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Home automation in Pakistan is not a fantasy anymore. Smart Home is here and now a affordable reality, Smart new homes are not a luxury anymore it is becoming a necessity to have a secure & smart home. Smart automation solutions for new constructed homes, With Home automation take control of your existing electrical devices with just a click of button on Android or Apple Mobile with smart home mobile app.

Control home lighting, Electrical appliances, smart electrical outlets, Existing Air Conditioning and TV systems. We enhanced comfort, with a touch of class & energy efficiency for home automation solutions. Smart automation makes life easier by automating your daily routine. Automating Home will help you save valuable time to increase every day efficiency. Controlling existing lighting system. The Home automation system is based on smart home devices which include smart sensors that can work based on motion activity and time of day. Having sizeable impact on your energy bills and security of your smart home.

Smart automation is based on next generation wireless home automation technology to ensure safe & reliable smart home security. Our smart home installation includes smart wall plates, CCTV, water leak sensors, CO2 & smoke sensors, it can all be automated so that your home is protected even when you are not around. Smart home installation in Pakistan is becoming a regular feature in all new constructed homes, we provide local smart home technology equipment in Pakistan with warranty and after sale services. Omni will automate new or existing homes for your convenience and energy savings.

We let the smart home technology work for your specific needs and make scenarios that are working for you and around your daily routine. Our automation system is completely wireless to ensure there is no additional wiring cost incurred.

Omni smart home systems integrates easily with “google home” and “google home assistant” along with alexa home automation to control your electrical devices and trigger scenarios from anywhere with just a simple voice command. Omni Carries a complete range of google home devices to make your home into a google smart home. Omni has the best smart home devices in 2018 to make your home a class a part.
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