7 colour combinations for your home interior décor

December 6, 2018 • blog,General,Home decor,Interiors


There is no doubt that colours add life to our surroundings. It is fortunate that we have vast options available to us and we can use them in an unlimited variety of ways; allowing us to be immensely creative.

Colour makes up for a major part of the science of interior decorating. The right décor and smartly used colours can uplift our spirits whenever we spend time at home. Different hues can be incorporated in different rooms of the home as each has its own effect. Colours can impact our senses as well as encourage different reactions in varying personalities.

This is the reason why people spend a significant time deciding colours when designing their homes. While monochromatic décor has its own charm, combining colours is just as fun. With so many options in tints and shades on the colour wheel, there is almost no limit to how you make combinations. Subtle, muted, bright, sophisticated, regal, and bold; choose what suits your mood and personality.

Here are 7 colour combinations that are simply classic:

Blue and white

This is a timeless combination that can be applied to almost any part of the home. It can fit easily into a bedroom, living, kitchen, and even the washrooms. It is best for those who love a fresh and clean appearance to their interiors. Accompanying the unique aura of white, blue can be used both in tint and shade.

Blue and yellow

Blue and yellow makes for a bright look. However, to create a less bright and bold effect, the two colours can be used in their muted forms. The texture of wood can be incorporated to infuse warmth into the décor. In the following interior décor, we see a little bit of red too, which easily rounds off the aesthetic.

Black and white

For a modern and sleek look, black and white will never fail you. The contemporary notes of this combination work well with modern furnishings such as chrome and minimalistic décor. While it can be used for bedrooms, black and white are most suited for living room and kitchens.

Black and red

Black and red is a great idea for creating bolder and futuristic décor. In the following picture, we witness the intelligent use of the combination enhanced by patterned walls and minimalistic wall art.

Pink and mint

Pastels are wonderful combinations for a summery and airy décor. Their refreshing aura can make one feel happy and light. The combination of pink and mint with floral and fruity patterns is simply youthful in this bedroom décor.

Coral and white

Coral is an elegant colour to have in your home. It adds a nice warmth to the décor of your living and bedroom. When blended with white, it pops out wonderfully. In this living room, we see how the wooden and leather textures complement the colour.

Black and purple

This is another bold and contemporary colour combination. It is definitely a theme on the deeper spectrum of the colour wheel.  However, we witness how easily white makes the décor look brighter, while the black and purple create a focal point in the room.

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