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      Renting a House in Gujranwala

      Gujranwala is a steadily growing city in Punjab that heads a district of its namesake. While the city has gone through a tumultuous history under Sikh and British rule, its stable growth today cannot be denied. Considered as one of the major industrial and economic centres within the province, the city is located at a short distance from the two rivers of Chenab and Ravi. Located within the Rechna Doab region within Punjab, this city is surrounded by a number of smaller towns that make up the Gujranwala district. These towns include Kamoke, Qila Dedar Singh, Nowshera Vikran, Aroop, Wazirabad, Khiali Shahpur, and Nandi Pur.

      While not much is known about how the city got its name, Gujranwala literally means ‘Abode of the Gujjars,’ which were the early tribal settlers in the region. Gujranwala is also famous for the sport of wrestling as it has given the country many famed athletes that have competed for titles in the sport. While the weather in the city remains hot and arid during the summer months, winters can be mildly chilly, giving the residents a nice relief from the hot sunny days. Several industries also have their manufacturing plants within Gujranwala, which ensures that people moving to the city always have a diversity of employment opportunities to avail nearby.

      Types of Houses in Gujranwala

      With better job prospects, many people consider moving to Gujranwala from neighbouring towns and villages. However, buying a home is often not the best option for them, if they are short on cash, or need to find a residence for immediate use. Renting is also the ideal option if you wish to explore the area for a few months, before finalising the locality in which you would like to reside. Keeping one’s finances and preferences in mind, Gujranwala has a variety of rental properties to browse and choose from.

      The rental real estate in Gujranwala starts off with 2 to 3 Marla homes, moving on to 5 to 7 Marla houses, and then going on to cover even 1 to 2 Kanal bungalows. The project offering the most rental options is Citi Housing Society, while Wapda Town is also a close second if renting a house is what you’re going for. With public transport being easily available, commute within the city is not a problem, regardless of the area you choose to live in.

      Rent Price Trend for Houses in Gujranwala

      Although buying a house in Gujranwala is a more permanent and long-term venture, people who have recently moved to the city might prefer to rent a residence, especially if they do not plan on staying for long within this metropolis. Gujranwala’s rental prices differ as per the size of the property being offered. A major factor affecting price trends is also the landlord’s own estimation of their property and what they believe to earn from it on a monthly basis. For tenants, having an understanding and the cooperative landlord is a must, especially since rental rates, the in-house facilities and even rent payment schedules can depend upon the personality and preference of the homeowner.

      Rental price trends for the city suggest that people might be paying as much as PKR 15 thousand to 40 thousand for a 5 Marla house in Gujranwala. A 1 Kanal house can be rented for up to PKR 58,000 to 1 lakh monthly, while 2 Kanal properties might require the tenant to pay up to PKR 2.5 lakh every month.

      Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Gujranwala

      The city has plenty of schools, colleges and universities to cater to the education of its youth. One of these is the Gujranwala campus of the University of Punjab, which offers several Graduate and Post Graduate programs in a number of disciplines. Some of the private schools include Beaconhouse School System and The City School. Civil Hospital, Salamat Hospital and CMH Gujranwala are some of the medical facilities located here.

      Facilities & Security in Gujranwala

      Gujranwala is home to a large Punjabi community, making it the ideal location to move to, if you wish to surround your children with a sense of community and belonging. While this remains true for all those searching for a home, it is especially essential for those who rent their abode, as the frequent moves often make it hard for the children to adjust to new surroundings. With close access to the river, picnics at the river bank are also a possibility for those who live here. From the Lahori Gate to the Brandreth Gate and the old Saint Paul's Presbyterian Church, the city’s diverse past truly comes through when you explore it. With low crime levels overall, the city is fairly safe for families to move to. However, if you are concerned for your safety, try to rent a house in a gated community.

      Shopping & Restaurants in Gujranwala

      Gujranwala’s city centre has a wide variety of malls, parks and entertainment areas where individuals and families can spend their day. The King’s Mall is also home to Cinepax Cinemas, where all the latest movies are shown. One of the famous markets in the city is the Rail Bazaar, set up near the old railway station in Gujranwala that has been present since British times. The city also has branches of all the major fast food eateries, such as KFC, Pizza Hut and more, so that you can eat your fill without compromising on quality. Locally introduced food businesses as well as food courts in the malls, further add to the food scene of Gujranwala.

      Reasons for Renting in Gujranwala

      Having a population of around 2.2 million, Gujranwala contains a number of rental homes. With plenty of options to seek employment, it also ensures that you can maintain your lifestyle the way you choose. The rich history of the city further ensures that you have plenty to see and do while you live within its limits. As the region produces agricultural as well as industrial goods locally, cost of living within this urban city is bound to suit your budget. With convenient connections to rail and road links, such as the G.T. Road and Sialkot bypass, even travelling within the country will no longer be a challenge. As real estate values are booming, more and more people are looking to rent homes, and you can join them in your search for the ideal home to see if renting in Gujranwala is right for you.