City Mall

City Mall

Main Boulevard Gulberg , Lahore
City Mall
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Details & Description

  • Zameen ID
  • City
    Main Boulevard Gulberg , Gulberg
  • Locality
    Main Boulevard Gulberg
  • Types
    Shops, Flats, Other, Offices
  • Developer
    Ittehad Overseas Developers
CITY MALL is a mixed-used high rise, located at the junction of Main Boulevard Gulberg & M. M. Alam Road, a central place for successful businesses & brands in Lahore. An impressive addition to Lahore's skyline, City Mall will emerge as an advanced 16-floor building featuring an upscale mall offering retail of a different flavor, an exquisite corporate block, one of its kind adventure cum entertainment hub, luxury apartment living and a 5-Star hotel. The mixed-used, multi-story building will be constructed on approx. 12 Kanals & 5 Marlas land consisting of 03 basements and 13 floors with approx. 625,000 Sq Ft floor area with at allied and infrastructure facilities.

City Mall is going to be the pearl of Lahore, it is located at the city's two main arteries: the intersection of MM Alm Road & Gulberg's Main Boulevard. No other development in Lahore can enjoy the unique disposition of this site. The primness of the location demanded an indigenous concept which wasn't merely a western design but also took into consideration the local needs and shopping experience. At Landmark Consultants, we had the experience, expertise and vision to delivery something of this magnitude, whilst incorporating the indigenous aspects into the design and concept. We have been introducing innovation to high-rise buildings since 1986 and over these 30 years we have changed the skyline of Lahore, CityMall marks the epitome of our work, and we consider this pearl to be our gift to Lahore.

  • Mall.
  • Corporate block.
  • Family entertainment center / recreational hug.
  • Luxury apartments.
  • Hotel.
  • Cafes (from LG to rooftop, 5 to 6 different types of restaurants).
  • Fitness center.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Rooftop open-air sitting/BAR. B.Q.
  • Meetings & events.
  • Terrace affairs.
  • The social spot.
  • Marketed By

    Al Arooj Estate & Builder

    Al Arooj Estate Developers is a continuation of twenty-five years of hard work experience to evaluate, sell and market real estate products for valued local and overseas customers. Customer satisfaction is our pride in real estate market. We earn nothing but customers trust. The main reason behind establishing of the global network in 15 countries of the world in a very short span of time. Following are the countries in which our representatives live.

    Project Features

    • Main Features
      • Balcony or Terrace: Yes
    • Rooms
      • Gym: Yes
    • Plot Features
      • Sewerage: Yes
      • Electricity: Yes
      • Water Supply: Yes
      • Sui Gas: Yes
      • Accessible by Road: Yes
    • Nearby Locations and Other Facilities
      • Nearby Schools: Yes
      • Nearby Hospitals: Yes
      • Nearby Shopping Malls: Yes
      • Nearby Restaurants: Yes
      • Nearby Public Transport Service: Yes
    • Other Facilities
      • Maintenance Staff: Yes
      • Security Staff: Yes
      • CCTV Security: Yes
      • Cafeteria/Canteen: Yes
    Property Types
    • Shops (Shops)
      • Area: 100 Sq. Ft. - 1,200 Sq. Ft.
    • Flats (Apartment)
      • Area: 1,000 Sq. Ft. - 2,200 Sq. Ft.
    • Other (Kiosk Area (Dubai Style))
      • Area: 100 Sq. Ft.
    • Offices (Corporate office) Sold Out
    Payment Plan
    • City mall
      City mall

    Ittehad Overseas Developers

    Ittehad Overseas developer is an outcome of the merger in between Ittihad developers Pakistan and overseas construction company Saudi Arabia.

    The approach behind the merger is the best utilization of latest technological invention of the construction industry by bringing in overseas expertise, experiences, and investment to fill the current demand for development in the country. It’s an open secret that Pakistan, the 6th most populated country in the world, is a growing economy. Where at one end Pakistan needs 270000 homes per annul and on other its construction industry is growing @ 11.8% more than any country's growth in the world. Emerging trends of High rise buildings, roads, bridges and other construction projects etc. bear testimony to the fact that it's a boom in the construction industry. Many foreign actors, investors, and companies are approaching Pakistan to avail the opportunity by catering the current demand of construction industry. No country survives without engaging its own public in development processes. The Etihad overseas developer is a timely and good decision of patriotic Pakistanis to build Pakistan by their own. Specialty in Etihad overseas developers is, both companies are of Pakistani owners both have a good track record of working professionally. They come together not only to make money but to help support each other in overcoming deficiencies and enhancing capabilities of delivering innovative aesthetically designed in accordance with modern civility, up to the mark high rise buildings etc. Their ambition is to set new trends in the construction industry because it's a backbone of development in the country. Let's hope for the best in future.

    Ittehad Overseas Developers
    CEO Message

    Mir Azam (CEO)

    City Mall Gulberg Lahore, who started his journey to businesses in 1986 by opening a small retail clothing shop named "Mir Azam Cloth" at shop-5, 60-Shadman market Lahore, an entrepreneur. Having engaged in retail business for next ten years, in 1998 he took an initiative of staring wholesale business and got big success because of God gifted Entrepreneurial skills. If you allow me to say, how Mir Azam became so successful in a very short span of time? He has the inbuilt ambition to spread happiness around his friend circle and all-time readiness to help those in need. From here, he thought of spreading his business and in 2001, he entered in the construction industry due to exponential growth in real state construction business. He laid down the foundation of Ittihad developer.

    He constructed the first project at "defense more" by the name of khan tower. This tower got the huge attraction of small businessmen and every corner of the tower was sold out shortly. At this stage, he became a millionaire, so he extended his horizon of thinking for others from close circle to whole community. From here he started supporting others especially young entrepreneurs, as an investor. Many young boys got started their own business by his financial support. As Mir Azam is a visionary businessman, so he always remains engaged in a state of thinking beyond his time. Due to having direct exposure and a good connection in clothes, shoes, readymade garments, he started off making his old dream of constructing latest, state of the art multi-story shopping mall to encompass all three fields under one roof, true. Really, it was a big dream but not for Mir Azam, who had fed many families to make the owner of their own businesses. It's a rule "be kind to other human beings Allah will be kind to you". As he heard news of selling 5k, he bought this ideally located plot from "Seth Abid" a well-known businessman and landlord in 2013. No doubt this was a big deal of Mir Azam's life. He thanked Allah for his help in buying 5k. From here starts a new phase of his life, now he became a highly quality conscious person. He wants to make state of the art plaza. 2013 till date, he spent his maximum time in searching, surveying, evaluating, benchmarking, how quality becomes reality? He hired one of the best architects of Lahore Khalid owner landmark for designing. Rejecting many designs, finally, a foolproof aesthetically attractive design be finalized. Point to be noted here, this is a unique location of having 500 ft. front corner plot, no other place matching the grace of city mall in Lahore. It's 16 stories high rise shopping mall, 3-floor basements for parking, 4 floors for a shopping mall, 1 floor for entertainment, remains 8 floors for an apartment, corporate offices and branded hotel with separate entries. Now few lines of thinking back of mind, the approach wasn't of making merely a shopping mall but of building Pakistan through businesses. So it was decided collectively to involve someone from overseas Pakistan for their confidence in investing Pakistan. Overseas construction of Saudi Arabia was brought near to city mall. They evaluated on their own and decided to be part of this one of the lucrative opportunity in Lahore. Truly speaking they were afraid of investing initially that as they come closer to Mir Azam Chrismation personality. They not only got agreed to invest but to make it permanent feature by venturing Ittehad and overseas as Ittehad overseas construction. This is first project of Ittehad overseas construction and in coming future it would become a trade mark of success in Pakistan. Last but not the least, when Mir Azam was asked whom he give credit for all his success in business. He replied spontaneously and bluntly, to my mother. Without her prayers and unshakable trust and love I would have done nothing. Crux of the story is respect your parents and get your desires be accomplished in life and hereafter.

    Mir Azam
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