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کیپٹل سمارٹ سٹی راولپنڈی میں 5 مرلہ پلاٹ فائل 21 لاکھ میں برائے فروخت۔

کیپٹل سمارٹ سٹی، راولپنڈی، پنجاب
5 مرلہ

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    PKR21 لاکھ
  • مقامکیپٹل سمارٹ سٹی، راولپنڈی، پنجاب
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5 Marla 21 Lac File Capital Smart City
down Payment Is 20 Percent Done.
some Installments May Be Need To Be Paid.
call For More Info.
resource Management
the Master Plan Of Capital Smart City Is Planned In Such A Way That The Infrastructure Of The Society Is Built To Enhance The Natural Features Of Society And Keeping The Development As Eco-friendly As Possible. The Advanced Solid Waste Management System Integrated Into The Society As Well As The Adequate Supply Of Water And Electricity Is One Of The Most Important Provisions Of This Innovative Housing Scheme.

eco-friendly Environment
the Society Is Planned In A Way That Makes The Conservation Of Natural Resources A Priority And Ensures That The Natural Areas Of The Surroundings Are Not Disturbed And Capital Smart City Becomes A Society Where The Residents Can Truly Experience An Environment Of Peace And Tranquility.

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