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      • marhaba_villas_37947. jpeg
        locationBachal Shah Miani - SukkurMarhaba VillasnewStarting from
        PKR66 Lakh
        Houses66 LakhFrom 80 Sq. Yd.
      • Ahsan Dreamland
        locationGulshan-e-Maymar - Gadap TownAhsan Dream LandnewStarting from
        PKR2 Crore
        HousesUp to 2.26 CroreFrom 120 Sq. Yd.
      • Double Story Villa In Saima Downtown

        PKR1.2 Crore

        Saima Downtown, Hyderabad Bypass
        120 Sq. Yd.

        Double Story Villa In Saima Downtown

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      Buying a House in Hyderabad

      Located on the bank of River Indus, Hyderabad is the 2nd most populous city of the Sindh province. The city is home to about 1,732,693 people and the number continues to increase with each passing day. Hyderabad is said to be one of the oldest cities of the subcontinent. It was founded by Ghulam Shah Kalhoro in 1768 and served as Sindh’s cultural capital for many years. Before the partition of the subcontinent, Hyderabad was known as the ‘Paris of India,’ as its streets were washed off with perfumed water every day. The city’s ancient architecture and landmarks reflect its rich culture and history.

      Sindhi Hindus formed the city’s major population prior to 1948. Soon after the partition, Hindus left the city. Their departure was followed by the influx of Muslims, who migrated from India. These Muslims, at the time, referred to as "Muhajirs," went on to form the majority of the population of Hyderabad. With the passage of time, people from small towns and villages of interior Sindh migrated to the city in search of better standards of living, education and job opportunities, making Hyderabad’s population a mixture of different cultures and ethnicities. The city now serves as a transit between rural and urban Sindh. Hyderabad has a prominent trade and industry sector. It is the largest producer of bangles in Pakistan. Other industries like leather, mirror work, clothes, etc. are also present in the city.

      Although investment in Hyderabad’s real estate sector was neglected in the past, it has changed to a great extent now and people are eagerly buying houses here. The city has witnessed massive infrastructural development and is home to many high-end mega residential as well as commercial projects. Hyderabad’s economy has made progress, which, in turn, has created a vast scope for businesses and job opportunities, thus attracting more and more people from smaller towns. Some of the best and much-developed localities to consider while buying a house in Hyderabad are Mir Hussainabad, Qasimabad, Latifabad, and Kohsar.

      Types of Houses in Hyderabad

      Hyderabad is expanding by leaps and bounds and a number of developmental projects and new housing schemes can be seen throughout the city. With more and more people coming to the city, the demand for houses in Hyderabad has increased drastically. However, Hyderabad is accommodating all demographic changes. The city offers residential areas that cater to the needs of people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Located in the southern suburbs, Latifabad is one of the oldest and densely populated areas of Hyderabad where a large number of houses are available in various sizes and prices. Be it a small, compact 60 sq.yd house or a huge, spacious ultra-modern house of 1000 sq.yd, houses for sale in Latifabad are elegantly designed in single-storey, double-storey and triple-storey units with the provision of basic utilities like gas, electricity, and water.

      On the other hand, Qasimabad is situated on the western side of the city and is more developed than Latifabad. Many high-end residential communities are located in the area offering various options of houses in terms of area, size, and cost. Houses available for sale in Qasimabad come in the sizes of 120 sq.yd, 150 sq.yd, 250 sq.yd and 600 sq.yd. Other options are available too, but these are the standard sizes. One can buy a single-storey or double-storey unit, depending upon their needs and budget. Houses in the area are well constructed with access to all utilities such as electricity, gas, and water. Besides this, a number of well-organized and well-developed locales, including Hussainabad, Kohsar, Gulistan-e-Sarmast Housing Scheme, Gulistan-e-Sajjad etc., are also present in the city offering a contemporary style of quality living.

      Sale Price Trend for Houses in Hyderabad

      The sale price trend of houses in Hyderabad varies with respect to the location, facilities, condition of the house and materials used in the construction. Independent houses for sale in the city, on an average, lies between PKR 20 lakh to PKR 20 crore, depending upon the area and size of the house. A 120 sq.yd house for sale in Qasimabad, for example, comes in the price range of PKR 65,00,000 to PKR 1.5 crore while the cost of a 150-sq.yd house in Latifabad starts from PKR 90,00,000 and goes as high as PKR 5 crore. There might be some houses that come with an easy instalment plan for your feasibility and you have mortgage options available too.

      Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Hyderabad

      There are various government and privately owned prestigious schools and colleges within the city that are offering quality education to its residents as well as to its neighbourhoods. Founded in 1961, Public School Hyderabad, one of the most famous and oldest schools of the Sindh province, is also located in Hyderabad. As far as higher education is concerned, Hyderabad is home to some of the best universities like Mehran University of Education and Technology, Liaquat University of Medical Sciences, Sindh University and a lot more.

      Pakistan’s largest psychiatric hospital or mental asylum – Sir Cowasjee Jehangir Institute of Psychiatry, commonly known as ‘Giddu Bandar,’ is also situated in Hyderabad. Other hospitals in the city include Red Crescent (Hilal-e-Ahmar) Hospital, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, National Medical Centre Hyderabad etc. All the facilities are committed to providing state-of-the-art healthcare services to the people of Hyderabad and its neighbourhoods.

      Facilities & Security in Hyderabad

      Hyderabad, like any other metropolis of Pakistan, has many attractions and facilities. The city is rich in archaeological sites and landmarks like Tombs of the Talpurs, Pakka Qila or Pacco Qilo, etc. that are worth seeing. Rani Bagh is one of the most famous zoological gardens of Hyderabad — a place children love to visit. It comprises a zoo, jogging area, kids’ playing area etc. Moreover, if you want to take a peek inside Sindh’s rich culture then Sindh Museum is the place to visit. It has abundant items that are related to the culture of the province. The great art of the Indus Valley Civilization is also displayed in the museum. Unlike the past couple of decades, the law and order situation in Hyderabad is under control. Moreover, safe public transport is available to the citizens who don’t possess their own modes of commute.

      Shopping & Restaurants in Hyderabad

      Hyderabad is famous for its colourful and intricately designed bangles and is the largest producer of ornamental bangles. Bangles shopping is a must for anyone who visits Hyderabad. It also houses the ‘Shaahi Bazaar,’ which is believed to be Asia’s longest market. It is full of shops offering kitchen utensils, clothes, bangles, handicrafts and much more. Other shopping plazas and malls are also present in the city that are lined with a number of high-end brands and boutiques.

      The city has a great variety for food lovers, especially the famous ‘Palla Fish,’ which, it is believed, is found in the Indus River only, however, it can also thrive in saltwater. In addition to a large number of traditional restaurants, the city houses franchises of international chain of restaurants like McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut etc. Hyderabad is also home to one of the world’s most famous bakeries, the Bombay Bakery, which is over 100 years old. It’s a culinary delight only available in Hyderabad; the taste and freshness of the cakes is a class apart. People wait for hours in long queues just to have a taste of the scrumptious and delicious cakes of Bombay Bakery.

      Reasons for Investing in Hyderabad

      Hyderabad is an ideal city to live and invest in especially for people belonging to interior Sindh, as they have better educational opportunities and healthcare facilities here than in rural areas. The city offers budget-friendly and cost-effective buying options in terms of property. Moreover, thanks to the tremendous strides in infrastructural development, Hyderabad has modernized to a great extent, attracting real estate investors from all over the country.