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Highland Resort
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Highland Resort Islamabad View
After the massive success of Highland Resort on Pir Sohawa and Phase 1 accomplished prior to the given timeline, Zahid Group is bringing Highland Resort Islamabad View. The two new towers approved by TMA Khanpur blend luxury with scenic beauty to give people a refuge throughout the year. Overlooking Islamabad city, it not only gives a guaranteed 6% rental yield but also gives residents a panoramic view of its marvels at just a half hour’s drive away.

Live in the serene Margalla Hills
Set amidst the lush green steppes of the Margalla Hills on Pir Sohawa Road, Highland Resort Islamabad View is in an ideal location to enjoy the serenity of the mountains without being far away from modern amenities. Some of its locational benefits include:
  • A 30-minute drive from the Blue Area, Islamabad
  • 6 KM from Monal Restaurant and Embassy Road
  • Opposite (Proposed) IT University
  • Right next to the New Monal (Under Construction)
  • Overlooking Daman-e-Koh

    What’s on offer:
    After selling 325 plus apartments in Phase 1, the group brings to you Islamabad View apartments
  • 1-bed apartments (Islamabad View)

    Already Sold Out Inventory:
  • Highland Villas – sold out
  • Highland Cottages – sold out
  • Luxury Service Apartments – sold out

    Enjoy a luxurious lifestyle
    Highland Resort has launched an extension of their marvel and has an Islamabad View offering 1-bed apartments in a six-storey building. These apartments are expertly designed and are a wonder to behold due to their spacious layout and gorgeous aesthetics. The apartments include the following furnishing items:
  • Double bed with two side tables
  • LED/Floor Lamps, curtains & Rugs
  • Air Conditioning unit(Reversible)
  • Curtains & Rugs
  • Coffee table with 2 chair
  • Dressing table with chair
  • Flower vase with painting and accessories

    These luxury apartments in Highland Resort Islamabad View are available on a 2-year instalment plan, with a 30% down payment, 10% payment on possession, and a series of instalments spread over three years.
    To add to the convenience and beauty, Highland Resort Islamabad View is also the perfect place to take shelter from the summer heat. Temperatures here are 5-10°C cooler than in Islamabad’s urban centre, and the area receives snowfall in the winter every year. What better place for a nice family vacation?

    Why invest in Highland Resort Islamabad View?
    This project offers excellent investment opportunities, and is sure to be a success like its predecessor, Highland Resort. Some of the factors that make it ideal for investment are;
  • Prime location on Pir Sohawa Road, 30 minutes away from Islamabad city
  • The developer has delivered Phase 1 in a record time of 18 months
  • A brand equity and trust value with the buyers to deliver everything on time
  • Guaranteed rental yield of 6%
  • Exclusive club membership for buyers
  • 30-day free stay vouchers
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    Operating in the real estate market for more than 14 years, Zameen.com is a name that enjoys the trust of property buyers and investors, based in Pakistan and other regions of the globe especially the UK, USA, Canada, and the Gulf countries. The company has sold over 15,500 high-end and affordable real estate options since 2017, catering to various factions of the market. Zameen.com applies rigorous procedures to ensure that you enjoy peace of mind while purchasing trendy realty units. With over 5.5 million monthly visitors on their website, and equipped with offices and service centers all over the country, Zameen.com delivers an unmatchable experience to individuals who are investing their hard-earned money in premium residential and commercial offerings. Hence enjoying exceptional brand equity in the real estate market.

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    فلور پلانز
    1 Bed
    • Internal First Floor cottage-B - One Bedroom

    • Internal Ground Floor cottage-B - One Bedroom

    • internal Ground floor Cottage A - Servant Quarter

    2 Bed
    • internal 1st floor Cottage A - Two Bedrooms

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    • Highland Resort


    زاهد گروپ

    In 1985, Syed Zahid Hassan founded Zahid Group as a general trading & contracting in Quetta. He began to work inspired by the role of his business could play to enable Balochistan to grow to be one of the leading provinces in the county. Since its inception in 1985, Zahid Group has gradually and consistently expanded and diversified its business and services to become a distinguished group. Currently, it employs more than 250 employees across seven main sectors, including trading & logistics, government contracting, Real Estate & construction, investment management, agencies & business consulting.

    زاهد گروپ
    سی ای او پیغام

    Syed Zahid Hassan (CEO)

    I invite everyone to come experience the phenomenon that is Highland Resort. It is our sincere endeavour to provide you with the best quality of service and hospitality, the likes of which have never been seen before in the vicinity of Islamabad. Our team works round the clock to ensure that we make your stay at Highland feel like a second home.
    Our aim is to make you feel like a part of our family, resulting in an experience that will reverberate and live in your memories for years to come. Rest assured, our hospitality and personalised service will impress you to no end, and make your stay here the best ever. In a nutshell, every conceivable effort is made to make your stay comfortable, pleasant and rewarding.

    Syed Zahid Hassan
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