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[13 Replies]
I am inshaallah coming to pakistan and have a plan to invest 25 lak to 30 lak investment in real estate in islamabad for 2 to 3 yrs.
I personally think that the new hidden gems are around the margalla ave and new airport. I would bet more on margalla ave than airport given the fact airport has done what it could to the farmland around the airport, it made profit for the pioneer investers more than 200%. More profit will be steady as it is a big commercial project and not something residence friendly to be near the airport.
Margalla ave on the other hand is a pivotal breakthrough in the access to the heart of islamabad. Every sector closer to it would sky-rocket in rices.
The problem is it is out of my budget except for b17 where i think i might consider investing.

I personally am not inn favour too much of the dha , bahria at this time bt is hte greatest long term project probably more than 5 yrs but for now i will inshaallah focus more on the margalla ave-sectors.

I want every one to please put their views in here for every one's benefit.

    2642 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Syed Ibrhaim
    (1435 posts)
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    Dear brother
    Your budget is 2.5 million and u want to invest in zone 2 near to margalla avenue u can also check e 16 e 17 f 16 d 18. You can get plot in all of mentioned sectors but b 17 itself is a good choice.
    Whenever u will visit pakistan must visit all of these options including bahria then it will be much easier for u to decide.
      2634 days ago 

      Nafees Bhatt..
      (336 posts)
      Hi there,

      I've no idea why you wouldn't want to invest in B-17. It has experienced immense growth over the last two years. The per marla prices experienced an increase of 42% between September 2011 and August 2012 where the average price jumped from Rs 128,364 to Rs 220,622. Take a look at this report we did a while ago. It is still one of the hottest localities of Islamabad on Zameen from an investment point of view.

      As far as DHA is concerned, it lags behind since all the CDA sectors are way better than DHA Phase I. DHAI Phase II however is a completely different story but unfortunately, the prices their do not fall under your budget and I am afraid, B-17 is one of the very few options you are left with.
        2642 days ago 

        Hiba Raheem
        (9 posts)

        It is good to know that you want to invest in Pakistan. Real estate in Pakistan is a very good and safe bet at all times in most places. Your choice in preferring Margalla is a good one and Margalla projects in Islamabad esp in b 17 give you true ROI .

        As Mr Nafees said the statistics show that B 17 is a sure shot bet with maximum gains . Although if your budget is an issue then the adjoining areas could be good too !

        The only thing is that you need to think and act fast as prices of premium areas sky rocket after there initiation. So think smart and plan wise !
          2642 days ago 

          Syed Hazrat ..
          (21 posts)
          Can u please give me an idea for investment about 12 to 13 million rupees in islamabad or rawalpindi in real estate? Please also advise me is it better to purchase a plot or house but i am living outside pakista.
            2642 days ago 

            (248 posts)
            @nafees: dear nafees, thank you for your valuable suggestions and i agree with you, inshaallah b-17 is my top priority. Btw i did mention i am interested in b-17 investment above. I do believe that would be the only option i might have considering one kanal plot.
            I saw the article you mentioned. It seems informative and i do think b-17 is the best investment inshaallah for 2 to 3 yrs and bt after 5 yrs given their matchless infrastructure.
            If the real estate bubble do burst which by the way no guru( humans) can predict even in the biggest economy(usa) probably b-17 will not be affected that much and same is the case with bt.
              2642 days ago 

              (3020 posts)
              There does not exist a bubble that will burst. There was a property value collapse in 2005, but that happened in the 'files' business. If you invest in actual plots where physical possession is available, there is no way you can lose out. You will definitely profit from investment in actual physical plots or houses - inshaallah.
                2642 days ago 

                Muhammad Ily..
                (1 post)
                What about i 12, 14 and 15
                  2642 days ago 

                  (248 posts)
                  The investors drive the price hikes and if they do not see enough demand then the bubble which is created by the investors burst. Islamabad has more supply than demand for the coming 25 years inshaallah. The hype created by the investors/property dealers like for example new airport , margalla and bla bla bla can ony fool for a while till the reality strike us that pakistan is a poor country!
                  Islamabad will inshaallah see that happen. When will that be, no body can predict that!
                    2642 days ago 

                    (564 posts)
                    I think following factors played key role in extra ordinary price hike in islamabad property.

                    Since islamabad is capital of the country, foreign embassies and foreign embassadors need property for their use and they buy property calculating prices in their own currencies and considers cheap as compared to their own country.

                    Politicians want to have property in islamabad too and they have unlimited amount of money to buy property in islamabad.

                    Bureaucrates has lot of illegal money too to pass retired life in beautiful city of islamabad which has unique weather and location which distinguishes it from other cities.

                    Overseas pakistanis want peacefui, pollution free life with some law and security in place.Islamabad property provides that facility and they earn money in foreign currency and can afford to buy expensive property.

                    Comparative less supply as compared to demand is also one of the factors.

                    I think islamabad property will continue it's upward trend as these factors will remain in place in future too.
                      2641 days ago 

                      HM Marketing
                      (10 posts)
                      Hi - if i have to make an investment, i would make investment in bahria town! You maybe right in your perspective but if you visit bahria town now, you may get a better picture. Bahria, by far is one of the best value to your money!!
                        2634 days ago 

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