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These days if you go through international business news, global financial melt down seems imminent in the coming future. As a real estate investor, what scares me more that we are already going through a slum and if there will be any global crisis, prices can slide extensively.

Above all, on average one new project gets started somewhere in pakistan which is continuously disturbing the demand and supply mechanism.

Sorry for a scary topic but in my opinion, investors should remain cautious in the coming days.

    1525 days ago In Real Estate Trends
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    Money in bank is of no use

    money in buisness is not easy for everyone

    money in stocks and gold is not everyone skill

    money in factory risky no current

    so money in real estate is easy for all to put

    result is donot worry about the world.we are alone on the planet in this regard
      1525 days ago 

      (719 posts)
      Well I quite agree that future of real state is not so clear in Pakistan but we dont have much options for investing money either.
        1525 days ago 

        (1159 posts)
        Ya in global meltdown every piece of nation would be effected in one way or the other but this time the larger portion of meltdown will be felt by developed countries. Non-developed on the other hand will not feel it that much including Pakistan.

        Second what is a meltdown by the way. I assume you mean to say these rising or inflated prices everywhere will come down. Well if thats so its deflation and it is a normal process. Because after every inflation comes deflation and then inflation again.
          1525 days ago 

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