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ڈی ایچ اے فیز 5 - ڈبل سی اے بلاک فیز 5 ڈیفنس (ڈی ایچ اے) لاہور میں 8 مرلہ عمارت 11 لاکھ میں کرایہ پر دستیاب ہے۔

ڈی ایچ اے فیز 5 - ڈبل سی اے بلاک، ڈی ایچ اے فیز 5، ڈی ایچ اے ڈیفینس، لاہور، پنجاب
ڈی ایچ اے فیز 5 - ڈبل سی اے بلاک فیز 5 ڈیفنس (ڈی ایچ اے) لاہور میں 8 مرلہ عمارت 11 لاکھ میں کرایہ پر دستیاب ہے۔
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8 مرلہ

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    PKR11 لاکھ
  • مقامڈی ایچ اے ڈیفینس، لاہور، پنجاب
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  • رقبہ8 مرلہ
  • مقصدکرایہ پر دستیاب
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Opportunity for corporations, companies, institutes, Firms looking forward to arising in the potential market of DHA sector '5'. We are offering, Ground, Basement, Mezzanine floor of 8 marlas in the central commercial area of sector '5' right in front of the most popular, state-of-the-art project of DHA, which is Penta Square condos.
This plaza is the focus of attraction because of its elegant and engaging outlook and the fact that it is right in the core of the commercial market. Ideal for more footfall, progressively expanding the number of clients visiting, and making this square a golden opportunity.
This plaza has equipped with an imported elevator that can lift eight members at a time. Every floor provides the facility of a kitchen, a washroom, a duct, and a frontal landscape window. The back door outlet or fire exit opening is the part of the building to maintain the safety precautions. Altogether, this square is worth investing in from a business perspective.
The first, second, third, fourth floors are occupied.
Rent details are as follows
Ground ( covered area 1858. Sqft )
Mezzanine ( covered area 1131. Sqft )
Basement ( covered area 1730. Sqft )

Altogether ( covered area 4719. Sqft ) 1,300,000 Demand

Security and advance rent of three months is the nominal price of this building. First come, first served.


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