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    Buying a House in Malir Cantt

    Being a residential area in Karachi, Malir Cantonment or Malir Cantt also serves as a military base.  The neighbourhood was acquired by Pak Army in 1947 and since then, it has emerged into one of the poshest localities in the city.

    The area is located adjacent to Jinnah International Airport. More than 4,000 people reside here and the Cantonment Board is responsible for managing the vicinity. Investing in Malir Cantt’s Properties are known to be (really) expensive because of the outstanding facilities the area provides, its strict security system, and robust infrastructure.

    Types of Houses in Malir Cantt

    Residents of Malir Cantonment mostly comprise families of retired army personnel but a lot of civilians also reside here. You will find a variety of houses here — from older, traditional units to slightly newer, more luxurious ones. Askari 5 is the most popular area having a considerable number of houses for sale. Apart from Askari 5, there’s DOHS Phase 1, Cantt Bazar, DOHS Phase 2, and Old Falcon Complex. As far as the size is concerned, 120 sq. yd. and 240 sq. yd. houses are present, but 500 sq. yd. houses in Malir Cantt are highly preferred by potential buyers.

    Sale Price Trend for Houses in Malir Cantt

    As mentioned earlier, Malir Cantt is an upscale neighbourhood with high property prices. The main reason is that it was initially launched as a society exclusively for military personnel. With the passage of time, civilians were allowed to purchase property here. There are mostly palatial houses in the area. But people can also find 120 sq. yd. houses in Malir Cantonment. These smaller units can be bought between PKR 1.5 and PKR 2.6 crore. The buying range for 240 sq. yd. houses start at PKR 2.1 crore and goes up to PKR 5 crore. For 500 sq. yd. houses, the price range is from PKR 5 to 10 crore.

    Facilities & Security in Malir Cantt

    Malir Cantonment is a well-developed area with ample resources. The roads are clean and there are no concerns related to the electricity supply. There are dedicated check posts for strict checking of civilians and transport vehicles. The neighbourhood has a number of parks for recreation and it is free from nuisances like pollution and noise. Other than this, there are defence-related developments present here. These include Air Defence Headquarter, ISSB Centre, PAF Malir Base, Falcon Complex, and Air Defence Brigade.

    Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Malir Cantt

    Malir Cantonment has top educational facilities from schools to training institutes. The most reliable schools include Army Public School, PAF Montessori, Foundation Public School, Fauji Foundation Model School, and F. G. Public school. The universities located nearby are Iqra University Airport Campus, Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences, and Baqai Medical University. As far as healthcare is concerned, Malir Cantt is home to Combined Military Hospital (CMH), which is known for having the best staff. Apart from CMH, Malir Cantonment has Tasneem Memorial Hospital, Al-Khidmat Hospital, and Dr Atiq Orthopaedic and Medical Centre.

    Shopping & Restaurants in Malir Cantt

    Authorities have tried to provide as many shopping facilities in Malir Cantonment as possible. There are many boutiques, mini-malls, markets, and plazas in the area that sell everything — from homeware and fashion to groceries and tech. Askari Star Mall, Zam Zam Mall, Pak-China Shopping Complex, Alpha Mall, Falcon Shopping Complex, and DOHS Market are some of the most popular local spots. Even a few brands like Levi’s, Gul Ahmed, Chen One, Limelight, and J. have their stores here. For eating out, there’s Pizza King, BBQ Tonight, Domino’s Pizza, Subway, McDonald’s, Burger Lab, Pie in the Sky and OPTP.

    Reasons for Investing in Malir Cantt

    Since Malir Cantonment is a military neighbourhood, you need not be concerned about security in the area. There are multiple checkpoints where army officers confirm the identity of each and every person entering and leaving the premises. However, this high level of security comes at a high price.