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عسکری 5 - سیکٹر ایچ عسکری 5 ملیر کنٹونمنٹ کینٹ کراچی میں 5 کمروں کا 17 مرلہ مکان 6.48 کروڑ میں برائے فروخت۔

عسکری 5 - سیکٹر ایچ، عسکری 5، ملیر کنٹونمنٹ، کینٹ، کراچی، سندھ
عسکری 5 - سیکٹر ایچ عسکری 5 ملیر کنٹونمنٹ کینٹ کراچی میں 5 کمروں کا 17 مرلہ مکان 6.48 کروڑ میں برائے فروخت۔
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    PKR6.48 کروڑ
  • مقامکینٹ، کراچی، سندھ
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BRAND NEW Double Storey Bungalow for Sale in Askari 5, Sector H, Malir Cantt, Karachi.
It has 5 Bedrooms with Attached Bath, TV Lounge, D D, Study room, Terrace, Powder room and Servant Quarter.
Some Feature Keys
No Load Shedding Area.
Gas Meter Installed.
Water Connection Installed.
Dual Geyser installed.
Secure Environment.
Very near to Jamia Masjid
Banks are available (Bank Al-Habib, Al-Barka, Askari Bank Etc
Very near to Park.
Very near to Shopping Area (Bar B. Q Tonight, KFC, 4Dot, Chai Hay, J. Etc
Very near to Schools (Army Public School, Cambridge, F. G. School).
Very near to public Transport.
Near to Jinnah International Airport.

Layout of S. U House

GROUD FLOOR Upper Portion
Main Gate 20 Bed 3 Size 14 x 16
Wicket gate 3 -6 Bath 3 Size 7 -4 x 10 -8
Car Porch 20 -8 x 16 Sitting Area Size 17 -4 x 12
Lawn 17 -3 Store Room 6 x 9 -5
Drawing 18 x 14 Bed 4 Size 18 x 14
Dining 15 x 12 Bath 4 Size 7 -4 x 7
Lounge 20 -9 x 14 -3 Study Room 5 -8 x 10
Kitchen 15 x 13 -5 Bed 5 Size 12 -8 x 15 -8
Bed 1 Ground Floor 14 x 16 Bath 5 Size 6 x 15 -8
Bath 1 Ground Floor 7 -4 x 12 Servant Quarter 10 -8 x 9 -5
Bed 2 Ground Floor 16 x 14 -6
Bath 2 Ground Floor 9 -6 x 6-
Powder bath 5 x 4 -8
Lobby 8 x8

Kid's play area
Business center
Communal Bar B. Q area

Two high speed elevators for each tower(1 Cargo 1 passenger Lift)
Dedicated car parking
CCTV security in common areas
Entry phone system (MP Check Post)
High speed internet
Mail box for each apartment
Fire protection system for every floor and car park
Maintenance and facility management service
External clean and sweep service

High level ceilings in all rooms
High quality finishes throughout
Fitted wardrobes in each bedroom
Designer fitted kitchen
Marble kitchen bench top
Imported stainless-steel sink with mixer tap
Ceramic floor tiles and skirting
High quality imported sanitary fixtures and fittings
For more details contact.

Nearby schools like City, Educators and Beacon house etc.
Nearby hospitals like CMH, Kiran and Memon etc.
Nearby restaurants like McDonald, Subway, Hot n Spicy and OPTP etc.
Football Ground, Basketball Court, Tennis Court, Park & Mosque
Fully secured Area
Secured Property, Secured Investment
24 7 Electricity, Gas and Water

Commercial available (Coffee Shop, Bakery, Travel agent, Laundry and milk etc. )

We facilitate our Foreign Clients for Buying Selling, Renovations and for good Tenants


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    • تعمیر کا سال: 2021
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    • باتھ رومز کی تعداد: 5
    • ملازمین کے کوارٹرز کی تعداد: 1
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