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Hasham Naqvi
( 96 posts )

[4 Replies]
Wood flooring in a house is something that appeals to some people and doesn’t to the others. I am of the former category so i am bringing you some info about the subject. Firstly, the following are the types of flooring you can get:

• laminate flooring: compressed fiberboard plan overlaid with a photographic and laminated wooden image.
• engineered wood flooring: made of 3 or 4 layers of wood glued together to form 14 mm thick planks. It can be sanded to refresh the look.
• solid wood flooring: made usually from a single piece of wood – with planks between 18-20 mm thick.
• reclaimed wood flooring: made from timber that’s used in another and older property.
• parquet flooring: formed of short wooden block/strips arranged into a geometric pattern.
• bamboo flooring: not technically wood, but it has its own grainy pattern that can turn into extremely hard-wearing floorboards.
• wood effect tiles: preferable for most and easy to maintain. These tiles combine the durability of ceramic and beauty of the wood.
• cork flooring: made from the bark of the cork oak tree. It can be harvested without damaging the trees and is an eco-friendly solution.

As for my two cents and the affordability scale in pakistan, i think wood effect tiles are your best bet because humidity, heat or cold won't affect it and you will have an easier time managing it. What do you think?

    154 days ago In Other Building Materials
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    Real Estate ..
    (23 posts)
    Hasham Naqvi sb, it'd be great if you could provide the prices of said types of flooring.
      150 days ago 

      Hasham Naqvi
      (96 posts)
      Real Estate Enthusiast,

      Thank you for answering my post. As for the prices of various types of floors, I am going to share what I know. However, you should know that these prices may vary between cities and the construction materials have become dearer since the pandemic. So here goes:

      The planks for laminated wood floor cost about PKR 175 to PKR 350 per square feet.

      For hardwood flooring/solid wood flooring in Pakistan, you will get a choice of oak, teak and beech wood – and that will cost you around PKR 585 to PKR 680 per square feet.

      Engineered wood flooring might cost you twice (or more) as much as laminated flooring, but it's more durable.

      The rates for reclaimed wood flooring will vary based on the timber yard you are visiting and the quality and amount of the wood. The same goes for the wood patterned tiles, I know for a fact that each ceramic store offers a varied price, but there are some really good b-pair options are also available that are cheaper and look almost like the real thing.

      I couldn’t learn the prices of parquet and bamboo flooring – as they are relatively uncommon in the market. Pro Tip: Always order for 10% more wooden flooring that what is required for installation.
        148 days ago 

        (143 posts)
        Is there any effect on room temperature by using different woods
          147 days ago 

          Hasham Naqvi
          (96 posts)
          Yes, Mr Mohammad.. Thank you for this very valid and important question. If you are working with the real wood it will react with temperature. It will absorb moisture and increase in size. There will be some tedious measures to maintain wooden floors. (I can write an article about that as well if you like). But there are ways around it, for example; with Engineered wood flooring, you can scrape off the damaged part and it will be good again.
            143 days ago 

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