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ماڈل ٹاؤن لِنک روڈ ماڈل ٹاؤن لاہور میں 1 مرلہ دکان 80 ہزار میں کرایہ پر دستیاب ہے۔

ماڈل ٹاؤن لِنک روڈ، ماڈل ٹاؤن، لاہور، پنجاب
1.5 مرلہ

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  • قسمدکان
  • قیمت
    PKR80 ہزار
  • مقامماڈل ٹاؤن، لاہور، پنجاب
  • باتھ-
  • رقبہ1.5 مرلہ
  • مقصدکرایہ پر دستیاب
  • بیڈ-
  • شامل کی1 ہفتہ پہلے


Model town link road China Market front Shop
Excellent location for business This part of Lahore ensures that the residents are close to everything they could ever need. Properties in this locality are a total bargain, which is a plus. West-open properties are well-sought after but at a price of PKR Rs 80,000 you don't want to miss it. Look no further for properties, as Shop has it all. This listing let you choose the perfect 330 Square Feet property for you. We've got you covered with this best property to rent. Moreover, it has some pretty neat features.
For more details about the property, our numbers and web form are given.

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