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Raja Bashir
( 14 posts )

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So, in February, the Deputy Commoner (DC) of Karachi West levelled various allegations against Naya Nazimabad and sent notices. First, he alleged that that the lease of the land used for Naya Nazimabad scheme was granted for 30 years only and its extension for 99 years was fake.

Second, the DC West alleged that the land was industrial but it was being used for residential purpose. Third, the authority claimed that the document in which Javedaan Corporation obtained the Ghat Wadh Form 35 was fabricated.

Now a division bench of the Sindh High Court has suspended all the allegations, notices, and letters issued against housing scheme in question. Also, another division bench of the court restrained the province’s anti-corruption authorities from taking action against Javedaan Corporation, which is developing the Naya Nazimabad housing scheme.

I have two questions here:

First, has the High Court concluded the case or will another hearing take place? Moreover, are the decisions conclusive as they are floating through the media?

Second, does anybody know further details of the whole scandal because the whole issue doesn’t look as ‘clean’ as it is being presented?

    409 days ago In Legal Authorities
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