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      Buying a House in Gujranwala

      Located north of Lahore, Gujranwala is a major metropolis in the province of Punjab. Founded by settlers in the 18th century, this ancient city is now considered to be the 3rd largest industrial hub in the country. Gujranwala also holds historical significance because it is the birthplace of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the founder of the Sikh Empire. As of 2007, the city of Gujranwala comes under the district with the same name, with other towns in the district being Nandi Pur, Qila Dedar Singh, Kamoke, Aroop, Nowshera Vikran, Khiali Shahpur and Wazirabad.

      As a whole, the district has a population of 4.4 million. On the other hand, having a population of more than 2.2 million, the city of Gujranwala contains more than 38,000 households, with most of the population being settled in the urban sectors. However, as Gujranwala is also known for its production of wheat, sugarcane and rice, farming and agricultural land is also spread over a large part of the region. The city also manufactures a large chunk of the country’s iron and steel, while also producing textiles and sanitary fittings, as well as auto parts for domestic use and export purposes.

      Types of Houses in Gujranwala

      As a modern metropolis, Gujranwala offers a wide range of houses for sale, from 2 Marla up to 1, 2 and 3 Kanal homes. The most desirable living areas within the city include its city centre, its cantonment area, Garden Town, DHA Gujranwala, and the areas that connect to the G.T. Road and Sialkot bypass. The city centre of Gujranwala is its business hub, with the closest localities being Model Town and Satellite Town.

      One major property development project is of Citi Housing Society, which offers luxury living to home buyers in Gujranwala, right on the banks of the Upper Chenab Canal. Another project offering multiple houses to buyers is the Canal View Housing Scheme, with Gujranwala’s Master City Housing Scheme following suit. However, moving towards older districts in the city, people can find a range of dated constructions up for sale as well.

      Sale Price Trend for Houses in Gujranwala

      While buying a house in Gujranwala, investors can expect to pay as much as PKR 25.5 lakh to 1.3 Crore for a 5 marla home. 10 marla house prices in Gujranwala are on the rise, with the cost being between PKR 55 lakh to 3.5 Crore. The cost of 1 Kanal houses ranges anywhere between PKR 1 Crore to 5 Crore. The largest properties available for sale in Gujranwala are 2.5 to 3 Kanal homes, and such real estate is valued at a price of PKR 15 Crore or more.

      Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Gujranwala

      Families moving to Gujranwala can rest easy because the city is home to several schools, colleges and universities offering higher education to their children. A few of the schools that have campuses in Gujranwala include The City School, Beacon House School System, and Army Public School. The Government College Gujranwala, University of Punjab, and GIFT University are a few of the higher education institutes present here. Hospitals in the city include Civil Hospital, CMH Gujranwala, and more.

      Facilities & Security in Gujranwala

      Buying property in Gujranwala offers a host of amenities and facilities to the residents. While homes are available in both modern and dated construction styles as per the buyer’s preference, the city also offers an easy commute to all major road and rail networks. One of the major perks that you will come across while looking for a house in Gujranwala is the city’s geographical location, with the Rivers Chenab and Ravi at its north and south respectively. Sialkot and Gujrat are also a short distance to the north, while Faisalabad is to its south along with the provincial capital of Lahore.

      Gujranwala house prices might be higher in the modern housing communities, but the amenities they offer are plentiful and well worth the investment. From the regular supply of water, gas and electricity, to perfectly paved roads, gated housing projects often offer close commute to mosques, parks, commercial areas, schools, hospitals as well as round the clock security. With a rich history, the city also offers plenty of architectural structures to visit, including the Lahori Gate, which has been built atop the original gates of the walled city. The Clock Tower, built in 1906, and the main Railway Station, constructed in 1881, are also worth a visit for history enthusiasts. While crime levels in the city are fairly low, the City Police Office also offers several safety tips on its website for residents and travellers alike.

      Shopping & Restaurants in Gujranwala

      Within the city, Gujranwala has an active business and city centre, where eateries and shopping locations are abundant. The King’s Mall, Prisma Mall and The Mall of Gujranwala are a few of these shopping hubs, offering recreation and entertainment options, such as food courts and cinemas, for families looking for a house in Gujranwala. Gujranwala houses for sale also offer people the option of choosing their lifestyle as per their budget. From high-end brands to bazaars and local area markets, the city has it all. Some of the famous markets are Model Town Market, Satellite Town Market, Wapda Town Market and the Rail Bazaar. The city is also home to several restaurants, catering to a variety of taste buds, from fast food to Chinese and continental cuisine, at places like Pizza Hut, Bundoo Khan and China Citi Restaurant.

      Reasons for Investing in Gujranwala

      Known as the City of Wrestlers, Gujranwala is an economical and agricultural hub, offering easy commute to its surrounding cities in the province of Punjab. With a hot summer and mild winters, the region is ideal for families with kids who are looking for a new home. The city also gets plenty of rain during the monsoon season, keeping the weather pleasant in the months from July to August. Furthermore, Gujranwala homes are so diverse in their construction, amenities and location, that buyers can definitely find something to their liking if they wish to move to the city.

      With new development projects underway, Gujranwala’s real estate remains a viable investment. Whether you’re looking for a 2 Marla home or a 1 Kanal bungalow, the city is set to cater to your requirements. Having an abundance of amenities and recreational activities to offer, as well as a range of food outlets for family dinners and gatherings, the city is ideal for those looking for a new home.