Wing Chair
Let us introduce ourselves as a Spanish company specialized in manufacturing both classic and contemporary furniture of a very high quality level which meets the requirements of those special buyers who know to value the design and finish of our mades. We are very well introduced into the project and contract business, reason why we are able to make any required modification on our models what does permit to use them in any other outstanding project (villa, hotel, restaurant, etc). Most of our finishes are hand made. We are trying to keep the ,brresources spring which does appear to be still available in Spain: CRAFTSMANSHIP.


We are based on the classic styles, but we adapt and modify the elements to suit the mood and atmosphere each customer wants to achieve, according as per the needs. This leads to very different, innovative and daring concepts. Classic pieces well treated, could have a lovely Contemporary look.


To satisfy the diverse range of customer requirements, we are constantly researching and re-focusing our models within our basic principles. But our single most important desire is to provide our customers with something distinctive, something that exudes quality and exclusiveness, but something that, above all, enhances its surroundings.


We also offer to our customers the custom made options in case you want to use different models. So if you already have the design for a Project ( no matter which items you need) you can send it to us and we will be very pleased to give you the corresponding quotation according as per your specifications from A to Z. Not only with furniture but any other single piece you may need.
Wing Chair

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