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    • PKR9.25 Crore
      PECHS Block 2, PECHS
      220 Sq. Yd.


      Added: 2 days ago
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    Why Buy a House in PECHS?

    Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society (PECHS) is located in Jamshed Town in close proximity to some of the city’s most popular residential, commercial and related real estate developments. Its attractive location, presence of all facilities around the neighbourhood, and the fact that many important road avenues, including Tariq Road, Shahrah-e-Qaideen, Shahrah-e-Faisal, M.A Jinnah Road, Shaheed-e-Millat Expressway, Main Korangi Road and Kashmir Road, touch it on all sides, makes PECHS the perfect place for people looking to buy property in Karachi, especially those interested in homes. The demand for PECHS is also high because it located adjacent to many high-end societies including Bahadurabad. The opposite of it is also true; PECHS has made the neighbourhood a prime area as it is home to the city’s biggest shopping street, fine dining restaurants, maintained parks, exclusive clubs and expensive homes. This should explain why the market is always brewing with people interested in buying property. No wonder, there is always a list of interested buyers as soon as a house is offered for resale.

    Types of Houses in PECHS

    You can find different residential properties for sale in PECHS but the society’s overall feel is towards low-rise development. This is among the reasons why more buyers are often after a house for sale in PECHS. The variety offered in sizes allows buyers with varying needs to pick the right property type. Here, the houses are available in sizes of 150 square yards, 200 square yards, 300 square yards, 600 square yards, 1,000 square yards, 1,400 square yards, 1,600 square yards and 1,800 square yards. You can also find a house in a size other than those mentioned above. The possibilities of finding a well-maintained house for sale in PECHS are great as their owners know the important of the locality and hence keep their properties maintained to attract both buyers and tenants.

    Sale Price Trend for Houses in PECHS

    The market rate of a PECHS house for sale is in accordance with the importance of the locality, which is both central and classy. Furthermore, rates have been inching up gradually as a regular real estate phenomenon observed in developed and inhabited societies. When it comes to determining price range of property, doing that for plots is easier but never for houses, especially in such housing societies. It’s even more complex here as a PECHS house has its own individual specifications in terms of size, the kind of construction material used in it, and quality of fixtures applied. In other words, an owner putting his house for sale is justified to quote a unique price. Depending on its size, location, how recently it was built and what kind of construction and finishing materials were used, PECHS house sale price falls in the range of PKR 22,500,000 to PKR 80,000,000.

    Facilities, Shopping & Restaurants in PECHS

    PECHS is home to great commercial, recreational, and health facilities. You will find a host of shopping facilities here in the form of markets, malls, brand stores, and markets known best for selling local products. In addition to that, public offices of several important private and public sectors are also located within the bounds of PECHS. The society also has its own schools, which are in addition to many private educational institutes including Muhammad Ali Jinnah University and a campus of Beaconhouse School System. The residents of PECHS and those living in other parts of the city frequently head to the fine dining outlets available here. All in all, in terms of facilities and shopping and dining features, PECHS is an important part of Karachi.