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اسلام آباد
Park View City
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42.08 لاکھ سے 4 کروڑ روپے
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    اسلام آباد
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    اسلام آباد
  • قیمت
    42.08 لاکھ سے 4 کروڑ روپے
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    رہائشی پلاٹ, کمرشل پلاٹ
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    ویژن گروپ
PARK VIEW CITY situated in the heart of Islamabad is a definition of luxury and serenity. When it comes to finding the perfect family friendly neighborhood a lot of things are to be considered, from schools to hospitals to other facilities that are required. The developers have planned this society in a meticulous manner, ensuring that all legal, practical, and aesthetic requirements have been met. This means that the following features, among others, are sure to be there.

  • Access Roads
  • Covered Area
  • Blocks divided by property sizes (e.g. 5-marla houses in Block A)
  • Permissions & NOCs granted
  • Discounted Price
  • Zoo
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Category Plots
  • Possession
    Park View City is bringing a whole new level of luxury and comfort to Zone Iv in Islamabad. It is a gated community, making it secure and safe for families. In addition, it is situated in the prime location of Islamabad, next to Bahria Enclave. This project has everything you need to raise a family in the best imaginable environment.

    The modern infrastructure, load-shedding free society, the underground supply of electricity. and 24/7 availability of gas and water makes it fully equipped for all your needs, whether you are an adult, a teenager, or a child. Luxurious facilities within the community can easily take care of any pent-up stress due to the hustle and bustle of daily life.

    An elegant housing plan and state-of-the-art facilities allow you and your family to utilize the basic needs and enjoy the luxuries of life in a secure stress-free environment.
    These amazing facilities include:
  • Gated community
  • Hospital
  • School
  • Mosque
  • Parks
  • Cinema
  • Shopping mall
  • Food street
  • Gym
  • Zoo
  • Sports complex
  • Indoor & outdoor sports (bowling, swimming, golf, snooker etc.)
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      • سیوریج: Yes
      • بجلی: Yes
      • پانی کی فراہمی: Yes
      • سوئی گیس: Yes
      • سڑک کے ذریعے رسائی: Yes
    • نزدیکی علاقے اور دوسری خصوصیات
      • قریبی سکول: Yes
      • قریبی ہسپتال: Yes
      • قریبی شاپنگ مالز: Yes
      • قریبی ریسٹورنٹ: Yes
      • قریبی پبلک ٹرانسپورٹ سروس: Yes
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      • دیکھ بھال کا عملہ: Yes
      • حفاظتی عملہ: Yes
    پراپرٹی کی قسم
    • رہائشی پلاٹ (Plot)
      • رقبہ: 5 مرلہ
      • قیمت: روپے 42.08 لاکھ
    • رہائشی پلاٹ (Plot)
      • رقبہ: 10 مرلہ
      • قیمت: روپے 70.15 لاکھ
    • رہائشی پلاٹ (Plot)
      • رقبہ: 8 مرلہ
      • قیمت: روپے 60.13 لاکھ
    • رہائشی پلاٹ (Plot)
      • رقبہ: 20 مرلہ
      • قیمت: روپے 1.25 کروڑ
    • رہائشی پلاٹ (Plot)
      • رقبہ: 40 مرلہ
      • قیمت: روپے 2.76 کروڑ
    • کمرشل پلاٹ (Plot)
      • رقبہ: 6 مرلہ
      • قیمت: روپے 3 کروڑ
    • کمرشل پلاٹ (Plot)
      • رقبہ: 8 مرلہ
      • قیمت: روپے 4 کروڑ
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    • Park View City


    ویژن گروپ

    Park view by Vision Group is striving for excellence by being a market leader. We create luxurious living through our various construction initiatives and contribute to the urban landscapes of cosmopolitan cities. Our elegant aesthetics and modern functionality, makes for a convenient and comfortable living.

    Park view villas is a project of the renowned vision group.it was established in 2002 when it introduced the park view brand in the real estate market of Lahore .since then, it has come a long way and positioned itself among the most sought-after housing societies of Lahore. Park View brand introduced in the real estate market as a developer in Lahore. Since then, with hard work, determination, and most importantly, building of trust and goodwill, the Park View brand grew to become a major player among other national level real estate developers.

    The previous project of vision group was park view housing society (Ex Park View, DHA Phase 8) opposite Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore After the success of its previous project, vision group launched Another project named Parkview Villas on main Multan road Opposite DHA EME and beside DHA City it was established in 2010 .Almost 1000 families are residing in a risk free atmosphere in a gated community. Park view by Vision Group constantly looking at opportunities for growth, and at investing in activities that add value to our Group.

    ویژن گروپ
    • 42.08 لاکھ سے 4 کروڑ روپے
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