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Ghulam Nabi
( 28 posts )

[49 Replies]

The UAE residential market is currently close to the bottom of its current cycle. I believe the UAE residential market offers good long-term growth opportunities. Moreover, purchasing around the bottom of the cycle is always a good time to buy for those taking a long-term view.

    1324 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Ghulam Nabi
    (28 posts)
    Don’t miss this opportunity.

    Oil prices are very low, lot of new projects recently handed over, big bank mergers and layoffs already completed and market is now at its bottom.

    Major reasons to invest in UAE

    Did you know that rental returns in Dubai are much higher as compared to major real estate capitals in the world? The best performing areas of Dubai are generating up to 10% rental yield on average. The average rental yield in New York is only 3.91%, in London it is 3.21%, in Singapore it is 2.83% and in Hong Kong you will not get more than 2.82% rental income.

    One of the biggest benefits of buying property in UAE is that, people from all over the world are coming here in search of better career and business opportunities. All these people need a place to stay after all, no one is going to stay in hotels for the rest of their lives, right?

    Among the many benefits of buying property in UAE, one is the sense of security that residents of UAE enjoy. This is one of the major reasons why people find it reliable to come here in UAE and start their new lives. While many countries in the middle east region have gone through and still going through their fair share of political disturbance, UAE remains the most stable country in MENA region.
      1310 days ago 

      Ghulam Nabi
      (28 posts)
      L@la: Expatriates can buy in only few areas in the Abu Dhabi and Al Reem Island is one of them. Lot of new buildings recently handed over in Reem Island and rents have dropped due to reduction in headcounts by banks and oil companies.

      Price and Rent of 2 bed room depends on building and area. Shams and Hydra is a cheap area because it is not yet developed while Marina Square is most expensive area in Reem Island.

      In Shams good buildings i.e. Beach Tower, Amaya Tower, Sun Tower, Sky Tower you can buy 2 bed good apartment @ AED 1.3M to AED 1.8M which will give you rent @ AED 110,000 to AED 140,000 per annum.

      At Marina Square 2 bed room in good buildings i.e. MAG 5, RAK Tower, Durrah Tower will cost you around AED 2 million and rent from AED 130,000 to AED 160,000 per year.

      For more details you can visit
        1310 days ago 

        (3 posts)
        It is difficult to predict the UAE market. In fact it is impossible to predict the real estate market all over the world. You are right, it is a good time to buy a home. But not good for sellers. It difficult to say if it is the right time to buy or not. I would recommend doing a survey. A home is a great investment and its always beneficial in the long term.
          1086 days ago 

          (883 posts)
          No, Gwadar
            1085 days ago 

            (848 posts)
            Long forgotten topic, but relevant to current developments and it's possible impact on Pakistani real estate.

            Pakistani nationals, the 3rd largest investors in Dubai property, have been denied visit visas on the pretext of COVID. Doesn't reconcile with the number of cases, compared to india, which is not on the restriction list. Other countries facing suspension are, Turkey, Yemen, Libya, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. It tells quite a story, doesn't it.

            While new-found love of COVID-stricken emiraties is with Israelites. Who are welcomed with open arms along with their products and investments.

            This tells a tale that future does not hold good for Pakistanis. Their investments and jobs are not secure anymore, so they should not feel cozy.

            I had predicted long ago that all that black and grey money of patriotic Pakistanis which is stashed in Dubai's safe heaven is not safe any more. So it better be repatriated back than to test luck in other destinations. Because it's not the same world anymore.

            Informed bros and sis from the land of Bedouins are requested to shed more light on the plight of fellow "Rafeeques" and what is happening with their properties and jobs.

            مجھ سے بگڑ گئے تو رقیبوں کی بن گئی
            غیروں میں بٹ رہا ہے مرا اعتبار آج

              13 days ago 

              (115 posts)
              A vital point highlighted on time.
                13 days ago 

                (4 posts)
                Agree with Isloo1 100%, property prices in dubai have been falling 10% every year, also being fuelled by oversupply of new projects which aint selling, drop in Oil price and no love being shown to Pakistani's in general - stay clear and invest your hard money elsewhere. Not sure how good Istanbul is for investment or keep it here in Pakistan :)
                  11 days ago 

                  (848 posts)
                  Zubair and Mo,

                  Basically, I have made two points:

                  1. That property prices are declining in UAE for many years and it has not yet bottomed.

                  2. Pakistanis, who actually built Dubai, are no longer welcome there. Although their money is. UAE has found new friends, India and Israel. Both are getting huge concessions and invitation to invest.

                  UAE has removed decades-old "Kafala" policy for business ownership in mainland, which is to entice their new friends to pump in money with 100% ownership of the business.

                  While these efforts seem justified to rekindle a dying economy amidst COVID and low oil prices, in other words, saving a golden empire built on bubbles! But this does not seem inclusive in terms of keeping the old friends engaged.

                  This could be just a surface analysis or myopic vision, which needs more in-depth and multi-dimensional analysis. Is this perception unfounded, or have we actually entered into a new world order that has caught us dumb-folded. Is there any reason that expat Pakistanis with huge investments and stakes in Dubai be wary of. Or is this just a paranoia or some sort of conspiracy theory.

                  I welcome the views especially from EMBEDDED AMIGOS.

                    10 days ago 

                    (1966 posts)
                    1. Deteriorating Economy

                    2. Disastrous Foreign Policy

                    1. No one likes to hang out or makes buddy with someone who knows requests and receiving while nothing significant to offer in terms of strategic values trade, services, imports/exports! It's a benefit and transcation-driven world after all. Rule applies to individuals as well as to states.

                    2. When you will borrow from Emarat but try to make heroes out of Turkey or Malaysia that's not gonna go down well. As a consequence the other side will tilt their weight on your opposing camps!

                    Since Aug'2019 (to hide FO failures) we are pretty much asking either you are with us or against us... In foreign relations when you try to do so, you gonna get a pretty obvious answer, unless you do a Mush on the Phone Call from Bush (well his secretary, infact) - 'cold shoulder' to be specific! For whatever reasons the issues started triggering since 2015!

                    Our FO sucks big time but post Aug'2019 it's a mess each passing day!

                    Unfortunately gone are the times when the dependence was to the point that we lend our aircrafts on hot-lease to help them setup their flagship carrier that is world-class now!!

                    Well, guess what the 'K' in that 'EK' stands for ...?
                      10 days ago 

                      (115 posts)
                      EK used for Emirates flight numbers.

                      Named for Emirates to Karachi for 1st flight of Emirates Airline in 1985.

                      For overseas Pakistanis, Pakistan has better options and scope of investment than UAE.

                      All that glitters is not gold.
                        10 days ago 

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