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Standard Chartered Bank has created a Shariah-compliant solution for all your home-buying needs. Saadiq Home Finance is this solution and lets you get a wide range of home loans that fit a large variety of budgets and requirements. This product is based on the concept of Diminishing Musharaka, which means that the bank and borrower proportionately share ownership of the asset, and the bank’s share decreases as the loan is paid off. Once the loan is paid off, the borrower gets 100% ownership of their asset. The financing options available with Saadiq Home Finance are:
1. Buy a new home- Receive financing worth up to 80% of the total property’s value, with zero processing charges, and highly competitive rates.
2. Enhance your existing Saadiq Home Finance facilities- Enhance and add on to your existing Saadiq Home Finance plan to renovate or extend your home.
3. Renovate your home- Avail financing for the renovation or extension of your home.
4. Transfer your existing home finance to Saadiq- Transfer your existing home financing plan with another bank to Saadiq Home Finance at competitive rates. All of these options offer attractive benefits to anyone who wants to avail a financing to build their dream home. Saadiq Home Finance’s numerous advantages include:
1. Shariah-compliant financing
2. Up to 80% financing of the property value
3. Financing tenure of up to 20 years
4. Zero processing charges
5. Competitive pricing
6. Option to furnish your home on easy installments with zero extra charges from Habitt and Interwood
7. Preapproved Saadiq Credit Card
So, with all of these benefits and the convenience Saadiq Home Finance provides, it offers you a wonderful opportunity to build, purchase, or renovate the home of your dreams.
Standard Chartered Pakistan

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