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      Renting a Flat in Gujranwala

      Being part of the Golden Triangle Council of industrial cities along with Sialkot and Gujrat, Gujranwala holds immense significance in the country as an economic hub. While the industry here focuses on everything from textiles and sports goods to metals, sanitary fittings, auto parts, crockery, electrical fans and more, the agricultural sector is not far behind. Rice, wheat, potatoes, melons and sugarcane are just a few of the crops grown here on the outskirts of the metropolis. Being located on the Grand Trunk (G.T.) Road, Gujranwala also offers excellent trade routes to all of Punjab and the provincial capital of Lahore to its south.

      With a boom in its industrial sector, Gujranwala is also a preference for many individuals who are looking for employment. The Gujranwala district contains 7 other smaller towns within it, with the city of Gujranwala being the district head. This is why people often choose to move here for work purposes. Accordingly, the city is being developed to accommodate its higher number of residents and newer projects are being built regularly. With Gujranwala’s real estate booming, there are plenty of home leasing and investment opportunities for all in this diverse and historical city.

      Types of Flats in Gujranwala

      When looking for renting an apartment in Gujranwala, the most important factor to consider is the location of the residential project. As a resident, you will not only need easy access to public transport but also to nearby amenities and commercial areas. In addition, the distance of the property to your workplace needs to be kept in mind as well. With renting, the best part is that you do not need to worry about being stuck within the same community or locality for a longer term, as this is a temporary arrangement and you can always pack up and move out at the end of your contract. This gives great ease of mind to many families who wish to reside in the city first, before actually making a long-term investment.

      Flats for rent in Gujranwala are generally available with 2 to 6 Marla of space, with the interior having anywhere between 1 to 4 bedrooms with attached bathrooms. These accommodations are perfect for a family or even for professionals that are living here, away from the family. While there are many projects offering rental flats, one of the projects to consider is Citi Housing Society, while the Canal View Housing Scheme is also a good option. Both of the real estate projects offer not just a rental accommodation, but also a hoard of other benefits and facilities provided within the property limits.

      Rent Price Trend for Flats in Gujranwala

      Apartments in Gujranwala cater to a vast demographic, from professionals to families, with plenty of work opportunities within the city. As such, rental prices in modern and newly constructed developments might be higher, but they also offer more facilities close to home as compared to Gujranwala’s older areas. The prices of these apartments depend on the number of rooms being offered. These prices also differ based on the availability of water, gas and electricity in the area. In general, properties on the lower floors are costlier as compared to those on the higher floors, especially if elevator access or load shedding is an issue. For renting a 1-bedroom apartment in Gujranwala, you might be expected to pay around PKR 10 to 16 thousand per month, while a 4-bedroom flat might cost you PKR 35 thousand in rent monthly. A 2-bedroom flat in Gujranwala can have a monthly rent of PKR 12 to 35 thousand.

      Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Gujranwala

      Hospitals in this metropolis include Allama Iqbal Memorial Trust Hospital, CMH Gujranwala and others. There are also several private and public schools located here such as St. Joseph’s School, Lahore Grammar School and others. GIFT University and the University of Punjab also have campuses locally.

      Facilities & Security in Gujranwala

      Modern apartments in the city have 24-hour access to security, as well as basic amenities. Some complexes even have their own parking space with 24-hour surveillance via CCTV cameras, so that you can rest assured that your car and belongings will remain safe during the night. With a hot summer and mild winter weather, Gujranwala is ideal for those who wish to be out and about on a daily basis. For a fun-filled day, you can head to the nearby rivers of Chenab and Ravi to have a picnic on the river bank. If you want to enjoy the greenery within the city, Model Town Park, Jinnah Park, Gulshan Park and others, can be your destination.

      For a mix of history and entertainment, head to Nishan-e-Manzil, a war monument that is visited all year round by people passing through the city. The monument was built in memory of the lives lost during the 1965 and 1971 wars. It is installed within a beautiful park that even has a lake where you can enjoy boating with your friends and family. Other places to visit within the city include the Lahori Gate, the famous Estcourt Clock Tower and the old railway station that has been standing since British times.

      Shopping & Restaurants in Gujranwala

      The city is home to several parks, historical monuments, malls and food outlets. For shopping trips, Pace Mall, King’s Mall, and the Mall of Gujranwala can cater to the needs of the residents of the city. The city also offers a range of markets and bazaars where you can shop to your heart’s content. Fast food options include KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and a range of other famous eateries. Pakistani and Chinese cuisine can also be enjoyed at other places within the city, such as Bundoo Khan and China Citi Restaurant respectively.

      Reasons for Renting in Gujranwala

      While searching for a rental apartment in Gujranwala, it is important to determine whether grocery stores are located nearby and how easy the commute is to nearby general stores. As this is a metropolitan city, with a majority of its 2.2 million population living in the urban sector, everyday household goods are commonly available in close range for all. With the Sialkot Bypass close by, travelling to other parts of the province is also made easier. Gujranwala further offers convenient rail as well as road links, not just for the industrial sector, but also for all those who wish to explore other parts of the country.