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Nawaz Javaid
( 1 post )

[5 Replies]
Living solution™ provides mortgage solutions to the resident & non-resident pakistanis from all over the world. In fact, everything we do is designed to offer our maximum value, service and convenience. Whether our customer wants to buy his first home, mortgage or purchase investment properties in pakistan, living solutions™ is there to help you every step of the way.

Offering Products;

1-Home Purchase

2-Home Construction

3-Home Renovation

4-Plot Purchase+Construction

Anyone can contact us on or Visit us or like our page Mobile # 0322-4403555

    2175 days ago In General Advice
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    Zia Khan
    (3 posts)
    Dear Sir,

    I have few questions regarding home loan:

    1)Are you providing loan all over Pakistan or just in few cities?

    2) If you are providing loan in Lahore, than do you have any specific positive areas or are you providing loan for properties all over Lahore?

    3) Where is your office situated?

    Thank You
      2120 days ago 

      Samra Zulfiq..
      (484 posts)
      Mark-up percentage kia hai ap ki?
        2120 days ago 

        Zia Ullah Kh..
        (7 posts)
        Where is your office located? and what is the average disbursement time of loan?
          2100 days ago 

          Samra Zulfiq..
          (484 posts)
          And he won't reply to this thread anymore.
            2100 days ago 

            Asim Malik
            (6 posts)
            Where is your office dear?
              2092 days ago 

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