police have started the operation i hope if things goes well then prices will increase. By the way I found out that there is 1 house already been built at Al-Mehran society. Any way i will try to get some more information on this.

          And yes I do agree with most of you that these days almost whole Karachi is not safe. I have a house in Wireless gate and there was a robbery happened few days ago at our house, they took some jewellary and money... Our area was ok before only occassional robberies but these days so many groups in Karachi that its not safe.

          But again its still attracting people and the way population is increasing the property in the mainstream market is difficult to get that is why I was thinking to get some thing over here with reasonable amount. The other factor is that there is very less chance of land grabbing mafia going over there.. Because it belongs to Dadabhouy (very strong party).
            2693 days ago 

            (13 posts)
            The current quote I got for a 240 square yard plot at Al-Mehran was 6.5 lac rupees, recently a plot of 400 square yard next to grave was sold for 9 lacs, broker quoted the same to me for 11 lacs but it was sold by some other broker for 9 lacs.

            Brokers in this part are playing a negative role, they don't sell a property for their 1% or 2% commission but they only sell if they get a good 1 lac or 2 as their share, so be careful.

            To me, only 2 Brokers look honest as I have dealt with them and we have struck a few deals, they are:

            -Annas of Annas Jibrail Estate.
            -Imran at Rajput Enterprises.
              2692 days ago 

              (13 posts)
              One more thing that I must share with you that:

              -The part of Al-Mehran touching the Boundary wall of DOHS phase 1 are not a safe investment because according to Karachi's Master plan a 200 feet wide road will be passing through, next to the boundary, so, the plots next to boundary will become the new 200 feet wide road.

              -Leases (about 100 of them) were sent to the registrar a Year back and according to a trusted broker they have been put on halt because No NOC from Malir Cantt. Was given, kindly shed some light on it if you have more info.
                2692 days ago 

                Sheikh Abdul..
                (1750 posts)
                Bombings going on virtually everyday in Karachi hence prices have pummelled down to the grounds. Also the level of violence there is increasing day by day due to lack of opportunities and gov is not doing much about it. If I were you, I would invest in Lahore or Islamabad. Avoid Karachi.
                  2692 days ago 

                  (13 posts)
                  Lahore & Islamabad had their turn, its Karachi's turn now.

                  Lahore's real estate was stuck for years, but in the past 2 years it has quadrupled, take the example of DHA phase 9's file: It was 14 Lacs 2 years ago, today it is 55 lacs.
                  I see very little juice left in Lahore.

                  About Islamabad, it was good when a far flung area like E-16 / 17 was selling at 14 - 16 lacs, but now it is around 35 lacs, and it is so damn away from Zero point.

                  When Karachi's DHA rise I see a solid reason behind it, there is no more Land left, it is locked by the sea from 3 sides, and off coarse the law and order condition of Karachi make people run towards DHA, but it has gone over the top now, 25 lac rupee 100 square yard (4 marla) plot has gone up to 110 lac rupees in phase 8, either you can make a small house on it and park your car outside or make it your car parking, what more can you do with a 100 yard plot ?
                    2692 days ago 

                    (156 posts)
                    Agree with you of the potential of in but still don't find any rush to there.Saw the boom of scheme 33 from 2002-3 to 2007.As you know most investor also works in stock exchange and not much interest there everyone waiting for output of operation and most top priority still Lahore & Islamabad.Two more friends just bought there last week but you know the mind set of investors when they find good return in Karachi market will switch from there to here.Defence is reach its zenith and our esteemed friend Shafi Jakvani of citi assocites predict it will fall in mid or later 2014.Have to give the credit to him of correctly predicting of uprising of Dubai and Defence market in 2008-09.At the time DCK is only game in town.

                    Dont value so much on Dadabhouy name ek tu waisay hi un logon ko mushkil waqt chal raha hai second you don't seem to have experience of land encroachment on your property and i pray to Allah no one have as i had.Still few of our properties encroached in scheme 33 and gulistan 2007 was encroached by group of govt party,kda clean it 1 year ago now its again encroached by another group which also got govt support.Get the picture????The biggest reason of karachi law and order worst situation is land grabbing,Cant name the groups/parties here u know policy but rem the Madhu goth near Safari park clash????know the story of Marvi Farm encroachment???Khalid got himself so much money and power even he appeal in national newspapers but to no avail.One more thing @A and me discussing as investment opportunities but nobody in his right mind have to think to buy there or many parts of scheme 33 for living esp with family.Know the wireless gate situation too saw the fight myself of taking hold of Falak Naz apartments.Always took the first left cut after railway crossing for going Rafah-e-Aam society but quit it now

                    @A and @FooBar
                    Need your valuable inputs in this thread if you can
                      2692 days ago 

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                        2543 days ago 

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