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کلفٹن کراچی میں 5 کمروں کا 9 مرلہ دفتر 4.51 کروڑ میں برائے فروخت۔

کلفٹن، کراچی، سندھ
کلفٹن کراچی میں 5 کمروں کا 9 مرلہ دفتر 4.51 کروڑ میں برائے فروخت۔
5 بیڈ
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    PKR4.51 کروڑ
  • مقامکلفٹن، کراچی، سندھ
  • باتھ2
  • رقبہ228 مربع یارڈ
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Excellent Location

1st Floor Office For Sale Clifton Centre , Karachi
The Office is designed and developed as per the exact buyers' demands. Just know that a purchasing opportunity like this doesn't come easy! You can make a booking for the 2050 Square Feet property available in the new project. Property at a price of PKR Rs. 45,100,000 is an attractive deal in terms of future investment. A central location like Clifton is the best choice for living as it's close to all necessities. Think no more, as the city centre of Clifton is high in demand thanks to its location, proximity to main roads and facilities.

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